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Baran: Prayer is the centre of his regimen. All other activities are flexible, including eating and sleeping, but prayer time never shifts. Bad knees.

Veritania: Insists on reading every night. Not sure where she got the books. Don't really care.
Talks in her sleep. Just noises, though - no discernible words.

Zana: Hiding something important. Not sure what yet. Probably related to what happened to the previous group. Keeps checking on us.

Drox: Loudmouth. Does weapon drills late into the night. Sometimes I hear him patrolling around the camp early in the morning. He must sleep, but I don't know when.


The Old Man: Zana knows him. Grandfather? Mentor? Either way, he doesn't seem to recognise her. Impressive powers. Must be careful around him.

The Demon: Bad, bad, bad. No discernable motives. No discernable weaknesses. Completely silent. Need to be really, really careful around it. Probably better just to run.

Sirus: Quiet, but when he does speak, speaks with authority. Likes Zana? Definitely something going on there.

Al-Hezmin: The greatest hunter alive.


Baran is talking about God again, so I told him I need to go "write in my journal". What is it about the Templar training that results in such boring storytellers? He's nice enough, I guess. I just wish we could weaponise his stories somehow. Could probably just send the demon to sleep for good.

Yesterday I hunted a boar for the group. Today, Drox brought back two. Tomorrow I'll bring back three. Show that loud idiot that I'm the top hunter.

I know Zana can sense the tension between Drox and myself. I don't think she knows that I can sense the tension between her and Sirus. I've seen her making eyes at him. I've seen him making eyes at her too. I don't think either one of them knows the other is interested.

I thought Veritania was flirting with me, as she spoke with a smile for once, but I just had boar blood on my lip and it looked like a red moustache. After I wiped it off she went back to reading.

Shut up Baran. Shut up. Shut up. Shut up.

I forfeit. He wins. I'm going to bed.


New Person: I don't recognise this one. Doesn't move like the other ones. More sentience. Saw them talking to Zana. Didn't see where they came from or where they went.
Seems strong. Stronger than a lot of the other exiles we saw. Would definitely have remembered this one if I'd seen them before. Maybe Zana hid them from us.

Not as strong as me though.

Going to lay some traps. Test them out. See what they are made of.

Then I'll kill Drox.