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In the court of the Goddess, every man and woman is deemed worthy of redemption.

Though you might be shackled by the tribulations of the past, the trials ahead offer you both freedom and glory.

The future is yours, if you are bold enough to reach out for it.


The path to Justice is slender and perfidious, fraught with missteps of ambition and despair, egotism and doubt.

Should you choose this road, beware those who would waylay your hopes and disembowel your dreams.

Remain sure and remain true.


Fear gnaws at the entrails of the faithful and the faithless alike. Fear of the unknown. Fear of the future.

An empire requires leadership that can assuage those fears, through example, through wisdom, through strength.

An emperor lights the way through the darkened caverns of uncertainty.


On the Night of a Thousand Ribbons, our finest city burned. It burned with fires lit by cruelty and neglect. It burned with shame for giving the title of 'Emperor' to a man who did not deserve it.


A leader cannot simply stride forward into the future and expect his people to be able to follow.

A leader must look over his shoulder so that he can witness and understand the consequences of the path he has chosen.

To ensure that his people are still with him. To ensure that he has not become lost.


An emperor cannot allow himself to become buried in the shadowed vaults of self-doubt.

Cannot allow thoughts of imagined disaster to spin about inside his mind like so many strife-splintered wheels.

An emperor navigates his way through the terrors of perplexity with his eyes set firmly on the rising sun.