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They were right to fear me. If only they had listened to their cowardice. Had they not taken my home with fire, I would not have taken their children.

Now I am banished to Wraeclast. I've heard the dark rumours... seen the terror in other exiles' eyes. But to me one land is like any other. The elements are my allies, the dead are my servants, and fear will be my closest friend.


[W_21_CoolDown_01] Witch59
When I'm ready and not before.
[W_21_CoolDown_02] Witch60
When I'm ready and not before.
[W_21_RareKill_01] Witch61
Life is short. Deal with it.
[W_21_RareKill_02] Witch62
Oops! Clumsy me.
[W_21_RareKill_03] Witch63
Everything dies.
[W_21_RareKill_04] Witch64
I like you better this way.
[W_21_RareKill_05] Witch65
Life is too precious to waste on you.
[Witch_Com_01] Witch19
A moment to catch my breath.
[Witch_Com_02] Witch20
I need more mana.
[Witch_Com_03] Witch21
Too. Much. Clutter.
[Witch_Com_04] Witch22
Ah, satisfying indeed.
[Witch_Com_05] Witch23
Life is fleeting!
[Witch_Com_06] Witch24
I've not the muscle for that.
[Witch_Com_07] Witch25
I'm perplexed about that one.
[Witch_Com_08] Witch26
I'll need to be more lithe for that.
[Witch_Com_09] Witch27
This item whispers of destiny.
[Witch_Com_10] Witch28
That would just make life complicated.
[Witch_Level_01] Witch29
And I thought I'd be a deadwoman by now.
[Witch_Level_02] Witch30
To learn is to live.
[Witch_Level_03] Witch31
I think this Wraeclast will serve.
[Witch_Level_04] Witch32
Fate smiles with sharp teeth.
[Witch_Level_05] Witch33
I barely recognise myself.
[Witch_Level_06] Witch34
The very land learns to heed my demands.
[Witch_Level_07] Witch35
I no longer need fear. Destiny has seen to that.


[W_04b_EnterCannibalBay] Witch36
I know that stench. Just like my sisters... upon the pyre.
[W_08_EnterForest] Witch37
It's nice to see there's still some life in this twitching corpse of a continent.
[W_09_KillOak] Witch11
This land has no time for avaricious little despots like you, Oak.
[W_14b_EnterSarn] Witch38
Sarn, the city that gave birth to an empire. Oh, you have so much to answer for.
[W_15b_EnterCrematorium] Witch39
When you build something like this, you make persecution a way of life.
[W_16b_AfterFairgraves] Witch40
Poor sailor boy. Doomed to go wherever the winds blow him.
[W_19b_EnterSceptre] Witch41
Remember, Dominus. What goes up, must come down.
[W_23_EnterAqueduct] Witch42
That water just reeks of corruption. Let's see where it comes from.
[W_24_EnterDriedLake] Witch43
How do I keep ending up in such lovely places?
[W_25_KillVoll] Witch44
Thaumaturgy just keeps getting the better of you, doesn't it Voll?
[W_26_EnterMines01] Witch45
Yes, little mountain. I'm pleased to see you too!
[W_27_EnterMines2] Witch46
I think it likes me.
[W_28_FreeDeshret] Witch47
There are so many more trapped spirits in this place. I can feel them.
[W_29_EnterMines3] Witch48
Don't be frightened little mountain. It'll all be over soon.
[W_30_KillDaresso] Witch49
I'm sorry to have to break this to you, Daresso, but... she's not real.
[W_31_EnterKaom] Witch50
So this is what the inside of a Karui king's head looks like. I hope they're not all like this.
[W_32-KillKaom] Witch51
Now that's what you get for losing your temper, Kaom.
[W_33_EnterBelly] Witch52
It's not every day you get to walk into a living, breathing nightmare.
[W_34_EnterHarvest] Witch53
It seems I've underestimated Piety. Good! I like surprises.
[W_35_KillMaligaro] Witch54
I hate to be critical, but... I've seen better.
[W_36_KillShav] Witch55
After Brutus, I'm glad I won't be seeing any more of your work.
[W_37_KillDoedre] Witch56
Oh, Doedre. We witches have to have some standards.
[W_38_AfterPiety] Witch57
I hope he doesn't listen, Piety. That'll make it even more fun!
[W_39_KillMalachai] Witch58
Poor Malachai, you were so frightened of Death, weren't you. Now the two of you can get better acquainted. It's really not so bad once you get to know it.
[Witch_01] Witch1
The very sand shivers with malice. There's a power here that welcomes me.
[Witch_02] Witch2
I'd rather burn than call such a place home.
[Witch_03] Witch3
The sirens appear to be dining well.
[Witch_04] Witch4
The air stinks of thaumaturgy. I could learn a thing or two here.
[Witch_05] Witch5
Sad creatures in dark corners... seems they've been sad for a very long time.
[Witch_06] Witch6
I'd love to see the insides of this spell. I can't abide housework.
You either master the Twist, or it masters you.
[Witch_08] Witch7
The dead will soon rise for me, not against me.
[Witch_09] Witch8
Had you been my creation, brute, you'd not have fallen so easily.
[Witch_10] Witch9
And that's how you die properly, sailor boy. No half-measures, thank you.
[Witch_11] Witch10
Poor fishwife! 'Twas love that did this to you.
[Witch_13] Witch12
It's kind of disappointing, really. I usually like rats.
[Witch_14] Witch13
You missed a valuable lesson, Sister. Never let the power go to your head.
[Witch_15] Witch14
A pity. I think we could've been friends.
[Witch_16] Witch15
You wanted me burned back in Oriath, Gravicius. That wasn't very nice.
[Witch_17] Witch16
I loved your work, Piety. It was you I wasn't very fond of.
[Witch_18] Witch17
No-one will cry for you, Dominus. Not a soul.
[Witch_19] Witch18
How fascinating.
[W17_EnterLunaris] Witch66
You either master Nightmare, or it masters you.