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The prodigal returns... have you brought with you a weapon to free us? The Ravenous One has only grown more hungry since you left us, and I fear your efforts may be too little, too late.

Kitava has all but destroyed us here, and our poor departed Utula's cultists have taken hold of the city. There's little ground left to tread that won't cause the grasping claws of Hinekora to reach out and wring our pretty little necks.


I see your eyes, exile. You wonder why I am here instead of at the Overseer's Tower. I'll tell you the horrible truth. The tower has fallen to the infernal devices of Kitava. That witch, Vilenta, is to blame. She lowered a secret ladder and led Kitava's cultists right to our very beds.

Bannon and I barely escaped with our lives. Together, we cut through the hordes but it was no use. They had us surrounded. Bannon created a distraction which allowed me flee. When I last saw him, he was perched atop the rooftops, holding off our enemies, though how long he will last, I cannot say.

If you are going that way, perhaps you can find him and return him to me. I have grown... fond of that Templar, the fire of Ngamahu burns within his belly, it would not fare well for us in this war if that fire were lost.
Bannon is alive and well, in no small way thanks to you I would be willing to guess. Without him being here, I would have lost my sanity or my life a long time ago. Take this gift as a token of both our appreciation.


I believe Vilenta was not of sound mind. At night, we often heard her cry out in sleep, fearing unseen things. I wanted to toss her out on the streets, let the beasts of this fallen city tend to her madness, but Bannon refused to leave behind one of his own. Would that he had've listened to me...

Vilenta thought that if she gave us up to Kitava, the Ravenous One would look kindly upon her. Well, look upon her, he did, but what he saw and what she became is the thing of nightmares - her nightmares perhaps?
Now that you have returned and we have managed to sturdy ourselves once more abreast this mighty ship, I ask of you one more favour - find that traitor Vilenta and kill her. Though I wish to see her dead as revenge for her insurrection, Vilenta has become something far worse under the radiation of Kitava's gaze. She must be stopped.
You return from your hunt triumphant! Then Vilenta is dead. I wish I could say that a celebration is in order, but in our current existence, I have had all I can stomach of banquets and feasts. Here.


In another life, perhaps Lilly and I would have sailed the oceans together. I enjoy her presence and the conversations she brings. She has a call for adventure, coupled with a kind of optimism I rarely see. I hope that once all of this settles down, we might remain friends.


I don't quite enjoy Weylam as much as I do his granddaughter, but Lilly favours him, and so I will too, unless he does something truly horrid that forces me to revoke my opinion.


Bannon was a man whom I greatly admired, possibly even loved. My heart is grieved to see him depart from us and journey to the home of Hinekora. Yet, he sacrificed himself so that we might live, and stood true to his convictions. This god, this born-again Innocence fills me with unease. Though he appears repentant of his past transgressions, I do not believe he should be forgiven, nor that he should tread this earth any longer than is required.


A dark angel on your shoulder perhaps? In another time the presence of this god would trouble me, perhaps even frighten me, but in these days, I cannot afford the sensation of surprise. If he has helped you this far as you say, then one might expect he will help you all the way to the bitter end, and that is good enough for me.


Kitava's appetite has grown bigger than even his devotees had expected. His hunger moves faster now than his followers can keep up. I suppose the canals were the perfect answer to their problem really. They converted them into one giant feeding trough to bring food to his mouth at a speedier rate.
By the light of Ramako, you did it! You, a mortal, have crossed the threshold between god and man and struck the ravenous one asunder!

I'd always held out hope that you would succeed, but at night, I would stay awake worrying that perhaps that hope was a foolish dream, but you've done it! You are no longer an Exile, my friend. I honour you, and I'm certain the rest of the world will honour you as well.

Please, I was saving this for something special, it's not much, but it's yours.

Kitava's Cultists

Before their god rose from the depths, Utula and his cultists had direction. They wished to see Kitava free to stage his horrifying banquet. I was foolish enough to believe these theological mumblings as symbols for Karui freedom. Now that their prophecies have come to fruition, the cultists have lost their minds!

It's hard enough to believe the end times of your chosen religion will ever happen, let alone to last longer than the final pages of your holy book...


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