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PietyIntroSins1if player is a Duelist
Does nothing clench that proud jaw of yours, Duelist? Do share your secret with me some time.
PietyIntroSins2if player is a Shadow
How is it you thrive when everything I touch turns to dust, Shadow?
PietyIntroSins3if player is a Templar
Save your judging gaze, heretic. Though He tests me, my God hasn't abandoned me.
PietyIntroSins4if player is a Witch
Failure stings, sister. Yet pain is the finest of all teachers.
PietyIntroSins5if player is a Marauder
Go and test your sinews against that monstrosity. Perhaps two wrongs can make a right.
PietyIntroSins6if player is a Ranger
You again? Well, I'm sure you won't be looking so calm once that monstrosity tears you a new orifice.
PietyIntroSins7if player is a Scion
Don't forget, Scion. You were born amidst the blood and the screaming, just like me.