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[Ma_01_Intro] Marauder1
I am a warrior, raised to honour my Ancestors, to die with a weapon in my hand and the Karui Way in my blood.

Oriath chained me, made me its slave. For three years I have lived without my family, my pride, my Way.

I welcome Exile. I welcome Wraeclast. Hear me, Ancestors! A slave stands behind you. A warrior stands before you.

And Death walks at our side.


[Ma_33a] Marauder54
I cannot do this yet.
[Ma_33b] Marauder55
My mana is gone.
[Ma_33c_01] Marauder56
I cannot carry this.
[Ma_33c_02] Marauder57
I cannot carry this.
[Ma_33d] Marauder58
Ahhhh... better.
[Ma_33e] Marauder59
I am not strong enough to use this yet.
[Ma_33f_01] Marauder60
I do not know how to use this yet.
[Ma_33f_02] Marauder61
I do not know how to use this yet.
[Ma_33g_01] Marauder62
I am not swift enough to use this yet.
[Ma_33g_02] Marauder63
I am not swift enough to use this yet.
[Ma_33h_01] Marauder64
My instincts tell me not to destroy this.
[Ma_33h_02] Marauder65
My instincts tell me not to destroy this.
[Ma_33i_01] Marauder66
It would be wrong to do that here.
[Ma_33i_02] Marauder67
It would be wrong to do that here.
[Ma_34a_01] Marauder68
For Tukohama!
[Ma_34a_02] Marauder69
For Tukohama!
[Ma_34b_01] Marauder70
Go to Hinekora!
[Ma_34b_02] Marauder71
Go to Hinekora!
[Ma_34c_01] Marauder72
Return to the dirt!
[Ma_34c_02] Marauder73
Return to the dirt!
[Ma_34d_01] Marauder74
I give you to my Ancestors!
[Ma_34d_02] Marauder75
I give you to my Ancestors!
[Ma_34e_01] Marauder76
Return to Kitava!
[Ma_34e_02] Marauder77
Return to Kitava!
[Ma_35a] Marauder78
I live to see another dawn.
[Ma_35b] Marauder79
Dominus wanted me to die here. I will disappoint him.
[Ma_35c] Marauder80
To kill is to live in Wraeclast.
[Ma_35d] Marauder81
Every death brings me life.
[Ma_35e] Marauder82
The Ancestors watch over me.
[Ma_35f] Marauder83
Thank you, my Ancestors. I will repay your gift.
[Ma_35g] Marauder84
This land has forgotten Karui strength. I will remind it.


[Ma_02] Marauder2
(no text)
[Ma_03] Marauder3
The dead should remember their place.
[Ma_04] Marauder4
I am surrounded by living corpses and dying Oriathans.
[Ma_05] Marauder5
Show me the way, Kaom.
[Ma_06] Marauder6
Dominus took my home, my family.
[Ma_07] Marauder7
This is not what the elders told us.
[Ma_08] Marauder8
A slave is not a man. A slave is not even worthy of death.
[Ma_09] Marauder9
Your spirit is the plaything of the Ancestors, slavemaster.
[Ma_10] Marauder10
Hinekora, Mother of the Dead, is this your land I walk upon?
[Ma_11] Marauder11
When bones walk, they are not Karui.
[Ma_12] Marauder12
The 'black spirit'. Lavianga speaks of Kitava, Father of Corruption.
[Ma_13] Marauder13
Kaom bowed to Kitava. He betrayed us!
[Ma_14] Marauder14
The Karui remember you, Fairgraves. Your death will be much celebrated.
[Ma_15] Marauder15
Your curse is over, siren. Rest with Hinekora, Mother of the Dead.
[Ma_16] Marauder16
All life is twisted in Wraeclast.
[Ma_17] Marauder17
The Eternal Empire was built by sickened minds.
[Ma_18] Marauder18
Ancestors, forgive me. I have opened the 'Way' to Kitava, Father of Corruption.
[Ma_19] Marauder19
I give this warrior of Kitava to you, Tukohama, my Father of War.
[Ma_20] Marauder20
Your death had more honour than your life, Kraityn.
[Ma_21] Marauder21
There's no blacker magic than death, witch.
[Ma_22] Marauder22
Your reign is over, bandit king.
[Ma_23] Marauder23
It is good to feel your warmth again, Ramako, Father of Light.
[Ma_24] Marauder24
You are a welcome sight, daughter of Ngamakanui.
[Ma_25] Marauder25
Karui slaves were once bought and sold like pigs here.
[Ma_26] Marauder26
To live too long is to live in pain.
[Ma_27] Marauder27
This is the Eternal Way, pretty and lifeless.
[Ma_28] Marauder28
Piety, you are truly Kitava's slave, a daughter of corruption.
[Ma_29] Marauder29
I will take everything Dominus loves, as he took it from me.
[Ma_30] Marauder30
The Karui do not hide in towers built of fear.
[Ma_31] Marauder31
The Empire dies with you, Dominus. The Karui will never again be slaves.
[Ma_32] Marauder32
I am honoured to serve you, my Ancestor.
[Ma_36] Marauder33
"Follow a dead river to the foot of Kitava's kingdom." Just how the elders at home told it.
[Ma_37] Marauder34
The Eternals had no respect for their land.
[Ma_38] Marauder35
Your Empire is dead, Voll. Join it.
[Ma_39] Marauder36
I hear you Kitava. I walk in your kingdom, and I am coming for you.
[Ma_40] Marauder37
Kitava's belly rumbles. He is hungry for me.
[Ma_41] Marauder38
Karui and Maraketh once fought together. I honour that friendship.
[Ma_42] Marauder39
You will feast no longer, Kitava! The Ancestors demand it!
[Ma_43] Marauder40
Oriathans. How they love to sing about themselves.
[Ma_44] Marauder41
Tukohama did not call you, Kaom. Kitava did.
[Ma_45] Marauder42
They followed you, Kaom. They trusted you.
[Ma_46] Marauder43
It is not the Karui Way to question our king. The Way needs to change.
[Ma_47] Marauder44
I reject your honour, Kaom.
[Ma_48] Marauder45
The Ancestors would weep to see what Kaom has created here.
[Ma_49] Marauder46
I honour you with a warrior's death, Kaom. It is more than you deserved.
[Ma_50] Marauder47
The way to a god's heart is through his guts.
[Ma_51] Marauder48
Piety. Betray me and I will have your head.
[Ma_52] Marauder49
Your sickness is ended.
[Ma_53] Marauder50
The Ancestors demand it.
[Ma_54] Marauder51
You are free now, slave.
[Ma_55] Marauder52
May your Ancestors forgive you, Piety.
[Ma_56] Marauder53
Do you hear me, Kitava?! Your slaves are dead and your kingdom dies with them! You are the Father of Corruption no more!