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An Exile here? A shame the warden won't leave anything for me to examine. Make sure you tell our host that Piety of Theopolis sends her regards.
PietyIntroPrison1if player is a Duelist
I recognise that pretty face. Grand Arena, Theopolis. I've a future in mind that I think would suit you, Duelist.
PietyIntroPrison2if player is a Shadow
Curious. It moves like a killer yet reeks of thaumaturgy. Would that I could observe you more closely, my mysterious Shadow.
PietyIntroPrison3if player is a Templar
Your answer's here, heretic. In Wraeclast. But I don't think you'll like it very much.
PietyIntroPrison4if player is a Witch
Ignorance brought you here, sister. To the one place where your talents are free to grow and be truly feared.
PietyIntroPrison5if player is a Marauder
Your brawn is about to meet its match, brute. Give the Warden my regards.
PietyIntroPrison6if player is a Ranger
Quite sure of yourself, aren't you, huntress? The Warden enjoys the taste of overconfidence.
PietyIntroPrison7if player is a Scion
The wonder child? I saw you perform for Dominus, girl. You were very good. Good enough to survive Wraeclast? We'll see.
Find your own way inland, exile!
PietyIntroSpikePassage1if player is a Duelist
You're a fine blade in need of forging, Duelist!
PietyIntroSpikePassage2if player is a Shadow
It lives! Let's see what else a Shadow can do!
PietyIntroSpikePassage3if player is a Templar
The path to the truth is never a straight one!
PietyIntroSpikePassage4if player is a Witch
This is for your own good, sister!
PietyIntroSpikePassage5if player is a Marauder
Strength isn't everything, brute!
PietyIntroSpikePassage6if player is a Ranger
This should put a dent in your arrogance, huntress!
PietyIntroSpikePassage7if player is a Scion
If you're ever in Sarn, do drop in, wonder child!