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[SI_01] SirusExilEnters
My friends are dead, and now you come to me. Is it bravery? Or foolishness?
[SI_02] SirusProtectsBody
Did you really think this would work?
[SI_03] SirusMerges
I transcended all this long ago.
[SI_04] SirusAttacksZana
Destroying you is as easy as flicking a pest.
[SI_05] SirusSeesKiracWounded
How boring and small.
[SI_06] SirusTurnsTowardRealWorldA
There is nothing left for me here. For a few brief days, destroying something real may make me feel alive again.
[SI_07] SirusTurnsTowardRealWorldB
You slew my friends. You brought ruin to my worlds. You have invaded my very sanctum. I should be furious, and yet... I feel nothing.
[SI_08] SirusTurnsTowardRealWorldC
You want the Atlas? Take it. It's yours. But Oriath? Oriath I will burn to the ground. Perhaps the suffering of my fellow citizens will finally stir something.
[SI_17A] SirusDismountA
What's this? A real challenge? You've finally caught my attention!
[SI_17B] SirusDismountB
The others found strength in their projections. They became reliant on them. I am not so foolish.
[SI_17C] SirusDismountC
You assumed I share the same weakness as my fellows. I do not.
[SI_18] SirusAcknowledgesExile
A fellow exile? One more fool under Zana's sway. Allow me to destroy you before she has a chance to betray you, too. At least my way will be quick.
[SI_20A] SirusDismountOneA
Is life really interesting enough to warrant all this pain?
[SI_20B] SirusDismountOneB
Do you yet see the futility of your efforts?
[SI_21A] SirusDismountTwoA
Why do you insist on continuing to exist?
[SI_21B] SirusDismountTwoB
Everything ends. Everything crumbles. Everything.
[SI_22A] SirusDismountThreeA
On the edge of death, my heart races. I am alive!
[SI_22B] SirusDismountThreeB
Savour your excitement, your fear... they are the last things you will feel.
[SI_23] SirusSimpleDeathLine
At least I felt something...
[SI_24] SirusComplexDeathLineA
You left me there, Zana... centuries alone in the Atlas... all I wanted was to feel something again...
[SI_25] SirusComplexDeathLineBOne
Impressive... but now you will fight on my lands.
[SI_26] SirusComplexDeathLineBTwo
I feel...something... at last...
[SI_27] SirusComplexDeathLineCOne
The Atlas will fuel me. Behold. ...What?! No!
[SI_28] SirusComplexDeathLineCTwo
I always knew it would be you... Zana... to make me feel something... one last... time...
[SI_29] SirusGlyph1
I always wanted a purpose. I wanted to find my place in life. Had I known just what it would entail, I probably would have tried to enjoy my purposeless life a little more.

I hate this place. I hate what it makes us do. I don't want to be in charge of these people, because I don't believe we will survive this, and it will be my fault.

If it weren't for Zana...

If it weren't for Zana, I'd probably still be miserable.

I'll do it for her.
[SI_30] SirusGlyph2
I've done a fair bit of travelling in my life, as smugglers tend to. I'd seen some strange sights. Met some very homely, unsympathetic, and downright frightening individuals, usually 'round the pub. I thought I was as brave as they come.

What I saw today shook me to my core. It emerged from nothing, like mist rising from the water's edge, accompanied by dozens of shapeless... things. I felt my heart freeze. Goosebumps, everywhere, and I really mean everywhere. Its arms were tangled and many, its mouth an endless black abyss. It was the monster we were pursuing

I have never been more scared. Just being in its presence, I could feel my life being ripped away, dissolving like sugar in water.

I understand now just how great the stakes are. I wanted a purpose... well, now I have one.
[SI_31] SirusGlyph3
We have cornered our foe in the heart of the Atlas. My heart aches for Zana. Her father is caught in the centre of this whole debacle, and I don't see any way he leaves this alive.

Drox has been unusually silent all day. Al-Hezmin has been checking and rechecking his supplies. Baran and Veritania haven't even argued. We all realise these may be our last moments of life.

To have spent so long pursuing wealth and notoriety... Gods, if only I could wind back the clock. Without meaning, without purpose beyond my own selfishness... So much time wasted.

If I survive after tomorrow, I'm going to tell her how I feel.
[SI_32] SirusGlyph4
They left me. In my moment of need, they left me.

I remember seeing a light swallowed in an orb of darkness. Suspended. I remember its hands reaching out for something to hold. Desperation. I remember stepping forward. I wasn't thinking of myself, or of Oriath. I was thinking of my friends, and of my brothers and sisters whose lives depended on me. I remember its cold grip tightening, then I slipped away.

I remember... glass. Encased in glass. I couldn't move. Couldn't speak. But I could see everything. I saw everything. I saw everyone. Saw them leave. Saw her leave. It was all so quick. A thousand days and nights passed in a flash. Then...

Nothing. I felt nothing. No sadness or anger. No joy. No pain. No pleasure. I was free. Free to move, to go where I please. Free of desire. Free to see the universe for what it was.

(no transcription)
[SI_33B] SirusShortCooldownAHuman
(no transcription)
[SI_34A] SirusShortCooldownBHuman
Give in.
(no transcription)
[SI_34C] SirusShortCooldownCHuman
Be silent.


[SI_09A] SirusInvasionRandom
Meaningless. All meaningless.
[SI_09B] SirusInvasion2
Return to nothing.
[SI_09C] SirusInvasion3
Bask in the emptiness.
[SI_09D] SirusInvasion4
[SI_09E] SirusInvasion5
Wipe clean the slate.
[SI_09F] SirusInvasion6
Cease to be.
[SI_09G] SirusInvasion7
Be undone.
[SI_09H] SirusInvasion8
The world unravels.
[SI_10A] SirusOffScreenApparition1
Watch 'beauty' crumble.
[SI_10B] SirusOffScreenApparition2
This city is nothing.
[SI_10C] SirusOffScreenApparition3
Your lives are meaningless.
[SI_10D] SirusOffScreenApparition4
Why run? What's the point?
(no transcription)
[SI_11_1B] SirusMeteorShower1
Fury of the cosmos!
(no transcription)
[SI_11_2B] SirusMeteorShower2
Rain of stars!
(no transcription)
[SI_12_1B] SirusFusionNukeBeam1
Be utterly annihilated!
[SI_12_2A] SirusFusionNukeBeamC
Everlasting fire!
(no transcription)
(no transcription)
[SI_12_3B] SirusFusionNukeBeam2
Creation itself!
[SI_13_1A] SirusCarpetBomb1
(no transcription)
(no transcription)
[SI_13_2B] SirusCarpetBomb2
Glorious flames!
(no transcription)
[SI_14_1B] SirusShortCooldownA
(no transcription)
[SI_14_2B] SirusShortCooldownB
Give in.
(no transcription)
[SI_14_3B] SirusShortCoolDownCNoText
(no text)
(no transcription)
[SI_15_1B] SirusMediumCooldown1
You are nothing.
(no transcription)
[SI_15_2B] SirusMediumCooldown2
Why resist?
(no transcription)
[SI_15_3B] SirusMediumCooldown3
(no transcription)
[SI_15_4B] SirusMediumCooldown4
Embrace nothingness.
(no transcription)
[SI_16_1B] SirusLongCooldown1
This world is doomed.
(no transcription)
[SI_16_2B] SirusLongCooldown2
I have seen beyond.
(no transcription)
[SI_16_3B] SirusLongCooldown3
Beyond, there is only horror.
[SI_19A] SirusHumanAndApparitionSkill1
Feel the thrill of the void!
[SI_19B] SirusHumanAndApparitionSkill2
You will long for nonexistence!
[SI_19C] SirusHumanAndApparitionSkill3
Meaning is an illusion.
[SI_19D] SirusHumanAndApparitionSkillD
You cling to life only out of ignorance.