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I fought, wept and bled for God and the Order. I would have died for my Templar brothers, every single one. And how do they reward my piety, my devotion? They exile me to the land of the damned. To Wraeclast.

I know now that my brethren are merely God's tools. He has given me this path to walk, so I shall muster my strength and my power... and my faith. It is my shield against the darkness to come.


[Templar_Com_01] Templar19
My mana is spent.
[Templar_Com_02] Templar20
I am no beast of burden.
My God blesses me.
[Templar_Com_04] Templar21
Ah, that's better.
[Templar_Com_05] Templar22
Go with God!
[Templar_Com_06] Templar23
I have not the brawn to use this yet.
[Templar_Com_07] Templar24
I'm baffled by this at the moment.
[Templar_Com_08] Templar25
I'll need to be lighter on my feet to use this.
[Templar_Com_09] Templar26
It doesn't seem right to destroy this.
[Templar_Com_10] Templar27
This is neither the time nor the place.
[Templar_Level_01] Templar28
It would seem my God has no need for my company just yet.
[Templar_Level_02] Templar29
My prayers are thus answered.
[Templar_Level_03] Templar30
The path becomes clearer with each bloody step.
[Templar_Level_04] Templar31
Your humble servant thanks you, my God.
[Templar_Level_05] Templar32
Your trust is the only reward I need, my Lord of Light.
[Templar_Level_06] Templar33
The night must give way to the day.
[Templar_Level_07] Templar34
I was born to this land, delivered to this task. I will prevail.
[Tmpl_KillRare_01] Templar60
Go with God!
[Tmpl_KillRare_02] Templar61
Go with God!
[Tmpl_KillRare_03] Templar62
Death to Sin!
[Tmpl_KillRare_04] Templar63
Death to Sin!
[Tmpl_KillRare_05] Templar64
Purity will prevail!
[Tmpl_KillRare_06] Templar65
Purity will prevail!
[Tmpl_KillRare_07] Templar66
The corrupt shall fall!
[Tmpl_KillRare_08] Templar67
The corrupt shall fall!
[Tmpl_KillRare_09] Templar68
To damnation with you!
[Tmpl_KillRare_10] Templar69
To damnation with you!
[Tmpl_SkillonCool] Templar70
I must have time to gather my will.


[Templar_01] Templar1
My nightmares... they were prophecy.
[Templar_02] Templar2
In this cage, evil claws at the bars and howls for freedom.
[Templar_03] Templar3
This is a mortuary for lost children, hidden from the eyes of their father.
[Templar_04] Templar4
The lair of a toymaker... with pretensions of godhood.
[Templar_05] Templar5
Life in his right hand, Death in his left... and then there are those who fell through God's fingers.
[Templar_06] Templar6
Something Eternal remains in this Empire. The question is, how?
[Templar_07] Templar7
And so, I take my first steps into damnation incarnate.
[Templar_08] Templar8
Even death gives no solace in this tortured land.
[Templar_09] Templar9
Rest now, tormented soul.
[Templar_10] Templar10
A woman corrupted beyond humanity. I must cure this plague before it sickens all of God's creation.
[Templar_11] Templar11
You dare to speak for peace, outlaw? There's the peace your lies have earned you.
[Templar_12] Templar12
You own nothing, thief. Not even the life you wasted on spite and avarice.
[Templar_13] Templar13
You are thus blessed, daughter of God. He will show what true friendship is.
[Templar_14] Templar14
Back where you belong, Nightmare! The faithful need not fear your kind.
[Templar_15] Templar15
You chose the road, old friend. God put me at the end of it.
[Templar_16] Templar16
Rest while you can, mistress of suffering. Judgement will not go easy on you.
[Templar_17] Templar17
By exiling me, you were my Genesis, Dominus. And now, here I stand, countless miles and murders later, honoured to be your Revelation!
[Templar_18] Templar18
I beg of you, God. Help me to lead this world back into the light.
[Tmpl_AfterFairgraves2] Templar35
The longer you run from God, Fairgraves, the more damned you become.
[Tmpl_Aqueduct] Templar36
May these waters wash away my sins and baptise me anew.
[Tmpl_DriedLake] Templar37
I am sorry, God. We must learn not to abuse your creations.
[Tmpl_EnterAct2] Templar38
This forest... so twisted. I pray that I am not too late to turn the tide of this corruption.
[Tmpl_EnterBelly] Templar39
This is not Creation. This is perversion.
[Tmpl_EnterCanibalBay] Templar40
What, in God's name, is that smell?
[Tmpl_EnterCatacombs] Templar41
I shall wipe the filth from this house of God.
[Tmpl_EnterFelShrine] Templar42
A house of Faith, fallen to desecration.
[Tmpl_EnterHarvest] Templar43
Piety, my God? I am sure you will reveal your purpose in time.
[Tmpl_EnterKaom] Templar44
The air here burns with wrath.
[Tmpl_EnterMines1] Templar45
The earth here trembles with the fear of judgement.
[Tmpl_EnterMines2] Templar46
Corruption eats away at the roots of this mountain.
[Tmpl_EnterMines3] Templar47
This land is teetering on the brink of Cataclysm.
[Tmpl_EnterSarn] Templar48
Sarn, birthplace of the Templar. A fitting place to put things right.
[Tmpl_EnterScepter] Templar49
Every stone placed for the glory of God. Beautiful!
[Tmpl_FreeDeshret] Templar50
No soul should suffer as you have, Deshret.
[Tmpl_KillDaresso] Templar51
We give our fallen heroes more glory than they ever earned in life.
[Tmpl_KillDoedre] Templar52
Embrace death, Doedre, for your flesh was your undoing.
[Tmpl_KillFairgraves] Templar53
Temptation may turn even the noblest of men. I should take heed.
[Tmpl_KillKaom] Templar54
Your Way led to damnation, Kaom. Find another.
[Tmpl_KillMalachai] Templar55
You fought against Death your whole life, Malachai, when it was one thing that would grant you true immortality.
[Tmpl_KillMaligaro] Templar56
Your God-given talents were wasted, Maligaro.
[Tmpl_KillPiety] Templar57
No need, Piety. Just you go and see for yourself.
[Tmpl_KillShav] Templar58
You were imprisoned by your own vanity, Shavronne.
[Tmpl_KillVoll] Templar59
You are free now, Voll. Go with God.