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[Isla_01] IslaIntro
Got somethin' needs made? Or unmade? I can take 'em apart as fast as I put them together, sometimes faster. Or is it the other way 'round? I've had an idea just now for a spinning device that - oh, yes, my name is Isla. I'm an engineer. Welcome.
[Isla_03] IslaAboutBoss
The Boss? Oof, it's inefficient to ask about the Boss. Believe me. You'll go round and round, a spinning gear 'na machine made of secret parts. The one thing you should never rely on is a mechanism you don't understand. It's liable to implode, or explode. Neither is pretty when your arse is sittin' upon it hopin' to fly somewhere. The Boss put in an order for an air-sail once, for a job. Impossible, I told Kurai. Turned out it worked! It just didn't go with the poor sod we hired. It stayed with us in flames while he took to the skies. He achieved a perfect parabolic arc right onto the tower we were aiming for. Survived the trip, too, judgin' by the screaming. But getting back down? Oof, the Boss never ordered a falling machine. That's on him. Gotta think things through, mind you!
[Isla_04] IslaContractOne
You want to work with me? I didn't realize we were that close. This is fantastic! I'll need a partner to retrieve my early prototypes from the hands of the Templars. I made a series of precursor contraptions before I was exiled that would have led to some of my greatest achievements. If you can imagine it, my inventions could have done it... eventually.

I didn't realise who I was working for until it was too late. They seized my prototypes and exiled me for the damage I caused in the process of building them. What's a few implosions in the pursuit of progress? Or maybe it was the sea tide of acid... or the glowing rock that made people sick... oh, yes.

Care to help me steal those prototypes back?
[Isla_05] IslaContractOneEnd
My inventions! My babies! I missed them so much. I would never have found the proper materials to recreate them here on Wraeclast, not with all the horrific creatures roaming about. Thank you, Exile!
[Isla_06] IslaContractTwo
As I studied the prototypes you helped me retrieve, I realized that they'd already been examined... by someone else. The Templars must have lied about declaring my work heretical. They're trying to build them for their own gain! I cannot imagine what disaster they'll bring upon us if they manage to do so.

We already have the prototypes, so now we must steal the designs they created based on them. We'll need to steal the blueprints for my Extreme Warmth Beam, my Storm Wooing Rod... hmm, the Mind Sublimator... and the Unbreakable, of course! I don't claim to be the most imaginative namer, but it is what it is. They're all related, eventually intended to be part of one single superweapon, so the designs should all be in one place.

Let's go retrieve those blueprints!
[Isla_07] IslaContractTwoEnd
We did it, Exile, at least in part. The designs for the Unbreakable were missing... I fear that they may have begun construction on it. If they complete the Unbreakable, we'll never be able to... break it. Science deserves better masters than the Templars!
[Isla_08] IslaContractThree
My instruments have started going haywire. I believe the Templar have managed to build the Unbreakable, my greatest achievement. Normally, I would be thrilled at seeing my work given life, but I have a feeling the Unbreakable will be used against us, not for us.

It's time to do some deconstruction. You're good at smashing things, yes? Then perhaps you can break the Unbreakable.
[Isla_09] IslaContractThreeEncounterStart
Stop, in the name of science!
[Isla_10] IslaContractThreeEncounterEnd
My baby... my proudest work... Wait! I still have the blueprints! Let's go, Exile!
[Isla_11] IslaContractThreeEnd
The Unbreakable has been broken. You know what that means, don't you?

The Templar didn't build it right. I'll have to continue my work to prove it can be done!
[Isla_12] IslaSelectedContractOne
My mental gears are already turning!
[Isla_13] IslaSelectedContractTwo
Creative solutions on the fly!
[Isla_14] IslaSelectedContractThree
Long as I can bring my gadgets.
[Isla_15] IslaSelectedBlueprintOne
Did someone say my name?
[Isla_16] IslaSelectedBlueprintTwo
Engineer, reporting!
[Isla_17] IslaSelectedBlueprintThree
Just tell me where to build!
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[Isla_127_A] SelectionBanterKuraiIslaReply
...Of course.
[Isla_127_B] SelectionBanterKuraiIslaReplyTwo
I'm always thinking about my inventions.
[Isla_128_A] SelectionBanterIslaToKurai
Let's get to it!
[Isla_128_B] SelectionBanterIslaToKuraiTwo
I better be! We've only got a few hours!
[Isla_128_C] SelectionBanterIslaToKuraiThree
It's not a major concern. The spores are currently harmless. Just have to be back to my devices before my vivarium germinates.
[Isla_128_D] SelectionBanterIslaToKuraiFour
Hurry now, let's get the job done!
[Isla_129_A] SelectionBanterTibbsIslaReply
The usual. Steal ALL of the THINGS!
[Isla_129_B] SelectionBanterTibbsReplyTwo
Afraid not. The bone decoupler decoupled itself. The test bone is fine, though there are now several thin metal strips deeply embedded in it. 
[Isla_129_C] SelectionBanterTibbsIslaReplyThree
Gave me an idea for intra-muscular springs. Tibbs, would you like to test something with me after this job?
[Isla_130_A] SelectionBanterIslaToTibbs
Made it! Had to put out a small fire, but I made it.
[Isla_130_B] SelectionBanterIslaToTibbsTwo
No, sadly someone beat me to that invention a long while ago. And this particular fire completely engulfed my heat-powered-exo-strider. 
[Isla_130_C] SelectionBanterIslaToTibbsThree
Exo-strider. Yes. Put a few burning embers in the converter and off you stride! Just a prototype made of cheap materials, scrap metal, wood, oil-soaked rags--oh, dammit, Isla! You're better than this.
[Isla_131_A] SelectionBanterIslaToKarst
Here I am!
[Isla_131_B] SelectionBanterIslaToKarstTwo
No, the brain-bore still requires a few small optimisations.
[Isla_131_C] SelectionBanterIslaToKarstThree
Oh! Sorry! You were making a joke! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! 
[Isla_131_D] SelectionBanterIslaToKarstFour
What? No! It's already made. I'm just tweaking it a little.   
[Isla_132_A] SelectionBanterKarstIslaReply
Karst! Did you finish it?
[Isla_132_B] SelectionBanterKarstIslaReplyTwo
The book! Did you get to the end?
[Isla_132_C] SelectionBanterKarstIslaReplyThree
Yeah, but it's a great start!
[Isla_133_A] SelectionBanterTullinaIslaReply
Only if I can't get my wall-crawler up and running in time.
[Isla_133_B] SelectionBanterTullinaIslaReplyTwo
Couldn't be more wrong. It's a brilliant, beautiful mechanical spider.
[Isla_133_C] SelectionBanterTullinaIslaReplyThree
No, but that's what this is for, right lady Kurai?
[Isla_133_D] SelectionBanterTullinaIslaReplyKurai
Oh... Fine.
[Isla_134_A] SelectionBanterIslaToTullina
I've just had the best idea.
[Isla_134_B] SelectionBanterIslaToTullinaTwo
Picture a wall, but completely transparent. You can stand on one side and see everything on the other side, but you can't touch it.
[Isla_134_C] SelectionBanterIslaToTullinaThree
That's--, no, that's different. Windows are different. This is larger and more transparent. You're just not getting it. Just forget about it. What's your thing?
[Isla_134_D] SelectionBanterIslaToTullinaFour
Yeah, let's do your thing.
[Isla_135_A] SelectionBanterNenetIslaReply
Is it a tunk... tunk... tunk, or more of a tick, tick, tick?
[Isla_135_B] SelectionBanterNenetIslaReplyTwo
You can hear that?
[Isla_135_C] SelectionBanterNenetIslaReplyThree
[Isla_135_D] SelectionBanterNenetIslaReplyFour
Oh no, that won't go off for several hours, probably.
[Isla_136_A] SelectionBanterIslaToNenet
Oh, Nenet, there you are. I had a minor breakthrough on that humanoid golem you asked for.
[Isla_136_B] SelectionBanterIslaToNenetTwo
The thing is, I can't get his movement right. He's as stiff as granite, which is to be expected. Also, he doesn't cook very well.
[Isla_137_A] SelectionBanterNilesIslaReply
About what?
[Isla_137_B] SelectionBanterNilesIslaReplyTwo
One of my machines detects divine energies. Divinity is real.
[Isla_138_A] SelectionBanterIslaToNiles
If I use two parts Voltaxic Sulphite with three parts Trarthan... oh my, who are you?
[Isla_138_B] SelectionBanterIslaToNilesTwo
Oh yes, yes, I have trouble with faces. Especially handsome faces.
[Isla_138_C] SelectionBanterIslaToNilesThree
The human body is just another machine, my dear... joints... pistons...
[Isla_139_A] SelectionBanterVinderiIslaReply
Oh, hello!
[Isla_139_B] SelectionBanterVinderiIslaReplyTwo
My inventions aren't supposed to explode.
[Isla_139_C] SelectionBanterVinderiIslaReplyThree
Then compete we shall!
[Isla_140_A] SelectionBanterIslaToVinderi
Hello. What's your name again?
[Isla_140_B] SelectionBanterIslaToVinderiTwo
I'm bad with names.
(no transcription)
[Isla_141_A] SelectionBanterHuckIslaReply
Oh my.
[Isla_141_B] SelectionBanterHuckIslaReplyTwo
Of course.
[Isla_142_A] SelectionBanterIslaToHuck
You wanted to see me, Huck?
[Isla_142_B] SelectionBanterIslaToHuckTwo
Oh, there's a job on.
[Isla_143_A] SelectionBanterGiannaIslaReply
Inventions are, by definition, new!
[Isla_144_A] SelectionBanterIslaToGianna
Can I bring my glowing red rocks along on this mission?
[Isla_144_B] SelectionBanterIslaToGiannaTwo
The rocks don't make people sick. It's the Corruption they leak that does that.
[Isla_144_C] SelectionBanterIslaToGiannaThree
Wear a dress lined with six-inch-thick armour and you'll be fine.
[Isla_145_A] EntryBanterTibbsIslaReply
That's genius! If we make the plan sticky, we're less likely to drop it. I'll jot that down!
[Isla_146_A] EntryBanterIslaToTibbs
Tibbs, can you see me?
[Isla_146_B] EntryBanterIslaToTibbsTwo
Fantastic. My visibility oil works!
[Isla_147_A] EntryBanterIslaToKarst
Got a new word for you, Karst. Taciturn. It means silent.
[Isla_148_A] EntryBanterKarstIslaReply
[Isla_148_B] EntryBanterKarstIslaReplyTwo
Even better!
[Isla_149_A] EntryBanterTullinaIslaReply
Pfft. It was hardly unexpected. Just early!
[Isla_150_A] EntryBanterIslaToTullina
Tullina, how do you feel about having large, electrified metal rods jutting from your spine?
[Isla_150_B] EntryBanterIslaToTullinaTwo
What about your skull?
[Isla_150_C] EntryBanterIslaToTullinaThree
Got it. Legs it is.
[Isla_151_A] EntryBanterNenetIslaReply
(no text)
[Isla_151_B] EntryBanterNenetIslaReplyThree
(no text)
[Isla_152_A] EntryBanterIslaToNenet
How are you today, Nenet?
[Isla_152_B] EntryBanterIslaToNenetTwo
That's my girl!
[Isla_153_A] EntryBanterNilesIslaReply
As you should!
[Isla_154_A] EntryBanterIslaToNiles
Niles, have you thought about those interrogation devices I suggested?
[Isla_154_B] EntryBanterIslaToNilesTwo
You think I've got a pleasant smile?
[Isla_155_A] EntryBanterHuckIslaReply
How about you go in front instead of behind us?
[Isla_156_A] EntryBanterIslaToHuck
You can rely on my contraptions, Huck! Have no fear!
[Isla_156_B] EntryBanterIslaToHuckTwo
So does Voltaxic-powered battle armour!
[Isla_156_C] EntryBanterIslaToHuckThree
That's what they all say...
[Isla_157_A] EntryBanterVinderiIslaReply
But then what would we take? Oh, the scrap! Of course!
[Isla_158_A] EntryBanterIslaToVinderi
Just remember when we're in there, combustion is the mother of invention!
(no transcription)
[Isla_159_A] EntryBanterGiannaIslaReply
An enormous mirror--
[Isla_159_B] EntryBanterGiannaIslaReplyTwo
--that focuses all the light to a white-hot point, and sets everything it touches on fire!
[Isla_160_A] EntryBanterIslaToGianna
I'll be watching your art. I'm not great with people.
[Isla_160_B] EntryBanterIslaToGiannaTwo
You're so eloquent!
[Isla_161_A] ExitBanterIslaToTibbs
Barely any malfunctions and plenty of data.
[Isla_161_B] ExitBanterIslaToTibbsTwo
That's a funny word! Loot.
[Isla_162_A] ExitBanterTibbsIslaReply
Tibbs, are you left or right handed?
[Isla_162_B] ExitBanterTibbsIslaReplyTwo
So the evil reflection is still at large...
[Isla_163_A] ExitBanterKarstIslaReply
New materials to experiment with! I'll turn gold into lead!
[Isla_164_A] ExitBanterIslaToKarst
Anyone got a quill? Had an idea on the run out of here.
[Isla_165_A] ExitBanterTullinaIslaReply
Smooth... Smooth... Hey, Tullina, what about a helmet that dissolves your hair while you wear it?
[Isla_166_A] ExitBanterIslaToTullina
We probably shouldn't dilly-dally.
[Isla_166_B] ExitBanterIslaToTullinaTwo
No reason. Totally unrelated, how upset would you be if everything you owned was shredded by a rogue mechanical spider?
[Isla_167_A] ExitBanterNenetIslaReply
Told you I'd never let anything happen to you.
[Isla_168_A] ExitBanterIslaToNenet
Your skills and my inventions carried the day!
[Isla_168_B] ExitBanterIslaToNenetTwo
That's what science is for!
[Isla_169_A] ExitBanterNilesIslaReply
Nonsense. A good plan always succeeds.
[Isla_169_B] ExitBanterNilesIslaReplyTwo
Oops, did I not tell you the contingencies? No wonder you were terrified!
[Isla_170_A] ExitBanterIslaToNiles
That was impressive. I should study your brain.
[Isla_170_B] ExitBanterIslaToNilesTwo
No drills, I promise. I could do it with a trepan.
[Isla_171_A] ExitBanterAdiyahIslaReply
Parameters fell within the plan.
[Isla_172_A] ExitBanterIslaToAdiyah
My contraptions worked perfectly!
[Isla_172_B] ExitBanterIslaToAdiyahTwo
[Isla_173_A] ExitBanterHuckIslaReply
I could replace your muscles with pistons if you like.
[Isla_174_A] ExitBanterIslaToHuck
Your chances for survival would have been much better with my Voltaxic-powered battle armour.
[Isla_174_B] ExitBanterIslaToHuckTwo
I thought you were STRONGER than a mannequin...
[Isla_175_A] ExitBanterVinderiIslaReply
We just did the mission. We're going home now.
[Isla_176_A] ExitBanterIslaToVinderi
What are you going to do with your share, Vinderi?
[Isla_176_B] ExitBanterIslaToVinderiTwo
Can I come take notes?
[Isla_177_A] ExitBanterGiannaIslaReply
If I'm not making people cower in terror from the inexplicability of my inventions, then I'm not really doing science right!
[Isla_178_A] ExitBanterIslaToGianna
If I copy what you did with your art, will I have the same effect on men?
[Isla_178_B] ExitBanterIslaToGiannaTwo
First thing I'm going to do is go terrorise Niles some more.
[Isla_179] IslaEngineeringEight
Leave it to your engineer.
[Isla_180] IslaEngineeringLoudSeven
I'll do what I can!
[Isla_181] IslaEntryBanterOne
A strong plan is the best path to success.
[Isla_182] IslaEntryBanterTwo
We can account for all the variables. No deviating!
[Isla_183] IslaEntryBanterThree
I hope I get to use my contraptions.
[Isla_184] IslaEntryBanterFour
Is this the part where we make nervous small talk?
[Isla_185] IslaEntryBanterFive
You do know what you're doing, yes?
[Isla_186] IslaExitBanterOne
The real treasure is the knowledge we gleaned along the way!
[Isla_187] IslaExitBanterTwo
Does this mean we're friends now?
[Isla_188] IslaExitBanterThree
Is this the part where we make relieved small talk?
[Isla_189] IslaExitBanterFour
Plan, execute, success! I love logic!
[Isla_190] IslaExitBanterFive
This has inspired an idea for a new invention!
[Isla_191] IslaCombatEndOne
We... survived?
[Isla_192] IslaCombatEndTwo
Interesting tactics.
[Isla_193] IslaCombatEndThree
Their strategy was incorrect.
[Isla_194] IslaCombatEndFour
They made a tactical error.
[Isla_195] IslaCombatEndFive
They should have thought this through.
[Isla_196] IslaCombatEndLoudOne
Violence complete!
[Isla_197] IslaCombatEndLoudTwo
Continue with the plan!
[Isla_198] IslaCombatEndLoudThree
No time to waste!
[Isla_199] IslaCombatEndLoudFour
Like clockwork!
[Isla_200] IslaCombatEndLoudFive
Must get back on schedule!


[Isla_18] IslaEngineeringOne
A simple solution!
[Isla_19] IslaEngineeringTwo
Just a matter of math!
[Isla_20] IslaEngineeringThree
Hardly a hurdle!
[Isla_21_A] IslaEngineeringFour
The axles and the gears go 'round and 'round...
[Isla_21_B] IslaEngineeringFive
You put the axle in, you take the ball-bearing out...
[Isla_22] IslaEngineeringSix
Sometimes there's an elegant solution... sometimes.
[Isla_23] IslaEngineeringSeven
I've got just the contraption for this!
[Isla_24] IslaEngineeringLoudOne
Alright, alright!
[Isla_25] IslaEngineeringLoudTwo
Carry the seven...
[Isla_26] IslaEngineeringLoudThree
Such awful racket!
[Isla_27] IslaEngineeringLoudFour
Must go faster, must go faster.
[Isla_28] IslaEngineeringLoudFive
Can't think with all that racket!
[Isla_29] IslaEngineeringLoudSix
You can't rush engineering!
[Isla_30] IslaDisarmTrapOne
Time to take it apart!
[Isla_31] IslaDisarmTrapTwo
Let's throw a wrench in the works.
[Isla_32] IslaDisarmTrapThree
My turn!
[Isla_33] IslaDisarmTrapFour
Construction, deconstruction... it's all the same, in the end.
[Isla_34] IslaDisarmTrapFive
A beautiful design. A shame I have to wreck it.
[Isla_35] IslaDisarmTrapSix
Traps are the arse end of engineering. No artisanship.
[Isla_36] IslaDisarmTrapLoudOne
[Isla_37] IslaDisarmTrapLoudTwo
The fun part!
[Isla_38] IslaDisarmTrapLoudThree
Careful and quick!
[Isla_39] IslaDisarmTrapLoudFour
I'm just going to smack it with a wrench!
[Isla_40] IslaDisarmTrapLoudFive
Poor parts, bad craftsmanship!
[Isla_41] IslaDisarmTrapLoudSix
I can't even hear myself think!
[Isla_42] IslaCounterThaumaturgyOne
Open your mind...
[Isla_43] IslaCounterThaumaturgyTwo
Empty-headed, that one.
[Isla_44] IslaCounterThaumaturgyThree
Mind-contraption, activate!
[Isla_45] IslaCounterThaumaturgyFour
The mind is just another system of gears.
[Isla_46] IslaCounterThaumaturgyFive
Your mental machinery is mine to mould!
[Isla_47] IslaCounterThaumaturgySix
Statistically, this should work.
[Isla_48] IslaCounterThaumaturgyLoudOne
Too loud to think!
[Isla_49] IslaCounterThaumaturgyLoudTwo
Can't rush this!
[Isla_50] IslaCounterThaumaturgyLoudThree
[Isla_51] IslaCounterThaumaturgyLoudFour
Let's hope this works!
[Isla_52] IslaCounterThaumaturgyLoudFive
Bloody racket, can't think!
[Isla_53] IslaCounterThaumaturgyLoudSix
I'll do my best!
[Isla_54] IslaBusyOne
Just a moment.
[Isla_55] IslaBusyTwo
A moment please.
[Isla_56] IslaBusyThree
I'm in the middle of something.
[Isla_57] IslaBusyFour
I'm engaged already.
[Isla_58] IslaBusyFive
One job at a time!
[Isla_59] IslaBusyLoudOne
I'm working!
[Isla_60] IslaBusyLoudTwo
I'm on the job already!
[Isla_61] IslaBusyLoudThree
Don't deviate from the plan!
[Isla_62] IslaBusyLoudFour
Machines have a limit!
[Isla_63] IslaBusyLoudFive
I can't, I can't!
[Isla_64] IslaInterruptedOne
They're touching me!
[Isla_65] IslaInterruptedTwo
Aren't you supposed to defend your engineer?!
[Isla_66] IslaInterruptedThree
They're in my personal space!
[Isla_67] IslaInterruptedFour
I can't think when I'm under attack!
[Isla_68] IslaInterruptedLoudOne
Get them away from me!
[Isla_69] IslaInterruptedLoudTwo
They're going to deconstruct me!
[Isla_70] IslaInterruptedLoudThree
Personal space, personal space!
[Isla_71] IslaInterruptedLoudFour
This plan is crumbling!
[Isla_72] IslaCombatStartOne
We've been sighted!
[Isla_73] IslaCombatStartTwo
Oh my, someone must do the fighting now.
[Isla_74] IslaCombatStartThree
I hope you don't expect me to fight.
[Isla_75] IslaCombatStartFour
A better plan would have avoided this.
[Isla_76] IslaCombatStartFive
Not good. Not good at all!
[Isla_77] IslaCombatStartLoudOne
Enemies approaching!
[Isla_78] IslaCombatStartLoudTwo
Don't let them touch me!
[Isla_79] IslaCombatStartLoudThree
The jig's up!
[Isla_80] IslaCombatStartLoudFour
Consarn it, a fight's on!
[Isla_81] IslaCombatStartLoudFive
Zooterkins, here comes a beating!
(no transcription)
(no transcription)
(no transcription)
(no transcription)
(no transcription)
[Isla_87] IslaLootingOne
That'll fund a few inventions.
[Isla_88] IslaLootingTwo
If they cannot prevent us from taking it, it is ours.
[Isla_89] IslaLootingThree
A good plan reaps its own rewards.
[Isla_90] IslaLootingFour
Don't deviate too much.
[Isla_91] IslaLootingFive
I believe they call that loot.
[Isla_92] IslaLootingLoudOne
Treasure. Check. Keep moving.
[Isla_93] IslaLootingLoudTwo
The plan was to get treasure before the alarm!
[Isla_94] IslaLootingLoudThree
Now's not the time for looting!
[Isla_95] IslaLootingLoudFour
We get nothing if the plan fails!
[Isla_96] IslaLootingLoudFive
Why are you doing that now?!
[Isla_97] IslaAlertThresholdOne
We're at the limits of our plan now.
[Isla_98] IslaAlertThresholdTwo
This clock is on the verge of chiming...
[Isla_99] IslaAlertThresholdThree
We can afford no more unanticipated variables.
[Isla_100] IslaAlertThresholdFour
We will be detected if we are not careful.
[Isla_101] IslaAlarmOne
The clock chimes at the appointed hour!
[Isla_102] IslaAlarmTwo
According to plan.
[Isla_103] IslaAlarmThree
Right on cue.
[Isla_104] IslaEarlyAlarmOne
I don't like surprises!
[Isla_105] IslaEarlyAlarmTwo
This wasn't the plan!
[Isla_106] IslaEarlyAlarmThree
Our design appears to have been flawed!
[Isla_107] IslaFinalRoomOne
Flawless execution... so far.
[Isla_108] IslaFinalRoomTwo
Phase one complete. Acquire the treasure.
[Isla_109] IslaFinalRoomThree
Remember, this is only the midpoint.
[Isla_110] IslaFinalRoomFour
From the blueprints, I thought it'd be bigger.
[Isla_111] IslaFinalRoomFive
I haven't even used half my contraptions yet!
[Isla_112] IslaFinalRoomLoudOne
No time!
[Isla_113] IslaFinalRoomLoudTwo
Accelerate the plan!
[Isla_114] IslaFinalRoomLoudThree
Timetable's up!
[Isla_115] IslaFinalRoomLoudFour
Move quickly!
[Isla_116] IslaFinalRoomLoudFive
[Isla_117] IslaObjectiveLootedOne
Objective achieved!
[Isla_118] IslaObjectiveLootedTwo
Apex of the plan accomplished. Now, to survive!
[Isla_119] IslaObjectiveLootedThree
Phase two begins now!
[Isla_120] IslaObjectiveLootedFour
Oh, that's it? Hmm.
[Isla_121] IslaObjectiveLootedLoudOne
I recommend flight!
[Isla_122] IslaObjectiveLootedLoudTwo
Time to flee!
[Isla_123] IslaObjectiveLootedLoudThree
Let's run!
[Isla_124] IslaObjectiveLootedLoudFour
Got it? Let's go!