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Arohongui, Daughter of the Moon, was preparing for a feast to celebrate Tukohama's return from his war on the First Ones of the Ezomytes. Tawhoa, Son of the Forest, asked each of the birds to sacrifice one of their kind for the feast. He gave these offerings to Arohongui who cooked them in a great fire-stone pit.

Seeing all of those plump birds cooking made Kitava very hungry, and he offered to watch them, to make sure they didn't burn while Arohongui rested during the heat of the day. Arohongui thanked Kitava for his kindness, but while she slept, Kitava ate the cooking birds, flesh, bones, gizzards and all.

Upon waking, Arohongui was furious to find Kitava had lied to her, for saying that he would watch the birds when he truly intended to eat them all up. When Tukohama arrived home in his mighty canoe, Arohongui asked him to punish Kitava for his selfish gluttony.

Tukohama, our Father of War, agreed and pulled the sharpest tooth from his own mouth. He then asked Arohongui and Tawhoa to hold Kitava fast while he cut Kitava's face with the tooth. Two slashes that blinded Kitava and formed a bleeding cross upon his face.

From that day forth, Kitava would never be able to promise to watch that which he truly intended to consume.

Narrated by Slave Utula
Transcribed by Irwen of Theopolis