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In chains of flame and glowing ore.
A silver moon did strike the floor.
And a sister's eyes now forged in rage.
Silenced her cries with lock and cage.
Lunaris wept with betrayal's lash strike.
As her followers were slaughtered by sword and pike
Forever a prisoner, a moon buried in the earth.
Burned by a sun and a love felt since birth.
- The Azmeri Verses 3:1-4


Her heart did languish and her mind did fray.
As she bore the pain of each terrible day.
Solaris sharpened tools for sure and true caress.
As she drew her confessions from her sister's pallid fairness.
Lunaris spoke not a word to her sister insane.
While her blood did flow and her hope did wane.
Until the stranger she came to set the moon free.
Kulina, the last follower, and the last faithful deed."
- The Azmeri Verses 3:9-13


Hid 'neath the ice and shimmering snow.
Lunaris healed from her wounds and pondered her woe.
Solaris was mad, it was frighteningly clear.
Yet what had so filled her heart with such fear?
At the urgings of Kulina, the moon rose for war.
She world might fear their Sun no more.
Lunaris would crest the star-filled night.
And the Sun, rightly chained, would temper her light.
To war she marched, with her creatures of the moon.
With a hunger for justice and her bright sister's doom.
- The Azmeri Verses 3:20-25