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Soul prepared, Soul be mine. O' Abberath, goat lord of the fallen race, rise up and take this, my offering of delectable essence.

As it is known, with the consumption of souls, comes the ecstasy of true enlightenment. For the cloven ones shall subjugate every creature on this earth, and as such, all creatures need be consumed.


So many have scrutinised the inner workings of the heart, written entire books on sadness, love and hate. Yet terror is the truest, purest of all human emotions. Terror is what we have once our earthly facades are stripped away, once we are naked, vulnerable savages in a vast and uncaring wilderness.

Civilisation is a costume, worn to conceal our truest natures. Oh, that we could all become terrified children once again! That we could understand in an instant that everything is hopeless, everything is death. There is no next step, no reprieve. Life is terror and terror is life.
- Forbidden Texts of Yugul