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[M12_Intro_Witch_Mono] MalachaiIntro1
I have been expecting you, Witch. You and I are about to create the most beautiful of Nightmares together. Will you go to bed now, little girl? Or do I need to tuck you in?
[M13_Intro_Duelist_Mono] MalachaiIntro2
What a pleasure to finally meet you, Duelist. You and I will create the most beautiful of Nightmares together. Let us bathe you in blood, Duelist. So that this world might be bathed in glory!
[M14_Intro_Templar_Mono] MalachaiIntro3
I actually find myself admiring you in this moment, Templar. You and I will create the most beautiful of Nightmares together. Rather the hallmark of God, isn't it? Let me show you what a real god can do!
[M15_Intro_Ranger_Mono] MalachaiIntro4
I admire you in this moment, Ranger. You and I will create the most beautiful of Nightmares together. Creation... usually the concern of Nature, isn't it? Not anymore.
[M16_Intro_Shadow_Mono] MalachaiIntro5
I've followed your performance, my anti-hero of hubris, and I've very much enjoyed it. Now you and I will create the most nightmarish of finales together. We're going to make your death really count for something.
[M17_Intro_Marauder_Mono] MalachaiIntro6
In this moment, you and I will create the most beautiful of Nightmares together. Creation... rather the realm of the Gods, isn't it? Bow your head to your one, true god!
[M18_Intro_Scion_Mono] MalachaiIntro7
You could not be more perfect, Scion. So now it is up to us to commit one final act of creation. A single death that will mark the rebirth of an entire world!
[M19a_PietyFree_Mono_01] MalachaiPietyFree
[M21_PietySlain_Mono] Malachai2Intro
Now, let us see if you truly understand what it means to be Nightmare.
[M22a_MalachaiHeal_Mono_01] Malachai2HeartHeal1
I gave my life. Nightmare gave me so much more.
[M22b_MalachaiHeal_Mono_01] Malachai2HeartHeal2
Accept the gift of immortality.
[M22c_MalachaiHeal_Mono_01] Malachai2HeartHeal3
Nightmare is the true Eternal.
[M23_FinalHeart_Mono_01] Malachai2Heart3Dies
Why... are you so in love with Death?


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[M01_Glyph_Axiom] MalachaiGlyphAxiom
Dear Shavronne,

You have certainly had your work cut out for you with Lioneye's Legion. Do not concern yourself with Marceus' complaints. Our Emperor is fully aware of the General's fickle nature.

As to your need to accelerate the implantation process, I can recommend a quite simple alteration. Dip the gem in a boiling solution of six parts blood and one part thaumetic sulphite for no more than thirteen seconds. Any longer and you invite the crystal's wrath.

Once the gem is withdrawn from the solution, you have but a few seconds to install the gem in the prepared flesh and close the wound. Should the gem cool too much prior to implantation, it will become inert and your patient with it.

Trust in that bountiful talent of yours, Shavronne. My thoughts are with you.

[M02_Letter_ChamberSins] MalachaiGlyphMapDeviceOld

If you attempt to transmogrify a virtue gem without the proper mental preparation, you will be a puppet master working strings made of vipers. Remember, these gems are phantasms in crystalline form, alive, with volitions inscrutable. Master conscious dreaming, as I instructed you. Your death would mean little to me, Maligaro. It's what your demise could unleash that concerns me.

[M03_Plaque_ChamberSins] MalachaiGemCartNote
I bequeath this Transmutia Device to you, Inquisitor Maligaro, in recognition of your devotion to our sublime Art. May it be the chariot that conveys your dreams into reality.

Malachai, Thaumaturge Laureate to the Empire
[M04_Scroll_Warehouse] MalachaiScrollWarehouses
Captain Alsarus,

Remain in the warehouse until I personally send for you. In the unlikely event that Chitus should fall, you and your fellow legionnaires will be safely beyond the perimeter of his heart gem's influence.

You men and women are my finest work yet. I would not lose you all to some aberration of chance.

Malachai, Thaumaturge Laureate
[M05_Dialla_Laboratory] MalachaiNoteDialla
1st Caso of Divini, 1333 IC.

"Pretty as porcelain, but her mouth spins like the potter's wheel." That's how I once described Dialla. Yet on this day, my lady is as ravishing as a nightmare, radiant as the fullest moon.

Dialla is my Gemling Queen and we shall rule, side by side, over the world that will soon come to be.

- Malachai
[M06_Notes_Laboratory] MalachaiGlyphMapDevice
I awoke, feverish, and barely conscious I set to drawing these maps through the sable hours. By morning my fingers ached, my eyes burned, yet still I found no rest. The Reverie commanded its rendering.

The Reverie Device now stands completed. I have placed the first of my maps within its receptacle. I have taken my maiden voyage into Nightmare.

I know now that which sent me this precious gift. It knows me, expects my return. It would be foolish to disappoint.

- Malachai
[M07_Journal_Laboratory] MalachaiJournalLab
Tear down the walls that imprison the mind... that is what the gems do. That is their true 'virtue'.

The moment my fingertips brushed the cool, silken planes of that first gem, I felt it. My skull ached, as if its contents were growing, pressing against the bone, searching for a way to break free.

That night, once the wine had dulled the pain enough to allow the onset of sleep, the dreams began. I have not been without them since. Nor would I be. Every spark of thaumaturgy that I wield, every device that I forge, every creature that I transfigure, I owe to these lessons cloaked in Nightmare.

From whence do these precepts hail? Certainly not the mundane grey between my ears. I possess only one reference that bears faith. Translated with unquestionable clarity by that idiot savant, Icius Perandus. "The Beast". Doryani of the Vaal knew the truth. Soon now, so shall I.

[M08_Letter_Sceptre] MalachaiLetterSceptre
My dear Chitus,

The Empire has lived in fear and ignorance since its inception. Our Azmeri ancestors, in their arrogance, turned their backs on the lessons of the Vaal.

The emperors before you lacked courage, lacked vision, paying lip service to 'Eternity' while scrabbling for approval and comfort within the prison of their meagre, mortal lives.

You are not one of those emperors. You are Chitus the Great, the man who will make this Empire truly understand the meaning of the word 'Eternal'.

We shall build this Thaumatocracy together, my emperor, gem by gem, immortal by immortal.

Your devoted servant,

[M09_Notebook_Rapture] MalachaiGlyphNotebook
The Rapture Device has absorbed its fill of harvested life from Fury and Desire. It is ready.

So am I.

I know now that I was born to be the end and the beginning of the Empire. The Beast has made this clear to me. As clear and undeniable as the sacrifice I must now make.

My Lady Dialla, my love, my life's greatest achievement. She must leave me now, for she cannot follow and she will perish if she remains.

And so I will ask of her more than she would ever give. I will betray her. I will break her heart so that I do not break her soul.
[M10_Notebook_Harvest] MalachaiGlyphSkinscrawl
On this day, the eve of this Rapture's completion, I honour those who have passed and whose passion and knowledge have brought us to the brink of salvation.

Inquisitor Maligaro, a creative force without equal.

Shavronne of Umbra, an aesthete of transcendent sensibility.

Doedre Darktongue, an idol of fervor and dedication.

You taught me far more than I ever taught you, my students... my friends. We strove to make a greater world together and, in your memory, I shall make that world a reality.



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