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[RY_1] RinPrimaryDefenderStartsFightZero
You are a blight on this beautiful continent. We are the cure.
[RY_2] RinPrimaryDefenderStartsFightOne
That you've made it this far is an insult, muckblood.
[RY_3] RinPrimaryDefenderStartsFightTwo
Robbery, is it? Where I come from, we skin robbers alive.
[RY_4] RinPrimaryDefenderStartsFightThree
It seems a rat has wandered into our hallowed halls.
[RY_5] RinPrimaryDefenderStartsFightFour
The trap is sprung, little rat.
[RY_6] RinPrimaryDefenderStartsFightFive
All that time in the darkness has only made me hate you more.
[RY_7] RinPrimaryDefenderStartsFightSix
I can't believe I debased myself by cutting a deal with you.
[RY_8] RinPrimaryDefenderStartsFightSeven
My loyalties have been realigned, muckblood. Don't expect a repeat of when last we met.
[RY_9] RinPrimaryDefenderStartsFightEight
I can still feel the cold creep of death when I close my eyes. Don't worry, you'll feel it soon enough.
[RY_10] RinPrimaryDefenderStartsFightNine
Do you remember your defeat at my hand? You will.
[RY_11] RinPrimaryDefenderStartsFightTen
Run, run, little rat. My arrows will still find you.
[RY_12] RinPrimaryDefenderStartsFightEleven
A riddle for you, Exile. How can one person be everywhere at once?
[RY_13] RinPrimaryDefenderStartsFightTwelve
Embrace the snow, or be buried.
[RY_14] RinPrimaryDefenderStartsFightThirteen
The blizzard answers my call!
[RY_15] RinPrimaryDefenderStartsFightFourteen
With these boots I can shrug off the elements, even though the cold never bothered me anyway!
[RY_16] RinSafehouseLeaderIntroZero
We are born leaders. You? You were born to serve us.
[RY_17] RinSecondaryDefenderArrivalZero
You've let them see too much. Slaughter them.
[RY_18] RinSecondaryDefenderArrivalOne
Imbecile! Don't neglect the cargo!
[RY_19] RinSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwo
Feels as though the walls are closing in, doesn't it Exile?
[RY_20] RinSecondaryDefenderArrivalThree
We are everywhere.
[RY_21] RinSecondaryDefenderArrivalFour
Watch carefully, Exile. You won't see much else.
[RY_22] RinSecondaryDefenderArrivalFive
I'm honoured to serve such a noble cause.
[RY_23] RinSecondaryDefenderArrivalSix
Can your people do nothing right, Karui?
[RY_24] RinSecondaryDefenderArrivalSeven
The sooner this is over, the sooner you can go back to the seas, pirate.
[RY_25] RinSecondaryDefenderArrivalEight
Don't make me regret this, disgusting demon.
[RY_26] RinSecondaryDefenderArrivalNine
Disgusting. Fight like a nobleman, Ezomyte.
[RY_27] RinSecondaryDefenderArrivalTen
Try not to get us killed, fire worshipper.
[RY_28] RinSecondaryDefenderArrivalEleven
We fight for a pure future!
[RY_29] RinSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwelve
I'd sooner kill you myself than lose our claim here.
[RY_30] RinSecondaryDefenderArrivalThirteen
The others will be so sad to hear of your untimely demise...
[RY_31] RinSecondaryDefenderArrivalFourteen
You should never have crossed me.
[RY_32] RinSecondaryDefenderArrivalFifteen
I'm here to clean up your mess, yourself included.
[RY_33] RinSecondaryDefenderArrivalSixteen
Brinerot, I'll make you wish you went down with your ship.
[RY_34] RinSecondaryDefenderArrivalSeventeen
First, you, then the rest of your filthy little clan, Thane.
[RY_35] RinSecondaryDefenderArrivalEighteen
Korell, it was only a matter of time. I'm just making the first move.
[RY_36] RinSecondaryDefenderArrivalNineteen
The Syndicate would be better off without you or your sadism.
[RY_37] RinSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwenty
You're devious, Maloney. Think you can keep up with me?
[RY_38] RinSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwentyOne
Muckbloods, the purification begins now.
[RY_39] RinReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalZero
You won't live to regret this.
[RY_40] RinReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalOne
You opportunistic little worm.
[RY_41] RinReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwo
You'll never see daylight again, scum.
[RY_42] RinReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalThree
When this is through, you'll be naught but meat for the ants.
[RY_43] RinReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalFour
Oh, no, you won't see it coming.
[RY_44] RinReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalFive
Yuck. Your kind makes even the Brinerot seem appealing.
[RY_45] RinReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalSix
Don't you dare touch me, beast!
[RY_46] RinReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalSeven
So that's how it is. I'm just 'Mutewind' again, like before.
[RY_47] RinReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalEight
Don't get caught in your own trap, beast.
[RY_48] RinReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalNine
[RY_49] RinSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwentyTwo
The wolves are circling you now...
[RY_50] RinSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwentyThree
It's over for you now, Exile.
[RY_51] RinSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwentyFour
Bow to your betters, trespasser.
[RY_52] RinSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwentyFive
We will tear you to shreds.
[RY_53] RinSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwentySix
Try not to lose another limb, underling.
[RY_54] RinSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwentySeven
Bossing around a Brinerot? This feels right.
[RY_55] RinSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwentyEight
Your queen commands you to fight in her name, creature!
[RY_56] RinSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwentyNine
Cunning, not might, will win the day here. Follow my orders to the letter, Thane.
[RY_57] RinSecondaryDefenderArrivalThirty
Serve me well, Korell, or I will be forced to extinguish you.
[RY_58] RinSecondaryDefenderArrivalThirtyOne
Do as I have instructed you, and victory is assured.
[RY_59] RinKillPlayerZero
Good riddance.
[RY_60] RinKillPlayerOne
Lowlife. Keep moving!
[RY_61] RinKillPlayerTwo
Just another body, now.
[RY_62] RinKillPlayerThree
Good. What's next?
[RY_63] RinEscapeZero
[RY_64] RinEscapeOne
Success was inevitable.
[RY_65] RinEscapeTwo
You can't win.
[RY_66] RinDefeatedZero
How humiliating...!
[RY_67] RinDefeatedOne
All is lost.
[RY_68] RinDefeatedTwo
[RY_69] RinDefeatedThree
Our chance... squandered...
[RY_70] RinDefeatedFour
No, no more prison!
[RY_71] RinDefeatedFive
Gods... not again!
[RY_72] RinDefeatedSix
I'm better than this!
[RY_73] RinDefeatedSeven
I face death... again...
[RY_74] RinDefeatedEight
Thought it'd be as easy as last time...
[RY_75] RinDefeatedNine
Damn. Miscalculated.
[RY_76] RinDefeatedTen
I was blinded by fury...
[RY_77] RinOfferBargainZero
Not even the Redblade are as... brutal as you. I will do as you ask, so long as you spare me.
[RY_78] RinOfferBargainOne
Kill me and prove yourself to be the savage I know you are, or... surprise me. Set me free. I can bring someone into the fold on your behalf. Talk some respect into them. Please.
[RY_79] RinOfferBargainTwo
Is my life really worth sacrificing your chance to know more? That is what you would be doing were you to kill me, Exile. Instead, let me show you how useful I could be to you. I am quick to make friends, and even quicker to learn what it is I wish to learn. Allow me the chance to prove my talents to you, and all I learn is yours.
[RY_80] RinOfferBargainThree
I'm ill-fit for this duty. You've proven that quite clearly. Is that a crime worthy of death? I think not. Rather, I ought to look for more suitable work, don't you think?
[RY_81] RinOfferBargainFour
My Mutewind brothers and sisters warned me that leaving them would bring me nothing but darkness. Perhaps they were right. I think, if you'll allow me, I will take my leave of the Syndicate.
[RY_82] RinOfferBargainFive
You are a bloodthirsty little beast, aren't you? I almost admire it. I think if I called your bluff I'd wind up dead, so instead, I offer you this: knowledge. Knowledge of all I have learned in my post here.
[RY_83] RinOfferBargainSix
I could offer you pure Mutewind blood, or I could offer you material compensation. Take your pick.
[RY_84] RinBargainAcceptedZero
Consider me surprised. I'll do as you asked.
[RY_85] RinBargainAcceptedOne
I'll keep my end of the deal. Just remember this in the future.
[RY_86] RinBargainAcceptedTwo
You won't regret this!
[RY_87] RinBargainAcceptedThree
When you meet the Lifegiver, give my regards... with a blade.
[RY_88] RinBargainAcceptedFour
I knew you could be... reasonable.
[RY_89] RinBargainAcceptedFive
A fair trade. Until next time!
[RY_90] RinOfferBetrayalZero
Know why the Immortal Syndicate failed here? Because they didn't have Mutewind leadership. Instead they had some muckblood running the show. Well, how about we change that?
[RY_91] RinOfferBetrayalOne
This is what I get for putting my trust in foreign might. Free me, and I'll show the others here how the Mutewind handle failures.
[RY_92] RinOfferBetrayalTwo
If you think I go into battle without a plan for every possible situation, well, you don't know me at all. My plan for this outcome? Shove the blame onto someone lesser-than. One of the nincompoops here will do, don't you think?
[RY_93] RinOfferBetrayalThree
I'm not stupid. I know what you want. You want information. If you'll leave me living, I can tell you a great deal about my crewmates here.
[RY_94] RinOfferBetrayalFour
Gods, how I've wanted a reason to stick it to that Brinerot scoundrel. Don't disappoint me, Exile.
[RY_95] RinOfferBetrayalFive
Hillock's little more than a walking, talking avalanche. We Mutewind know how dangerous an avalanche can be. You should be wary, too.
[RY_96] RinOfferBetrayalSix
Wait! I may be a Syndicate lackey for the moment, but Jorgin has committed fratricide. Would you really let a brother-killer just walk?
[RY_97] RinOfferBetrayalSeven
I cannot even begin to describe how much I'd enjoy watching that fire-worshipping, muckblooded Redblade lowlife squirm.
[RY_98] RinOfferBetrayalEight
Look at Maloney's eyes. The cogs are turning. He's planning something. Do you want to wait to find out what, or shall we put him in his place?
[RY_99] RinOfferBetrayalNine
I hate you, Exile, but only a little more than any of these other subservients. I'd harm any one of them to keep breath in my lungs.
[RY_100] RinOfferExecuteZero
Death is not the deterrent it once was.
[RY_101] RinOfferExecuteOne
In front of my captain, I'll die bravely.
[RY_102] RinOfferExecuteTwo
Let me demonstrate the proper way to die.
[RY_103] RinOfferExecuteThree
Enough interrogation. You insult me. Death is the only choice I'll give you this time.
[RY_104] RinReplyToBetrayalAcceptedZero
You think I didn't expect betrayal? I'm two steps ahead.
[RY_105] RinReplyToBetrayalAcceptedOne
What did I ever do to you, Vagan?
[RY_106] RinReplyToBetrayalAcceptedTwo
You've lived down to your reputation, Brinerot.
[RY_107] RinReplyToBetrayalAcceptedThree
Did... did you just betray me as a gift? You are the stupidest of stupid!
[RY_108] RinReplyToBetrayalAcceptedFour
I do it simply to annoy you, Jorgin, because you can never return home.
[RY_109] RinReplyToBetrayalAcceptedFive
I thought you said the Syndicate makes past ties irrelevant.
[RY_110] RinReplyToBetrayalAcceptedSix
I already have plans in motion to account for this betrayal, believe me.
[RY_111] RinInterrogatedZero
I'll only tell you what I want to tell you.
[RY_112] RinInterrogatedOne
No matter how many times you interrogate me, I will never break.
[RY_113] RinInterrogatedTwo
I thought we had an understanding!
[RY_114] RinReplyToExecutionZero
The price of failure.
[RY_115] RinReplyToExecutionOne
You... you savage!
[RY_116] RinReplyToExecutionTwo
Silver linings!
[RY_117] RinSafehouseLeaderDefeatedZero
I had it all planned out. How could I lose? I... I must have been sabotaged! But by who?
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