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[Karst_01] KarstFirstMission
'Ello rookie! Found a few markers, did ya? Apparently the Boss sees somethin' in you, but we won't know for sure 'til you're on the wrong side of a lance. I'm Karst, and there's not a lock in this world that I can't open. All you have to do is make sure I live long enough to open 'em. Adiyah'll get us to the job, and I'll show ya the ropes. Don't get tangled in 'em, 'cause it ain't my job to cut you free.
[Karst_02] KarstEnterArea
First things first; Client wants us to find an urn. Reckons the mark has it locked up. Thing is, it's pretty suspicious if that's the only thing that goes missing. Not really our problem, but taking heat off the client makes us look good, and we get to keep whatever else we find. Get where I'm going with this?
[Karst_03] KarstFirstDoor
I'll pick any locks that get in our way. You keep me alive, yeah?
[Karst_04] KarstDoorOpen
Hear that? We ain't alone. Place is crawling with guards. You're here to make sure they don't kill us both.
[Karst_05] KarstAlertRaised
Consider your actions, yeah? We don't want too much attention.
[Karst_06] KarstNearObjective
Urn's on the other side of this door. Grab it so we can get out of here.
[Karst_07] KarstObjectiveObtained
Perfe--... Wait, hear that? We've been made. Grab what ya can and head out.
[Karst_08] KarstAfterAlert
Back the way we came, rookie!
[Karst_09] KarstAfterExit
We're still breathin, rook, so you ain't done half bad. Take that urn to Faustus, yeah? He'll sort you out.
[Karst_10] KarstIntroduction
I'm Karst. Rather than waste my youth readin', I put that time to better use. Now I can pick just about any lock you're likely to come across.
[Karst_11] KarstAboutTheBoss
A man of style, the Boss. A thief of course wants to be rich and live a life of luxury, but once you hit a certain point of wealth, I imagine you might be motivated by other things.

Apparently, the Boss was living very comfortably indeed, but felt the need to challenge himself. He entered the First Bank of Theopolis in the middle of the day, entered the vault, and just started... movin' stuff around. Octavius family fortunes into the Maxius deposit box, Avarius riches split across every small safe, each of which he popped open as if there weren't even a lock on 'em. Mixing all the money up like it were caught in the tides. Then he goes and finds the records of deposits and withdrawals, and sets 'em on fire. Walks out like nothing happened.

Well, of course the bank puts the fire out, but the records are gone. So they notify all the big customers, telling them to come in with their copy of the deposit slips... and wouldn't you know it, they're gone too.

No bloody idea how he pulled it off. 'Course, the bank and all the clients will deny it ever happened. Be foolish not to.
[Karst_12] KarstContractOne
Got my contract, do ya? Ran with some low-life criminal scum in the back alleys of Oriath in my younger days. Real good blokes. Loyal to the last, or so I thought. Right before I was exiled, they beat me half to death and took off with my finest lock picks. If I'd had 'em when the Law came for me, I probably wouldn't be here, so in a sense, I 'spose I should be thankful, eh?

Well I'm not. I want those picks back, and I spent a lot of markers to find out where they went. Now I know, and you're gonna help me get 'em.
[Karst_13] KarstContractOneEnd
Strange. I thought having these picks back would make me feel whole again, but...

Well, it's not your problem, rookie. Not yet.
[Karst_14] KarstContractTwo
Been good having my old picks back. Real good. Just not good enough. It's like there's a lock inside me, and not even my beautiful antique picks can open it. But I been thinkin' about it long and hard, and I reckon I know what might.


One of me old crew recently got out of the game. Livin' a life of luxury now while everyone around him is suffering and strugglin' just to survive. That should've been my life, but he took it from me when he took my picks. I want to send him, and the rest of my old crew, a message. So, rather than take something, we're going to leave something. Something that'll put the fear of Sin into the lot of 'em.
[Karst_15] KarstContractTwoEnd
Bet you're wondering what happens now, eh? Interesting little toxin we left. Slowly fills the air, then the lungs. Never leaves the body. Just keeps building up. First you start feeling light headed. Then you start hearing things, start seeing things. Start getting paranoid. A day or two later, you feel tingly. The tingling turns to pain, and the pain keeps building until your heart just stops beating.

I'd wash your hands if I was you.
[Karst_16] KarstContractThree
Word of our last job has started gettin' round. Unfortunately, all the credit is goin' to an old rival of ours. That don't sit right with me. It's one thing to steal a man's property, but to steal a man's hard work? No, I ain't gonna let that stand.

So we're going to leave a little present at my ol' rival's abode. One of my prized lockpicks, dipped in the very same toxin.
[Karst_17] KarstContractThreeEnd
You know what, rookie? I do believe I feel whole again. It's only a matter of time 'til that old rival of mine suffers the same fate as my traitorous crewmate. With both the bastards dead, and my pick the only common thread, the message is crystal clear:

Don't steal from a thief.
[Karst_18_A] IntroductionKarstToHuck
Forgot to tell ya, bringing this lug with us on this job.
[Karst_18_B] IntroductionKarstToHuckTwo
He's an absolute nutter. Ain't ya Huck?
[Karst_18_C] IntroductionKarstToHuckThree
Absolute nutter. But useful.
[Karst_19_A] KarstContractSelectOne
Just keep me alive. I'll do the rest.
[Karst_19_B] KarstContractSelectTwo
A job's a job.
[Karst_19_C] KarstContractSelectThree
Yeah, alright.
[Karst_20_A] KarstBlueprintSelectOne
Hope this ain't all on me.
[Karst_20_B] KarstBlueprintSelectTwo
Keep it simple, yeah?
[Karst_20_C] KarstBlueprintSelectThree
Just don't get in my way.
[Karst_34_A] KarstEntryBanterOne
Always get nostalgic before a job. Almost miss me ol' crew.
[Karst_34_B] KarstEntryBanterTwo
Reckon I'll have a night out with the lads after this one. Can't remember the last time I blacked out.
[Karst_34_C] KarstEntryBanterThree
You're pretty quiet, eh Exile? ... Yeah, you're pretty quiet. Good quality in a thief.
[Karst_34_D] KarstEntryBanterFour
If it starts gettin' hairy in there, you can handle yourself, yeah?
[Karst_34_E] KarstEntryBanterFive
Things start going south in there, don't expect me to save you.
[Karst_35_A] KarstExitBanterOne
He does it again! Can anyone stop him! I sure bloody hope not.
[Karst_35_B] KarstExitBanterTwo
And with that, the rookie was forever indebted to the mighty Karst!
[Karst_35_C] KarstExitBanterThree
Hope you didn't leave anything down there rook! We ain't going back!
[Karst_35_D] KarstExitBanterFour
Ahh, my lovely Adiyah! How about a celebratory drink, on me.
[Karst_35_E] KarstExitBanterFive
This one may've taken a few weeks off my life, but it was bloody worth it.
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[Karst_48_A] EntryBanterKarstToTibbs
Try not to hit your head on the way in, ay big boy?
[Karst_49_A] EntryBanterKarstToTullina
'Ey Lina --
[Karst_49_B] EntryBanterKarstToTullinaTwo
-- you got spare picks just in case, right?
[Karst_50_A] EntryBanterKarstToIsla
Oi Isla, what was that word again
[Karst_50_B] EntryBanterKarstToIslaTwo
Yeah. Let's keep it clamdestine, everyone.
[Karst_51_A] EntryBanterKarstToVinderi
Vin, make sure you don't blow any powder near me, yeah?
[Karst_52_A] EntryBanterKarstToNenet
No hard feelins, Nenet. Promise.
[Karst_53_A] EntryBanterKarstToNiles
Gods I hope this goes smoothly.
[Karst_54_A] EntryBanterKarstToHuck
Things go south in there, it's everyone for themselves.
[Karst_55_A] EntryBanterKarstToGianna
Stay loose. Think on your toes.
[Karst_56_A] EntryBanterTibbsKarstReply
Why would you say that!? Now you've definitely jinxed us.
[Karst_57_A] EntryBanterTullinaKarstReply
Yeah. Unless things get bad, then scramble.
[Karst_58_A] EntryBanterIslaKarstReply
Here goes. ...Hear that? No? Taciturn, but deadly.   
[Karst_59_A] EntryBanterVinderiKarstReply
No, follow the rookie.
[Karst_59_B] EntryBanterVinderiKarstReplyTwo
No, follow the rookie.
[Karst_60_A] EntryBanterNenetKarstReply
Wish you'd pay that much attention to me.   
[Karst_61_A] EntryBanterNilesKarstMockingReply
Confidence, not cockiness, will ensure success.
[Karst_62_A] EntryBanterHuckKarstReply
Not according to the rumours I heard about you.   
[Karst_63_A] EntryBanterGiannaKarstReply
Was there a script? I didn't get one.
[Karst_64_A] ExitBanterKarstToTibbs
Good stuff! Let's celebrate! First round is on Tibbs!
[Karst_65_A] ExitBanterKarstToTullina
Nothin' like a good job well done, eh?
[Karst_66_A] ExitBanterKarstToIsla
Triumph! Riches!
[Karst_66_B] ExitBanterKarstToIslaTwo
You tryin' to make me angry?
[Karst_67_A] ExitBanterKarstToVinderi
Dunno 'bout you, but I'm ready to go home and celebrate.
[Karst_68_A] ExitBanterKarstToNenet
See that, Nenet? See what you're missin' out on?
[Karst_69_A] ExitBanterKarstToNiles
Make way, Adiyah. Karst needs to pray at the altar of beer.
[Karst_70_A] ExitBanterKarstToHuck
Honestly didn't think we'd make it.
[Karst_71_A] ExitBanterKarstToGianna
Time to celebrate, yeah?
[Karst_72_A] ExitBanterKarstToAdiyah
Adiyah, you've never looked more lovely. Take us home, yeah?
[Karst_73_A] ExitBanterTibbsKarstReply
Even Karst-...? Rude.
[Karst_74_A] ExitBanterTullinaKarstReply
Yeah, round of applause, then a round of drinks.
[Karst_75_A] ExitBanterIslaKarstReply
Oi, give your big brain a break, yeah? You earned it.   
[Karst_76_A] ExitBanterVinderiKarstReply
We're done, Vindy-boy! Enjoy it!   
[Karst_77_A] ExitBanterNenetKarstReply
Nothin's ever good enough for you, eh?   
[Karst_78_A] ExitBanterNilesKarstReply
Oh, give it a rest.   
[Karst_79_A] ExitBanterHuckKarstReply
Why're you singling me out?   
[Karst_80_A] ExitBanterGiannaKarstReply
And a drink!           
[Karst_81_A] ExitBanterAdiyahKarstReply
I'm fine, beautiful! Top o' the world!
[Karst_82_A] SelectionBanterKarstToKurai
Lady Kurai...
[Karst_82_B] SelectionBanterKarstToKuraiTwo
Will you be gracing us with your presence on this job?
[Karst_82_C] SelectionBanterKarstToKuraiThree
What a shame.
[Karst_82_D] SelectionBanterKarstToKuraiThreeB
Can you make sure I get an extra cut then?
[Karst_82_E] SelectionBanterKarstToKuraiFour
Will not, or cannot?
[Karst_83_A] SelectionBanterKarstToTibbs
The big man's here!
[Karst_83_B] SelectionBanterKarstToTibbsTwo
Oh! You're workin' this job too?
[Karst_83_C] SelectionBanterKarstToTibbsThree
Guess the blood struggles to get all the way up to 'is brain, eh? eh?   
[Karst_84_A] SelectionBanterKarstToTullina
Tullina and Karst, together again at last! How ya doin' beautiful.
[Karst_84_B] SelectionBanterKarstToTullinaTwo
What else is new, eh?
[Karst_85_A] SelectionBanterKarstToIsla
'Ello ello!
[Karst_85_B] SelectionBanterKarstToIslaTwo
I, uh, dunno what you're on about.
[Karst_85_C] SelectionBanterKarstToIslaThree
Alright, no need to harp on about it. Mosty pictures, anyway.
[Karst_85_D] SelectionBanterKarstToIslaFour
I said drop it, yeah? Don't need you lot thinkin' I'm the sort of person who reads a book for fun.
[Karst_86_A] SelectionBanterKarstToVinderi
Oi oi! Knew Vindy'd be on this one. Could smell him from upstairs!
[Karst_86_B] SelectionBanterKarstToVinderiTwo
And fish. Mostly fish, actually. 
[Karst_86_C] SelectionBanterKarstToVinderiThree
To hide the powder?
[Karst_86_D] SelectionBanterKarstToVinderiFour
The new blend. You bring a fish to hide the smell?
[Karst_86_E] SelectionBanterKarstToVinderiFive
...Maybe best to leave it, yeah?
[Karst_87_A] SelectionBanterKarstToNenet
'Ello everyone. 
[Karst_87_B] SelectionBanterKarstToNenetTwo
Why're we bringing her along?
[Karst_87_C] SelectionBanterKarstToNenetThree
Shut up, Nenet.
[Karst_88_A] SelectionBanterKarstToNiles
I'm here, I'm here.
[Karst_88_B] SelectionBanterKarstToNilesTwo
Lockpick. I don't make 'em, I break 'em.
[Karst_88_C] SelectionBanterKarstToNilesThree
Oh, what an incredible power! How ever does he do it?
[Karst_88_D] SelectionBanterKarstToNilesFour
I'll show you a well-honed talent.
[Karst_88_E] SelectionBanterKarstToKuraiAboutNiles
Sorry, Ku.
[Karst_89_A] SelectionBanterKarstToHuck
Ready when you are.
[Karst_89_B] SelectionBanterKarstToKuraiAboutHuck
Of course.
[Karst_89_C] SelectionBanterKarstToHuckTwo
Such a snitch.
[Karst_89_D] SelectionBanterKarstToKuraiAboutHuckTwo
[Karst_90_A] SelectionBanterKarstToGianna
Ello everyone. Particularly you, Gianna.
[Karst_90_B] SelectionBanterKarstToGiannaTwo
How about you an' I get ourselves a refreshing beverage after this job, ay? My treat.
[Karst_90_C] SelectionBanterKarstToGiannaThree
Only the company of a beautiful young woman.
[Karst_90_D] SelectionBanterKarstToGiannaFour
I, uh, meant you.
[Karst_91_A] SelectionBanterKuraiKarstReply
[Karst_91_B] SelectionBanterKuraiKarstReplyTwo
Fine, fine. In my defense, the term bust is really misleading. 
[Karst_91_C] SelectionBanterKuraiKarstReplyThree
[Karst_91_D] SelectionBanterKuraiKarstReplyFour
Fair point, Lady Kurai. Fair point.   
[Karst_92_A] SelectionBanterTibbsKarstReply
There 'e is. Big boy Tibbs. 
[Karst_92_B] SelectionBanterTibbsKarstReplyTwo
Oh c'mon. Just havin' a little fun. 
[Karst_92_C] SelectionBanterTibbsKarstReplyThree
Tibbs is so tall, that he... uh... He's so tall, that... 
[Karst_92_D] SelectionBanterTibbsKarstReplyFour
Just wait. He's so tall... that...
[Karst_92_E] SelectionBanterTibbsKarstReplyFourB
... Look how tall Tibbs is everyone!
[Karst_93_A] SelectionBanterTullinaKarstReply
[Karst_93_B] SelectionBanterTullinaKarstReplyTwo
How's the other half doin'?
[Karst_93_C] SelectionBanterTullinaKarstReplyThree
Got it, Tulls.
[Karst_93_D] SelectionBanterTullinaKarstReplyFour
We'll have a catch-up later, ay?
[Karst_94_A] SelectionBanterIslaKarstReply
'Ere she is! Come to bore all the guards to sleep?
[Karst_94_B] SelectionBanterIslaKarstReplyTwo
[Karst_94_C] SelectionBanterIslaKarstReplyThree
... Isla, you making a drill for people's heads? 
[Karst_95_A] SelectionBanterVinderiKarstReply
'Ello Vindy. How's old age treatin' you?
[Karst_96_A] SelectionBanterNenetKarstReply
What?! No one mentioned Nenet joining us.
[Karst_96_B] SelectionBanterNenetKarstReplyTwo
Well, I mean--
[Karst_96_C] SelectionBanterNenetKarstReplyThree
You don't need to--
[Karst_96_D] SelectionBanterNenetKarstReplyFour
Yeah, but--
[Karst_97_A] SelectionBanterNilesKarstReply
No. Not him.
[Karst_97_B] SelectionBanterNilesKarstReplyTwo
No, I'm saying I don't want you along.
[Karst_97_C] SelectionBanterNilesKarstReplyThree
Luckily for you.
[Karst_98_A] SelectionBanterHuckKarstReply
[Karst_98_B] SelectionBanterHuckKarstReplyTwo
You say that like it's a bad thing.
[Karst_99_A] SelectionBanterKarstToGiannaFive
Ahh, my beautiful Gianna. It seems you and I shall be reconnoitering once more!
[Karst_99_B] SelectionBanterKarstToGiannaSix
Did you get my gift?
[Karst_99_C] SelectionBanterKarstToGiannaSeven
No, the other gift.
[Karst_99_D] SelectionBanterKarstToGiannaEight, the-...
[Karst_99_E] SelectionBanterKarstToGiannaNine
No, the-...the, uh... krrshcrrl.
[Karst_99_F] SelectionBanterKarstToGiannaTen
[Karst_99_G] SelectionBanterKarstToGiannaEleven
I knew you'd love it.   


[Karst_21_A] KarstLockPickOne
[Karst_21_B] KarstLockPickTwo
Blink and you'll miss it.
[Karst_21_C] KarstLockPickThree
This'll be quick.
[Karst_21_D] KarstLockPickFour
Not quick, but not hard.
[Karst_21_E] KarstLockPickFive
That's what I'm here for.
[Karst_21_F] KarstLockPickSix
Shouldn't be a problem.
[Karst_22_A] KarstPerceptionOne
I'll take a look.
[Karst_22_B] KarstPerceptionTwo
What are you hiding...
[Karst_22_C] KarstPerceptionThree
Something's not right...
[Karst_22_D] KarstPerceptionFour
Let's see... anything standing out?
[Karst_22_E] KarstPerceptionFive
What do we have here? 
[Karst_22_F] KarstPerceptionSix
They're hiding something. I know it.
[Karst_23_A] KarstVaultcrackingOne
I'll crack it open.
[Karst_23_B] KarstVaultcrackingTwo
What are you hiding, eh?
[Karst_23_C] KarstVaultcrackingThree
I'll get us in there.
[Karst_23_D] KarstVaultcrackingFour
Curiosity always gets the better of me...
[Karst_23_E] KarstVaultcrackingFive
Love the smell of hot metal.
[Karst_23_F] KarstVaultcrackingSix
The more they try to keep me out, the more I want to get in.
[Karst_24_A] KarstBusyOne
Bit preoccupied.
[Karst_24_B] KarstBusyTwo
You'll have to wait.
[Karst_24_C] KarstBusyThree
Got my hands full here.
[Karst_24_D] KarstBusyFour
You blind? I'm busy.
[Karst_24_E] KarstBusyFive
Trying to concentrate on something else.
[Karst_25_A] KarstInterruptedOne
Oi, watch the hands!
[Karst_25_B] KarstInterruptedTwo
Can't work while I'm gettin' hit.
[Karst_25_C] KarstInterruptedThree
Any chance you could stop hitting me?
[Karst_25_D] KarstInterruptedFour
Piss off, ya shite.
[Karst_26_A] KarstCombatStartOne
Let you get this one, yeah?
[Karst_26_B] KarstCombatStartTwo
Who put you in a bad mood?
[Karst_26_C] KarstCombatStartThree
Nah, go on, you got 'em.
[Karst_26_D] KarstCombatStartFour
Quick, before they make too much noise.
[Karst_26_E] KarstCombatStartFive
We got company.
[Karst_26_F] KarstCombatStartSix
[Karst_27_A] KarstCombatEndOne
Too easy.
[Karst_27_B] KarstCombatEndTwo
Yeah. Yeeaaaah!
[Karst_27_C] KarstCombatEndThree
Wasn't worth it, was it?
[Karst_27_D] KarstCombatEndFour
Should've stayed out of it.
[Karst_27_E] KarstCombatEndFive
I got the best of ya.
[Karst_28_A] KarstLootOne
If you don't want it, I'll take it.
[Karst_28_B] KarstLootTwo
You sure you want that?
[Karst_28_C] KarstLootThree
Ehh, reckon I'll find something better.
[Karst_28_D] KarstLootFour
Good. You take that.
[Karst_28_E] KarstLootFive
Plenty more where that came from, I reckon.
[Karst_29_A] KarstAlertLevelOne
Shh! Shut it.
[Karst_29_B] KarstAlertLevelTwo
Keep it down, or else.
[Karst_29_C] KarstAlertLevelThree
You trying to get us caught?
[Karst_29_D] KarstAlertLevelFour
Might need to bail soon.
[Karst_30_A] KarstAlarmOne
Oh boy, this is gonna get messy.
[Karst_30_B] KarstAlarmTwo
Don't fail me now, rookie.
[Karst_30_C] KarstAlarmThree
Let's make our escape.
[Karst_31_A] KarstSurpriseAlarmOne
Eh?! We gotta move! Now!
[Karst_31_B] KarstSurpriseAlarmTwo
You hear that? That's your fault.
[Karst_31_C] KarstSurpriseAlarmThree
Great, now the whole bloody world's coming after us.
[Karst_32_A] KarstFinalRoomOne
Got us here safe 'n' sound, didn't I?
[Karst_32_B] KarstFinalRoomTwo
Got eyes on the prize.
[Karst_32_C] KarstFinalRoomThree
Real close now. Real close.
[Karst_32_D] KarstFinalRoomFour
Almost there. Don't screw it up.
[Karst_32_E] KarstFinalRoomFive
I think this is what we're here for. 
[Karst_33_A] KarstObjectiveOne
Tuck it away somewhere safe. We gotta move quick.
[Karst_33_B] KarstObjectiveTwo
Aw, I wanted to hold it. Fine. Whatever. Let's just go.
[Karst_33_C] KarstObjectiveThree
Is it just me or is this as good as it gets?
[Karst_33_D] KarstObjectiveFour
Job done, right? Out we go.
[Karst_38_A] KarstLockPickLoudOne
On it!
[Karst_38_B] KarstLockPickLoudTwo
Yeah, I know!
[Karst_38_C] KarstLockPickLoudThree
[Karst_38_D] KarstLockPickLoudFour
Just keep 'em off me!
[Karst_38_E] KarstLockPickLoudFive
I'll try to make it quick!
[Karst_38_F] KarstLockPickLoudSix
You do your job, I'll do mine!
[Karst_39_A] KarstPerceptionLoudOne
Focus, Karst! Focus!
[Karst_39_B] KarstPerceptionLoudTwo
Nothing's--... There!
[Karst_39_C] KarstPerceptionLoudThree
Ehh... Errrr.... Eh?!
[Karst_39_D] KarstPerceptionLoudFour
I can't see--... wait, what's that!?
[Karst_39_E] KarstPerceptionLoudFive
Horrible time to just be standing 'round!
[Karst_39_F] KarstPerceptionLoudSix
Something... Something... Gotta be something.
[Karst_40_A] KarstVaultcrackingLoudOne
Easy does it!
[Karst_40_B] KarstVaultcrackingLoudTwo
Nothing motivates like a little pressure!
[Karst_40_C] KarstVaultcrackingLoudThree
Trying to get us killed!?
[Karst_40_D] KarstVaultcrackingLoudFour
Better lead to an escape hatch!
[Karst_40_E] KarstVaultcrackingLoudFive
Easier without guards after us!
[Karst_40_F] KarstVaultcrackingLoudSix
Normally enjoy this process!
[Karst_41_A] KarstBusyLoudOne
Stop ordering me around!
[Karst_41_B] KarstBusyLoudTwo
One thing at a time!
[Karst_41_C] KarstBusyLoudThree
Can't do it all at once!
[Karst_41_D] KarstBusyLoudFour
Make up your mind!
[Karst_41_E] KarstBusyLoudFive
You get hit in the head?! I'm busy!
[Karst_42_A] KarstInterruptedLoudOne
Lend a hand, rookie!
[Karst_42_B] KarstInterruptedLoudTwo
Piss! Off!
[Karst_42_C] KarstInterruptedLoudThree
Oi! Get!
[Karst_42_D] KarstInterruptedLoudFour
What'd I do to you!?
[Karst_43_A] KarstCombatStartLoudOne
This lot don't look friendly!
[Karst_43_B] KarstCombatStartLoudTwo
Oh, no no no no!
[Karst_43_C] KarstCombatStartLoudThree
Rookie!? ROOK!?
[Karst_43_D] KarstCombatStartLoudFour
Don't make me hurt you!
[Karst_43_E] KarstCombatStartLoudFive
I'll fight you! I'll bloody do it, mate!
[Karst_44_A] KarstCombatEndLoudOne
Keep moving! 
[Karst_44_B] KarstCombatEndLoudTwo
Yeah! Yeaaaaaah!
[Karst_44_C] KarstCombatEndLoudThree
Good! Don't slow down!
[Karst_44_D] KarstCombatEndLoudFour
Dead now, ain't ya!
[Karst_44_E] KarstCombatEndLoudFive
Not even close, mate!
[Karst_45_A] KarstLootLoudOne
Is lootin' still a priority!?
[Karst_45_B] KarstLootLoudTwo
I get it, but is now the best time!?
[Karst_45_C] KarstLootLoudThree
Yeah, okay, I wouldn't have let that one go either!
[Karst_45_D] KarstLootLoudFour
Good nab, but let's go!
[Karst_45_E] KarstLootLoudFive
I better not die because you needed that!
[Karst_46_A] KarstFinalRoomLoudOne
Not done yet! Grab it!
[Karst_46_B] KarstFinalRoomLoudTwo
Get the bloody thing and let's move!
[Karst_46_C] KarstFinalRoomLoudThree
Go get it, Rookie!
[Karst_46_D] KarstFinalRoomLoudFour
Pocket the goods! We gotta go!
[Karst_46_E] KarstFinalRoomLoudFive
Time's running out Rook!
[Karst_47_A] KarstObjectiveLoudOne
Good! Go!
[Karst_47_B] KarstObjectiveLoudTwo
[Karst_47_C] KarstObjectiveLoudThree
Run, rook! Run!
[Karst_47_D] KarstObjectiveLoudFour
Let's scarper!