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[GUF_1] GuffPrimaryDefenderStartsFightZero
Now you face the biggest and baddest Brinerot basterd of 'em all!
[GUF_2] GuffPrimaryDefenderStartsFightOne
Oi! You! Out! Now!
[GUF_3] GuffPrimaryDefenderStartsFightTwo
Get ye gone from 'ere, nyaff!
[GUF_4] GuffPrimaryDefenderStartsFightThree
Ol' Guff 'll hold the basterds off.
[GUF_5] GuffPrimaryDefenderStartsFightFour
No disrespect, but ye gotta die now. Captain's orders.
[GUF_6] GuffPrimaryDefenderStartsFightFive
Yer not gonna send me back to the dark, not on my life.
[GUF_7] GuffPrimaryDefenderStartsFightSix
Just crack that I got the best of ya? Too bad.
[GUF_8] GuffPrimaryDefenderStartsFightSeven
I got a fair whippin' for what you made me do last time. And for that, Exile, I aim to misbehave.
[GUF_9] GuffPrimaryDefenderStartsFightEight
I mighta died, but oy, did I get a consolation prize. Get ready!
[GUF_10] GuffPrimaryDefenderStartsFightNine
I walloped ya, and ya come back fer more? A glutton for punishment!
[GUF_11] GuffPrimaryDefenderStartsFightTen
I'm unstoppable!
[GUF_12] GuffPrimaryDefenderStartsFightEleven
Gonna cram my shield up your backside!
[GUF_13] GuffPrimaryDefenderStartsFightTwelve
Just try an' face Guff Grenn's gorgon gaze!
[GUF_14] GuffPrimaryDefenderStartsFightThirteen
I'm gonna go HILLOCK all over ya!
[GUF_15] GuffPrimaryDefenderStartsFightFourteen
We Brinerots were born in the storm.
[GUF_16] GuffSafehouseLeaderIntroZero
Can't let you go any further, nyaff. Not while I'm captaining the place.
[GUF_17] GuffSecondaryDefenderArrivalZero
This is gonna be just like that scrap in Pondium, I can already feel it.
[GUF_18] GuffSecondaryDefenderArrivalOne
This cargo's moving like a... drunk sloth! I'm jumpin' in!
[GUF_19] GuffSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwo
Ooze the raggabrash 'at ran this place?! Cleaning it up'll take forever!
[GUF_20] GuffSecondaryDefenderArrivalThree
Move over, ya doaty fopdoodle. Guff'll take care of this!
[GUF_21] GuffSecondaryDefenderArrivalFour
I'm bored, and pirates don't do well with boredom. Let's scrap!
[GUF_22] GuffSecondaryDefenderArrivalFive
Guff'll throw in with ya, gaffer.
[GUF_23] GuffSecondaryDefenderArrivalSix
Need a hand? Of course ya do.
[GUF_24] GuffSecondaryDefenderArrivalSeven
Alright! Let's break some bones, ya freaky git.
[GUF_25] GuffSecondaryDefenderArrivalEight
Course ye need me help ya meatheaded wanker.
[GUF_26] GuffSecondaryDefenderArrivalNine
Oh, ya need a big boy's help don't ya, lassie?
[GUF_27] GuffSecondaryDefenderArrivalTen
Oi oi! Well, your captain has arrived.
[GUF_28] GuffSecondaryDefenderArrivalEleven
So your big spooky mask didn't scare 'em off Riker? What a bloody surprise.
[GUF_29] GuffSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwelve
Gotta throw a wrench in the works here. Sorry. I got aims.
[GUF_30] GuffSecondaryDefenderArrivalThirteen
I told ye this day would come, ya warthog-faced buffoon! Oh, hello, Exile.
[GUF_31] GuffSecondaryDefenderArrivalFourteen
Someone is getting a beating, believe me!
[GUF_32] GuffSecondaryDefenderArrivalFifteen
Add one blustering bloodthirsty Brinerot to the mix!
[GUF_33] GuffSecondaryDefenderArrivalSixteen
All that time spent surveying the land, Tora, and the real threat was comin' from the seas!
[GUF_34] GuffSecondaryDefenderArrivalSeventeen
Ah, I could never be mad at ya Janus. This is nothing personal.
[GUF_35] GuffSecondaryDefenderArrivalEighteen
Ogham ain't gonna miss ya, Thane, and neither will I.
[GUF_36] GuffSecondaryDefenderArrivalNineteen
Say yer prayers, ya sulfur-smellin' sack o' shite.
[GUF_37] GuffSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwenty
Ya didn't see this one comin', did ya, ya hoity-toity trollop?
[GUF_38] GuffSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwentyOne
Guff here is makin' a play, so have at ya!
[GUF_39] GuffReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalZero
Oh, Exile, this one's bum's out the window. They're right crazy.
[GUF_40] GuffReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalOne
Piss off and boil yer head!
[GUF_41] GuffReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwo
The Syndicate needs this done, and you're gonna foozle the whole affair!
[GUF_42] GuffReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalThree
Ah, well, ya know what they say: a numpty a day keeps victory away.
[GUF_43] GuffReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalFour
Ahem. Vagan.
[GUF_44] GuffReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalFive
Then you're about to sink... like an anchor, ya plenary whiffle-whaffle!
[GUF_45] GuffReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalSix
Wow! Bordering on potomania with that one. Or pyromania, I forget which. Off your hide, either way.
[GUF_46] GuffReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalSeven
Oh and I'd find a way to drag you down with me, ya bloody scobberlotcher.
[GUF_47] GuffReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalEight
Agh, why are ya pickin' on Guff?
[GUF_48] GuffSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwentyTwo
It's the one-two punch of doom!
[GUF_49] GuffSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwentyThree
Now, we'll get the job done for sure.
[GUF_50] GuffSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwentyFour
Aw, quicker now, the gaffer's here!
[GUF_51] GuffSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwentyFive
This one's knicked for sure now.
[GUF_52] GuffSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwentySix
I command who? Ha-ku! That's you!
[GUF_53] GuffSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwentySeven
Oi Janus, guess what? I'm the baaawss!
[GUF_54] GuffSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwentyEight
Ha hah! A Brinerot captainin' a Redblade. Today's the day!
[GUF_55] GuffSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwentyNine
Don't shoot me, but I do enjoy lording over a Mutewind.
[GUF_56] GuffSecondaryDefenderArrivalThirty
Riker, if you goof here, you are showing me what's under that mask.
[GUF_57] GuffSecondaryDefenderArrivalThirtyOne
It's Guff to friends, Captain to the rest!
[GUF_58] GuffKillPlayerZero
Thank the gods... I mean, totally had that one under control the whole time.
[GUF_59] GuffKillPlayerOne
Brinerot property remains Brinerot property!
[GUF_60] GuffKillPlayerTwo
Oof, not a pretty place to fall. I know I wouldn't want to rest here.
[GUF_61] GuffKillPlayerThree
Never doubted... for a second... that I could do it!
[GUF_62] GuffEscapeZero
Well this worked out rather nicely for Guff.
[GUF_63] GuffEscapeOne
Captain Guff Gren escapes again!
[GUF_64] GuffEscapeTwo
Ahahahah! Yes!
[GUF_65] GuffDefeatedZero
Ohh, oh, me kidney...
[GUF_66] GuffDefeatedOne
My spleen, my poor spleen!
[GUF_67] GuffDefeatedTwo
Acch, ya got me in the lung...
[GUF_68] GuffDefeatedThree
Ow! Ah ah ah ow! You hit me in the eyeball! Why the eyeball, Exile?
[GUF_69] GuffDefeatedFour
Not back to the bin? Ugh.
[GUF_70] GuffDefeatedFive
Guess I was better as a merchant than a fighter.
[GUF_71] GuffDefeatedSix
You gonna make me turn traitor again? 'Cause I - 'cause I will.
[GUF_72] GuffDefeatedSeven
My head just keeps trying to leave me shoulders!
[GUF_73] GuffDefeatedEight
Well, look as us aye! Back and forth, forth and back.
[GUF_74] GuffDefeatedNine
I should never have jumped in like that. Aye... not great thinking.
[GUF_75] GuffDefeatedTen
Well, this is what I get for sticking me nose in!
[GUF_76] GuffOfferBargainZero
Whoah ha hah ho, hohoho, oh! No, no. No, I am ready to do whatever you say.
[GUF_77] GuffOfferBargainOne
Lemme recruit a numpty to this job. It's an old pirate trick. You attack when the worst man is on watch. Yeah. Yeah, makes it easy. So whaddya think?
[GUF_78] GuffOfferBargainTwo
Well, I can make friends, yeah, find things out. Everybody loves ol' Guff! You get information, I get to live. Yeah. So whaddya say?
[GUF_79] GuffOfferBargainThree
Well I'm just no good at this job, so, how about you let me live, and I use me 'charm' to switch with someone else? Yeah. Yeah, that would let you reorganise things for your own ends...
[GUF_80] GuffOfferBargainFour
That's it! I'm done! I'm out! Yep. I've had enough! This whole damn Syndicate's full of braindead...... beetroots. Let me walk, Exile!
[GUF_81] GuffOfferBargainFive
Now I'm no clipe, but sometimes, talking is better than, you know, dying. So just give lil' ol' Guff a chance to jabber and I guarantee you'll learn a thing or two.
[GUF_82] GuffOfferBargainSix
I got treasure for ya, you know, if you look the other way, friend...
[GUF_83] GuffBargainAcceptedZero
Good choice, Exile. Yep. You won't regret this.
[GUF_84] GuffBargainAcceptedOne
I am on the job!
[GUF_85] GuffBargainAcceptedTwo
Next time you see me, I'll be a new man.
[GUF_86] GuffBargainAcceptedThree
Goodbye forever, friend - well, least 'til next time!
[GUF_87] GuffBargainAcceptedFour
There it is, eh? That's the sense I was hoping for. Now let's talk.
[GUF_88] GuffBargainAcceptedFive
All that glitters is gold...
[GUF_89] GuffOfferBetrayalZero
My gaffer's in a weak position, mutiny-wise. If you take mercy on me, I might just manage to, uh, depose 'em. Keen?
[GUF_90] GuffOfferBetrayalOne
What if I told you I could spin a yarn and get all me mates demoted? That would be worth keeping me alive for that, right? Right?
[GUF_91] GuffOfferBetrayalTwo
Would ya care to kick one of me mates entirely out of the Syndicate? It's a big lie I can tell, but one I will get away with, mostly. You know, as long as you don't lop my head off!
[GUF_92] GuffOfferBetrayalThree
They don't call me gobermouch for nothing. I've got gossip and the low-down on everyone here. Just ah... just give me a chance to jabber on.
[GUF_93] GuffOfferBetrayalFour
Tora's so busy worrying about bloody trees and worms and... mice, she doesn't even see the rest of us bustin' our behinds to push the Syndicate forward. Let's give Tora somethin' to really worry about!
[GUF_94] GuffOfferBetrayalFive
Jorgin is a murderer, or he hired one. He's way worse than me. If you are punishing me over him, then you're dumber than the barnacles on me backside.
[GUF_95] GuffOfferBetrayalSix
Well! Can't never trust a Redblade, I always say. And I alway mean it, too.
[GUF_96] GuffOfferBetrayalSeven
Trustin' a Mutewind 'll get ya pincushioned by hidden blades, and I be speakin' from experience here.
[GUF_97] GuffOfferBetrayalEight
I like Maloney, okay, don't get me wrong, but did ya ever have a mate who you could tell was just... after something? You know, makes me skin crawl, it does. Losing sleep over it! Really would rather not have to even think about it.
[GUF_98] GuffOfferBetrayalNine
Haha awww, you know I didn't mean nothing by it! I'm not even the one you really want, right?
[GUF_99] GuffOfferExecuteZero
Just do it, ya git.
[GUF_100] GuffOfferExecuteOne
Watch carefully, gaffer. I give my life for the Syndicate.
[GUF_101] GuffOfferExecuteTwo
I'm goin' out first, let me show you how it's done!
[GUF_102] GuffOfferExecuteThree
I would rather die than go another round with your torture chamber.
[GUF_103] GuffReplyToBetrayalAcceptedZero
Ooh, that is not good for my prospects.
[GUF_104] GuffReplyToBetrayalAcceptedOne
Do you want to kick my rear, Vagan, or bend it?
[GUF_105] GuffReplyToBetrayalAcceptedTwo
Believe me, Janus, no one's tryin' to do nothing to your booty.
[GUF_106] GuffReplyToBetrayalAcceptedThree
Ya know what? I think he could make a fence post out of me, too.
[GUF_107] GuffReplyToBetrayalAcceptedFour
Keep your sedition to yourself, you overgrown gobermouch!
[GUF_108] GuffReplyToBetrayalAcceptedFive
Oh, you done foozled it now, Mutewind!
[GUF_109] GuffReplyToBetrayalAcceptedSix
Why do I always get the short end of the stick?
[GUF_110] GuffInterrogatedZero
I'm a talker, yes, but you will have to get me drunk first!
[GUF_111] GuffInterrogatedOne
Stop locking me up!
[GUF_112] GuffInterrogatedTwo
Wait, wait, what happened to our dealing? We - we were gettin' on fine!
[GUF_113] GuffReplyToExecutionZero
Ohh, not pretty. Ooh, that's not pretty at all.
[GUF_114] GuffReplyToExecutionOne
Auggh, was me best mate!
[GUF_115] GuffReplyToExecutionTwo
Welp, no love lost there, let me tell ya.
[GUF_116] GuffSafehouseLeaderDefeatedZero
Oh boy, hoo, Guff's done it now.
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