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[Gianna_01] GiannaIntroduction
Hey good lookin'. Huh. Most people recognise me. I'm Gianna. Worked a spell in the Chitus Theatre, back when you could leave your house without being followed by Templar secret police. I was Shavronne in An Axiom Tragedy. I played Dialla, the Gemling Queen, in Purity Tales, and the fair lady Merveil in Daresso and Merveil, for which I was very nearly nominated to receive a 'Tario.

No? Not a fan of the theatre, I suppose? That's-... That's fine. That act of my story has drawn to a close anyway, but I'm always looking for the next great role. Nothing's quite so thrilling as immersing oneself among the people, and seeing if you can, in fact, pass for the real deal.
[Gianna_02] GiannaAboutBoss
I wasn't exactly planning on a life of crime. Yes, most in my profession do end up begging or stealing, but my career was on the up and up, until I was accused of Pecuniary Lust and exiled.

It just so happens that the Boss, cultural elite that he is, saw me in a few shows. He must have noticed my ability to fully embody any role, to become not just the character, but the person. I'm told he was a practitioner of the performing arts himself, in his youth. Obviously, he has a keen eye for talent.

I'm dying to perform a dialogue with him. Good material is hard to come by 'round here, but I did find a piece by a Bestel floating in the foam. Not particularly engaging, and a frankly unhealthy focus on the female lead's figure in the stage direction, but it's something, at least.

Alas, Kurai maintains the Boss' schedule, and I'm told he is booked up indefinitely. Imagine having lucrative work for months to come! A performer can only dream...
[Gianna_03] GiannaContractOne
Just my luck! Of course you are put on my contract. Do you even know anything about the theatre? The cursed play? The one no performer should ever name, lest they end up consumed by the phantom that haunts it?

It's said that the play's author wrote it while high as an eagle on ergot. He didn't know, of course, and died upon penning the final word.

The play, whose name I shall not utter, is about a beautiful young lady who finds herself swept into a world beneath the sands of the Vastiri, where the dead have built a city of bones. She marries a statue, becomes the queen of this city, and then her skin peels off and a hundred little versions of her spill out. Completely nutty.

It's locked up with the rest of the works deemed distasteful by the Templar, and I simply must have it.
[Gianna_04] GiannaContractOneEnd
Marilla turns to her beloved's unmoving face and speaks the blessed words:

Marilla: Two into one, one into many, to churn the world beneath the crashing dunes.

Marilla's body shatters like porcelain, each fragment becoming Marilla. Each new Marilla shatters again, and again, each fragment becomes whole. The stage is flooded by Marilla. All is Marilla. The statue rises and exits stage right.


Wow. I mean... wow. That was something! Right? That... that was something, right?

I think I might just stick to the unbanned works for a little while, actually. Thanks, though.
[Gianna_05] GiannaContractTwo
You're handling my contract again? I thought I specifically requested someone with a working understanding of the arts! Fine, fine. It's just a job. Well, I'm sure you've done the necessary reading, but I'm dying to gab a bit.

When I worked with the Theopolis Thespian Society, there was an old, old, old woman. I mean, at least forty. She was our seamstress. She created these costumes that looked just like the real thing. Blackguard uniforms, Templar outfits, you name it. Well, one day she vanished, but the costumes remained.

I want to get ahold of that old woman's costumes. They were just so... believable! With those, it'll be much easier to slip into a role undetected.
[Gianna_06] GiannaContractTwoEnd
I don't know how she did it. Each outfit so perfectly matches the original piece. It's almost as if-...what!? Property of Templar Logistics Office!? They're the genuine article! That woman stole real bloody uniforms! Well, I guess that explains why they always looked so genuine. It also explains why we didn't ever see her again.

Oh well, her loss is our gain!
[Gianna_07_A] IntroductionVinderiGiannaReply
[Gianna_07_B] IntroductionVinderiGiannaReplyTwo
Performer. Actress.
[Gianna_07_C] IntroductionVinderiGiannaReplyThree
We met when Vinderi was hired to do the pyrotechnics for a production. He set the curtains on fire, but no one died. I'm here to help you with this job. And other jobs, later. If you want.
[Gianna_07_D] IntroductionVinderiGiannaReplyFour
I think that covers it. Thanks, Vin.
[Gianna_37_A] EntryBanterGiannaToTibbs
How's my scary voice? You there! I'll break you in half!
[Gianna_38_A] EntryBanterGiannaToKarst
Stick to the script everyone.
[Gianna_39_A] EntryBanterGiannaToTullina
[Gianna_39_B] EntryBanterGiannaToTullinaTwo
Are we... are we friends?
[Gianna_39_C] EntryBanterGiannaToTullinaThree
(no text)
[Gianna_40_A] EntryBanterGiannaToIsla
You know what we could really use...?
[Gianna_40_B] EntryBanterGiannaToIslaTwo
[Gianna_40_C] EntryBanterGiannaToIslaThree
Or just a normal mirror! For makeup!
[Gianna_41_A] EntryBanterGiannaToVinderi
Vinderi, ever thought about a keg that makes a lot of smoke but no explosion?
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(no transcription)
[Gianna_42_A] EntryBanterGiannaToNenet
They say all the world's a stage...
[Gianna_43_A] EntryBanterGiannaToNiles
Job first, joking around afterwards.
[Gianna_43_B] EntryBanterGiannaToNilesTwo
Niles! I said save it for later!
[Gianna_44_A] EntryBanterGiannaToHuck
Break a leg, everyone!
[Gianna_45_A] EntryBanterTibbsGiannaReply
Helps to know you're looking out for us, Tibbs.
[Gianna_46_A] EntryBanterKarstGiannaReply
Improvisation! Lovely.
[Gianna_47_A] EntryBanterTullinaGiannaReply
Uh, yeah, but make sure it isn't actually me.
[Gianna_48_A] EntryBanterIslaGiannaReply
Ah, but a watched rose never blossoms, my dear.
[Gianna_48_B] EntryBanterIslaGiannaReplyTwo
Thank you. But seriously, if you stare at me, we WILL be caught.
[Gianna_49_A] EntryBanterVinderiGiannaReply
Oh, the Wilted Quill? Yeah, burnt down. 
[Gianna_50_A] EntryBanterNenetGiannaReply
Yeah, but, acting... that endures. People care about good acting. The universe cares about good acting.
[Gianna_51_A] EntryBanterNilesGiannaReply
Good, I was planning to hold you responsible too.   
[Gianna_52_A] EntryBanterHuckGiannaReply
Actually, I auditioned! ... and I got the role.
[Gianna_53_A] ExitBanterGiannaToTibbs
We did it! Three cheers! Hip-hip?
[Gianna_53_B] ExitBanterGiannaToTibbsTwo
Thanks anyway.
[Gianna_54_A] ExitBanterGiannaToKarst
Take a bow, everyone!
[Gianna_55_A] ExitBanterGiannaToTullina
A stellar performance! Five stars! Two thumbs up!
[Gianna_56_A] ExitBanterGiannaToIsla
I have to admit, engineer, you make quite the spectacle yourself sometimes!
[Gianna_56_B] ExitBanterGiannaToIslaTwo
I have so much to learn about science...
[Gianna_57_A] ExitBanterGiannaToVinderi
Encore! Encore!
[Gianna_58_A] ExitBanterGiannaToNenet
A performance worthy of an audience! Do they have plays where you're from Nenet?
[Gianna_58_B] ExitBanterGiannaToNenetTwo
How do you stay entertained?
[Gianna_59_A] ExitBanterGiannaToNiles
That went so well I could kiss someone!
[Gianna_59_B] ExitBanterGiannaToNilesTwo
Oh, but Niles, what if I accidentally turn you into a prince? I sure would miss you.
[Gianna_60_A] ExitBanterGiannaToHuck
Did you see me in there? Damn, I'm good.
[Gianna_61_A] ExitBanterGiannaToAdiyah
You've got quite the stature, Adiyah. Have you ever considered acting?
[Gianna_61_B] ExitBanterGiannaToAdiyahTwo
Would you?
[Gianna_61_C] ExitBanterGiannaToAdiyahThree
Oh... okay then...
[Gianna_62_A] ExitBanterTibbsGiannaReply
Thanks for keeping us all safe, big guy.
[Gianna_63_A] ExitBanterKarstGiannaReply
Count me in!
[Gianna_64_A] ExitBanterIslaGiannaReply
You know what? You might.
[Gianna_64_B] ExitBanterIslaGiannaReplyTwo
Normally I'd disapprove, but it's Niles, so...
[Gianna_65_A] ExitBanterVinderiGiannaReply
Honestly? That went too smoothly. If one of us had died, that would have been dramatic!   
[Gianna_66_A] ExitBanterNenetGiannaReply
Five stars. The thumbs are a different thing.
[Gianna_67_A] ExitBanterNilesGianaReply
(Laughs) I can't remember the last time I laughed that hard! Thanks Niles!
[Gianna_68_A] ExitBanterHuckGianaReply
Huh!? We did great!
[Gianna_68_B] ExitBanterHuckGianaReplyTwo
Okay. Okay.               
[Gianna_69_A] ExitBanterAdiyahGiannaReply
A star, as always.
[Gianna_70_A] SelectionBanterKuraiToGianna
Always nice to be invited!
[Gianna_70_B] SelectionBanterKuraiToGiannaTwo
Say, before we get too deep into this, do you think my role could use an accent?
[Gianna_70_C] SelectionBanterKuraiToGiannaThree
Oh! What about a limp? Or an eyepatch! 
[Gianna_70_D] SelectionBanterKuraiToGiannaFour
I'm Big Toe Gren, Captain of the Salty Hound.
[Gianna_71_A] SelectionBanterGiannaToTibbs
Fingers crossed this one goes better than our sewer scrape, eh, Tibbie? 
[Gianna_71_B] SelectionBanterGiannaToTibbsTwo
Did you ever find out where those busts were?
[Gianna_71_C] SelectionBanterGiannaToTibbsThree
That was a lot of platinum!
[Gianna_71_D] SelectionBanterGiannaToTibbsFour
Could've bought an island with that platinum.
[Gianna_71_E] SelectionBanterGiannaToKuraiTwo
Nothing Ku.
[Gianna_72_A] SelectionBanterKarstGiannaReplyFive
I'm... not sure you used that word ri--
[Gianna_72_B] SelectionBanterKarstGiannaReplySix
Oh! Were the roses from you?
[Gianna_72_C] SelectionBanterKarstGiannaReplySeven
The toffees?
[Gianna_72_D] SelectionBanterKarstGiannaReplyEight
Aww, did you get me that beautiful gown!?
[Gianna_72_E] SelectionBanterKarstGiannaReplyNine
[Gianna_72_F] SelectionBanterKarstGiannaReplyTen
...Oh. Yes. ...Thank you.
[Gianna_73_A] SelectionBanterGiannaToTullina
Hello everyone!
[Gianna_73_B] SelectionBanterGiannaToKurai
Plans look to be progressing nicely. Lady Kurai, while I'm here, has the Boss' schedule opened up at all?
[Gianna_73_C] SelectionBanterGiannaToTullinaTwo
Shame... Tullina, would you mind running lines with me later?
[Gianna_73_D] SelectionBanterGiannaToTullinaThree
[Gianna_73_E] SelectionBanterGiannaToTullinaFour
Hooray! Best friends!
[Gianna_74_A] SelectionBanterGiannaToIsla
I'm here. Isla, will we be seeing some new inventions for this job?
[Gianna_74_B] SelectionBanterGiannaToIslaTwo
But you've tested them at least, right? ...Right? ....Isla?
[Gianna_75_A] SelectionBanterGiannaToVinderi
Your star has arrived.
[Gianna_75_B] SelectionBanterGiannaToVinderiTwo
No, no! Vin! Me! I mean me!
[Gianna_75_C] SelectionBanterGiannaToVinderiThree
What did you think was happening?
[Gianna_76_A] SelectionBanterGiannaToNenet
Hello all! Did I miss anything important?
[Gianna_76_B] SelectionBanterGiannaToNenetTwo
Oh. Can you catch me up?
[Gianna_76_C] SelectionBanterGiannaToNenetThree
... Oh, is that it?
[Gianna_76_D] SelectionBanterGiannaToNenetFour
Well, uh, thank you Nenet. Very concise.
[Gianna_77_A] SelectionBanterNilesGiannaReplyTwo
How are you?
[Gianna_77_B] SelectionBanterNilesGiannaReplyThree
Not quite...
[Gianna_77_C] SelectionBanterNilesGiannaReplyFour
Almost there...
[Gianna_77_D] SelectionBanterNilesGiannaReplyFive
There it is.
[Gianna_77_E] SelectionBanterNilesGiannaReplySix
So wonderful.
[Gianna_78_A] SelectionBanterGiannaToHuck
Hello everyone! 
[Gianna_78_B] SelectionBanterGiannaToHuckTwo
Your armour is looking sooo shiny today Huck.
[Gianna_78_C] SelectionBanterGiannaToHuckThree
Can't wait to see what's underneath.
[Gianna_79_A] SelectionBanterKuraiGiannaReplyFive
Thanks, lady Kurai. Good role for me today?
[Gianna_79_B] SelectionBanterKuraiGiannaReplySix
Ah, of course.
[Gianna_80_A] SelectionBanterTibbsGiannaReply
Tibbie! Always love a job with you.
[Gianna_80_B] SelectionBanterTibbsGiannaReplyTwo
Uhh, yeah, that was... a mistake.
[Gianna_80_C] SelectionBanterTibbsGiannaReplyThree
Well, let's just say he looked a lot more than he listened. 
(no transcription)
[Gianna_80_E] SelectionBanterTibbsGiannaReplyFour
Aha! Sailors...
[Gianna_81_A] SelectionBanterKarstGiannaReply
Keep it in your tights, Karst.
[Gianna_81_B] SelectionBanterKarstGiannaReplyTwo
That depends... Are you expecting something in return?
[Gianna_81_C] SelectionBanterKarstGiannaReplyThree
I don't think Nenet is all that interested.
[Gianna_81_D] SelectionBanterKarstGiannaReplyFour
Oh Karst, you're such a good thief! You can take anything... but a hint.
[Gianna_82_A] SelectionBanterTullinaGiannaReply
Somewhere to be?
[Gianna_82_B] SelectionBanterTullinaGiannaReplyTwo
I've always kind of enjoyed them. Feels like I only really get to talk to you during these meetings.
[Gianna_82_C] SelectionBanterTullinaGiannaReplyThree
... about...
[Gianna_83_A] SelectionBanterIslaGiannaReply
The ones that make people sick?
[Gianna_83_B] SelectionBanterIslaGiannaReplyTwo
What's the difference?
[Gianna_83_C] SelectionBanterIslaGiannaReplyThree
Just what every man likes to see.
[Gianna_84_A] SelectionBanterVinderiGiannaReply
No, wait, you're meant to be here. We're planning a heist!
[Gianna_84_B] SelectionBanterVinderiGiannaReplyTwo
What'd you have on?
[Gianna_84_C] SelectionBanterVinderiGiannaReplyThree
No, I mean, what were you doing later today?
[Gianna_85_A] SelectionBanterNenetGiannaReply
Nenet! Mind if I practise your accent?
[Gianna_85_B] SelectionBanterNenetGiannaReplyTwo
I suppohz noht.
[Gianna_85_C] SelectionBanterNenetGiannaReplyThree
Eckchully, I tink I do mind.
[Gianna_85_D] SelectionBanterNenetGiannaReplyFour
Plez st--.
[Gianna_85_E] SelectionBanterNenetGiannaReplyFive
Oh. Apologies.   
[Gianna_86_A] SelectionBanterNilesGiannaReply
Niles, please carefully consider--
[Gianna_87_A] SelectionBanterHuckGiannaReply
To stay handsome!
[Gianna_87_B] SelectionBanterHuckGiannaReplyTwo
Keep being cute!
[Gianna_87_C] SelectionBanterHuckGiannaReplyThree
Focus on that bu--
[Gianna_88_A] ExitBanterTullinaGiannaReply
That reminds me! Tullina, I simply must know your workout regiment. Your core is to die for.
[Gianna_89_A] GiannaSelectedForContract1
A star, as always!
[Gianna_89_B] GiannaSelectedForContract2
Your star has arrived!
[Gianna_89_C] GiannaSelectedForContract3
I'm here!
[Gianna_89_D] GiannaSelectedForContract4
Oh, okay then!


[Gianna_08_A] GiannaPerceptionOne
I know set dressing when I see it.
[Gianna_08_B] GiannaPerceptionTwo
They're hiding something. Look.
[Gianna_08_C] GiannaPerceptionThree
Those are props. Something's amiss.
[Gianna_08_D] GiannaPerceptionFour
Something about this doesn't ring true... Hmm.
[Gianna_08_E] GiannaPerceptionFive
It'd be easier to see with proper stage lighting...
[Gianna_08_F] GiannaPerceptionSix
All that time squinting at cue cards has trained me for this.
[Gianna_09_A] GiannaDeceptionOne
Back in line, soldier! I will inspect!
[Gianna_09_B] GiannaDeceptionTwo
Did I say you could speak? Let me do this.
[Gianna_09_C] GiannaDeceptionThree
Quiet. ... See? Nothing. I'll show you.
[Gianna_09_D] GiannaDeceptionFour
Are you drunk, soldier?! There's nothing on the other side.
[Gianna_09_E] GiannaDeceptionFive
Stay in formation! This is a drill!
[Gianna_09_F] GiannaDeceptionSix
Obey your orders! I'll take point!
[Gianna_10_A] GiannaSmugglerOne
I didn't hear nothin', but let's see.
[Gianna_10_B] GiannaSmugglerTwo
Oi, keep it down. Gettin' each other spooked. Here, I'll prove it.
[Gianna_10_C] GiannaSmugglerThree
Don't be so paranoid. Look, nothing's here...
[Gianna_10_D] GiannaSmugglerFour
You're just drunk, mate. Watch, it'll be empty.
[Gianna_10_E] GiannaSmugglerFive
Probably just the rats. Afraid of rats? Let's find out!
[Gianna_10_F] GiannaSmugglerSix
Nah, you're just losin' it. How could anything be here?
[Gianna_11_A] GiannaCultistOne
Ease off the elixir. Nothing is here. Observe.
[Gianna_11_B] GiannaCultistTwo
The fumes are affecting your judgement. I shall prove it.
[Gianna_11_C] GiannaCultistThree
Likely a mere apparition, but I'll make sure.
[Gianna_11_D] GiannaCultistFour
Perhaps you should rest. I'll check for you.
[Gianna_11_E] GiannaCultistFive
A hallucinatory phenomena. Anything you see is, as well.
[Gianna_11_F] GiannaCultistSix
Hearing things is a known side effect, but just to be sure...
[Gianna_12_A] EngineeringGiannaOne
Just like the stagehands taught me.
[Gianna_12_B] EngineeringGiannaTwo
Let's hope this thing holds.
[Gianna_12_C] EngineeringGiannaThree
Should be sturdy... enough.
[Gianna_12_D] EngineeringGiannaFour
Not the sort of catwalk I thought I'd be walking...
[Gianna_12_E] EngineeringGiannaFive
We used one of these backstage, 'til it took a lad's head off.
[Gianna_12_F] EngineeringGiannaSix
Drumroll please... But quietly.
[Gianna_13_A] GiannaBusyOne
My focus is elsewhere.
[Gianna_13_B] GiannaBusyTwo
I need to finish this first.
[Gianna_13_C] GiannaBusyThree
You can't rush a good performance.
[Gianna_13_D] GiannaBusyFour
Good work takes time.
[Gianna_13_E] GiannaBusyFive
Please try to be patient.
[Gianna_14_A] GiannaInterruptedOne
Protect your female lead.
[Gianna_14_B] GiannaInterruptedTwo
Hey, you're hindering a great performance.
[Gianna_14_C] GiannaInterruptedThree
So distracting and awful.
[Gianna_14_D] GiannaInterruptedFour
Mean. Mean mean mean.
[Gianna_15_A] GiannaCombatStartOne
We've got trouble.
[Gianna_15_B] GiannaCombatStartTwo
We're just looking around, I swear!
[Gianna_15_C] GiannaCombatStartThree
Exile? Need you for this!
[Gianna_15_D] GiannaCombatStartFour
Guards! Weapons up!
[Gianna_15_E] GiannaCombatStartFive
Enemies heading our way!
[Gianna_16_A] GiannaCombatEndOne
What an anticlimax.
[Gianna_16_B] GiannaCombatEndTwo
Should've rehearsed more.
[Gianna_16_C] GiannaCombatEndThree
Saw that ending coming a mile away.
[Gianna_16_D] GiannaCombatEndFour
What, no plot twist?
[Gianna_16_E] GiannaCombatEndFive
Always knew I'd knock 'em dead.
[Gianna_17_A] GiannaLootOne
Oooh, that's soooo pretty.
[Gianna_17_B] GiannaLootTwo
That gives me an idea for a character. 
[Gianna_17_C] GiannaLootThree
Really good find. 
[Gianna_17_D] GiannaLootFour
Finders keepers, eh? 
[Gianna_17_E] GiannaLootFive
You've a keen eye for pretty little things, don't you?
[Gianna_18_A] GiannaAlertOne
Shh. We don't want an audience.
[Gianna_18_B] GiannaAlertTwo
Keep it down. There's a lot left to do.
[Gianna_18_C] GiannaAlertThree
Quiet, or we'll have to end early.
[Gianna_18_D] GiannaAlertFour
This is far more tense than I like.
[Gianna_19_A] GiannaAlarmOne
That's our cue to leave! 
[Gianna_19_B] GiannaAlarmTwo
Head for the exit!
[Gianna_19_C] GiannaAlarmThree
Make a run for it!
[Gianna_20_A] GiannaSurpriseAlarmOne
Well, now we improvise!
[Gianna_20_B] GiannaSurpriseAlarmTwo
So much for the plan! Run! 
[Gianna_20_C] GiannaSurpriseAlarmThree
That's not good! We need to rush!
[Gianna_21_A] GiannaFinalRoomOne
And there, before her, was everything she wanted...
[Gianna_21_B] GiannaFinalRoomTwo
They were so close, they could almost taste it. 
[Gianna_21_C] GiannaFinalRoomThree
In most plays, this is where I'd double-cross you. ... I-... I'm not going to double-cross you.
[Gianna_21_D] GiannaFinalRoomFour
This is what we're here for. Go on.
[Gianna_21_E] GiannaFinalRoomFive
Well? Don't keep the audience waiting!
[Gianna_22_A] GiannaObjectiveOne
This is the part where you would double-cross me. Please don't.
[Gianna_22_B] GiannaObjectiveTwo
Now all that's left is to head for the exit.
[Gianna_22_C] GiannaObjectiveThree
That's a relief. I always expect a trap for some reason.
[Gianna_22_D] GiannaObjectiveFour
People have strange taste, don't you think?
[Gianna_23_A] GiannaEntryBanterOne
Ladies and gentlemen, the show's about to begin.
[Gianna_23_B] GiannaEntryBanterTwo
Stay on script and hit your marks.
[Gianna_23_C] GiannaEntryBanterThree
Take a deep breath before we head in. Might be your last.
[Gianna_23_D] GiannaEntryBanterFour
Focus. Watch your breath and move with caution.
[Gianna_23_E] GiannaEntryBanterFive
Take your time. This is just the warmup act.
[Gianna_24_A] GiannaExitBanterOne
Aaaaand scene!
[Gianna_24_B] GiannaExitBanterTwo
Take a BOW! That was phenomenal!
[Gianna_24_C] GiannaExitBanterThree
How about a bloody round of applause, eh?
[Gianna_24_D] GiannaExitBanterFour
By Innocence, I do love a happy ending.
[Gianna_24_E] GiannaExitBanterFive
Faultless! Stunning! An incredible performance! And you were also very good!
[Gianna_25_A] GiannaPerceptionLoudOne
Wait, what's that!?
[Gianna_25_B] GiannaPerceptionLoudTwo
Look! There! No, there!
[Gianna_25_C] GiannaPerceptionLoudThree
They've tried to hide something!
[Gianna_25_D] GiannaPerceptionLoudFour
I know there's something wrong here, just need a bit of time!
[Gianna_25_E] GiannaPerceptionLoudFive
A lot of work went into hiding something here!
[Gianna_25_F] GiannaPerceptionLoudSix
Some convincing fakes here! What are they hiding!?
[Gianna_26_A] GiannaDeceptionLoudOne
Open it! Let them through! Oh, I'll do it!
[Gianna_26_B] GiannaDeceptionLoudTwo
Stand back! I'll take them on single handedly!
[Gianna_26_C] GiannaDeceptionLoudThree
Make way! I must let the reinforcements in!
[Gianna_26_D] GiannaDeceptionLoudFour
Give passage! I have a plan!
[Gianna_26_E] GiannaDeceptionLoudFive
They're with us!
[Gianna_26_F] GiannaDeceptionLoudSix
I'll open the passage, and you take them alive!
[Gianna_27_A] GiannaSmugglerOneCopy
We'll get 'em in here, lads!
[Gianna_27_B] GiannaSmugglerTwoCopy
Wait, ain't they with us!? They is, right!?
[Gianna_27_C] GiannaSmugglerThreeCopy
Can't get 'em from this side! Pop 'er open!
[Gianna_27_D] GiannaSmugglerFourCopy
If we let 'em through, they'll be too confused to fight!
[Gianna_27_E] GiannaSmugglerFiveCopy
Oi, boss wants us to open the door!
[Gianna_27_F] GiannaSmugglerSixCopy
I ain't scared, mate! I'm opening it!
[Gianna_28_A] GiannaCultistOneCopy
Allow passage! We shall claim their ichors!
[Gianna_28_B] GiannaCultistTwoCopy
They beg to be sacrificed! I say we let them!
[Gianna_28_C] GiannaCultistThreeCopy
Their flesh demands passage! We must obey!
[Gianna_28_D] GiannaCultistFourCopy
We must unify! Open the gate!
[Gianna_28_E] GiannaCultistFiveCopy
Separation is trickery! Open the way!
[Gianna_28_F] GiannaCultistSixCopy
They test our faith! Let faith shield you!
[Gianna_29_A] GiannaEngineerLoudOne
Bridge going up!
[Gianna_29_B] GiannaEngineerLoudTwo
Setting up a crossing!
[Gianna_29_C] GiannaEngineerLoudThree
Bridging the gap!
[Gianna_29_D] GiannaEngineerLoudFour
We've got to get across as soon as it's ready!
[Gianna_29_E] GiannaEngineerLoudFive
If this breaks, we'll improvise!
[Gianna_29_F] GiannaEngineerLoudSix
This sort of thing always breaks when everyone's watching!
[Gianna_30_A] GiannaBusyLoudOne
I can play a thousand roles, but not at once!
[Gianna_30_B] GiannaBusyLoudTwo
You can't rush perfection!
[Gianna_30_C] GiannaBusyLoudThree
Can you see I'm in the middle of something!?
[Gianna_30_D] GiannaBusyLoudFour
Bad timing! Really bad timing!
[Gianna_30_E] GiannaBusyLoudFive
I'm busy right now!
[Gianna_31_A] GiannaInterruptedLoudOne
I need an understudy!
[Gianna_31_B] GiannaInterruptedLoudTwo
Out of my face! Now!
[Gianna_31_C] GiannaInterruptedLoudThree
Do something or this will take forever!
[Gianna_31_D] GiannaInterruptedLoudFour
Too rough! Far too rough!
[Gianna_32_A] GiannaCombatStartLoudOne
Security incoming!
[Gianna_32_B] GiannaCombatStartLoudTwo
Let us through, or face your death!
[Gianna_32_C] GiannaCombatStartLoudThree
This is your final scene!
[Gianna_32_D] GiannaCombatStartLoudFour
They just keep coming!
[Gianna_32_E] GiannaCombatStartLoudFive
Leave us alone!
[Gianna_33_A] GiannaCombatEndLoudOne
No second act!
[Gianna_33_B] GiannaCombatEndLoudTwo
It's like they forget they're the villains! Wait... Are they the villains? No, yeah, they're the villains.
[Gianna_33_C] GiannaCombatEndLoudThree
Don't stop moving!
[Gianna_33_D] GiannaCombatEndLoudFour
Keep it up, Exile! 
[Gianna_33_E] GiannaCombatEndLoudFive
Spectacular! Keep going!
[Gianna_34_A] GiannaLootLoudOne
Make sure that's not a posthumous award!
[Gianna_34_B] GiannaLootLoudTwo
Great find, but shouldn't we be leaving!?
[Gianna_34_C] GiannaLootLoudThree
Come on, greedy-guts!
[Gianna_34_D] GiannaLootLoudFour
Don't be blinded by all that glitters!
[Gianna_34_E] GiannaLootLoudFive
Wrap it up! I don't want this to be my final role!
[Gianna_35_A] GiannaFinalRoomLoudOne
There it is! Hurry!
[Gianna_35_B] GiannaFinalRoomLoudTwo
It's right there! Grab it!
[Gianna_35_C] GiannaFinalRoomLoudThree
Get it! I can't handle the suspense!
[Gianna_35_D] GiannaFinalRoomLoudFour
It's there! Grab it while we can!
[Gianna_35_E] GiannaFinalRoomLoudFive
We're so close! The tension is palpable! 
[Gianna_36_A] GiannaObjectiveLoudOne
Perfect! Now for the climax!
[Gianna_36_B] GiannaObjectiveLoudTwo
Good! Now rush to the exit!
[Gianna_36_C] GiannaObjectiveLoudThree
No time for accolades! Go!
[Gianna_36_D] GiannaObjectiveLoudFour
Hope you're not waiting for applause!