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I dreamed of my Ancestors' halls. They were empty.

I dreamed of the north, of an offering left to us by Tukohama, an offering that will save the Karui. I needed only to take it.

I gathered my finest five hundred. I brought them here. I claimed what Tukohama had promised me.


We crushed the servants of Kitava beneath our heels as we marched across the land. I allowed not one of my five hundred to fall. The blood of the Ancestors surged in our veins and each and every one of my warriors earned Tukohama's mark upon their skin.

We descended into the heart of Wraeclast, and there He came to me. Tukohama. He asked of me a sacrifice. I gave it willingly. My axe fell five hundred times, the jade drinking its fill of Karui blood.

Tukohama was pleased.


The Eternals opened the gate and invited Kitava into this land. The Karui paid the price.

Kitava cut us off from the Ancestors, raised the Remembered as His children, tortured our dreams.

Kitava murdered the Karui Way. I will found a new Way, for I have been chosen. I gather my forces so that I might wage war on Kitava. I am the son of Tukohama, and I will lead the Karui back to glory.


The moment your skin touched the corrupted soil of Wraeclast, you were infected. Kitava has soaked this land in his filth. I will crush the corruption from your bones, drain your black blood upon this sacred ground.

Brothers and sisters, I honour you with a warrior's death. Your spirits will fight by my side when we march against Kitava. You will be given in service to Tukohama.

You will be remembered with glory.