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[DR_01] DroxNoStoneEncounterOne
First warning, for treading upon lands that do not belong to you. Travel elsewhere and the law will have no quarrel with you.
[DR_02] DroxNoStoneEncounterTwo
Second warning. There are many other territories in this realm that have no law. Tread upon them instead.
[DR_03] DroxNoStoneEncounterThree
You were twice warned. The law will have your head, trespasser.
[DR_04] DroxNoStoneFleeing
You can bend the law, but never break it...
[DR_05] DroxOneStoneEncounterOne
The criminal returns! How audacious!
[DR_06] DroxOneStoneEncounterTwo
Have you no respect for order?
[DR_07] DroxOneStoneEncounterThree
You are chaos incarnate. I will teach you order.
[DR_08] DroxOneStoneFleeing
You reject my lesson at your own peril...
[DR_09] DroxTwoStoneEncounterOne
You broach my lands yet again? An arrogant fiend!
[DR_10] DroxTwoStoneEncounterTwo
Beyond law, your punishment will be personal.
[DR_11 ] DroxTwoStoneEncounterThree
No respect for law and order. No right to live.
[DR_12] DroxTwoStoneFleeing
Law and order are not enough, it seems...
[DR_13] DroxThreeStoneEncounterOne
Broach the anarchy you helped create.
[DR_14] DroxThreeStoneEncounterTwo
Without law, strength reigns supreme.
[DR_15] DroxThreeStoneEncounterThree
Ha! To the victor shall go the spoils.
[DR_16] DroxThreeStoneFleeing
You have not yet witnessed... the peak of my power....
[DR_17] DroxFourStoneEncounter1a
Ah, my favourite trespasser returns!
[DR_18] DroxFourStoneEncounter1b
Hahaha! Kill and steal to your heart's content. There is no law here.
[DR_19] DroxFourStoneEncounter1c
Anarchy is the only law here now, trespasser.
[DR_20] DroxFourStoneEncounter2a
Hahaha! Glorious freedom. Violence. Death! This is our promised land!
[DR_21] DroxFourStoneEncounter2b
I've been looking forward to your return. How many have you slaughtered since I last saw you?
[DR_22] DroxFourStoneEncounter2c
Let us rain blood and gore upon the misty peaks and valleys of this lawless realm!
[DR_23] DroxFourStoneFighte
I've killed countless thousands. What's one more?
[DR_24] DroxFourStoneEncounter3a
Blood and gore!
[DR_25] DroxFourStoneEncounter3b
Visit me in my fortress, trespasser. Witness what you have created.
[DR_26] DroxFourStoneFightb
Killing you will be utterly satisfying.
[DR_27] DroxFourStoneFighta
I shall crush all who oppose my will!
[DR_28] DroxFourStoneFightc
You've made lawless criminals of us both. Let me show you what I have learned.
[DR_29] DroxFourStoneFightd
I wasted so much time trying to enforce the law. Those rules were nothing but a cage.
[DR_30] DroxFourStoneDeatha
Your strength... is the law...
[DR_31] DroxFourStoneDeathb
My kingdom is yours... if you can keep it...
[DR_32] DroxFourStoneDeathc
Time takes even the greatest of men...
[DR_33] DroxFourStoneDeathd
Veritania... my kingdom for... Veritania...
[DR_34] DroxFourStoneWins1
Might has made right.
[DR_35] DroxFourStoneWins2
Yes! Another challenger to bury in an unmarked grave.
[DR_36] DroxFourStoneWins3
Nothing makes a man feel alive like a fight to the death.
[DR_44] DroxResponseToSirus0
Exile, there is always a mightier lord.
[DR_45] DroxResponseToSirus2
Beyond law and anarchy, Exile, there is annihilation.
[DR_46] DroxResponseToSirus3
Even Kings answer to an Emperor, fool...
[DR_47] DroxResponseToSirus4
If might makes right, then no law can judge Sirus.
[DR_48] DroxResponseToSirus5
Sirus has no need of laws or punishments. He merely obliterates.
[DR_49] DroxResponseToSirus6
Exile, you've stirred the beast!
[DR_50] DroxResponseToSirus7
What is a kingdom with no subjects? A land of corpses and flames will be all that remains.
[DR_51] DroxWatchstoneGlyph1
There is always another verdant hill over the horizon in these untouched endless lands. Once exiled and left with nothing, now I have found a realm where life can be built anew.

Now that the Elder and Shaper are gone, we can craft a kingdom of law and justice here. We can leave the militant domination of the Templars behind. No more will we have to fear those in power, for I shall be the one who leads, and by my strength the law will be equal and fair for all.

A dream, perhaps, but one that I can make reality through force. Each valley whose threats I fell is one more valley for the people I will one day bring here. They will be free, and I will be their lord, ruling by the people's respect rather than through fear or religion.

Drox the Just
[DR_52] DroxWatchstoneGlyph2
Each valley I secure adds to the width and breadth of my lands, yet when I return they seem populated by phantasms and twisted imaginings once more. Are the mists coalescing into feverish creatures as soon as I move on, or am I unable to find my way back along my own path? A kingdom lost in fog is no kingdom at all.

Yet I find that the mists hearken to my expectations in subtle ways as my strength grows. Perhaps I can control this realm with greater finesse as my might becomes unquestionable.

Yes, that is the key. I must grow stronger. Only then will my kingdom become real.

Drox the Mighty
[DR_53] DroxWatchstoneGlyph3
I strike harder and move more quickly with each passing clash. Always, I am on the verge of reaching that glorious flow of battle when my haste shall outmatch the mists. I feel it in my limbs, burning in my arms as I cleave the enemy in twain. It no longer matters what phantasm I fight, only that it falls in a single blow, making way for my next opponent.

The dream is close. My kingdom is nearly within my grasp. I will have it, even if it means I must fight ceaselessly and forever. Raw might flows through me, and exhilaration is my constant companion. My people will have their home.

Drox the Warrior
[DR_54] DroxWatchstoneGlyph4
The people hail their king! They cheer for the awe and power of my reign as I fell enemy after enemy in a blaze of golden glory. This is justice! Free lands for a free people, raising their hands and shouting their hopes out of the mists as I obliterate the enemies that fill these lands.

Finally, we are free, through the force of our arms and the blade of justice. I shall never rest, so that my people may fill the valleys of the Atlas and prosper. They will know me as they know the Sun, shining on them as I pass in a golden blaze.

Drox the Warlord


[DR_37_A_1] DroxCombatTaunt1
You are nothing!
(no transcription)
(no transcription)
[DR_37_B_1] DroxCombatTaunt2
Lawless fiend!
(no transcription)
(no transcription)
(no transcription)
[DR_37_C_2] DroxCombatTaunt3
Face your lord!
(no transcription)
(no transcription)
[DR_37_D_2] DroxCombatTaunt4
I shall crush you!
(no transcription)
[DR_37_E_1] DroxCombatTaunt5
Obey the law!
(no transcription)
(no transcription)
(no transcription)
(no transcription)
[DR_38_A_3] DroxCombatGladiators1
Crush the intruder!
[DR_38_B_1] DroxCombatGladiators2
Force of arms!
(no transcription)
(no transcription)
(no transcription)
(no transcription)
[DR_38_C_3] DroxCombatGladiators3
I am the law!
[DR_39_A_1] DroxCombatTelekinesis1
Answer to your lord!
(no transcription)
(no transcription)
(no transcription)
[DR_39_B_2] DroxCombatTelekinesis2
By my authority!
(no transcription)
(no transcription)
(no transcription)
[DR_39_C_3] DroxCombatTelekinesis3
My word is law!
[DR_40_A_1] DroxCombatThumbsDown1
(no transcription)
(no transcription)
(no transcription)
(no transcription)
[DR_40_B_3] DroxCombatThumbsDown2
Your sentence is death.
(no transcription)
(no transcription)
[DR_40_C_3] DroxCombatThumbsDown3
No mercy!
[DR_41_A_1] DroxCombatBigSlam1
The weight of law!
(no transcription)
(no transcription)
(no transcription)
[DR_41_B_2] DroxCombatBigSlam2
Hand of Justice!
(no transcription)
(no transcription)
(no transcription)
[DR_41_C_3] DroxCombatBigSlam3
(no transcription)
[DR_42_A_2] DroxCombatBanners1
By the people's will!
(no transcription)
(no transcription)
(no transcription)
[DR_42_B_3] DroxCombatBanners2
Tithes for their lord!
(no transcription)
(no transcription)
[DR_42_C_3] DroxCombatBanners3
I call upon my kingdom!
[DR_42_D_1] DroxCombatBanners4
My kingdom's wrath!
(no transcription)
[DR_43_1] DroxCombatMartialLaw
I declare martial law until justice is served!