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To replace the feast of birds that Kitava had greedily consumed, Tukohama, our Father of War, and Valako, Father of Storm, went fishing.

Although Kitava was blind, he could still cast his line and feel when a fish took his bait. So Tukohama and Valako took him with them on Tukohama's mighty canoe.

But while they fished, Kitava grew hungry and secretly ate all of their bait of grubs and worms. Disgusted and angry, Tukohama and Valako decided to use Kitava as bait instead. Valako used his own jawbone as a hook, impaled Kitava on it, and cast both into the sea.

Kitava sank to the bottom of the sea, but instead of the fish eating Kitava, it was Kitava who ate all of the fish that nibbled at him, flesh, scales, guts and all.

When Tukohama and Valako hauled a fat-bellied Kitava back up from the sea, they were even more furious, and knew that Kitava must be punished one final time.

Narrated by Slave Utula
Transcribed by Irwen of Theopolis