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I am Sin, the Forgotten One. Would that humanity could forget all of my kind. Perhaps, with your help, that might still come to pass.

For now the blinding light has been dimmed, and darkness floods in to fill the void. The desperate and depraved set a feast for their lord incumbent, Kitava, the Ravenous One.
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Should Kitava accept their invitation, there is but one thin sliver of hope for us all. My brother's Sign of Purity.

Look to it in the choking passages of Templar reverence. It shall be your torch when night falls at last.

The Sign of Purity

Deep in the Templar's Ossuary, in the company of the dead, there lies the Sign of Purity.

Innocence bled himself for the creation of that cruel and desperate weapon. Tempered in his own ruby ichor, it was forged to be a transcendent tool of punishment and purification. The Sign is a living agent of righteousness, or at least, the dubious kind of righteousness that my brother subscribes to.

Innocence found, in the first High Templar, a most faithful servant and gifted the Sign to him, so that it might be used in times of great need. The great need of Innocence believers, that is. Humanity's general well-being has never been of particular concern to my brother.

The Fall of Oriath

Though I am a god, I have not forgotten my humanity. I care for that which I once was. Kitava remembers nothing and cares for nothing but his own hunger and greed. He is an endless pit of gnashing teeth and churning guts.

While other gods rise on the mainland and fight for the meagre scraps of what was, Kitava has the most fecund and formidable civilisation of his age at his disposal. He can feed when he likes and he grows ever stronger with each morsel. All of Oriath shall soon belong to Kitava, and if that happens, he will rise beyond even our reach.


He lives, after a fashion. That pretentious little vessel of his served only to encourage his divine follies. I have procured him a more... sensible host, one that should contain his excesses and temper that fragile ego of his.

Hear this, Brother! "From mind of lead to heart of gold, your soul shall be bound, your wrath shall grow cold."


The Sign of Purity

An empire is nothing more than a standard pitched in the naked earth. The time has come for you to raise this standard upon the peak of false faith, the apex of Chitus Cathedral.

Drive it deep into that sacred stone. Mark the death of a faithless empire and slay the slavering kingdom that seeks to consume it.



There is no shame in falling to a god. Shame lies only in refusing to rise again. You shall soar, that much I'm permitted to foresee.

You shall ascend to the peak of your loftiest mistake and from there you shall pluck a single, surviving hope from the jaws of immortal despair.

A ship sails for Lioneye's Watch not far from here. Be on it.


The flame of hope may flicker but it cannot be extinguished!
You and only you, I shall save.