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A simple job, I was told. Silence a big mouth. Get a big payout. And no one was going to be the wiser. Tidy. Except for one loose end. Me.

I would have kept my mouth shut. Professional integrity, it's called. Unfortunately not something my employers believed in.

They raised a toast to a job well done. I drank and next thing I know I'm on this stinking crate bound for exile. It's not a complete loss, I suppose. The way I hear it, there'll be plenty of work for a man of my talents in Wraeclast.


[SH_Cooldown_01] Shadow56
Just need a moment to catch my breath.
[SH_Cooldown_02] Shadow57
Just need a moment to catch my breath.
[SH_Cooldown_03] Shadow58
Just need a moment to catch my breath.
[SH_MonsterKill_01a] Shadow59
Now that was satisfying!
[SH_MonsterKill_01b] Shadow60
Now that was satisfying!
[SH_MonsterKill_02a] Shadow61
Not all murders are equal!
[SH_MonsterKill_02b] Shadow62
Not all murders are equal!
[SH_MonsterKill_03a] Shadow63
That was fun!
[SH_MonsterKill_03b] Shadow64
That was fun!
[SH_MonsterKill_04] Shadow65
Play dead. Good doggy!
[Shadow_Com_01] Shadow19
Low on mana!
[Shadow_Com_02] Shadow20
I need more pockets.
I'm getting better at this.
[Shadow_Com_04] Shadow21
That feels better!
[Shadow_Com_05] Shadow22
I'm not strong enough for that.
[Shadow_Com_06] Shadow23
I'm not smart enough for that. Yet.
[Shadow_Com_07] Shadow24
A bit too fiddly, even for me.
[Shadow_Com_08] Shadow25
I should save that for later.
[Shadow_Com_09] Shadow26
I don't think I need to be doing that right now.
[Shadow_Level_01] Shadow27
It's nice not being dead yet.
[Shadow_Level_02] Shadow28
I'm impressed by how much this place wants me dead.
[Shadow_Level_03] Shadow29
With every death, I live a little bit more.
[Shadow_Level_04] Shadow30
I'm so good at this, I scare myself.
[Shadow_Level_05] Shadow31
I'm a gardener, clearing the weeds so that the crops may grow.
[Shadow_Level_06] Shadow32
No point in looking back now, there's just death... and a lot of it.
[Shadow_Level_07] Shadow33
I'd question what I've become, if I felt the need. I don't.


[SH_AfterFairgraves] Shadow34
Poor Fairgraves. Your plans just don't end well, do they.
[SH_AfterPiety] Shadow35
Now there's a contract I'll most happily fulfill, Piety.
[SH_EnterAqueduct_01] Shadow36
All this water and not a single working boat in sight. More walking and killing for me then.
[SH_EnterBeast] Shadow37
An amazing creature, this Beast. Almost a shame to kill it.
[SH_EnterBlackguard] Shadow38
I'm inside the Blackguard stronghold... like a fox in a henhouse.
[SH_EnterCoast] Shadow39
The furnace down at the slaughterhouse... yes, that's what this place smells like.
[SH_EnterForest] Shadow40
Forest. Death has too many damned places to hide in a forest.
[SH_EnterHarvest] Shadow41
I'm working with Piety. That sounds even stranger when I say it out loud.
[SH_EnterKaom] Shadow68
What a disturbingly angry place.
[SH_EnterLake] Shadow67
Dry as a joke in a mortuary.
[SH_EnterLunaris] Shadow42
I was once off my tits for three days after taking bad lethe-drops. Felt just like this place.
[SH_EnterMines1] Shadow43
Swallowed by the darkness, and I seem to be causing it a little indigestion.
[SH_EnterMines2] Shadow44
Someone or something is keeping very busy in the bowels of this mountain.
[SH_EnterMines3] Shadow45
I do hope these constipated bowels don't find their release while I'm still inside them.
[SH_EnterSarn] Shadow46
Ah! It's so good to be back in the city.
[SH_EnterScepter] Shadow47
Whoever built this was desperately compensating for something.
[SH_FreeDeshret] Shadow48
It's always comforting to witness an honest, permanent death.
[SH_KillDaresso] Shadow49
Oh, can you sing one for me too, Merveil? Something upbeat, please.
[SH_KillDoedre] Shadow50
Oh, do stop mumbling.
[SH_KillFirstZombie] Shadow51
Is it possible to murder someone who's already dead?
[SH_KillKaom] Shadow66
Look on death as a holiday, Kaom. A chance to relax, put your feet up.
[SH_KillMalachai] Shadow52
And that's where you missed the point, Malachai. Death is the only thing that gives life any meaning.
[SH_KillMaligaro] Shadow53
I don't know much about Art, but I know what I like.
[SH_KillShavronne] Shadow54
For someone so obsessed with looks, that wasn't a pretty death.
[SH_KillVoll] Shadow55
I just killed an emperor. With a feather that size, I'm going to have to get a bigger cap.
[Shadow_01] Shadow17
Ah, nothing like a brisk dip to start the day. Now, where on God's arse am I?
[Shadow_02] Shadow1
Theopolis Prison's a child's playhouse compared to this. They sure don't make them like they used to.
[Shadow_03] Shadow2
I'm usually the one making the ghosts. Someone's been busy.
[Shadow_04] Shadow3
I've seen some dark places in my line of work, but this is something else.
[Shadow_05] Shadow4
Treat life and death with equal grace, it said. If I were Death, I'd take offense at this place.
[Shadow_06] Shadow5
Not a speck of dust or brick out of place. Someone's got too much time on their hands.
[Shadow_07] Shadow6
Downed a bad vial of Lethe milk once. It felt just like this place.
[Shadow_08] Shadow7
"Big" just means "more places to stick a blade".
[Shadow_09] Shadow8
I almost feel sorry for you, Fairgraves. Dying twice... can't be fun.
[Shadow_10] Shadow9
My first dance with a lady of quality. Pity she let herself go like that.
[Shadow_11] Shadow10
Now that's what you get for bringing a stick to a knife-fight.
[Shadow_12] Shadow11
All that flashy sword swinging, when all you need is one good stab.
[Shadow_13] Shadow12
Did the earth move for you, baby? Probably. You hit the ground quite hard.
[Shadow_14] Shadow13
I like darkness as much as the next assassin, but that was overdoing it.
[Shadow_15] Shadow14
Had I killed you back in Oriath, I'd have been showered in gold. Where's the justice, eh?
[Shadow_16] Shadow15
I try not to take my work personally, but you, Piety, were a satisfying exception.
[Shadow_17] Shadow16
It's funny, your grace. I always thought you'd be taller.
[Shadow_18] Shadow18
This Shadow is starting to feel a little inadequate.