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[HAK_1] HakuPrimaryDefenderStartsFightZero
Tala moana, warrior! Flee if you do not wish to die.
[HAK_2] HakuPrimaryDefenderStartsFightOne
Brave of you to attack a Karui in his fortress. Brave, and foolish.
[HAK_3] HakuPrimaryDefenderStartsFightTwo
Keep moving! I'll handle the exile.
[HAK_4] HakuPrimaryDefenderStartsFightThree
Exile, you've just walked into your tomb.
[HAK_5] HakuPrimaryDefenderStartsFightFour
Hinekora, I will send you a gift!
[HAK_6] HakuPrimaryDefenderStartsFightFive
Did you think I would crumble in that prison? My ancestors spent centuries in shackles.
[HAK_7] HakuPrimaryDefenderStartsFightSix
I stayed true to my word, exile. Did you?
[HAK_8] HakuPrimaryDefenderStartsFightSeven
My ancestors will forgive my transgressions. Will yours?
[HAK_9] HakuPrimaryDefenderStartsFightEight
The Mother of Death did not return me empty-handed.
[HAK_10] HakuPrimaryDefenderStartsFightNine
Back from the dead? You are nothing but a child of Kitava.
[HAK_11] HakuPrimaryDefenderStartsFightTen
I will crush you.
[HAK_12] HakuPrimaryDefenderStartsFightEleven
A true warrior need only hit you once.
[HAK_13] HakuPrimaryDefenderStartsFightTwelve
Nothing can stop a true Karui warrior.
[HAK_14] HakuPrimaryDefenderStartsFightThirteen
We Karui were born in a volcano.
[HAK_15] HakuPrimaryDefenderStartsFightFourteen
You have no concept of what you truly face.
[HAK_16] HakuSafehouseLeaderIntroZero
I will hang your head on my belt, as Kaom did Lioneye's.
[HAK_17] HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalZero
We will push the invader back together!
[HAK_18] HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalOne
We cannot lose this cargo!
[HAK_19] HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwo
Strength in numbers, friend!
[HAK_20] HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalThree
The Ancestors forgive. The Syndicate does not.
[HAK_21] HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalFour
I lend you my strength, ally.
[HAK_22] HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalFive
The Syndicate fights as one!
[HAK_23] HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalSix
Stop wasting time, Leo. We have more important tasks.
[HAK_24] HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalSeven
Talamoana, holy man. Did your god not show up?
[HAK_25] HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalEight
Talamoana, son of stone.
[HAK_26] HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalNine
Rin, let me show you how a Karui fights.
[HAK_27] HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalTen
You put too much faith in your gadgetry, Riker.
[HAK_28] HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalEleven
Ancestors, guide us to victory.
[HAK_29] HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwelve
I have come to claim what is mine.
[HAK_30] HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalThirteen
Your failure will be my finest hour.
[HAK_31] HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalFourteen
You will all be buried down here.
[HAK_32] HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalFifteen
I will bring you all into Hinekora's domain.
[HAK_33] HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalSixteen
Let's see if my attacks draw out that god of yours, holy man.
[HAK_34] HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalSeventeen
I am sorry huntress, but we must be enemies this day.
[HAK_35] HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalEighteen
Exile, know that when that creature dies, it will not go to Hinekora. It will go nowhere at all.
[HAK_36] HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalNineteen
Your spirit will be the plaything of the Ancestors, slavemaster.
[HAK_37] HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwenty
You go too far, Aisling. Violence is a necessity, not an idle pastime.
[HAK_38] HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwentyOne
Hinekora demands many sacrifices this day. Consider it an honour.
[HAK_39] HakuReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalZero
Scoundrel! I will break you, too!
[HAK_40] HakuReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalOne
I am not yet dead, vulture!
[HAK_41] HakuReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwo
You have just buried yourself.
[HAK_42] HakuReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalThree
I will show you no mercy, traitor.
[HAK_43] HakuReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalFour
I think my gods are stronger than yours, crusader.
[HAK_44] HakuReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalFive
I won't need my ancestors' aid for this one, abomination.
[HAK_45] HakuReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalSix
You will answer to the Ancestors, Gravicius - with screams.
[HAK_46] HakuReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalSeven
The dead belong to Hinekora, defiler. I will send you to her.
[HAK_47] HakuReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalEight
So be it. Karui jade will cleave you just as easily as this exile.
[HAK_48] HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwentyTwo
Steel yourself. For Tukohama!
[HAK_49] HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwentyThree
Ancestors, witness this!
[HAK_50] HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwentyFour
Feel the walls tremble with our combined might!
[HAK_51] HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwentyFive
Can you hear it, exile? Hinekora is calling your name.
[HAK_52] HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwentySix
Tora, I'd no sooner taunt a wolf than give you an order. Just remember: I'm the alpha.
[HAK_53] HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwentySeven
Assassin! Do not forget who is in charge.
[HAK_54] HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwentyEight
I protect all my men, even ones that aren't.
[HAK_55] HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwentyNine
A Karui in command over Gravicius. Hinekora is laughing.
[HAK_56] HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalThirty
Direct your gadgetry as I command, Maloney, and those traps of yours might just accomplish something.
[HAK_57] HakuSecondaryDefenderArrivalThirtyOne
To face a Karui's men is to face the Karui.
[HAK_58] HakuKillPlayerZero
A worthy foe.
[HAK_59] HakuKillPlayerOne
You will feed the worms.
[HAK_60] HakuKillPlayerTwo
A glorious fight!
[HAK_61] HakuKillPlayerThree
Mother of Death, a gift.
[HAK_62] HakuEscapeZero
A warning. Do not cross me again.
[HAK_63] HakuEscapeOne
A nesting bird gets no worms. So long, exile.
[HAK_64] HakuEscapeTwo
You have not earned the Ancestors' favour. That is why you are destined to fail.
[HAK_65] HakuDefeatedZero
Tukohama... how did I fail?
[HAK_66] HakuDefeatedOne
No... the cart must... ugh...
[HAK_67] HakuDefeatedTwo
Ancestors... I - forgive me.
[HAK_68] HakuDefeatedThree
Hinekora... I am sorry.
[HAK_69] HakuDefeatedFour
Don't... lock me up again...
[HAK_70] HakuDefeatedFive
Ugh... exile... another deal...?
[HAK_71] HakuDefeatedSix
I strayed too far... from the Way.
[HAK_72] HakuDefeatedSeven
Ancestors... I will see you again.
[HAK_73] HakuDefeatedEight
You... have learned much...
[HAK_74] HakuDefeatedNine
This was... a cursed task.
[HAK_75] HakuDefeatedTen
I was a fool... to follow my fury.
[HAK_76] HakuOfferBargainZero
I do not wish to join my ancestors just yet, exile. In Ngamakanui, our treaties mandated that an offering of peace be witnessed by a third. I wish for peace. Will you choose our witness?
[HAK_77] HakuOfferBargainOne
Enough blood has been shed today, warrior. Put down your weapon, and I will offer you an opportunity. There is one in my new tribe I would deceive. Give me a reason to, and I will tell you that which I know about them.
[HAK_78] HakuOfferBargainTwo
Conquerors don't just win fights, they put people in positions where it benefits them most. I think I would benefit you better elsewhere.
[HAK_79] HakuOfferBargainThree
I do not wish to be here any longer, exile. The Ancestors whisper in my ear. They tell me that I am needed back home in Ngamakanui. Have you the mercy to let a man return to his family?
[HAK_80] HakuOfferBargainFour
I know when I am defeated. Not every fight must end with death, nor should it. In my tribe, the victor claims their prize, and the slate is wiped clean. I will tell you what you want to know in exchange for my safety.
[HAK_81] HakuOfferBargainFive
I know my histories. You conquerors are all the same. You seek only two things: my head, or my goods. So take one and leave the other.
[HAK_82] HakuOfferBargainSix
I must confess, I believed you to be bluffing. I see now how little regard for life you truly have. Whatever it is you want, it's yours.
[HAK_83] HakuBargainAcceptedZero
A wise choice indeed.
[HAK_84] HakuBargainAcceptedOne
Then it is subterfuge.
[HAK_85] HakuBargainAcceptedTwo
So be it. I will fulfill my duties there.
[HAK_86] HakuBargainAcceptedThree
It will be good to see my family again.
[HAK_87] HakuBargainAcceptedFour
Consider us even.
[HAK_88] HakuBargainAcceptedFive
Take your prize and go.
[HAK_89] HakuOfferBetrayalZero
It is the Karui way to give leadership to the victor. In this situation, I believe that means that you could choose a new leader in place of the old one. If you choose me, I will honour that choice.
[HAK_90] HakuOfferBetrayalOne
Among the Karui, conflict often results in changes in rank and respect. In this situation, I believe that means you could demote some and promote others. If you choose me, I will honour that choice.
[HAK_91] HakuOfferBetrayalTwo
The Syndicate does not follow the Karui Way, but I do, and a victory like yours gives you a choice over our fates. If you so choose, you could have one of us exiled from the Syndicate entirely. If you make that choice here and now, I will make sure they honour it.
[HAK_92] HakuOfferBetrayalThree
A victory like yours demands a prize. I have nothing to give except information - not typically considered a prize by the Karui, but, in this situation, I believe information is your most valuable weapon against the Syndicate.
[HAK_93] HakuOfferBetrayalFour
There is a fine line between belief and madness. I believe Elreon is long past it.
[HAK_94] HakuOfferBetrayalFive
The huntress has lost her path. Let's help her find it together.
[HAK_95] HakuOfferBetrayalSix
I bear no kinship with that... thing. It is not of this world and is entirely without honour.
[HAK_96] HakuOfferBetrayalSeven
Our conflict aside, exile, Gravicius must be made to answer for his atrocities. You'll find no better chance than this to provide the Ancestors a sliver of justice.
[HAK_97] HakuOfferBetrayalEight
Aisling is a monster hidden in a pleasing form. You must hear me.
[HAK_98] HakuOfferBetrayalNine
The Karui Way is sometimes bitingly cold, but it is still the Way.
[HAK_99] HakuOfferExecuteZero
I choose an honourable death.
[HAK_100] HakuOfferExecuteOne
I am honoured to die for my cause.
[HAK_101] HakuOfferExecuteTwo
I would sooner die than betray my friends.
[HAK_102] HakuOfferExecuteThree
I seek only the darkness that death brings. Not the inside of a cell.
[HAK_103] HakuReplyToBetrayalAcceptedZero
The Ancestors will remember your actions!
[HAK_104] HakuReplyToBetrayalAcceptedOne
My 'trees and ghosts' will be waiting for you after death, old man.
[HAK_105] HakuReplyToBetrayalAcceptedTwo
I don't need your gentle arrow in my back, huntress.
[HAK_106] HakuReplyToBetrayalAcceptedThree
I always expect the worst from you, Janus, and you always over-deliver.
[HAK_107] HakuReplyToBetrayalAcceptedFour
And I will have no qualms cutting your head from your shoulders for this, slavemaster.
[HAK_108] HakuReplyToBetrayalAcceptedFive
How noble of you, vile Redblade.
[HAK_109] HakuReplyToBetrayalAcceptedSix
This Syndicate makes traitors of us all.
[HAK_110] HakuInterrogatedZero
You dishonour me. Imprisonment is for slaves, not warriors!
[HAK_111] HakuInterrogatedOne
I cannot abide this continual dishonour, exile! You spit in my face...
[HAK_112] HakuInterrogatedTwo
Ancestors, give me strength to withstand the shame and dishonour this exile casts upon me.
[HAK_113] HakuReplyToExecutionZero
You honour the Way by swiftly delivering death to warriors who fought well.
[HAK_114] HakuReplyToExecutionOne
You show honour by delivering clean deaths.
[HAK_115] HakuReplyToExecutionTwo
That one did not deserve an honourable death.
[HAK_116] HakuSafehouseLeaderDefeatedZero
Ancestors, have you forsaken me?
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