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[Ne_A6_01] NessaMermaidMudFlats
He did this to me... the King of Brine, and he wants me to be... oh god... his... Please... I don't know how I am doing this, nor if I may again. Help me... help us... before he... before...
[Ne_A6_02] NessaMermaidPrisonersGate
What are you doing?! God drag you to damnation if you're going to stand by and let this happen to me! To us! Because believe me, the Brine King has far greater appetites than one nothing of a girl from Oriath. It doesn't matter what he'll do to me now... it's what he'll do to Wraeclast. Yet there's hope. There's always hope... if only you can reach Merveil's cave. If only...
[Ne_A6_03] NessaMermaidMerveilsCaverns
The Brine King... his time has almost come. Then hope will be... I will be gone. Please... take the Black Flag. It once fluttered from the mast of the Black Crest, Weylam Roth's ship. Throw it into the flames of the Beacon. It's your only chance of reaching me, of turning this tide. The King can't keep secrets like this from me any longer. It's just... the way of things. Find me, please, before...
[Ne_A6_04] NessaMermaidCallOut
Over here! Hurry!
[Ne_A6_05] NessaMermaidFightIntro4
So strong, so dedicated. A man like you would never disappoint a lady in need. You're a gift, don't you see? A sumptuous feast for his majesty on his wedding day. Really, we are both so touched by your generosity.
[Ne_A6_06] NessaMermaidFightIntro7
So courageous, such a fine example of womanhood. I simply knew you wouldn't disappoint me. Or my husband. You see, his majesty could never be satiated on his wedding day by one bride alone. Thank you, my new sister. I shall always treasure your company.
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