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He had it coming. Was I supposed to bear such insults with inaction, simply because of his high birth? That lord sang a different tune with six inches of steel in his guts. Now they call me a criminal for defending my honour. I'd do the same again to anyone who crossed me.

I care naught for riches, little for friendship. The duel is all I need. I may be an exile, but I will carve a road back to Oriath, one foe, one victory at a time. Ill fortune may have banished me to Wraeclast, but I will live to hear them scream my name in the great arenas again.


[D22_DestroyQuestItem_01] Duelist39
I think this'll come in handy at some point.
[D22_DestroyQuestItem_02] Duelist40
I think this'll come in handy at some point.
[D22_DexStatLow_01] Duelist41
Need to be a little more deft to use this.
[D22_DexStatLow_02] Duelist42
Need to be a little more deft to use this.
[D22_HeathFlaskOnLow_01] Duelist43
Ah... that hit the spot.
[D22_HeathFlaskOnLow_02] Duelist44
Ah... that hit the spot.
[D22_IntStatLow_01] Duelist45
Can't quite get my head around this one.
[D22_IntStatLow_02] Duelist46
Can't quite get my head around this one.
[D22_InvFull_01] Duelist47
I believe in travelling light.
[D22_InvFull_02] Duelist48
I believe in travelling light.
[D22_MonsterKillV1_01] Duelist49
A worthy opponent!
[D22_MonsterKillV1_02] Duelist50
A worthy opponent!
[D22_MonsterKillV2_01] Duelist51
You die rather well!
[D22_MonsterKillV2_02] Duelist52
You die rather well!
[D22_MonsterKillV3_01] Duelist53
Didn't even break a sweat!
[D22_MonsterKillV3_02] Duelist54
Didn't even break a sweat!
[D22_MonsterKillV4_01] Duelist55
Practice makes perfect!
[D22_MonsterKillV4_02] Duelist56
Practice makes perfect!
[D22_MonsterKillV5_01] Duelist57
I do love the stink of victory!
[D22_MonsterKillV5_02] Duelist58
I do love the stink of victory!
[D22_OutOfMana_01] Duelist59
My spirit is spent.
[D22_OutOfMana_02] Duelist60
My spirit is spent.
[D22_SkillCooldown_01] Duelist61
I can't do this just yet.
[D22_SkillCooldown_02] Duelist62
I can't do this just yet.
[D22_StrStatLow_01] Duelist63
I'll need to build up some muscle for this one.
[D22_StrStatLow_02] Duelist64
I'll need to build up some muscle for this one.
[D22_UseSkillInTown_01] Duelist65
There'll be time for that soon enough.
[D22_UseSkillInTown_02] Duelist66
There'll be time for that soon enough.
[D23_LevelUp_01] Duelist67
It's nice not to be dead, yet.
[D23_LevelUp_02] Duelist68
It seems this new arena suits me.
[D23_LevelUp_03] Duelist69
Couldn't ask for a better training ground than Wraeclast.
[D23_LevelUp_04] Duelist70
My fans in Oriath will barely recognise me.
[D23_LevelUp_05] Duelist71
I'm starting to think there's more to life than prize or perish.
[D23_LevelUp_06] Duelist72
I believe I could give the great Daresso a run for his money, now.
[D23_LevelUp_07] Duelist73
I think it's time to shed the dream of home. It's a little tight around the collar.


[D02] Duelist1
Not the most pleasant of arenas, but it'll have to do, for now.
[D03] Duelist2
Even the dead rise to challenge me here.
[D04] Duelist3
It's to be a cage fight then. I can live with that.
[D05] Duelist4
Skill beats size, every time.
[D06] Duelist5
We stand at death's door. Ladies first, fair Merveil.
[D07] Duelist6
I almost feel sorry for these doomed sea dogs.
[D08] Duelist7
It's not everyday that I get to duel with a legend. Thank you, Fairgraves.
[D09] Duelist8
Well fought, Oak. A shame we have only the trees for audience.
[D10] Duelist9
A pity your mind wasn't as swift as your blades, bridge rat.
[D11] Duelist10
It's hard to cast a spell with a blade in your throat, isn't it, witch?
[D12] Duelist11
A place of soiled dreams. I'll have to tread carefully here.
[D13] Duelist12
This can't be good.
[D14] Duelist13
A duel like no other. I think I'm starting to like this Wraeclast.
[D15] Duelist14
I favour a fair fight. I doubt I'll get one in this place.
[D16] Duelist15
It's seems there's glory in the old empire yet.
[D17] Duelist16
Piety's home away from home. Let's see if the sick witch is in.
[D18] Duelist17
Dying in battle... the only honourable thing you've ever done, Gravicius.
[D19] Duelist18
Sorry, beautiful, but someone had to put a stop to all this ugliness.
[D20] Duelist19
Climb the tower, kill the mad king. Just like the stories my mum used to read to me.
[D21] Duelist20
A just death to address an unjust exile. I think we're even now, High Templar.
[D24] Duelist21
A stroll along a picturesque canal. Some time in the mountains. What could be more relaxing?
[D25] Duelist22
Now this is... grim.
[D26] Duelist23
It seemed to me, Voll, that I just did you a favour.
[D27] Duelist24
There's nothing like making a ground-shaking entrance.
[D28] Duelist25
Actually, I'm really not sure I like the sound of that.
[D29] Duelist26
Always happy to help a damsel in distress.
[D30] Duelist27
Buried under tons of rock? Not a good way to end this tale of mine.
[D31] Duelist28
Damn me, it's good to be back in the arena!
[D32] Duelist29
Your glory will be remembered in song forever, Daresso. I promise you that.
[D33] Duelist30
I once heard a Karui mention their 'island of the dead'. Perhaps this is it.
[D34] Duelist31
Just be happy that you got a warrior's death, Kaom.
[D35] Duelist32
I'm inside it... the Beast itself!
[D36] Duelist33
This thing gets more twisted with every step I take.
[D37] Duelist34
Take comfort, Maligaro. An artist's work is always worth more when he's dead.
[D38] Duelist35
Flattery will get you nowhere with me, m'lady.
[D39] Duelist36
I didn't catch a word of what you said, Doedre. That's probably a good thing.
[D40] Duelist37
Oh, well, far be it from me to deny a lady's final wish.
[D41] Duelist38
It's a strange feeling, when the fighting is done. I've won. The nightmare is ended.