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[Kurai_RevengeAlt_A] KuraiContractFourKuraiToVoxTwoB
[Kurai_01] KuraiTownIntro
My apologies, Exile, but I'm waiting for someone. Perhaps you could attend to the needs of the others here.
[Kurai_02] KuraiAccessGranted
Do I hear the clink of markers in your pockets? Claimed from one of your victims, or perhaps from the victim of one of your victims. It is impossible to know how far back that chain could unwind, but now they belong to you, and you seem to be in good health. To the victor, et cetera. It seems you are the one I have patiently waited for. Yes, you will do just fine.

Take a marker in your hand. Speak these words into your mind: The Ring binds us all, and to all within I shall do no harm.

I will see you soon.
[Kurai_03] KuraiHubIntro
Welcome, Exile, to the Ring. I am Kurai. While you are here, you will do no harm to any of its members. You are a guest of the Ring, and the Boss has no tolerance for guests who do not obey his rules. What goes around, comes around, if you will excuse the aphorism.

Take your time and look around. Introduce yourself to the others here. When you are ready, find me. The Ring has a job for you, if you are willing.
[Kurai_04] KuraiTheRing
The Ring operates outside whatever semblance of the 'law' remains out here. But lawlessness does not exclude civility, and does not need to create chaos. If someone is intent on taking what is not theirs, better to have a professional handle it and avoid unnecessary violence and confusion.

The Ring is contracted by those who seek a solution to the... misallocation of resources. We assign members based on the needs of the job, and we take a small cut. Everyone wins, other than the target of our work.
[Kurai_05] KuraiFirstMission
A client wishes to utilise our services. The Boss would like to offer you the opportunity to assist member Karst on this job. There is room yet in the Ring, if you can handle the work. The details are on the contract. I suggest you review it before you set off.

Speak to Adiyah when you are ready. She will get you within range of the mark.

And try to keep your partner safe, so he may do what he is best at. Karst is not as tough as he believes, but the Boss has never seen another Lockpick as talented.
[Kurai_06] KuraiFirstMissionComplete
I hope you enjoyed your first job. Karst spoke highly of you. Well, he did not outright speak poorly of you, which, for Karst, means a great deal.

The items you procure should be exchanged with Faustus for markers. In addition to allowing entry onto Ring premises, markers can be redeemed with the residents of the Ring for various goods and services, including Blueprints. Please, do not hesitate to speak to me if you need further elucidation.

I suggest you return to your ordinary duties, whatever they may be, until another Contract crosses your path.
[Kurai_07] KuraiSeals
The Ring operates based on favours. Markers allow us to track those favours, and to ensure no one is taking advantage of, or being taken advantage of, by any other Ring member. They are also how you got here. You'll excuse me if that seemed obvious. At times I must deal with people whose talents are... not intellectual in nature.
[Kurai_08] KuraiContracts
What is valuable to you or I may not be valuable to the Boss or Faustus. Where you see a worthless trinket, another may see a precious heirloom, or the final piece in a life-long collection. Contracts allow our clients to hire the Ring to pursue goods that hold no objective value on the client's behalf. Sometimes that value comes from knowing the original owner no longer has it.

The Ring makes few moral judgements on what it is hired to obtain. So long as it is not breathing and it is not liable to put the entire Ring at risk, we will not turn a contract down. And neither should you.
[Kurai_09] KuraiBlueprints
Though Contracts allow the Ring to keep spinning, we are skilled professionals, and skilled professionals wish to test the limits of their skills. The Ring has obtained the layouts of locations known to hold objects of great value. Naturally, these locations are heavily protected and patrolled, and to pull off a job in such a location requires a team.

The Boss is happy to provide blueprints for these highly secure locations and access to the skills and resources needed to strip such a location bare... for a price. Complete contracts, earn markers, and you will be able to utilise those services.
[Kurai_10] KuraiTheBoss
The Boss is an extraordinarily busy man, so I enact his orders and allocate tasks to members as needed on his behalf. I am, for all intents and purposes, his administrator. If you have any issues, please take them to me and I can raise it with The Boss when he is available.
[Kurai_11] KuraiVoxTwins
The Vox family has enjoyed a place among Oriath's nobility for several generations, but in recent years, Victario and Vincent Vox have used coercion, blackmail, and violence to ensure the family sits at the centre of Oriath's business and social ecosystem. The twins enjoy a legitimate public persona, all while they bury their hands deep in the criminal underworld.

The Boss would, of course, love to see the Vox criminal enterprise dismantled. The Ring competes with the Vox crime family for many of the same jobs. But removing competition is secondary to freeing hard-working families from their looming threat. The Boss is shrewd, not heartless.
[Kurai_12] KuraiDominus
Dominus was a terrible human being, but the Ring owes a great debt to him. Without his overzealous exilings, the Ring would not have a rich pool of talent to draw upon. The Boss himself learned a great deal about the power of anonymity and mythos from Dominus. Lessons he employs today.
[Kurai_13] KuraiKaom
A king is human, mortal, vulnerable to the same temptations and vices as are we all. A legend lives on for as long as it is told, its meaning and message shifting to fit the needs of the speaker or the audience. Kaom seems to have found himself stuck somewhere in the middle.

The greatest lesson to take away from the story of the fallen Karui king is this: A leader is nothing without the loyalty of their followers. And, I suppose, that those followers should still have their heads attached.
[Kurai_14] KuraiOriath
I do not like to talk about my younger days, except to say that I did what I had to in order to survive, and I am glad that time is behind me.
[Kurai_15] KuraiOriathPostFall
While I feel for those lost in the wake of Oriath's fall, forgive me if I do not shed a tear for the city which, even now, fills my nights with terror.
[Kurai_16] KuraiTheGods
It takes a lot to surprise me, but I must admit, I did not expect to contend with the divine in my lifetime. It goes to show that there's a seed of truth in every story.
[Kurai_17] KuraiContractOne
You've got a contract I have taken out. Excuse me if you know the tale, but I find a well-informed thief is a better thief.

A few hundred years ago, Kaom, a Karui king of note, landed on the shores of Wraeclast and began an ill-fated conquest north. He won a decisive battle against the Eternals with the help of his niece, Hyrri. She and many other women took up bows and ambushed General Lioneye when hubris got the better of him. It was an ingenious workaround of a restriction of the Karui Way.

The poet Victario was present at the battle and later gifted Hyrri with a signed copy of "O' Eternal", one of his works. It now sits in the vault of an Oriathan nobleman. I'd like you to bring it home. It should be a straightforward job.
[Kurai_18] KuraiContractOneCompleted
You got the book. Some moisture damage, but otherwise it seems to be in good condition.

To my Karui Queen,
The Ngamakanui rose has never been so beautiful
nor its thorns so deadly.
Let your aim never waiver,
And your story ever be told.

Thank you. I'll make sure it finds its way back to Ngamakanui, where it belongs.
[Kurai_19] KuraiContractTwo
This job is a bit... unorthodox. Do you recall the book I had you rehome? Well, its owner was quite fond of it. He took out a contract and, it seems, wants to negotiate for the book's return.

I don't wish to involve The Boss in this, since the original contract was mine. I'm going to travel with you to meet the client to make sure there's no funny-business.
[Kurai_20] KuraiContractTwoKuraiToVicOne
We can skip the pleasantries, Vox.
[Kurai_21] KuraiContractTwoKuraiToVicTwo
The book is no longer in my possession.
[Kurai_22] KuraiContractTwoKuraiToVicThree
Where it belongs. Are we done?
[Kurai_23] KuraiContractTwoKuraiToVicFour
Tell me what you want.
[Kurai_24] KuraiContractTwoKuraiToVicFive
[Kurai_25] KuraiContractTwoKuraiToVicSix
Ha! You cannot be serious.
[Kurai_26] KuraiContractTwoKuraiToVicSeven
And if I don't?
[Kurai_27] KuraiContractTwoKuraiToVicEight
You leave me no choice. I'm sorry, Exile. Victario Vox... it appears we are now at war.
[Kurai_28] KuraiContractTwoKuraiToVicNine
Goodbye Mr. Vox. And regards to your brother.
[Kurai_29] KuraiContractTwoCompleted
I should have known better. The meeting was pointless from the start. It was a distraction, Exile. They took Hana, my cat, and left a note saying they would be in touch. It was all just a setup.

This is only the beginning, I fear. I'm deeply sorry that I got you involved.

Be careful.
[Kurai_30] KuraiContractThree
The Vox twins are offering to return Hana and negotiate a truce, so long as we are willing to meet them in person once more. I doubt this meeting will be any more useful than the last. In fact, we may be walking into an ambush, but I want Hana back. I've put all members on high alert while we are gone, and Adiyah is ready to help us escape if it comes to that.

We'll go when you're ready.
[Kurai_31] KuraiContractThreeKuraiToVinnyOne
[Kurai_32] KuraiContractThreeKuraiToExileOne
Ignore them. Keep moving.
[Kurai_33] KuraiContractThreeKuraiToExileTwo
Do you see them anywhere? I--... Oh... oh no. No, no, no...
[Kurai_34] KuraiContractThreeKuraiToVicOne
... I understand.
[Kurai_35] KuraiContractThreeKuraiToVinnyThree
... I have a counter-proposal. How about we kill you, Vincent. And you, Victario. How about we kill both of you, and every member of your wretched family. How about that? How does that deal sound!?
[Kurai_36] KuraiContractThreeCompleted
Vic and Vinny are monsters, Exile. Monsters. They terrorise anyone who does not submit and swear fealty. They killed Hana.

When it comes to business, The Boss does not normally take personal feelings into consideration, but he has made an exception here. He wants the Vox family dead. Plans are in motion. Stay alert.
[Kurai_37] KuraiContractFour
We have been monitoring communications in the Vox crime family for some time. Vic and Vinny have been careful to remain separate, so as not to invite an ambush, but we believe they are uniting very soon for a celebration.

This is the best time to strike. Please ready yourself.
[Kurai_38] KuraiContractFourBeginning
The Boss expects we will face enormous resistance. If you wish to back out, speak up. I will understand.


...Thank you. Everyone.
[Kurai_39] KuraiContractFourKuraiToVoxOne
Vincent and Victario Vox!
[Kurai_40] KuraiContractFourKuraiToVoxsTwo
You petulant, overgrown children! Today you face justice.
[Kurai_41] KuraiContractFourKuraiToVoxTwo
No... for the family.
[Kurai_42] KuraiContractFourCompleted
Death cannot bring back the dead, but it can bring peace to the living. The Vox family was a source of anguish for more people than I care to mention. With the twins gone, their hold on civilian life is relinquished, at least for now. The increased business we will now receive is a simply a happy coincidence.

And I know, somewhere in Hinekora's hallowed halls, Hana is sinking her claws deep into Vox flesh.

The Boss has authorised me to give you a bonus. Thank you again, Exile.
[Kurai_44_01_01] KuraiGreetingOneA
[Kurai_44_01_02] KuraiGreetingOneB
[Kurai_44_01_03] KuraiGreetingOneC
[Kurai_44_02_01] KuraiGreetingTwoA
How can I help?
[Kurai_44_02_02] KuraiGreetingTwoB
How can I help?
[Kurai_44_02_03] KuraiGreetingTwoC
How can I help?
[Kurai_44_03_01] KuraiGreetingThreeA
[Kurai_44_03_02] KuraiGreetingThreeB
[Kurai_44_03_03] KuraiGreetingThreeC
[Kurai_44_04_01] KuraiGreetingFourA
How's business?
[Kurai_44_04_02] KuraiGreetingFourB
How's business?
[Kurai_44_04_03] KuraiGreetingFourC
How's business?
[Kurai_44_05_01] KuraiGreetingFiveA
Keeping out of trouble?
[Kurai_44_05_02] KuraiGreetingFiveB
Keeping out of trouble?
[Kurai_44_05_03] KuraiGreetingFiveC
Keeping out of trouble?
[Kurai_45_01_01] KuraiFarewellOneA
[Kurai_45_01_02] KuraiFarewellOneB
[Kurai_45_01_03] KuraiFarewellOneC
[Kurai_45_02_01] KuraiFarewellTwoA
Stay safe.
[Kurai_45_02_02] KuraiFarewellTwoB
Stay safe.
[Kurai_45_02_03] KuraiFarewellTwoC
Stay safe.
[Kurai_45_03_01] KuraiFarewellThreeA
Stay out of trouble.
[Kurai_45_03_02] KuraiFarewellThreeB
Stay out of trouble.
[Kurai_45_03_03] KuraiFarewellThreeC
Stay out of trouble.
[Kurai_45_04_01] KuraiFarewellFourA
[Kurai_45_04_02] KuraiFarewellFourB
[Kurai_45_04_03] KuraiFarewellFourC
[Kurai_45_05_01] KuraiFarewellFiveA
I'll be here when you need me.
[Kurai_45_05_02] KuraiFarewellFiveB
I'll be here when you need me.
[Kurai_45_05_03] KuraiFarewellFiveC
I'll be here when you need me.
[Kurai_46_A] SelectionBanterTibbsKuraiReply
The Boss is always happy to have you involved, Tibbs. How are your nerves?
[Kurai_46_B] SelectionBanterTibbsKuraiReplyTwo
I understand. Please look after yourself.
[Kurai_46_C] SelectionBanterTibbsKuraiReplyThree
That includes physically. You start feeling the wear and tear of the work, you tell me, understood?
[Kurai_47_A] SelectionBanterKarstKuraiReply
[Kurai_47_B] SelectionBanterKarstKuraiReplyTwo
I will not.
[Kurai_47_C] SelectionBanterKarstKuraiReplyThree
I will not.
[Kurai_47_D] SelectionBanterKarstKuraiReplyFour
Will not. 
[Kurai_48_A] SelectionBanterTullinaKuraiReply
Doing that as we speak. Did you want any input?
[Kurai_48_B] SelectionBanterTullinaKuraiReplyTwo
Nothing specific, but he is aware of this operation, and he wishes us good fortune.
[Kurai_49_A] SelectionBanterIslaKuraiReply
I've never known you to be excited for this part, Isla.
[Kurai_49_B] SelectionBanterIslaKuraiReplyTwo
[Kurai_49_C] SelectionBanterIslaKuraiReplyThree
Your what?!
[Kurai_50_A] SelectionBanterVinderiKuraiReply
Oh? I was just about to look for you!
[Kurai_50_B] SelectionBanterVinderiKuraiReplyTwo
No, but it sounds like you might be.
[Kurai_50_C] SelectionBanterVinderiKuraiReplyThree
It is not granted.
[Kurai_50_D] SelectionBanterVinderiKuraiReplyFour
No you can't.
[Kurai_51_A] SelectionBanterKuraiNenetReplyThree
Yes, we'll need your skills for this one.
(no transcription)
[Kurai_53_A] SelectionBanterHuckKuraiReplyFour
Glad you could join us, Huck. We've got a job in the works.
[Kurai_53_B] SelectionBanterHuckKuraiReplyFive
I thought you might be. Before we set off, the Boss wanted me to check in with you.
[Kurai_53_C] SelectionBanterHuckKuraiReplySix
How are you feeling? Mentally.
[Kurai_53_D] SelectionBanterHuckKuraiReplySeven
I understand. The Boss is intent on giving you the support you need, but realise that if you harm any members again, you will be asked to leave.
[Kurai_54_A] SelectionBanterKuraiGiannaReply
Always nice to have you. 
[Kurai_54_B] SelectionBanterKuraiGiannaReplyTwo
Well, it depends quite a lot on--
[Kurai_54_C] SelectionBanterKuraiGiannaReplyThree
That might draw too much att--
[Kurai_54_D] SelectionBanterKuraiGiannaReplyFour
... Good. Well, now I know we have that to fall back on.
[Kurai_55_A] SelectionBanterKuraiToTibbs
Welcome, Tibbs.
[Kurai_55_B] SelectionBanterKuraiToTibbsTwo
Busy. Stressed. Worried for the safety of those in his care.
[Kurai_55_C] SelectionBanterKuraiToTibbsThree
The best.       
[Kurai_56_A] SelectionBanterKuraiToKarst
Thank you for coming, Karst. Please make sure you pay attention.
[Kurai_56_B] SelectionBanterKuraiToKarstTwo
Pay attention. I don't want a repeat of last time.
[Kurai_56_C] SelectionBanterKuraiToKarstThree
When have you ever seen a pair of stone breasts on display?
[Kurai_56_D] SelectionBanterKuraiToKarstFour
Other than your collection.
[Kurai_57_A] SelectionBanterKuraiToTullina
Welcome, Tullina.
[Kurai_57_B] SelectionBanterKuraiToTullinaTwo
New contracts are coming in steadily, but today we're planning something larger.
[Kurai_57_C] SelectionBanterKuraiToTullinaThree
Mmhm. The latest information indicates it will be quite lucrative.
[Kurai_57_D] SelectionBanterKuraiToTullinaFour
The boss is always eager to have you involved.
[Kurai_58_A] SelectionBanterKuraiToIsla
Ah good, Isla, at least I know one person will be paying attention.
[Kurai_58_B] SelectionBanterKuraiToIslaTwo
Unless you're thinking about one of your inventions.
[Kurai_58_C] SelectionBanterKuraiToIslaThree
Even when you shouldn't be.
[Kurai_59_A] SelectionBanterKuraiToVinderi
Vinderi, thank you for joining us.
[Kurai_59_B] SelectionBanterKuraiToVinderiTwo
We're hoping you can help us on a job.
[Kurai_59_C] SelectionBanterKuraiToVinderiThree
There will be several others.
[Kurai_59_D] SelectionBanterKuraiToVinderiFour
That easy?
[Kurai_60_A] SelectionBanterKuraiToNenet
Nenet, good to have you here.
[Kurai_60_B] SelectionBanterKuraiToNenetTwo
Yes, truly.
[Kurai_61_A] SelectionBanterKuraiToNiles
Hello, Niles. Please, join us.
[Kurai_61_B] SelectionBanterKuraiToNilesTwo
Not ill-advised, just risky.
[Kurai_61_C] SelectionBanterKuraiToNilesThree
Do we pay you well enough to consider that an acceptable risk?
[Kurai_62_A] SelectionBanterKuraiToHuck
Huck, thank you for coming.
[Kurai_62_B] SelectionBanterKuraiToHuckTwo
Whakano informs me you have been looking for old acquaintances.
[Kurai_62_C] SelectionBanterKuraiToHuckThree
I see. In that case, the Boss will cover the costs of your search. 
[Kurai_62_D] SelectionBanterKuraiToHuckFour
He wants to. 
[Kurai_63_A] SelectionBanterKuraiToGiannaFive
Welcome, Gianna.
[Kurai_63_B] SelectionBanterKuraiToGiannaSix
That, I suspect, is up to you.
[Kurai_63_C] SelectionBanterKuraiToGiannaSeven
We still have a little more planning to do, but I hope you'll find whatever role you are given fulfilling.   
[Kurai_64_A] SelectionBanterNenetKuraiReply
Thank you, Nenet. Can you be of service?
[Kurai_65_A] SelectionBanterNilesKuraiToTibbs
I know, I know.   
[Kurai_66_A] SelectionBanterGiannaKurai
[Kurai_67_A] SelectionBanterNenetKuraiToKarst
Is that going to be an issue?
[Kurai_67_B] SelectionBanterNenetKuraiToKarstTwo
I understand. Karst, can you still perform your tasks?
[Kurai_67_C] SelectionBanterNenetKuraiToNenet
Good. Nenet?
[Kurai_67_D] SelectionBanterNenetKuraiToNenetTwo
Good. Then let's continue.   
[Kurai_68_A] SelectionBanterHuckKuraiToBoth
How about we just have a little quiet time, hmm?
[Kurai_69_A] SelectionBanterKarstKuraiToIsla
Karst is reading a book?
[Kurai_70_A] SelectionBanterTullinaKuraiToIsla
...This is the first I've heard of your invention. May I suggest you bench it and we review its progress next time?
[Kurai_70_B] SelectionBanterTullinaKuraiReplyFour
It's what I'm here for.
[Kurai_71_A] SelectionBanterHuckKuraiReply
There's a--
[Kurai_71_B] SelectionBanterHuckKuraiReplyTwo
[Kurai_71_C] SelectionBanterHuckKuraiReplyThree
[Kurai_72_A] SelectionBanterKarstKuraiAboutNenet
Nenet has as much a role as you. Leave personal grievances at the door.
(no transcription)
[Kurai_74_A] SelectionBanterKarstKuraiAboutNiles
Karst! Be professional.
[Kurai_75_A] SelectionBanterTullinaKuraiToBoth
Quiet. Both of you. Tullina, no more threatening Niles. Niles, stop making everyone uncomfortable.
[Kurai_75_B] SelectionBanterTullinaKuraiToNiles
You are.
[Kurai_75_C] SelectionBanterTullinaKuraiToNilesTwo
So stop.
[Kurai_76_A] SelectionBanterIslaKuraiToAll
Isla, terrorise Niles later.
[Kurai_77_A] SelectionBanterTibbsKuraiToHuck
Excuse me?
[Kurai_78_A] SelectionBanterKarstKuraiAboutHuck
Karst, have you paid Huck back yet?
[Kurai_78_B] SelectionBanterKarstKuraiAboutHuckTwo
Debts must be repaid. You know that. I'll garnish your fee for this job.
[Kurai_79_A] SelectionBanterIslaKuraiToIsla
I'm leading this planning session.
[Kurai_80_A] SelectionBanterGiannaKuraiAboutHuck
Okay Gi, give it a rest. We have work to do.
[Kurai_81_A] SelectionBanterNilesKuraiAboutGiannaTwo
[Kurai_82_A] SelectionBanterHuckKuraiToGianna
Gianna, enough!
[Kurai_83_A] KuraiGreetingHana1
Hana, Hana!
[Kurai_83_B] KuraiGreetingHana2
Here Hana!
[Kurai_83_C] KuraiGreetingHana3
Good kitty.
[Kurai_83_D] KuraiGreetingHana4
Who's a pretty little girl?
[Kurai_83_E] KuraiGreetingHana5
Come on, Hana! ... No? Fine.
[Kurai_84_A] KuraiBossDoor1
Sorry, Exile. The Boss is out right now.
[Kurai_84_B] KuraiBossDoor2
Please don't go in there. The Boss is very busy and doesn't wish to be disturbed.
[Kurai_84_C] KuraiBossDoor3
I wouldn't go in there if I were you. The Boss has quite a temper.
[Kurai_84_D] KuraiBossDoor4
Stay out of that room, Exile. That's not for you.
[Kurai_84_E] KuraiBossDoor5
Please don't disturb the Boss right now. He's got a lot of work to do.
[Kurai_84_F] KuraiBossDoor6
If you need the Boss for something, please speak to me first.
(no transcription)
(no transcription)
(no transcription)
(no transcription)
(no transcription)
(no transcription)
(no transcription)
[Kurai_87_A] KuraiConfirm1
(no text)
[Kurai_87_B] KuraiConfirm2
(no text)
[Kurai_87_C] KuraiConfirm3
(no text)
[Kurai_87_D] KuraiConfirm4
(no text)
[Kurai_87_E] KuraiConfirm5
(no text)
[Kurai_87_F] KuraiConfirm6
(no text)
[Kurai_87_G] KuraiConfirm7
(no text)
[Kurai_87_H] KuraiConfirm8
(no text)
[Kurai_87_I] KuraiConfirm9
(no text)
[Kurai_87_J] KuraiConfirm10
(no text)
[Kurai_87_K] KuraiConfirm11
(no text)
[Kurai_87_L] KuraiConfirm12
(no text)
[Kurai_87_M] KuraiConfirm13
(no text)
[Kurai_88_A] KuraiInterrupt1
Quiet. We're still planning.
[Kurai_88_B] KuraiInterrupt2
Sorry, plans are still changing.
[Kurai_88_C] KuraiInterrupt3
I need quiet.
[Kurai_88_D] KuraiInterrupt4
Quiet, we're changing a few things.
[Kurai_88_E] KuraiInterrupt5
Shh. This is still being worked out.
[Kurai_88_F] KuraiInterrupt6
Everyone, quiet.
[Kurai_88_G] KuraiInterrupt7
Sorry, everyone. New lineup.
[Kurai_88_H] KuraiInterrupt8
Alright everyone, new plan.
[Kurai_88_I] KuraiInterrupt9
New idea. Listen up.
[Kurai_88_J] KuraiInterrupt10
Sorry, we're making a few changes.
[Kurai_89] SelectionBanterGiannaKuraiReply
[Kurai_190] SelectionBanterNilesKuraiAboutGianna