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[Innocence_02] InnocenceDestroyHorns
Bone and corruption shall not impede the path of purity!
[Innocence_03] InnocenceKitavaQuest
Go, do battle, anointed exile. Though my brother and I will aid you, I sense the universe conspires for you to be the saviour of our world on this day.
[Innocence_09] InnocenceOnExile
You have heard my admission of guilt and my plea for forgiveness, yet I sense in the glowing embers of your eyes that you will be glad to be rid of me. I don't blame you, mortal, nor do I begrudge you for your continual anger. The sins I've committed, although bad enough, are made worse by the lens of pride I once viewed this world through.

I agree with your judgement, and though I wish never to return from my banishment, I have made a promise to Sin that I shall one day rejoin this world.

But until that day I will remain in the furthest south, in a place of ice and ash, of blistering seas and abysmal storms. I shall meditate on my wrong doings, until a way of making amends to the millions of lives I have murdered and ruined, reveals itself to me.


[Innocence_04a] InnocenceBubbleRandom
Purity shall be your shield!
[Innocence_04b] InnocenceBubble2
Purity shall be your shield!
[Innocence_04c] InnocenceBubble3
Purity shall be your shield!
[Innocence_05a] InnocenceCapturedRandom
Aid me, exile!
[Innocence_05b] InnocenceCaptured2
Aid me, exile!
[Innocence_05c] InnocenceCaptured3
Aid me, exile!
[Innocence_06a] InnocenceSinCapturedRandom
Stay strong brother, freedom is at hand!
[Innocence_06b] InnocenceSinCaptured2
Stay strong brother, freedom is at hand!
[Innocence_06c] InnocenceSinCaptured3
Stay strong brother, freedom is at hand!
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