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[TJ_01] JorginPrimaryDefenderStartsFightZero
Ehh, what's this? A new challenger!
[TJ_02] JorginPrimaryDefenderStartsFightOne
Yea! Storm the keep, exile!
[TJ_03] JorginPrimaryDefenderStartsFightTwo
Ohh, logistics is boring. Let's fight!
[TJ_04] JorginPrimaryDefenderStartsFightThree
Ugh, please, do try and get this blooddy mess off ma mitts!
[TJ_05] JorginPrimaryDefenderStartsFightFour
Surprise test of strength exile! Hope you're prepared.
[TJ_06] JorginPrimaryDefenderStartsFightFive
Our encounter will end very differently this time, exile.
[TJ_07] JorginPrimaryDefenderStartsFightSix
Let's solve this like men. With conflict, not cooperation!
[TJ_08] JorginPrimaryDefenderStartsFightSeven
Here to play politics again, exile?
[TJ_09] JorginPrimaryDefenderStartsFightEight
Just who I was hoping to see today!
[TJ_10] JorginPrimaryDefenderStartsFightNine
Back for more punishment, child?
[TJ_11] JorginPrimaryDefenderStartsFightTen
Ahhh! Gurhh... the Ursine Maw... it hungers!
[TJ_12] JorginPrimaryDefenderStartsFightEleven
I am of Craiceann, solid against the tide!
[TJ_13] JorginPrimaryDefenderStartsFightTwelve
I am of Saqawal, crushing my enemies!
[TJ_14] JorginPrimaryDefenderStartsFightThirteen
I am of Fenumus, dragging you down to your death!
[TJ_15] JorginPrimaryDefenderStartsFightFourteen
I am of Farrul, swift as an arrow!
[TJ_16] JorginSafehouseLeaderIntroZero
The strength of the First Ones runs in my veins. You will fall here and now.
[TJ_17] JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalZero
Let this siege be savage.
[TJ_18] JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalOne
First Ones, protect this caravan!
[TJ_19] JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwo
I'll help defend this disgusting place only because I must.
[TJ_20] JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalThree
I try never to miss a good ambush!
[TJ_21] JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalFour
I never back down from a fight!
[TJ_22] JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalFive
Strength in numbers is still strength!
[TJ_23] JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalSix
The First Ones have called me to your aid, wild one.
[TJ_24] JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalSeven
Cannah let you die, Grenn. I might need a ship back home someday!
[TJ_25] JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalEight
You're no Emperor, Janus, but my line will assist you again regardless.
[TJ_26] JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalNine
Let us prove that the Syndicate has the might to make right.
[TJ_27] JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalTen
Gadgets won't do the trick, Maloney. Allow me to lend ya some raw might.
[TJ_28] JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalEleven
I want to see a proper siege!
[TJ_29] JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwelve
I think I'll send these souls to the First Ones rather than the Lifegiver.
[TJ_30] JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalThirteen
This horrible place deserves to fall!
[TJ_31] JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalFourteen
Even the mightiest warrior will fall against overwhelming numbers.
[TJ_32] JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalFifteen
I'm more than just 'Ezomyte,' Janus. I'll show ya.
[TJ_33] JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalSixteen
I don't know what the hell you are, but I much prefer the exile.
[TJ_34] JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalSeventeen
The strongest deserve to rise, but you're too dumb to count.
[TJ_35] JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalEighteen
An Eternal General stood against the Ezomyte clans once before. Recall how that ended?
[TJ_36] JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalNineteen
Violence should be a test, Cameria, not a pastime.
[TJ_37] JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwenty
Only the strongest deserve to rise.
[TJ_38] JorginReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalZero
I welcome your challenge!
[TJ_39] JorginReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalOne
And I thought today would be boring.
[TJ_40] JorginReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwo
When a situation gets complicated, I tend to resort to violence.
[TJ_41] JorginReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalThree
Don't ya see? We're in the middle of a test of strength here!
[TJ_42] JorginReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalFour
Big words big guy, but can you back them up?
[TJ_43] JorginReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalFive
We have about as much claim over these lands as your ilk, Eternal!
[TJ_44] JorginReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalSix
You've got your shot, creature. Show me that otherworldly might of yours.
[TJ_45] JorginReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalSeven
Aye and your skin will make a fine new cloak, Redblade!
[TJ_46] JorginReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalEight
Then I guess it stops with me, eh?
[TJ_47] JorginReplyToSecondaryDefenderArrivalNine
You better hope you have the strength to follow through, traitor!
[TJ_48] JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwentyOne
Let's see just how much this exile can handle, eh?
[TJ_49] JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwentyTwo
This caravan is better protected than you thought!
[TJ_50] JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwentyThree
I won't let knowledge of my involvement here just walk out alive.
[TJ_51] JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwentyFour
Ohh, exile, you've quite the test now.
[TJ_52] JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwentyFive
Let's try my way for this one, Tora.
[TJ_53] JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwentySix
It's the Ezomyte in charge of the Perandus this time, eh Janus?
[TJ_54] JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwentySeven
Serve me well, Redblade. When I'm at the top, I won't forget it.
[TJ_55] JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwentyEight
Support my rise through the ranks, Mutewind, and I'll use my power to get you what you truly desire.
[TJ_56] JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwentyNine
Aye, you're certainly strong, Cameria, but! I'm stronger.
[TJ_57] JorginSecondaryDefenderArrivalThirty
As I am the strongest, I claim my right to lead this fight.
[TJ_58] JorginKillPlayerZero
I was hoping for a bigger storm.
[TJ_59] JorginKillPlayerOne
The prize remains in the hands of the strongest.
[TJ_60] JorginKillPlayerTwo
Eh, I was really hoping you'd burn this place.
[TJ_61] JorginKillPlayerThree
And the strongest remains the victor, ha ha ho!
[TJ_62] JorginEscapeZero
The weak fall. The strongest live to fight another day!
[TJ_63] JorginEscapeOne
A good clash. I like you, exile.
[TJ_64] JorginEscapeTwo
Your strength was not enough to lift this rock. Maybe next time you'll send the bugs scattering.
[TJ_65] JorginDefeatedZero
I am... conquered... and impressed...
[TJ_66] JorginDefeatedOne
The caravan... is yours...
[TJ_67] JorginDefeatedTwo
The ultimate disgrace...
[TJ_68] JorginDefeatedThree
Well... you've passed ma test...
[TJ_69] JorginDefeatedFour
I don't... want to be... caged again...
[TJ_70] JorginDefeatedFive
I guess, uh, we should... talk?
[TJ_71] JorginDefeatedSix
Might... politics... two sides of the same coin...
[TJ_72] JorginDefeatedSeven
Kill me yet again...I'll return stronger. Thus, we evolve.
[TJ_73] JorginDefeatedEight
Good show, exile. A real comeback.
[TJ_74] JorginDefeatedNine
Numbers alone... can't be counted on...
[TJ_75] JorginDefeatedTen
It seems... I have... failed... my own test.
[TJ_76] JorginOfferBargainZero
I've seen your strength. Take from me what ya will.
[TJ_77] JorginOfferBargainOne
Aye, you beat me fair and square, and I can respect that. But to beat the odds, to beat someone with friends in high places, that demands respect and awe. Free me, and select from my cohorts an ally, and we will see what you are truly made of.
[TJ_78] JorginOfferBargainTwo
Might makes right, which means I work for you now, in a small fashion. You've only got hold over me worth one fight, which we all know is just one grain of sand in the desert of warfare. But it isn't nothing, and in warfare, information is as good as might. I've a friend in the Syndicate who is privy to key information, and I offer you this as your well-earned plunder.
[TJ_79] JorginOfferBargainThree
If I have a moment for last words, I'd like to say, above all, this job they have me doing is beyond boring. Now you're a strong one, so I value your input. Assuming you let me live, what do you think I should do instead?
[TJ_80] JorginOfferBargainFour
I have been soundly defeated. I'm man enough to admit that. It's my neck on the line here. But, if you let me go back to the green hills of Ogham, I'd certainly be hung for imagined crimes. How about you save yourself the bother and let my clan do what they will?
[TJ_81] JorginOfferBargainFive
This Syndicate is full of boring nonsense. Ya care to have a pint and talk it over? Or perhaps since you've got me dead to rights and all, skip the pint, and we'll go right to me blabbin' secrets like I'm drunk.
[TJ_82] JorginOfferBargainSix
To the victor go the spoils. Take this as your reward... and let me go.
[TJ_83] JorginBargainAcceptedZero
Consider it done, and consider the challenge begun!
[TJ_84] JorginBargainAcceptedOne
They'll never even suspect, boss.
[TJ_85] JorginBargainAcceptedTwo
Let's hope for some entertainment.
[TJ_86] JorginBargainAcceptedThree
I wonder if they'll even remember my face back home. Hard to forget with all the wanted posters I expect, heh heh heh.
[TJ_87] JorginBargainAcceptedFour
Strong and reasonable. I like you, exile!
[TJ_88] JorginBargainAcceptedFive
And the strong get stronger.
[TJ_89] JorginOfferBetrayalZero
Impressive strength you've got there. You should use it to mold the Syndicate's hierarchy to your whims. Let me live, and you can install a leader here that sees eye to eye with you: me. You can't solve the Syndicate by killing, exile, but perhaps you can fundamentally change it for the better.
[TJ_90] JorginOfferBetrayalOne
Death changes nothing, exile. Only philosophy, held true, alters the world. Here I say to you: the strongest should absorb the might of the weak and make it their own. For you, that means lettin' me live, so that I can maneuver within the organisation, stripping back the strength of others, making it my own. We do not stay dead, which means changing thoughts and minds is the only way you'll ever save the world from the Syndicate!
[TJ_91] JorginOfferBetrayalTwo
You've won the battle, exile, but the war will be long. You have the opportunity to select who it is you face. Now killin' me is an option, but you know already that I can be defeated. Who else here poses a threat? This is your chance to rig the game!
[TJ_92] JorginOfferBetrayalThree
Hah hah, I like you, exile! There's no need to slay me, by the way. Let's just talk about the others here. I've got much to say.
[TJ_93] JorginOfferBetrayalFour
Tora, she's a swift one. Now I don't think I can outpace her with force alone. Lend me your might and your mind for this, and the huntress will be forced to bow.
[TJ_94] JorginOfferBetrayalFive
That's him, that's the bastard assassin that killed my brother! The Brotherhood of Silence!
[TJ_95] JorginOfferBetrayalSix
A Perandus betrayed my people long ago, yet the scars are still raw today. It's time I returned the favour!
[TJ_96] JorginOfferBetrayalSeven
The General's particular brand of might does not just raise the strong. It purges the weak and hopeless. This is not might. It's tyranny.
[TJ_97] JorginOfferBetrayalEight
Rin is pompous and uppity and... worst of all, she won't shut up about how she misses 'fresh mountain air,' like we don't all miss our homes! Now please, handle her before I do.
[TJ_98] JorginOfferBetrayalNine
Allegiance is earned by might, be it muscle, magic, or maneuvering. This one's earned none of those.
[TJ_99] JorginOfferExecuteZero
There's only one fate for the weak, exile. I have earned no exception.
[TJ_100] JorginOfferExecuteOne
Let the Syndicate witness the true path: strength of arm, strength of will!
[TJ_101] JorginOfferExecuteTwo
If I should not return, bury me in Ogham, next to my brother.
[TJ_102] JorginOfferExecuteThree
This time, do what must be done, exile.
[TJ_103] JorginReplyToBetrayalAcceptedZero
Strength is not merely muscle.
[TJ_104] JorginReplyToBetrayalAcceptedOne
Aye, weak, through and through! A coward, just like your poisoning pretender, Chitus!
[TJ_105] JorginReplyToBetrayalAcceptedTwo
And I'll wager a guess: the First Ones hate ya too. And whatever serves as your mother, for good measure.
[TJ_106] JorginReplyToBetrayalAcceptedThree
Keep pushing me, Oriathan. My clan's itching for some Bloody Flowers of our own!
[TJ_107] JorginReplyToBetrayalAcceptedFour
I didn't kill my brother, you bastard!
[TJ_108] JorginReplyToBetrayalAcceptedFive
Ah, ya fool Mutewind. I was framed and exiled here. Strange how quickly the Syndicate snapped me up once I arrived, yes?
[TJ_109] JorginReplyToBetrayalAcceptedSix
Thus the weak seek to undermine the mighty.
[TJ_110] JorginInterrogatedZero
I've nothin' to hide. Only strength matters.
[TJ_111] JorginInterrogatedOne
You can starve the beast, but you will not break it.
[TJ_112] JorginInterrogatedTwo
Exile, exile, ya really must learn!
[TJ_113] JorginReplyToExecutionZero
The weak deserve death.
[TJ_114] JorginReplyToExecutionOne
So it must be.
[TJ_115] JorginReplyToExecutionTwo
Aye, the strong climb on the backs of the weak.
[TJ_116] JorginSafehouseLeaderDefeatedZero
Good, exile. The strongest wins. I knew one day it would not be me.
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