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Etchings on Wood IV

Three lunari gone now, since it all began. Perhaps I am the only one who still looks upon Lunaris, who remembers her name. Soon, I will be gone and the moon will go on, alone.

My husband has returned and he hunts for me. My dead husband hunts me. Corin too, and my uncle. Corpses rise and walk and feed. My girls, they walk now... and feed.

God has forsaken us. Lunaris is my witness. Tonight, I return to my family.


Etchings on Wood III

The moon was full the night of the black storm. It is full again.

They have come for me. They have come for my daughters. Bravalo called out while the others skulked and muttered in the darkness. Corin went to them, arms open, welcoming. The nightmares told her to.

My uncle tried to stop her. Bravalo crushed his skull with his smith's hammer. I barred the doors and windows but they screamed like monkeys and beat themselves bloody trying to get in.

I had no choice. I took my two youngest and fled through the cellar, following the tunnel to the mill.

All we can do is hide and hope. God help us.


Etchings on Wood I

I haven't slept. No one has slept. Not for three days, not since the black storm in the northern ranges. Not since the nightmares began.

Violent and twisted night terrors. They whisper to us, tempt us, threaten us, beguile us. They promise terrible things in return for even more terrible acts.

My husband, Denirus, went to Alliston to find a doctor who might help. He should have been back yesterday. I fear for him. I fear for all of us.


Etchings on Wood II

It has been a little over a week since the black storm.

My husband has not returned and sickness now sweeps through our village. Many have died and those that lived have... changed.

These were folk we once called neighbour and friend. Now they limp and stagger through the night, their deformities as grotesque as the madness in their eyes.