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Sin: Innocence, you see now, don't you?

Innocence: Little brother... Please, forgive me. It's as if I have been dreaming the most horrid nightmare... and now, at last, the haze of sleep lifts from my eyes. My vision is clear... oh, by the gods, forgive me...

Sin: It is as true now as it was when we began. You and I are of the same flesh, cleaved from the same womb. You ask for my forgiveness. I give it to you freely.

Innocence: But the things I've done... the countless millions I've murdered...

Sin: There will be time for all of that later, but for now, your people need you. Oriath needs you...

Innocence: ...No. I cannot remain here amongst these ruins. Amongst the corpses of my own making... These people, they need you, brother, and your hero - not me.

Sin: Then what? Where will you go? What will you do?

Innocence: Isolation. I shall go south. As far south as one can travel in such a fleshly form. There are things I must think on, a redemption I need plan, if my conscience decides I am worthy of such a gift.

Sin: You would seek forgiveness in the ice at the bottom of the world?

Innocence: I would, should you let me.

Sin: Go. Seek out that which you need. Find who you are, make pilgrimage. Journey on your path, brother, only return to us one day.

Innocence: Thank you, brother.


You have heard my admission of guilt and my plea for forgiveness, yet I sense in the glowing embers of your eyes that you will be glad to be rid of me. I don't blame you, mortal, nor do I begrudge you for your continual anger. The sins I've committed, although bad enough, are made worse by the lens of pride I once viewed this world through.

I agree with your judgement, and though I wish never to return from my banishment, I have made a promise to Sin that I shall one day rejoin this world.

But until that day I will remain in the furthest south, in a place of ice and ash, of blistering seas and abysmal storms. I shall meditate on my wrong doings, until a way of making amends to the millions of lives I have murdered and ruined, reveals itself to me.