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[Start_Fight] MerveilStartFight
This is love's true face!


[EnterCave_02] MerveilExitWrath
I am so cold and lonely. Embrace me.
[EnterCave_03] MerveilExitAnger
At last. I have so much I wish to share with you.
[Whisper_01] MerveilEnterWrath
I gave away my heart... on the promise of a lie... I gave away my love for nothing.
[Whisper_03] MerveilEnterAnger
I wait for his return... Daresso. I wait... a good wife.


Dinner is served, children!
Dinner is served, children!
Fear tastes so sweet!
Fear tastes so sweet!
Your flesh is ours!
Your flesh is ours!


[Glyph_01] MerveilGlyph2
Daresso gave me the gem, kissed me, promised that he would be by my side forever. I sang for him. I sang for Oriath with his gem at my throat. Kalisa's gem. Kalisa's voice.

I sang in her echo, performing arias that had once made the Empire weep. I listened to Kalisa's lullabies in my dreams. I gave myself to her music. Mind...and body.

Daresso left me, for Sarn, with a promise to free me from Kalisa. I begged him not to go. Tried to show him the wonder of my transformation, the beautiful daughters he would soon meet. He couldn't see. None of them could see. I fled from their hatred.

When Daresso returns I will cast his cure away. I will teach him what true love is.
[Glyph_02] MerveilGlyph1
Welcome, husband. We knew in our hearts that you would find us. Come, Daresso, Ambrosia and Amarissa must meet their father. Come, my love. Return to your family.


My child!
My child!
My child!
My daughter!
My daughter!
My daughter!