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[GG_01] GraviciusPrimaryDefenderStartsFightZero
I serve a new God now, Exile.
[GG_02] GraviciusPrimaryDefenderStartsFightOne
Man the defenses! Bring me the Exile's head!
[GG_03] GraviciusPrimaryDefenderStartsFightTwo
You dare desecrate these sacred grounds?
[GG_04] GraviciusPrimaryDefenderStartsFightThree
God tests our mettle! Protect the cargo!
[GG_05] GraviciusPrimaryDefenderStartsFightFour
Had you been a little earlier, you would have made a fine subject for these experiments.
[GG_06] GraviciusPrimaryDefenderStartsFightFive
God's judgement awaits you!
[GG_07] GraviciusPrimaryDefenderStartsFightSix
No prison can hold a true servant of God.
[GG_08] GraviciusPrimaryDefenderStartsFightSeven
Ah, the bargainer! Let steel taste blood once more.
[GG_09] GraviciusPrimaryDefenderStartsFightEight
Perhaps we'll politick again, Exile, if you survive!
[GG_10] GraviciusPrimaryDefenderStartsFightNine
A true servant of God can never be defeated. Your efforts are futile.
[GG_11] GraviciusPrimaryDefenderStartsFightTen
I slew you, yet you return! I wonder how many times I'll get to kill you?
[GG_12] GraviciusPrimaryDefenderStartsFightEleven
God's might is granted to a chosen few. Witness!
[GG_13] GraviciusPrimaryDefenderStartsFightTwelve
My legions are immortal.
[GG_14] GraviciusPrimaryDefenderStartsFightThirteen
I will crush you!
[GG_15] GraviciusPrimaryDefenderStartsFightFourteen
Charge into the fray!
[GG_16] GraviciusPrimaryDefenderStartsFightFifteen
I shall purify you in the flame of God's wrath!
[GG_17] GraviciusSafehouseLeaderIntroZero
You dare foul this sanctuary? To the death!
[GG_18] GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalZero
These grounds will not be defiled!
[GG_19] GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalOne
Do your work. Protect the cargo!
[GG_20] GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwo
The work of the chosen must not be delayed.
[GG_21] GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalThree
God's judgement is swift and final.
[GG_22] GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalFour
Worry not Exile, your doom is certain!
[GG_23] GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalFive
Time for me to clean up yet another of your messes, Karui.
[GG_24] GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalSix
The crusade never ends, brother. Allow me to aid you.
[GG_25] GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalSeven
Protect the noble bloodline!
[GG_26] GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalEight
Cameria, remember your lessons.
[GG_27] GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalNine
My new God appreciates your cruelty. I offer aid.
[GG_28] GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalTen
Time for me to clean up yet another of your messes.
[GG_29] GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalEleven
This sanctuary will not fall as long as I remain standing.
[GG_30] GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwelve
Walls under the command of a fool are no more than sand shaped by a child.
[GG_31] GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalThirteen
If the Syndicate wanted this cargo stolen, they certainly chose their defender well.
[GG_32] GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalFourteen
The best way to take down multiple enemies is to strike when they are fighting each other!
[GG_33] GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalFifteen
This victory shall be mine.
[GG_34] GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalSixteen
I shall put you in your place, Karui.
[GG_35] GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalSeventeen
Can you feel God's disappointment in you, heretic?
[GG_36] GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalEighteen
This world was made to be bent to Man's will. As were you, little girl!
[GG_37] GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalNineteen
You think death is your weapon alone, boy, but you are dearly mistaken.
[GG_38] GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwenty
I wish you had listened, Cameria.
[GG_39] GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwentyOne
You've had your chance. Now a real leader must step in.
[GG_40] GraviciusReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalZero
Luckily I have the skill to destroy all comers!
[GG_41] GraviciusReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalOne
This cargo will not be yours, traitor!
[GG_42] GraviciusReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwo
Careful, traitor, lest you end up a test subject at our next lab.
[GG_43] GraviciusReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalThree
Just more souls to deliver to God!
[GG_44] GraviciusReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalFour
I think not.
[GG_45] GraviciusReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalFive
God becomes what we want him to be, and thus we can do no wrong in his name.
[GG_46] GraviciusReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalSix
Mercy is not in me, assassin. Neither given, nor receivable.
[GG_47] GraviciusReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalSeven
I know full well the golden blood of your line of traitors!
[GG_48] GraviciusReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalEight
Sentari was a fool. If I had been there, the Ezomytes would have been cut down to the last man.
[GG_49] GraviciusReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalNine
Disappointing, but not unexpected. Let my final lesson begin!
[GG_50] GraviciusReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalTen
Be quiet.
[GG_51] GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwentyTwo
Now we cannot fail!
[GG_52] GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwentyThree
This cargo will not be yours, Exile!
[GG_53] GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwentyFour
You'll never succeed now, Exile.
[GG_54] GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwentyFive
You are doomed now, Exile!
[GG_55] GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwentySix
And so you find yourself in your destined role, Karui: under my command!
[GG_56] GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwentySeven
God promised immortality, Elreon, but the Eternal One delivered. This is my crusade now.
[GG_57] GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwentyEight
You were born a weapon, Hillock, and I will wield you on behalf of the Syndicate.
[GG_58] GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwentyNine
It is good that you believe 'might makes right,' Thane. That means we agree I should be in charge here.
[GG_59] GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalThirty
Bend your carving to the will of warfare, Aisling.
[GG_60] GraviciusSecondaryDefenderArrivalThirtyOne
This is my crusade to lead now.
[GG_61] GraviciusKillPlayerZero
You will never achieve victory fighting only for yourself.
[GG_62] GraviciusKillPlayerOne
Secure the cargo, and make sure that one is fully dead.
[GG_63] GraviciusKillPlayerTwo
Pile this carcass with the others.
[GG_64] GraviciusKillPlayerThree
You brought this on yourself.
[GG_65] GraviciusEscapeZero
God's plan continues apace. Until next time, Exile.
[GG_66] GraviciusEscapeOne
There shall be no prize for you this day.
[GG_67] GraviciusEscapeTwo
A pity, Exile. You were so close.
[GG_68] GraviciusDefeatedZero
Is no defense enough?
[GG_69] GraviciusDefeatedOne
You brute!
[GG_70] GraviciusDefeatedTwo
You are no thing of God!
[GG_71] GraviciusDefeatedThree
How is this possible?
[GG_72] GraviciusDefeatedFour
The flesh can be bound and shackled, but faith will persevere in the end.
[GG_73] GraviciusDefeatedFive
More deals, Exile?
[GG_74] GraviciusDefeatedSix
Wait, wait!
[GG_75] GraviciusDefeatedSeven
I shall die a thousand times if needed!
[GG_76] GraviciusDefeatedEight
Turnabout is fair play.
[GG_77] GraviciusDefeatedNine
I don't have to win every battle to win the war.
[GG_78] GraviciusDefeatedTen
Just a small misstep on the inevitable path to salvation.
[GG_79] GraviciusOfferBargainZero
You've made your show of force, savage. I submit, and entreat you to bargain in exchange for my life.
[GG_80] GraviciusOfferBargainOne
You are clearly superior. I admit defeat. Perhaps you would wrest from me a political reward? I'll bring on a fellow Syndicate member to this job at your behest. Perhaps someone weak, and easily exploitable.
[GG_81] GraviciusOfferBargainTwo
I care not who I deceive in the pursuit of my goal. The Syndicate is full of Godless heretics seeking to evade eternal judgement.
[GG_82] GraviciusOfferBargainThree
Ah, I see your plans, Exile. You want to reorganize the Syndicate for your own reasons. Perhaps our goals align? I wish to stay alive for the moment, and you - what do you want?
[GG_83] GraviciusOfferBargainFour
I've been blind to the Syndicate's heresy for far too long. I am done with it. My only escape from the Eternal One is to remain alive. If you kill me, I'll just rise again, deeper in the Syndicate's clutches.
[GG_84] GraviciusOfferBargainFive
Strategic knowledge is the key to warfare. Spare me this time and I'll tell you what I know.
[GG_85] GraviciusOfferBargainSix
I prefer not to rely overmuch on the Eternal One's resurrection. Debts quickly become chains. Would you accept material reward in exchange for sparing me?
[GG_86] GraviciusBargainAcceptedZero
That serves my plans quite well.
[GG_87] GraviciusBargainAcceptedOne
One heathen is as good as another.
[GG_88] GraviciusBargainAcceptedTwo
You are a wonderful pawn, Exile.
[GG_89] GraviciusBargainAcceptedThree
Solitary prayer shall guide me, in time.
[GG_90] GraviciusBargainAcceptedFour
Now you know what I wish you to know.
[GG_91] GraviciusBargainAcceptedFive
Drive the Syndicate into a corner and enrage it.
[GG_92] GraviciusOfferBetrayalZero
I always make sure to keep watch for an advantage over my superior officers. I know something that the Eternal One would very much like to hear about...
[GG_93] GraviciusOfferBetrayalOne
You could kill me here and now, or I could spread certain rumors that would undermine the positions of my fellows.
[GG_94] GraviciusOfferBetrayalTwo
I don't see God after death, Exile. Not when the Eternal One brings me back. I'd prefer not to die if it can be avoided, and I have the political clout to lie to my superiors and get one of my fellows here excommunicated from the Syndicate. Care to make a deal?
[GG_95] GraviciusOfferBetrayalThree
I can't afford to die right now. I can offer knowledge in exchange. I will tell you everything I know about my fellows.
[GG_96] GraviciusOfferBetrayalFour
It is in my power to ruin another if you'll let me live, and I have no qualms over the fate of a Karui.
[GG_97] GraviciusOfferBetrayalFive
I have reason to doubt Elreon's faith, and I have long worked to gather leverage over him. Let me live, and I shall show you.
[GG_98] GraviciusOfferBetrayalSix
That pathetic excuse for a man is not worthy of the Perandus name. You and I must betray him before he turns on us.
[GG_99] GraviciusOfferBetrayalSeven
That thing is no creation of God, Man, or Beast. Let me live, and we can both work against it.
[GG_100] GraviciusOfferBetrayalEight
You would do wise not to kill me. Cameria is just like me, but without refinement. He is a greater threat. God's plan does not include the weak or the corrupt. Let me live, and I can work against them.
[GG_101] GraviciusOfferExecuteZero
Death holds no terror for me, Exile. It is you who should fear.
[GG_102] GraviciusOfferExecuteOne
For the Syndicate, I give my life!
[GG_103] GraviciusOfferExecuteTwo
Stay strong, comrade. This Exile can inflict no worse than death.
[GG_104] GraviciusOfferExecuteThree
No more prisons. You will have to slay me.
[GG_105] GraviciusReplyToBetrayalAcceptedZero
Traitorous scum!
[GG_106] GraviciusReplyToBetrayalAcceptedOne
I didn't think you had the nerve to risk my wrath - Haku.
[GG_107] GraviciusReplyToBetrayalAcceptedTwo
It is always a turncoat who suffers the harshest of God's punishments. I do not envy the fate that awaits you.
[GG_108] GraviciusReplyToBetrayalAcceptedThree
Oh, Perandus, thy name is liar.
[GG_109] GraviciusReplyToBetrayalAcceptedFour
I should have expected this from an Ezomyte heretic.
[GG_110] GraviciusReplyToBetrayalAcceptedFive
We will talk about this later.
[GG_111] GraviciusReplyToBetrayalAcceptedSix
I will enjoy breaking you.
[GG_112] GraviciusInterrogatedZero
A true servant of God is no stranger to the Inquisition. I have nothing to hide.
[GG_113] GraviciusInterrogatedOne
I shall stand strong no matter how many times I face an Inquisition.
[GG_114] GraviciusInterrogatedTwo
No deal this time? I underestimated your resolve, Exile.
[GG_115] GraviciusReplyToExecutionZero
Death is simply the way of this land. Get on with it, Exile.
[GG_116] GraviciusReplyToExecutionOne
Fool! Do not disrupt God's plan!
[GG_117] GraviciusReplyToExecutionTwo
I cannot claim sorrow for that fool.
[GG_118] GraviciusSafehouseLeaderDefeatedZero
Bring your Inquisition, Exile. I guarantee I've personally run far worse than your darkest imagining.
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