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[DEL_03] DeliriumVoiceEventOne
Someone wants you dead...
[DEL_04] DeliriumVoiceEventTwo
And the rivers ran red with the blood of innocents...
[DEL_05] DeliriumVoiceEventThree
You are being followed...
[DEL_06] DeliriumVoiceEventFour
Fear controls you.
[DEL_07] DeliriumVoiceEventFive
You are completely alone.
[DEL_08] DeliriumVoiceEventSix
Guilt is weighing you down.
[DEL_09] DeliriumVoiceEventSeven
No one will remember you.
[DEL_10] DeliriumVoiceEventEight
Time is an illusion.
[DEL_11] DeliriumVoiceEventNine
This world is an illusion.
[DEL_12] DeliriumVoiceEventTen
Your greed will be your downfall.
[DEL_13] DeliriumVoiceEventEleven
Your actions serve no one.
[DEL_14] DeliriumVoiceEventTwelve
You are your own worst enemy.
[DEL_15] DeliriumVoiceEventThirteen
Rich and poor alike are destined to rot.
[DEL_16] DeliriumVoiceArea1-
Farewell Innocence, and hello, my agent of anarchy. It appears I've returned just in time for the party...
[DEL_17] DeliriumVoiceArea2-
I know you can hear me, exile. You're not mad... not yet...
[DEL_18] DeliriumVoiceArea3-
What magnificent monuments to mortal absurdity. Yet it is somehow... aspirational.
[DEL_19] DeliriumVoiceArea4-
If only you knew what this place truly hides...
[DEL_20] DeliriumVoiceArea5-
Flames and madness. I'm so glad I didn't miss the fun.
[DEL_21] DeliriumVoiceArea6-
One person's beginning is another's end. I wonder what your end will begin...
[DEL_22] DeliriumVoiceArea7-
Death still crashes upon the sands. But who are these new inhabitants?
[DEL_23] DeliriumVoiceArea8-
Feel compelled to stride beneath the waves? Perhaps you should.
[DEL_24] DeliriumVoiceArea9-
The God of War has reshaped this region. He's always been... unimaginative.
[DEL_25] DeliriumVoiceArea10-
Tukohama is expecting you... Don't keep him waiting.
[DEL_26] DeliriumVoiceArea11-
New paths lead to new nightmares.
[DEL_27] DeliriumVoiceArea12-
Are you any more free than the bones trapped down here? Or are you caught in a prison of a different kind?
[DEL_28] DeliriumVoiceArea13-
Climb to great heights, only to leap... You feel the temptation, do you not?
[DEL_29] DeliriumVoiceArea14-
The Soul Drinker... Abberath awaits...
[DEL_30] DeliriumVoiceArea15-
The Puppet Mistress is calling your name...
[DEL_31] DeliriumVoiceArea16-
Can you hear it, Exile? Madness approaches.
[DEL_32] DeliriumVoiceArea17-
Life would be so much simpler if you accepted Ryslatha's offer...
[DEL_33] DeliriumVoiceArea18-
Salt on the wind... The river sours. The King has returned.
[DEL_34] DeliriumVoiceArea19-
Are you being led into a trap?
[DEL_35] DeliriumVoiceArea20-
He calls to you from beyond the horizon...
[DEL_36] DeliriumVoiceArea21-
The Lord of Salt and Sea shall set you free... Well, your soul anyway.
[DEL_37] DeliriumVoiceArea22-
All these rotten rattlers were brought down by your hand. Will they return the favour?
[DEL_38] DeliriumVoiceArea23-
It was madness which strangled this place. You can feel it, can't you?
[DEL_39] DeliriumVoiceArea24-
Look what faith does. Ignore not this lesson.
[DEL_40] DeliriumVoiceArea25-
Noplace better to hide your heresy than right beneath the bishop's nose...
[DEL_41] DeliriumVoiceArea26-
Skill bound by logic built this grim sanctuary. Madness tore it down.
[DEL_42] DeliriumVoiceArea27-
Such magnificent talent. And you wish to ruin it...
[DEL_43] DeliriumVoiceArea28-
Deeper still, Exile. Deeper still.
[DEL_44] DeliriumVoiceArea29-
The walls are closing in...
[DEL_45] DeliriumVoiceArea30-
Ralakesh... My brother has been busy, hasn't he...
[DEL_46] DeliriumVoiceArea31-
Can you feel it? Despair, thick as cloth.
(no transcription)
(no transcription)
[DEL_47C] DeliriumVoiceArea32-
Gruthkul got a lot less fun after, you know, all her children died. Not my fault.
[DEL_48] DeliriumVoiceArea33-
Great works require a touch of insanity.
[DEL_49] DeliriumVoiceArea34-
An entire civilization caught in a blood-hungry frenzy. What a delight it was to witness.
[DEL_50] DeliriumVoiceArea35-
The Mother of Shadows makes herself known.
(no transcription)
(no transcription)
[DEL_51C] DeliriumVoiceArea36-
Nice of you to help rid Sin of his former lover. I'd have told him exactly where he could put such a request.
[DEL_52] DeliriumVoiceArea37-
What were such large walls trying to keep out? Or... keep in...?
[DEL_53] DeliriumVoiceArea38-
Take a deep breath, Exile. That is the smell of civilised society.
[DEL_54] DeliriumVoiceArea39-
Why do mortals insist on burying all the fun things?
[DEL_55] DeliriumVoiceArea40-
My greatest regret is not being there to witness the bedlam that led to the state of this city.
[DEL_56] DeliriumVoiceArea41-
Run through your tunnels, ugly little rat! Pick up your scraps! Beware of the cat!
[DEL_57] DeliriumVoiceArea42-
This looks like a lovely spot to lay down and die, Exile.
[DEL_58] DeliriumVoiceArea43-
Oh, this brings back memories. Solaris was not so gaudy when I knew her.
[DEL_59] DeliriumVoiceArea44-
They used to be so close, you know... The Celestial Sisters.
[DEL_60] DeliriumVoiceArea45-
Such grand monuments built to honour a petty hot-head.
[DEL_61] DeliriumVoiceArea46-
Parade your victories, hide your defeats. Mortals are so insecure.
[DEL_62] DeliriumVoiceArea47-
That little creep is near. How exciting.
[DEL_63] DeliriumVoiceArea48-
Yugul, the silver terror. Now we shall see what you're made of, Exile.
[DEL_64] DeliriumVoiceArea49-
I'd not have wasted so much stone on these sisters.
[DEL_65] DeliriumVoiceArea50-
Lunaris was always the moody one.
[DEL_66] DeliriumVoiceArea51-
It wasn't hard to turn them against each other. A little nudge here and there. That's all it took.
[DEL_67] DeliriumVoiceArea52-
You wish to fight the very skies themselves. Win or lose, this will be a pleasure to see.
[DEL_68] DeliriumVoiceArea53-
Take a sip. What's the worst that could happen?
(no transcription)
[DEL_69B] DeliriumVoiceArea54-
You're quite the slaughterer. Should I be wary of you?
[DEL_70] DeliriumVoiceArea55-
Savour the sand that stings your face. It is a reminder that I still let you live.
(no transcription)
[DEL_71B] DeliriumVoiceArea56-
You cannot slay gods. Gods are immortal. Do you question what you are told?
[DEL_72] DeliriumVoiceArea57-
Sin is sending you to slay his daughter now, too? You'd think he would be more upset...
[DEL_73] DeliriumVoiceArea58-
Why do you believe Sin can be trusted?
[DEL_74] DeliriumVoiceArea59-
It was Sin's creation that brought about Wraeclast's ruin. We are simply here to restore it.
(no transcription)
(no transcription)
[DEL_75C] DeliriumVoiceArea60-
Garukhan nests near. What I wouldn't give to relive the halcyon days of ancient Keth, when we kept mortals in their rightful place.
(no transcription)
[DEL_76B] DeliriumVoiceArea61-
Technology is a poor substitute for power.
(no transcription)
(no transcription)
[DEL_77C] DeliriumVoiceArea62-
I will not miss this thing's strangling slumber.
[DEL_78A] DeliriumVoiceArea63-
The smell is bad, but the tenants are worse...
(no transcription)
[DEL_79] DeliriumVoiceArea64-
Once more into the bleeding heart of fury and depravity.
[DEL_80] DeliriumVoiceArea65-
You seek to end the madness, yet you were its herald. It was you who allowed Kitava's return.
[DEL_81] DeliriumVoiceArea66-
Faith is born in the strangest of places.
[DEL_82] DeliriumVoiceArea67-
Such fine trinkets show their true value in times of crisis.
[DEL_83] DeliriumVoiceArea68-
Order is ephemeral. Chaos is the natural state of things.
[DEL_84] DeliriumVoiceArea69-
Nothing shatters sanity quite like blind faith.
[DEL_85] DeliriumVoiceArea70-
How deep do the dead dwell? How many will stand atop your own bones?
(no transcription)
(no transcription)
[DEL_86C] DeliriumVoiceArea71-
Kitava will welcome you with open jaws.
(no transcription)
(no transcription)
[DEL_87C] DeliriumVoiceArea72-
You walk through the corridors of madness and into the mouth of death itself. I do believe you have finally lost your mind.
[DEL_88] DeliriumVoiceRandomRandom
Your tolerance of the intolerable is admirable.
[DEL_89] DeliriumVoiceRandom2
What will be the straw that finally breaks you? I will find it.
[DEL_90] DeliriumVoiceRandom3
I will never stop searching for that which sends you spiralling into the abyss.
(no transcription)
[DEL_92] DeliriumVoiceRandom4
You cannot stop death.
[DEL_93] DeliriumVoiceRandom5
Your life will end, and you will be forgotten.
[DEL_94] DeliriumVoiceRandom6
This is all in your head.
[DEL_95] DeliriumVoiceRandom7
This is all an illusion.
[DEL_96] DeliriumVoiceRandom8
Nothing you do will be remembered.
[DEL_97] DeliriumVoiceRandom9
They are out to get you.
[DEL_98] DeliriumVoiceRandom10
They are plotting against you.
[DEL_99] DeliriumVoiceRandom11
You are the only one who matters.
[DEL_100] DeliriumVoiceRandom12
You are greater than a god. Untouchable.
[DEL_101] DeliriumVoiceRandom13
You have already done this before. You are caught in a loop.
[DEL_102] DeliriumVoiceRandom14
Your life will leave no trace.
(no transcription)
[DEL_104] DeliriumVoiceRandom15
You will die alone and afraid.
[DEL_105] DeliriumVoiceRandom16
Everything you have done has only made things worse.
[DEL_106] DeliriumVoiceRandom17
You will be remembered as a traitor and a tyrant.
[DEL_107] DeliriumVoiceRandom18
You are the cause of great misery.
[DEL_108] DeliriumVoiceRandom19
You have fabricated your entire memory.
[DEL_109] DeliriumVoiceRandom20
You are being controlled by greater forces.
[DEL_110] DeliriumVoiceRandom21
Nothing you have done was real.
[DEL_111] DeliriumVoiceRandom22
Your life has been one long lie.
[DEL_112] DeliriumVoiceRandom23
They are using you. Everyone is simply using you.
(no transcription)
[DEL_114] DeliriumVoiceRandom24
You will never get that which you seek.
[DEL_115] DeliriumVoiceRandom25
They are getting closer. They will find you and they will destroy you.
[DEL_116] DeliriumVoiceRandom26
They know all your secrets. Nothing is hidden from their view.
[DEL_117] DeliriumVoiceRandom27
You have experienced no real pain. That will soon change.
[DEL_118] DeliriumVoiceRandom28
All suffering in this world stems from your actions.
[DEL_119] DeliriumVoiceRandom29
Feeling OK...? You're looking a little pale, Exile...
[DEL_120] DeliriumVoiceRandom30
Ohh, the weary traveler draws close to the end of its life!
[DEL_121] DeliriumVoiceRandom31
Still alive, exile? For now...
[DEL_122] DeliriumVoiceRandom32
You are rotting from the inside out.
[DEL_123] DeliriumVoiceRandom33
Everyone you trust has been replaced by illusions. They are trying to get you.
[DEL_124] DeliriumVoiceRandom34
My lord, you are murdering innocent souls!
[DEL_125] DeliriumVoiceRandom35
Time is a veil. You exist in the singular eternity.
[DEL_126] DeliriumVoiceRandom36
You can never die. Why don't you test it...?
[DEL_127] DeliriumVoiceRandom37
The face that stares back in the mirror is a stranger.
[DEL_128] DeliriumVoiceRandom38
Why don't you lay down your weapons and talk it over...?
(no transcription)
[DEL_130] DeliriumVoiceRandom39
You are destined to bring ruin to all you touch.
[DEL_131] DeliriumVoiceRandom40
They will all abandon you when they learn the truth.
[DEL_132] DeliriumVoiceRandom41
You will be captured, stupid beast.
[DEL_133] DeliriumVoiceRandom42
You are just another stumbling corpse.
[DEL_134] DeliriumVoiceRandom43
You are lost in the middle of the jungle.
[DEL_135] DeliriumVoiceRandom44
The unrighteous will be turned to ash.
[DEL_136] DeliriumVoiceRandom45
Still sane, exile?
[DEL_137] DeliriumVoiceRandom46
They are watching you from beyond this world. Can you feel them?
[DEL_138] DeliriumVoiceRandom47
They will turn you into red milk.
[DEL_139] DeliriumVoiceRandom48
No one knows your name. No one but me.
[DEL_140] DeliriumVoiceRandom49
You will never know my name.
[DEL_141] DeliriumVoiceRandom50
You are free to explore this vast world, yet here you are doing the bidding of others.
[DEL_142] DeliriumVoiceRandom51
Warriors far greater than you ever will be are long forgotten.
[DEL_143] DeliriumVoiceRandom52
You can't leave this dream.
[DEL_144] DeliriumVoiceRandom53
You will never escape this nightmare.
[DEL_145] DeliriumVoiceRandom54
This is your eternity.
[DEL_146] DeliriumVoiceRandom55
True strength comes from within, and I know for a fact you are empty.
[DEL_147] DeliriumVoiceRandom56
Everyone you have slain had a life, had a family. Your turn will come one day.
[DEL_148] DeliriumVoiceRandom57
You destroy that which you cannot control.
[DEL_149] DeliriumVoiceRandom58
Are you the hunter or are you the prey?
[DEL_150] DeliriumVoiceRandom59
Stupid dog, you are chasing your own tail.
(no transcription)
(no transcription)
(no transcription)
[DEL_154] DeliriumVoiceRandom60
They've come to you to die. You are their mercy.
[DEL_155] DeliriumVoiceRandom61
Are you the fisherman or are you the bait?
[DEL_156] DeliriumVoiceBoss1-
Can't keep still...? Neither can he...
[DEL_157] DeliriumVoiceBoss2-
Do you hear it? Your misery manifest now seeks you out.
[DEL_158] DeliriumVoiceBoss3-
Panic builds within you. You can feel it hunting you, can't you?
[DEL_159] DeliriumVoiceBoss4-
Your eyes do not deceive you. That demon has come for your head.
[DEL_160] DeliriumVoiceBoss5-
I wonder... what horrid visions will this being bring?
[DEL_161] DeliriumVoiceBoss6-
Not dead yet? You'll soon wish you were...
[DEL_162] DeliriumVoiceBoss7-
Have you met my friend? He is so eager to meet you...
[DEL_163] DeliriumVoiceBoss8-
It seems we have a visitor. Why don't you welcome them?
[DEL_164] DeliriumVoiceSimulacrum1-
Remember this ramshackle place? A second home... And yet, something seems off, does it not?
[DEL_165] DeliriumVoiceSimulacrum2-
You've stood against so many horrors and survived. I think it is time to at last test your limits.
[DEL_166] DeliriumVoiceSimulacrum3-
This is only the beginning.
[DEL_167] DeliriumVoiceSimulacrum5-
Are you trying to cleanse yourself of me?
[DEL_168] DeliriumVoiceSimulacrum6-
You can't get rid of me, Exile. I am you.
[DEL_169] DeliriumVoiceSimulacrum7-
Nothing you do matters. The dream will end, and the dreamer will pass into the next world.
[DEL_170] DeliriumVoiceSimulacrum8-
Do you not wonder what tugs at the strings of fate? What stands astride the abyss and beckons you to fall?
[DEL_171] DeliriumVoiceSimulacrum9-
Believe me, you will fall, Exile.
[DEL_172] DeliriumVoiceSimulacrum10-
I will break you.
[DEL_173] DeliriumVoiceSimulacrum4-
Let yourself be drawn into the mire!
[DEL_174] DeliriumVoiceSimulacrum11-
I will not be made the fool!
[DEL_175] DeliriumVoiceSimulacrum12-
So be it. Keep your precious sanity, my agent of chaos. You shall serve me, whether you like it or not. I'm not going anywhere...
[DEL_176] DeliriumVoiceQuestState1-
Pleased with yourself? Feel all high and mighty, o powerful 'Godslayer?'
[DEL_177] DeliriumVoiceQuestState2-
With all the gods dead, I suppose I should turn my full attention to you. We shall see how far you can be pushed.