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[JTA_Attack_01] Jack20
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[JTA_Attack_02] Jack21
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[JTA_Attack_03] Jack22
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[JTA_Attack_04] Jack23
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[JTA_Attack_05] Jack24
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[JTA_Attack_06] Jack25
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[JTA_Attack_07] Jack26
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[JTA_Attack_08] Jack27
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[JTA_Idle_01] Jack28
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[JTA_Idle_02] Jack29
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[JTA_Idle_03] Jack30
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[JTA_Idle_04] Jack31
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[JTA_PVP_01] Jack32
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[JTA_PVP_02] Jack33
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[JTA_Approach_Piety_01] Jack1
Such a pretty meatbag!
[JTA_Enter_Abyss_01] Jack2
I feel a great power here. We shall feast on it!
[JTA_Enter_Apex_01] Jack3
There is great power here. Let us devour it!
[JTA_Enter_Barracks_01] Jack4
So many to feast upon.
[JTA_Enter_Belly_01] Jack5
Fresh meat to slaughter!
[JTA_Enter_DriedLake_01] Jack6
Cut the flesh, break the bone!
[JTA_Enter_Dungeon_01] Jack7
I can sense suffering here. Let's make it end.
[JTA_Enter_Grotto_01] Jack8
Big beasts... lots of flesh for me.
[JTA_Enter_Jungle_01] Jack9
There are spiders here... I hate spiders.
[JTA_Enter_Labyrinth_01] Jack10
Many paths, many beasts. Let's have some fun!
[JTA_Enter_Lunaris3_01] Jack11
There is nothing but death here.
[JTA_Enter_Maelstrom_01] Jack12
This place... I have been here before, long ago...
[JTA_Enter_Mines_01] Jack13
Flay them. Flay them all!
[JTA_Enter_MudGeyser_01] Jack14
Filthy rhoas. Let's kill them all!
[JTA_Enter_Sarn_01] Jack15
Sarn... my home.
[JTA_Enter_Sceptre_01] Jack16
So much pain here. I like it.
[JTA_Enter_SpiderForest_01] Jack17
Ugh, spiders.
[JTA_Enter_Vaal_01] Jack18
The horrors here... they are many.
[JTA_Enter_Vaults_01] Jack19
There is nothing I want here. Let's leave.