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Welcome Back

It is good to see that you survived my friend, but then, you have fared far worse - the froth of a violent ocean should be no problem for you!

While we have been absent, Oriath has become a necropolis, aswarm with Kitava's wretched servants. The situation looks more dire than I had first anticipated.

Before we make our move, we must know what we are dealing with. I send you, exile, as a scout, as the only scout that would stand a chance moving through the shifting forms of this nightmare. You must discover where Kitava resides, only then can we issue our final blow.

The Dark Ember

You needn't fret, the Dark Ember is still safely in my possession and will remain so until our final confrontation with Kitava.

That carnivorous blasphemy will fall like a log cut from the darkest of forests, and we shall watch him burn as Oriath, and the rest of this world breathes a sigh of relief.


Lilly Roth is a noble... hm, how do you say it... scallywag?

I have witnessed the rise and fall of many great men and women over the aeons, and Lilly is well on her way to being amongst the very best of them. I suspect one day her name shall be sung in salty taverns the world around.

I must remember to keep on her good side now that she can see me. The beautiful pirate princess, hunting down the great god Sin would make for a fantastic tale, I'm sure, but one I would rather have remain in the pages of fiction.


Then it is as I feared. Kitava's strength has grown insurmountable in our absence, and his horns now deny us entry to his feeding trough. Evidently the hungry god has grown picky about what crumbs now travel towards his burgeoning throat...

It is this strength that concerns me. I have spoken with our friend Bannon over there, a wilful vessel of my misguided brother. I knew eventually we would need to enlist my brother's services, though I had hoped we need not do so this soon, yet it seems that we have no other choice.

We must invoke my dormant brother, slumbering within Bannon's frame. Kitava's horns are a thing of great corruption which only Innocence's purity can dispel.


Before we proceed, I feel I must confide something in you. Bannon wishes me not to speak of it, as he is willing for the sacrifice, however, I feel you should know...

Once we invoke Innocence, once we dredge him up from his cocoon inside the soul of Bannon, the man shall cease to be. Only the god shall remain.

Do you understand what I say, exile? If we take this path, Bannon will die... excruciatingly so - burnt with purity from the inside out. As I said, Bannon is willing to commit his life to this cause, but perhaps you should say your farewells before we move past the point of no return?

The Gods

Aside from my own presence, I no longer feel the vibrations of other gods. Though there may yet be more out there, for now, Wraeclast can breathe a sigh of relief.

However, we must turn our sights to Kitava who still gorges himself on those poor souls trapped in Oriath. You have drunk your fill of my kind, the essence of deity courses through your veins, waiting to be expunged upon a chosen victim. We can only hope it will be strength enough to face that demoniac of a god.


Sin: Innocence, you see now, don't you?

Innocence: Little brother... Please, forgive me. It's as if I have been dreaming the most horrid nightmare... and now, at last, the haze of sleep lifts from my eyes. My vision is clear... oh, by the gods, forgive me...

Sin: It is as true now as it was when we began. You and I are of the same flesh, cleaved from the same womb. You ask for my forgiveness. I give it to you freely.

Innocence: But the things I've done... the countless millions I've murdered...

Sin: There will be time for all of that later, but for now, your people need you. Oriath needs you...

Innocence: ...No. I cannot remain here amongst these ruins. Amongst the corpses of my own making... These people, they need you, brother, and your hero - not me.

Sin: Then what? Where will you go? What will you do?

Innocence: Isolation. I shall go south. As far south as one can travel in such a fleshly form. There are things I must think on, a redemption I need plan, if my conscience decides I am worthy of such a gift.

Sin: You would seek forgiveness in the ice at the bottom of the world?

Innocence: I would, should you let me.

Sin: Go. Seek out that which you need. Find who you are, make pilgrimage. Journey on your path, brother, only return to us one day.

Innocence: Thank you, brother.

Unlock Power

Come, little spirit, quieten your rage, become one with this exile, be strength on their journey into the dark realms of this world...


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This is it. It all comes down to this moment to finally put an end to Kitava. Go exile, together we will save humankind!


I shall strike you down!
May a new dawn arise!