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[Jamanra_Death] JamanraDeath
We will... rise... again...
[Jamanra_Intro] JamanraIntro
The Scourge of the Vastiri will ride once more. All will bow - or die!
[Jamanra_Phase_01] JamanraPhaseOne
We who have nothing need nothing.
[Jamanra_Phase_02] JamanraPhaseTwo
We who need nothing have everything!


[Jamanra_AllShallServe_01] JamanraAllShallServe
All shall serve!
[Jamanra_BeForgotten_01] JamanraBeForgotten
Be forgotten!
[Jamanra_BeUndone_01] JamanraBeUndone
Be undone!
[Jamanra_Cower_01] JamanraCower
Cower before Jamanra!
[Jamanra_WeChoose_01] JamanraWeChoose
We choose might!