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[Huck_01] HuckIntroduction
Sir! Sorry, old habit. You'll get used to it. Blackguard training did a number on me. I'm Huck. Served in the Oriath 3rd for five years. Dishonourably discharged, though I consider that an honour.

My time with the Blackguards put a lot of things in perspective, least once I had some distance from them. What we do here might be illegal, but that don't make it wrong.

You need something -- anything -- you come to me, yeah? We're family now. Family look out for each other.
[Huck_02] HuckAboutBoss
Haven't actually met him myself. Been dealing mostly with lady Kurai. Bit like the old days, really. Orders come down the chain and stop when they hit the right pair of ears.

I'm eager to meet him though. Owe him my life. Had some very dark days after I got discharged. Not a lot of people want to hire veterans, especially when they leave the service under less-than-ideal circumstances. But the Boss secured me a place to live, and gave me a steady income and work to keep me busy.
[Huck_03] HuckContractOne
Ah, my contract. Took it out not long after joining the Ring to track down a mate of mine. Man named Enoch. Not easy making friends at my age, but active duty has a way of forging near-unbreakable bonds. Enoch and I got real close. Might as well've been brothers. Right before I got discharged, Enoch was called up to a special unit we'd heard rumours about. A group under the direction of Piety, of all people. Supposedly some elite strike force, but no one personally knew anyone who was a part of it. 'Til Enoch, that is.

After I started working for the Boss, I asked Whakano to find Enoch. Thought he might be a good fit. But Whakano found no traces. I want to break into the Blackguard Records and find out where he's deployed.
[Huck_04] HuckContractOneDuring
Let's see... Good. Enoch's file is in here. Let's go.
[Huck_05] HuckContractOneEnd
Gods damn them. Piety, Dominus, Gravicius, the whole lot of 'em. They moved Enoch into an 'Unspecified Research' unit. Dead a month later, the cause listed as 'Severe reaction to subdermal augmentations'. They tried to turn him into a gods-damned gemling, and killed him in the process. Oh, Enoch. I'm so sorry, mate.

I appreciate the backup, Exile. I need a bit of time to sort my emotions out, but I reckon I'll have more work for you soon enough.
[Huck_06] HuckContractTwo
Not long after we found Enoch's file, Whakano informed me that he'd found Enoch's family, and that even they had no idea where he was. They assumed he was still on duty.

Can you believe that? The bloody Templars had the gall to massacre Enoch and not even tell his family. That just don't sit right with me.

His records don't list a final resting place, but I know that most blackguards who died on duty were cremated and put to rest in the tunnels beneath the city. It's a long-shot, but maybe we can find some trace of Enoch, to give his parents peace.
[Huck_07] HuckContractTwoEnd
Enoch was the sort of man who'd starve to make sure you had something to eat. The sort of man whose oath to protect and preserve informed everything he did. He deserved far better than he got, and we can do nothing for him now. But with his service records and his tags, we can at least let his mum and dad know what happened.

Don't worry, Exile. I'll handle this messy part. You've done more than enough. Thank you.
[Huck_08_A] IntroductionKarstHuckReply
I'm Huck.
[Huck_08_B] IntroductionKarstHuckReplyTwo
Not really? I suppose the Blackguard training did leave me a bit... rough.
[Huck_09_A] IntroductionHuckAboutNiles
Thought we might be able to use another hand on this one. Meet Niles.
[Huck_09_B] IntroductionHuckAboutNilesTwo
He used to be an interrogator for the Templar. Can read minds a little bit.
[Huck_09_C] IntroductionHuckAboutNilesThree
Just remember that he's very useful. I find that helps.
[Huck_12_A] HuckSelectedOne
[Huck_12_B] HuckSelectedTwo
Ready for duty!
[Huck_12_C] HuckSelectedThree
Just give me my orders!
[Huck_12_D] HuckSelectedFour
Happy to be of use!
[Huck_12_E] HuckSelectedFive
Honoured to be chosen!
[Huck_12_F] HuckSelectedSix
I'll ready my kit.
[Huck_26_A] HuckEntryBanterOne
Peaceful out here. Savour it.
[Huck_26_B] HuckEntryBanterTwo
The calm before the battle, eh?
[Huck_26_C] HuckEntryBanterThree
Used to always hate the silence before a battle. Still do, actually.
[Huck_26_D] HuckEntryBanterFour
Make sure you're good and ready before we head in.
[Huck_26_E] HuckEntryBanterFive
Strike hard, strike true, get out. Got it?
[Huck_27_A] HuckExitBanterOne
That mission was a damned success!
[Huck_27_B] HuckExitBanterTwo
Look at me now, Captain Arturo!
[Huck_27_C] HuckExitBanterThree
Victory! Didn't have many of those in my unit!
[Huck_27_D] HuckExitBanterFour
I knew we could do it! Mostly!
[Huck_27_E] HuckExitBanterFive
Savour it, Exile! Nothing's as sweet as success.
[Huck_38_A] EntryBanterHuckToTibbs
What's the rule, everyone? Be efficient, and...?
[Huck_38_B] EntryBanterHuckToTibbsTwo
--Silent. Efficient and Silent.
[Huck_39_A] EntryBanterHuckToKarst
Focus up everyone. Job comes first.
[Huck_40_A] EntryBanterHuckToExile
Stay alert, stay safe.
[Huck_41_A] EntryBanterHuckToIsla
I'll watch your back, keep you safe.
[Huck_41_B] EntryBanterHuckToIslaTwo
It was a figure of speech.
[Huck_42_A] EntryBanterHuckToVinderi
Pace yourselves. Exhaustion down there means death.
[Huck_43_A] EntryBanterHuckToNenet
Remember, stay alert, eyes peeled.
[Huck_44_A] EntryBanterHuckToNiles
Don't let fear control you. 
[Huck_45_A] EntryBanterHuckToGianna
Don't want to hear no complaints. We all signed up for this.
[Huck_46_A] EntryBanterTibbsHuckReply
Sound advice for life in general, really.
[Huck_47_A] EntryBanterKarstHuckReply
How brave, Karst.
[Huck_48_A] EntryBanterTullinaHuckReply
--On a swivel--
[Huck_49_A] EntryBanterIslaHuckReply
Fear keeps a disciplined man alive.
[Huck_49_B] EntryBanterIslaHuckReplyTwo
I'm never going to wear that infernal thing, Isla. Stop asking, I beg of you.
[Huck_50_A] EntryBanterVinderiHuckReply
Will do.
[Huck_50_B] EntryBanterVinderiHuckReplyTwo
Wh-No! Nonono--
[Huck_51_A] EntryBanterNenetHuckReply
...You mean for our enemies, right?
[Huck_52_A] EntryBanterNilesHuckReply
...Yeah. C-Comforting words. Good. Right. Turn back? No. Right.       
[Huck_53_A] EntryBanterGiannaHuckReply
What an horrible, horrible thing to say. 
[Huck_54_A] ExitBanterHuckToTibbs
Gravicius himself couldn't have planned a better operation.
[Huck_55_A] ExitBanterHuckToKarst
Messy in parts, Karst, but we got there.
[Huck_56_A] ExitBanterHuckToTullina
I love it when a plan comes together.
[Huck_57_A] ExitBanterHuckToIsla
At some point, after so many close calls, a man's gotta admit he's just tired.
[Huck_57_B] ExitBanterHuckToIslaTwo
How about that? A second wind! I'm fine now, plenty fine.
[Huck_58_A] ExitBanterHuckToVinderi
Better than I hoped. Much better than I feared.
[Huck_58_B] ExitBanterHuckToVinderiTwo
Honestly, thought you'd blow us up.
[Huck_59_A] ExitBanterHuckToNenet
Gods, I feel immortal! What a rush.
[Huck_60_A] ExitBanterHuckToNiles
What a blessed day, eh?
[Huck_61_A] ExitBanterHuckToGiana
Gianna, you nearly bloody blew it for us.
[Huck_61_B] ExitBanterHuckToGianaTwo
You need to keep a lower bloody profile.
[Huck_62_A] ExitBanterHuckToAdiyah
That was quite an adventure.
[Huck_63_A] ExitBanterTibbsHuckReply
Definitely more than I could!
[Huck_63_B] ExitBanterTibbsHuckReplyTwo
You're strong!
[Huck_64_A] ExitBanterKarstHuckReply
Honestly kind of wish you didn't. Sorry. Too mean. Sorry.
[Huck_65_A] ExitBanterTullinaHuckReply
Seems irresponsible to tell your kids about your robberies.
[Huck_66_A] ExitBanterIslaHuckReply
That thing ripped a mannequin in half!
[Huck_66_B] ExitBanterIslaHuckReplyTwo
Oh, I am! I-, I am!
[Huck_67_A] ExitBanterVinderiHuckReply
E-Excuse me!?
[Huck_68_A] ExitBanterNenetHuckReply
Reckon that calls for a celebration!
[Huck_69_A] ExitBanterNilesHuckReply
Let's hope we live long enough to find out, eh?       
[Huck_70_A] ExitBanterGiannaHuckReply
Yes, I did see you, which is very much the opposite of what we wanted. You got lucky.
[Huck_71_A] ExitBanterAdiyahHuckReply
Always happy to see your portals, Adiyah. And... Call me Huck.
[Huck_72_A] SelectionBanterHuckToKuraiFour
Lady Kurai.
[Huck_72_B] SelectionBanterHuckToKuraiFive
I see! Well, I'm happy to help in any way I can.
[Huck_72_C] SelectionBanterHuckToKuraiSix
[Huck_72_D] SelectionBanterHuckToKuraiSeven
Still a bit... uneven. Still getting angry over little things.
[Huck_72_E] SelectionBanterHuckToKuraiEight
Understood. And... Sorry.
[Huck_73_A] SelectionBanterHuckToTibbs
'Ello everyone.
[Huck_73_B] SelectionBanterHuckToTibbsTwo
Ah, blackguard training. Never leave yourself undefended. I used to sleep with my blackguard kit on. Got to the point where I couldn't sleep without it.
[Huck_73_C] SelectionBanterHuckToTibbsThree
Hah, no, no... I've a lighter chainmail for bedtime.   
[Huck_74_A] SelectionBanterHuckToKarst
[Huck_74_B] SelectionBanterHuckToKarstTwo
[Huck_74_C] SelectionBanterHuckToKarstThree
That's because it is a bad thing.
[Huck_75_A] SelectionBanterHuckToExile
[Huck_75_B] SelectionBanterHuckToTullina
[Huck_75_C] SelectionBanterHuckToTullinaPause
(no text)
[Huck_75_D] SelectionBanterHuckInteruptOneA
So how's--
[Huck_75_E] SelectionBanterHuckInteruptTwoB
Sorry, you were--
[Huck_75_F] SelectionBanterHuckInteruptThreeB
What I was trying to--
[Huck_75_G] SelectionBanterHuckInteruptFourB
[Huck_75_H] SelectionBanterHuckToKuraA
Thanks Kurai.
[Huck_76_A] SelectionBanterHuckToIsla
Good, Isla's here! A unit's only as good as its engineer, I always say.
[Huck_76_B] SelectionBanterHuckToIslaTwo
Not that I... meant anything by that...
[Huck_77_A] SelectionBanterHuckToKurai
Right, what've we got?
[Huck_77_B] SelectionBanterHuckToVinderi
S'fine. Just focus on the job, yeah? 
[Huck_78_A] SelectionBanterHuckToNenet
Alert and ready, scout?
[Huck_78_B] SelectionBanterHuckToNenetTwo
Hah, I'm no Captain, but I appreciate it.
[Huck_79_A] SelectionBanterHuckToNiles
Sounds like we've got some work to do.
[Huck_79_B] SelectionBanterHuckToNilesTwo
Mate, we've talked about this.
[Huck_79_C] SelectionBanterHuckToNilesThree
Isn't it, though?
[Huck_79_D] SelectionBanterHuckToNilesFour
(no text)
[Huck_80_A] SelectionBanterHuckToGianna
What are my orders?
[Huck_80_B] SelectionBanterHuckToGiannaTwo
Ha. Really, what are my orders.
[Huck_80_C] SelectionBanterHuckToGiannaThree
Gi, I think we need to focus.
[Huck_81_A] SelectionBanterKuraiHuckReply
No worries, my lady.
[Huck_81_B] SelectionBanterKuraiHuckReplyTwo
Yeah. Not looking to get back into the unit or anything, don't worry. Just miss a few people. 
[Huck_81_C] SelectionBanterKuraiHuckReplyThree
Oh, no, he doesn't have to do that.
[Huck_81_D] SelectionBanterKuraiHuckReplyFour
Thank you, lady Kurai.   
[Huck_82_A] SelectionBanterTibbsHuckReply
Joining us on this job, Tibbs?
[Huck_82_B] SelectionBanterTibbsHuckReplyTwo
That's a relief, honestly. Normally I'm the largest target.
[Huck_82_C] SelectionBanterTibbsHuckReplyThree
I look like Kurai next to you!
[Huck_82_D] SelectionBanterTibbsHuckReplyFour
Nothing, ma'am. Sorry.
[Huck_82_E] SelectionBanterTibbsHuckToKurai
[Huck_83_A] SelectionBanterKarstHuckReply
As am I.
[Huck_83_B] SelectionBanterKarstHuckReplyToKurai
He hasn't, lady Kurai.
[Huck_83_C] SelectionBanterKarstHuckReplyTwo
Appreciate it, Karst.
[Huck_84_A] SelectionBanterTullinaHuckReply
Mostly. Just some finishing touches.
[Huck_84_B] SelectionBanterTullinaHuckReplyTwo
Don't I know it. The number of times I've seen an operation turn to chaos because we didn't know about a door--
[Huck_84_C] SelectionBanterTullinaHuckReplyThree
--or even a door that is open when we expected it to be closed.
[Huck_85_A] SelectionBanterIslaHuckReply
Who, me?
[Huck_86_A] SelectionBanterVinderiHuckReply
Vinderi, been meaning to ask you. Where'd you come up with the powder mixes?
[Huck_86_B] SelectionBanterVinderiHuckReplyTwo
Not at all!
[Huck_86_C] SelectionBanterVinderiHuckReplyThree
Forget it, Vin. Just making small-talk.
[Huck_86_D] SelectionBanterVinderiHuckReplyFour
Thanks, Vin.
[Huck_87_A] SelectionBanterNenetHuckReply
You better be. This is going to be a tough one.
[Huck_88_A] SelectionBanterNilesHuckReply
That one of your mind skills, Niles? You can peer into the future?
[Huck_88_B] SelectionBanterNilesHuckReplyTwo
My fault for asking. 
[Huck_89_A] SelectionBanterGiannaHuckReply
Welcome, Gianna.
[Huck_89_B] SelectionBanterGiannaHuckReplyTwo
Thanks, polished it m'self.


[Huck_13_A] HuckLockpickingOne
Standard issue lock. Shouldn't be too difficult.
[Huck_13_B] HuckLockpickingTwo
Trained on this exact kind.
[Huck_13_C] HuckLockpickingThree
[Huck_13_D] HuckLockpickingFour
Tricky one, but doable.
[Huck_13_E] HuckLockpickingFive
I'll do my damndest.
[Huck_13_F] HuckLockpickingSix
Ought to be able to open it.
[Huck_14_A] HuckBruteforceOne
[Huck_14_B] HuckBruteforceTwo
Trained for this.
[Huck_14_C] HuckBruteforceThree
Not a problem.
[Huck_14_D] HuckBruteforceFour
Difficult, not impossible.
[Huck_14_E] HuckBruteforceFive
Leave it to me.
[Huck_14_F] HuckBruteforceSix
Looks heavy, but not too heavy.
[Huck_15_A] HuckDemolitionOne
[Huck_15_B] HuckDemolitionTwo
Putting down a charge.
[Huck_15_C] HuckDemolitionThree
Lighting up.
[Huck_15_D] HuckDemolitionFour
Stand back, this won't be pretty.
[Huck_15_E] HuckDemolitionFive
Get to a safe distance
[Huck_15_F] HuckDemolitionSix
Careful. Need to blow it up.
[Huck_16_A] HuckBusyOne
Currently following other orders.
[Huck_16_B] HuckBusyTwo
One job at a time.
[Huck_16_C] HuckBusyThree
Once this task is complete.
[Huck_16_D] HuckBusyFour
I've got to finish this task first.
[Huck_16_E] HuckBusyFive
Other orders take priority.
[Huck_17_A] HuckInterruptedOne
I require backup.
[Huck_17_B] HuckInterruptedTwo
I'm under attack.
[Huck_17_C] HuckInterruptedThree
Need help over here.
[Huck_17_D] HuckInterruptedFour
Can't finish my task like this.
[Huck_18_A] HuckCombatStartOne
Guards, incoming.
[Huck_18_B] HuckCombatStartTwo
Security inbound.
[Huck_18_C] HuckCombatStartThree
Guards. Get in position.
[Huck_18_D] HuckCombatStartFour
Ready yourself for combat.
[Huck_18_E] HuckCombatStartFive
Got a fight on our hands.
[Huck_19_A] HuckCombatEndOne
All clear.
[Huck_19_B] HuckCombatEndTwo
No more hostiles.
[Huck_19_C] HuckCombatEndThree
Clean. Good.
[Huck_19_D] HuckCombatEndFour
Combat has ended. Let's continue.
[Huck_19_E] HuckCombatEndFive
Good. Lead the way.
[Huck_20_A] HuckLootOne
The spoils of war.
[Huck_20_B] HuckLootTwo
Worth fighting for?
[Huck_20_C] HuckLootThree
All yours. Don't need it.
[Huck_20_D] HuckLootFour
Store it somewhere safe.
[Huck_20_E] HuckLootFive
Take it. It's yours.
[Huck_21_A] HuckAlertOne
[Huck_21_B] HuckAlertTwo
We might get noticed.
[Huck_21_C] HuckAlertThree
Shh, we're making too much noise.
[Huck_21_D] HuckAlertFour
I'm certain they're onto us.
[Huck_22_A] HuckAlarmOne
Follow our escape plan!
[Huck_22_B] HuckAlarmTwo
To the exit, swiftly!
[Huck_22_C] HuckAlarmThree
Move, and don't stop moving!
[Huck_23_A] HuckAlarmSurpriseOne
Damn, might have to cut this trip short!
[Huck_23_B] HuckAlarmSurpriseTwo
We're busted! Just try to escape!
[Huck_23_C] HuckAlarmSurpriseThree
Might have to forget the target. Focus on survival!
[Huck_24_A] HuckFinalRoomOne
Target, dead ahead.
[Huck_24_B] HuckFinalRoomTwo
Eyes on the target.
[Huck_24_C] HuckFinalRoomThree
Target's right there.
[Huck_24_D] HuckFinalRoomFour
Spotted the target.
[Huck_24_E] HuckFinalRoomFive
Go get the target. I've got you.
[Huck_25_A] HuckObjectiveOne
Target acquired. Let's move out.
[Huck_25_B] HuckObjectiveTwo
Target obtained. Make tracks.
[Huck_25_C] HuckObjectiveThree
Got it. Time to escape.
[Huck_25_D] HuckObjectiveFour
Protect it with--, well not your life, but protect it.
[Huck_28_A] HuckLockpickingLoudOne
Not a problem!
[Huck_28_B] HuckLockpickingLoudTwo
[Huck_28_C] HuckLockpickingLoudThree
On it!
[Huck_28_D] HuckLockpickingLoudFour
Buy me some time!
[Huck_28_E] HuckLockpickingLoudFive
I'll do my best!
[Huck_28_F] HuckLockpickingLoudSix
Right! I've got this!
[Huck_29_A] HuckBruteforceLoudOne
[Huck_29_B] HuckBruteforceLoudTwo
[Huck_29_C] HuckBruteforceLoudThree
Got it!
[Huck_29_D] HuckBruteforceLoudFour
Gods, reckon I can handle it!
[Huck_29_E] HuckBruteforceLoudFive
Should've stretched for this!
[Huck_29_F] HuckBruteforceLoudSix
C'mon soldier! C'mon!
[Huck_30_A] HuckDemolitionLoudOne
[Huck_30_B] HuckDemolitionLoudTwo
[Huck_30_C] HuckDemolitionLoudThree
Stand clear!
[Huck_30_D] HuckDemolitionLoudFour
Get back!
[Huck_30_E] HuckDemolitionLoudFive
Ordinance going down!
[Huck_30_F] HuckDemolitionLoudSix
Keep back! Keep back!
[Huck_31_A] HuckBusyLoudOne
Got a higher priority!
[Huck_31_B] HuckBusyLoudTwo
Next on the list!
[Huck_31_C] HuckBusyLoudThree
Not now! Not now!
[Huck_31_D] HuckBusyLoudFour
No, I need time!
[Huck_31_E] HuckBusyLoudFive
This first! Then that!
[Huck_32_A] HuckInterruptedLoudOne
Get off me!
[Huck_32_B] HuckInterruptedLoudTwo
Need help here!
[Huck_32_C] HuckInterruptedLoudThree
Where's my backup, dammit!
[Huck_32_D] HuckInterruptedLoudFour
Under attack!
[Huck_33_A] HuckCombatStartLoudOne
[Huck_33_B] HuckCombatStartLoudTwo
Got company!
[Huck_33_C] HuckCombatStartLoudThree
Arms ready!
[Huck_33_D] HuckCombatStartLoudFour
Combat positions!
[Huck_33_E] HuckCombatStartLoudFive
Fighters inbound!
[Huck_34_A] HuckCombatEndLoudOne
Clear! Move!
[Huck_34_B] HuckCombatEndLoudTwo
All clear!
[Huck_34_C] HuckCombatEndLoudThree
Go! Go! Go!
[Huck_34_D] HuckCombatEndLoudFour
Don't lose momentum!
[Huck_34_E] HuckCombatEndLoudFive
Good! Keep going!
[Huck_35_A] HuckLootLoudOne
Don't put me at risk for this!
[Huck_35_B] HuckLootLoudTwo
Stash it and move!
[Huck_35_C] HuckLootLoudThree
Secure it! We're moving!
[Huck_35_D] HuckLootLoudFour
Got it? Good! Go!
[Huck_35_E] HuckLootLoudFive
Greed gets people killed!
[Huck_36_A] HuckFinalRoomLoudOne
Target spotted!
[Huck_36_B] HuckFinalRoomLoudTwo
There's the objective!
[Huck_36_C] HuckFinalRoomLoudThree
Secure the objective!
[Huck_36_D] HuckFinalRoomLoudFour
It's there! Close in!
[Huck_36_E] HuckFinalRoomLoudFive
Right there! Exile, Go!
[Huck_37_A] HuckObjectiveLoudOne
Great! Mission ain't over yet!
[Huck_37_B] HuckObjectiveLoudTwo
Time to retreat!
[Huck_37_C] HuckObjectiveLoudThree
Move to the exit!
[Huck_37_D] HuckObjectiveLoudFour
Got it? Then move!