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[Nenet_01] NenetIntroduction
You are an exile? Then you, too, have had your rightful home stolen from you - unless you actually committed the crimes you were accused of.

But of course you haven't. We are all innocent here, yes?
[Nenet_02] NenetAboutBoss
I have been looking for someone to follow my entire life. Someone to inspire me, to give meaning and community to my days. The Boss is... to put it bluntly, not that man. However, he is better than nothing.

Because of what he has built here, we unwanted scum have what some could call a society. Here, everyone is welcome regardless of station or ability, provided they are willing to work. The Boss has made it so.
[Nenet_03] NenetContractOneStart
I am honoured, Exile, that one of your strength would even speak to me, let alone help me. I am an outcast, and it is that very status which drives me for this mission. I have traveled far, and for many years, to find the resources and allies to do what I intend. Here I am in this place, before you now, ready.

Where I am from, the Plains of Vastiri, the Maraketh hold no pity for the weak or the supposedly useless. The other outcasts found me and raised me, and though our lives are harsh, we have a meager culture of our own. We call ourselves the Faridun. The Maraketh believe we are worthless and flawed, but I am convinced I can prove that is not true.

There is a legend among my people of a bold warrior who tried to unite the scattered Faridun camps thousands of years ago. His name was Jamanra, and he wished only to unify us so that we might come into our own as a people. If I can prove that he existed by finding the Book of Jamanra, then I may be able to initiate a ritual challenge with the Maraketh to test Faridun warriors for worthiness. If we pass, they will have to accept us back into the lives we should have had! Will you help me win back my home, Exile?
[Nenet_04] NenetContractOneEnd
Jamanra did exist, Exile... and they killed him. The Sekhemas agreed to meet with him to discuss recognizing the Faridun nation, but it was a trick. They poisoned him. The supposedly honourable high-and-mighty Maraketh poisoned our greatest leader.

I suppose I should have expected nothing less from this brutal world we live in, Exile. You and I know best that hope is an illusion, and that raw force is the only way to take anything for oneself. In any case, I thank you for aiding me.
[Nenet_05] NenetContractTwoStart
I have come to a decision, Exile. I do not believe the Maraketh will ever willingly give us a home, or let us make our own. The Book you helped me retrieve tells Jamanra's tale, but it goes a bit further than that. It also tells of his final resting place. You can already guess what I intend, yes? In this land of madness where the dead rise and legendary figures return, I have a reasonable suspicion Jamanra can be found and released from his tomb.

If the Maraketh will not listen to our peaceful pleas, then perhaps we Faridun will carve a home for ourselves on the Plains of Vastiri with the sharp edge of a sword. Jamanra can finish what he began thousands of years ago, and if he is empowered by Corruption this time around, then no cowardly poison will be able to stop him.

Help me find Jamanra in his tomb and convince him to lead our cause, Exile!
[Nenet_06] NenetContractTwoEnd
Jamanra was a raving mad monster... there is no hope, Exile. I appreciate your aid, but I no longer see a way forward. Who was I to think that I could change thousands of years of brutal tradition? This life of thievery and villainy is all that there is for me.

I think I'm going to take refuge in mead from now on.
[Nenet_07] NenetAboutIsla
Although Isla is often distracted, she is quite kind. She has a strength I have never seen before, one born of machines and intellect rather than fighting skill. I would never admit this to anyone, of course, but her steadfast support makes this place almost feel like a home. That is, when her mechanical spider isn't chewing my belongings.
[Nenet_08] NenetAboutPlainsOfVastiri
It is an elegant lie, that name: the 'Plains' of Vastiri. I know it only as a harsh desert, a blasted wasteland of broken rock, crimson sands, and salted earth. Those who call it the 'Plains' see it as it was thousands of years ago. They are deluded.

But who am I to judge? I still believe I'll find a home someday, even with a face like mine. Perhaps we all need a few delusions to keep us sane. What's your flavor of madness, Exile?
[Nenet_09] NenetAboutStrangeVoice
Sometimes, when you are near, I hear whispers. Even though I have the best ears among all these thieves, I cannot make out the words... but they sound like my constant companions - my depression, paranoia, and hatred - when I am at my worst. Be careful, Exile.
[Nenet_10] NenetContractSelectedOne
I will not fail you.
[Nenet_11] NenetContractSelectedTwo
Lead, and I shall follow.
[Nenet_12] NenetContractSelectedThree
Your orders shall be my law.
[Nenet_13] NenetBlueprintSelectedOne
I will not fail the group.
[Nenet_14] NenetBlueprintSelectedTwo
I will do my part.
[Nenet_15] NenetBlueprintSelectedThree
You will not regret including me.
[Nenet_118_A] IntroductionNenetNenetToExile
I am Nenet.
[Nenet_118_B] IntroductionNenetNenetToExileTwo
I can see a man's heart beat it's last from a distance of two thrown stones.
[Nenet_119_A] SelectionBanterKuraiNenetReply
[Nenet_119_B] SelectionBanterKuraiNenetReplyTwo
Then I will do my best to serve!
[Nenet_120_A] SelectionBanterKuraiToNenetThree
I have been requested, Kurai?
[Nenet_120_B] SelectionBanterKuraiToNenetFour
I will not let you down.
[Nenet_121_A] SelectionBanterTibbsNenetReply
No. Early.
[Nenet_121_B] SelectionBanterTibbsNenetReplyTwo
You worry about much. Why is that?
[Nenet_121_C] SelectionBanterTibbsNenetReplyThree
I never worry, because the worst has already happened to me. This isn't even my life. It's just a shadow. Do you worry about stepping on your shadow?
[Nenet_121_D] SelectionBanterTibbsNenetReplyFour
Not my mother, that's for certain.
[Nenet_122_A] SelectionBanterNenetToTibbs
Selarim to all.
[Nenet_122_B] SelectionBanterNenetToTibbsTwo
I see you also, large man. These plans appear adequate.
[Nenet_122_C] SelectionBanterNenetToKuraiThree
Always for you, lady Kurai. It would be a great honour.
[Nenet_122_D] SelectionBanterNenetToTibbsFour
Mister Tibbs, do you ache in your large skeleton?
[Nenet_122_E] SelectionBanterNenetToTibbsFive
I will try.
[Nenet_123_A] SelectionBanterKarstNenetReply
I greet you, thief.
[Nenet_123_B] SelectionBanterKarstNenetReplyTwo
And your money, if you intend to cheat at cards against me.
[Nenet_123_C] SelectionBanterKarstNenetReplyThree
You should have known, with my sharp eyes...
[Nenet_124_A] SelectionBanterNenetToKarst
Warm greetings to all.
[Nenet_124_B] SelectionBanterNenetToKurai
My apologies, Kurai. Karst despises me, but I do not care what he thinks, and that has caused him some emotional distress.
[Nenet_124_C] SelectionBanterNenetToKuraiTwo
Of course, my lady.
[Nenet_125_A] SelectionBanterTullinaNenetReply
We are to gain entry to this location and take everything we can carry.
[Nenet_125_B] SelectionBanterTullinaNenetReplyTwo
Yes. The usual.
[Nenet_126_A] SelectionBanterNenetToExile
I have answered your call.
[Nenet_126_B] SelectionBanterNenetToTullinaTwo
What business have we?
[Nenet_126_C] SelectionBanterNenetToTullinaThree
And the plans are complete?
[Nenet_126_D] SelectionBanterNenetToTullinaFour
Then I will watch in silence. Proceed.
(no transcription)
(no transcription)
[Nenet_127_A] SelectionBanterIslaNenetReply
Why are you bringing that up here?!
[Nenet_127_B] SelectionBanterIslaNenetReplyTwo
Sands swallow me, so that I die right here...
[Nenet_128_A] SelectionBanterNenetToIsla
I'm here. What is that ticking noise?
[Nenet_128_B] SelectionBanterNenetToIslaTwo
The second one.
[Nenet_128_C] SelectionBanterNenetToIslaThree
I have very good ears.
[Nenet_128_D] SelectionBanterNenetToIslaFour
Are you... going to check on that ticking?
[Nenet_128_E] SelectionBanterNenetToIslaFive
Your confidence is my confidence.
[Nenet_129_A] SelectionBanterGiannaNenetReply
[Nenet_129_B] SelectionBanterGiannaNenetReplyTwo
I can. We have a job. You have a role to play.
[Nenet_129_C] SelectionBanterGiannaNenetReplyThree
[Nenet_130_A] SelectionBanterNenetToGianna
I believe I was requested.
[Nenet_130_B] SelectionBanterNenetToGiannaTwo
I suppose not.
[Nenet_130_C] SelectionBanterNenetToGiannaThree
Actually, I think I do mind.
[Nenet_130_D] SelectionBanterNenetToGiannaFour
Please stop.
[Nenet_130_E] SelectionBanterNenetToGiannaFive
[Nenet_131_A] SelectionBanterHuckNenetReply
Reporting for duty, Captain Huck!
[Nenet_131_B] SelectionBanterHuckNenetReplyTwo
Maybe someday, sir.
[Nenet_132_A] SelectionBanterNenetToHuck
I'm ready!
[Nenet_132_B] SelectionBanterNenetToHuckTwo
Just tell me what to do!
[Nenet_133_A] SelectionBanterNilesNenetReply
Ah, the Templar.
[Nenet_133_B] SelectionBanterNilesNenetReplyTwo
What's a god?
[Nenet_134_A] SelectionBanterNenetToNiles
Hello. What is the plan?
[Nenet_134_B] SelectionBanterNenetToNilesTwo
Niles, I can feel you trying to read my thoughts.
[Nenet_134_C] SelectionBanterNenetToNilesThree
I do not mind.
[Nenet_135_A] SelectionBanterVinderiNenetReply
Yes. You are required.
[Nenet_135_B] SelectionBanterVinderiNenetReplyTwo
It's a building, not a bomb.
[Nenet_136_A] SelectionBanterNenetToVinderi
Hello. Nenet is here.
[Nenet_136_B] SelectionBanterNenetToVinderiTwo
[Nenet_136_C] SelectionBanterNenetToVinderiThree
Oh look. You found me.
[Nenet_137_A] EntryBanterTibbsNenetReply
I expect us all to die. Any better than that is a victory.
[Nenet_138_A] EntryBanterNenetToTibbs
There is death on the wind. Beware.
[Nenet_139_A] EntryBanterKarstNenetReply
That you felt compelled to say this does not fill me with confidence.
[Nenet_140_A] EntryBanterNenetToKarst
Clear skies. A good omen.
[Nenet_141_A] EntryBanterTullinaNenetReply
The dead own nothing and feel nothing.
[Nenet_142_A] EntryBanterNenetToTullina
Time passes through us like a ghost.
[Nenet_142_B] EntryBanterNenetToTullinaTwo
There is no speed great enough to escape death.
[Nenet_143_A] EntryBanterIslaNenetReply
[Nenet_144_A] EntryBanterNenetToIsla
(no text)
[Nenet_144_B] EntryBanterNenetToIslaTwo
(no text)
[Nenet_144_C] EntryBanterNenetToIslaThree
(no text)
[Nenet_145_A] EntryBanterVinderiNenetReply
[Nenet_145_B] EntryBanterVinderiNenetReplyTwo
[Nenet_145_C] EntryBanterVinderiNenetReplyThree
[Nenet_145_D] EntryBanterVinderiNenetReplyFour
[Nenet_145_E] EntryBanterVinderiNenetReplyFive
[Nenet_146_A] EntryBanterNenetToVinderi
The air is sour. Something is ami--
[Nenet_146_B] EntryBanterNenetToVinderiTwo
(no text)
[Nenet_147_A] EntryBanterNilesNenetReply
Good thing for you that I am not a man.
[Nenet_148_A] EntryBanterNenetToNiles
Perhaps this is the day that we shall die.
[Nenet_148_B] EntryBanterNenetToNilesTwo
I shall likely let you know soon.
[Nenet_149_A] EntryBanterHuckNenetReply
Like the ribcage of a dunewalker as the buzzards pick out his organs.
[Nenet_150_A] EntryBanterNenetToHuck
Where we go, death follows swiftly.
[Nenet_150_B] EntryBanterNenetToHuckTwo
If you insist.
[Nenet_151_A] EntryBanterGiannaNenetReply
And no one gets a happy ending. Yes?
[Nenet_152_A] EntryBanterNenetToGianna
All mortal endeavour is sand cast to the winds.
[Nenet_152_B] EntryBanterNenetToGiannaTwo
...Of course. That is the exception.   
[Nenet_153_A] ExitBanterTibbsNenetReply
The day is not done yet. Our 'friends' back home might backstab us to take our spoils.
[Nenet_154_A] ExitBanterNenetToTibbs
I believed we would face our deaths in there. I am glad to have been wrong.
[Nenet_154_B] ExitBanterNenetToTibbsTwo
Painfully. Yes.
[Nenet_154_C] ExitBanterNenetToTibbsThree
I did not see the need.   
[Nenet_155_A] ExitBanterKarstNenetReply
I see everything. Flaws and all.
[Nenet_156_A] ExitBanterNenetToKarst
Success, but still room for improvement.
[Nenet_157_A] ExitBanterTullinaNenetReply
By our unity, we escaped with our lives.
[Nenet_158_A] ExitBanterNenetToTullina
The snakes leave the rabbit's nest bare and barren.
[Nenet_158_B] ExitBanterNenetToTullinaTwo
I do not have a diary, and do not dare look for it!
[Nenet_159_A] ExitBanterIslaNenetReply
It is remarkable how we beat the odds when we are together.
[Nenet_160_A] ExitBanterNenetToIsla
We made it.
[Nenet_160_B] ExitBanterNenetToIslaTwo
Thank you.
[Nenet_161_A] ExitBanterVinderiNenetReply
I saw everything back there.
[Nenet_161_B] ExitBanterVinderiNenetReplyTwo
Even that vile act, yes.
[Nenet_162_A] ExitBanterNenetToVinderi
Victory, and yet the buzzards circle.
[Nenet_163_A] ExitBanterNilesNenetReply
You never asked.
[Nenet_163_B] ExitBanterNilesNenetReplyTwo
That's my favourite.
[Nenet_164_A] ExitBanterNenetToNiles
This was a doomed run, yet we cheated fate.
[Nenet_164_B] ExitBanterNenetToNilesTwo
I certainly hope so.
[Nenet_165_A] ExitBanterHuckNenetReply
Be glad that you are not. Immortality dulls the senses. To be mortal is to feel all life has to offer.
[Nenet_166_A] ExitBanterNenetToHuck
Death's pursuit is inescapable, but we have delayed it this day.
[Nenet_167_A] ExitBanterGiannaNenetReply
No. All the battles are very real.
[Nenet_167_B] ExitBanterGiannaNenetReplyTwo
By surviving. The dead feel great boredom.
[Nenet_168_A] ExitBanterNenetToGianna
That was a... five thumb performance, yes?
[Nenet_169_A] ExitBanterAdiyahNenetReply
That's personal.
[Nenet_169_B] ExitBanterAdiyahNenetReplyTwo
My own mother was willing to abandon me over it.
[Nenet_170_A] ExitBanterNenetToAdiyah
Left any children to die lately, Maraketh?
[Nenet_170_B] ExitBanterNenetToAdiyahTwo
So you admit you are evil!
[Nenet_170_C] ExitBanterNenetToAdiyahThree
I'm not so certain.
[Nenet_183] NenetEntryBanterOne
Thank you for letting me participate.
[Nenet_184] NenetEntryBanterTwo
I will not let you down.
[Nenet_185] NenetEntryBanterThree
I just want to be useful.
[Nenet_186] NenetEntryBanterFour
We will survive this. I trust.
[Nenet_187] NenetEntryBanterFive
We will succeed.
[Nenet_188] NenetExitBanterOne
I knew we would make it.
[Nenet_189] NenetExitBanterTwo
That was harrowing.
[Nenet_190] NenetExitBanterThree
Let's return to that rat-ridden place we call home.
[Nenet_191] NenetExitBanterFour
I hope the Boss approves of my performance.
[Nenet_192] NenetExitBanterFive
My prediction of our deaths appears to have been wrong.


[Nenet_16] NenetPerceptionShortOne
I see.
[Nenet_17] NenetPerceptionShortTwo
It's quite clear to me.
[Nenet_18] NenetPerceptionShortThree
Of course.
[Nenet_19] NenetPerceptionLongOne
Allow me a moment to focus...
[Nenet_20] NenetPerceptionLongTwo
Seeing sometimes relies on more than one's eyes.
[Nenet_21] NenetPerceptionLongThree
Quiet, I'm listening...
[Nenet_22] NenetPerceptionShortAlarmOne
[Nenet_23] NenetPerceptionShortAlarmTwo
Quickly, yes!
[Nenet_24] NenetPerceptionShortAlarmThree
[Nenet_25] NenetPerceptionLongAlarmOne
I'm trying to focus!
[Nenet_26] NenetPerceptionLongAlarmTwo
Let me listen!
[Nenet_27] NenetPerceptionLongAlarmThree
[Nenet_28] NenetVaultShortOne
No lock can bar me.
[Nenet_29] NenetVaultShortTwo
What's theirs is ours.
[Nenet_30] NenetVaultShortThree
Not a problem.
[Nenet_31] NenetVaultLongOne
They might as well have left this unlocked.
[Nenet_32] NenetVaultLongTwo
Did they even try to secure this?
[Nenet_33] NenetVaultLongThree
I can break this vault. No problem.
[Nenet_34] NenetVaultShortAlarmOne
Working quickly!
[Nenet_35] NenetVaultShortAlarmTwo
Smash and grab!
[Nenet_36] NenetVaultShortAlarmThree
On it!
[Nenet_37] NenetVaultLongAlarmOne
You can do this, Nenet...
[Nenet_38] NenetVaultLongAlarmTwo
I'll do my best!
[Nenet_39] NenetVaultLongAlarmThree
I can do it!
[Nenet_40] NenetBusyOne
Sorry, I am busy. 
[Nenet_41] NenetBusyTwo
I cannot just now. 
[Nenet_42] NenetBusyThree
I'll be with you in a moment.
[Nenet_43] NenetBusyFour
I hear you, but cannot yet.
[Nenet_44] NenetBusyFive
I am already tasked!
[Nenet_45] NenetBusyAlarmOne
[Nenet_46] NenetBusyAlarmTwo
I can't!
[Nenet_47] NenetBusyAlarmThree
I'm otherwise engaged!
[Nenet_48] NenetBusyAlarmFour
No time!
[Nenet_49] NenetBusyAlarmFive
I can't do that!
[Nenet_50] NenetInterruptedOne
I am under attack!
[Nenet_51] NenetInterruptedTwo
I require aid!
[Nenet_52] NenetInterruptedThree
They've caught me!
[Nenet_53] NenetInterruptedFour
They have me!
[Nenet_54] NenetInterruptedAlarmOne
[Nenet_55] NenetInterruptedAlarmTwo
[Nenet_56] NenetInterruptedAlarmThree
To me, quickly!
[Nenet_57] NenetInterruptedAlarmFour
[Nenet_58] NenetCombatStartOne
I do not fear death.
[Nenet_59] NenetCombatStartTwo
So the clash comes.
[Nenet_60] NenetCombatStartThree
So much for stealth.
[Nenet_61] NenetCombatStartFour
Death, one way or another!
[Nenet_62] NenetCombatStartFive
Fight together and we shall overcome!
[Nenet_63] NenetCombatStartAlarmOne
We shall stand.
[Nenet_64] NenetCombatStartAlarmTwo
A fight, then.
[Nenet_65] NenetCombatStartAlarmThree
[Nenet_66] NenetCombatStartAlarmFour
Here they come!
[Nenet_67] NenetCombatStartAlarmFive
[Nenet_68] NenetCombatEndOne
Today is not the end, then.
[Nenet_69] NenetCombatEndTwo
I knew we could do it.
[Nenet_70] NenetCombatEndThree
Back to stealth.
[Nenet_71] NenetCombatEndFour
Death... for them.
[Nenet_72] NenetCombatEndFive
Together. Success.
[Nenet_73] NenetCombatEndAlarmOne
Good. Move!
[Nenet_74] NenetCombatEndAlarmTwo
[Nenet_75] NenetCombatEndAlarmThree
Thank you.
[Nenet_76] NenetCombatEndAlarmFour
We must continue.
[Nenet_77] NenetCombatEndAlarmFive
Good riddance.
[Nenet_78] NenetLootOne
Take what you can. Live for now.
[Nenet_79] NenetLootTwo
Treasure for the taking.
[Nenet_80] NenetLootThree
I hope you will share that.
[Nenet_81] NenetLootFour
All that glitters.
[Nenet_82] NenetLootFive
More is better than less.
[Nenet_83] NenetLootAlarmOne
Is that wise?!
[Nenet_84] NenetLootAlarmTwo
Should we really delay like this?
[Nenet_85] NenetLootAlarmThree
We must make haste!
[Nenet_86] NenetLootAlarmFour
Treasure or life?
[Nenet_87] NenetLootAlarmFive
We need to escape!
[Nenet_88] NenetAlertOne
We may be spotted soon.
[Nenet_89] NenetAlertTwo
We are treading too heavily.
[Nenet_90] NenetAlertThree
We can ill afford any more mistakes.
[Nenet_91] NenetAlertFour
They will catch on to our presence.
[Nenet_92] NenetAlarmTriggeredOne
Swiftly, now.
[Nenet_93] NenetAlarmTriggeredTwo
As expected.
[Nenet_94] NenetAlarmTriggeredThree
We should escape now.
[Nenet_95] NenetAlarmTriggeredEarlyOne
We have been spotted!
[Nenet_96] NenetAlarmTriggeredEarlyTwo
Too clumsy!
[Nenet_97] NenetAlarmTriggeredEarlyThree
They've seen us!
[Nenet_98] NenetFinalRoomOne
Here we are, then.
[Nenet_99] NenetFinalRoomTwo
Do you remember what to do?
[Nenet_100] NenetFinalRoomThree
If you need help, I am here.
[Nenet_101] NenetFinalRoomFour
Exile, make your move.
[Nenet_102] NenetFinalRoomFive
We made it.
[Nenet_103] NenetFinalRoomAlarmOne
Make your move quickly!
[Nenet_104] NenetFinalRoomAlarmTwo
Clumsy but speedy, now!
[Nenet_105] NenetFinalRoomAlarmThree
Get it done!
[Nenet_106] NenetFinalRoomAlarmFour
[Nenet_107] NenetFinalRoomAlarmFive
Move like the wind!
[Nenet_108] NenetObjectiveOne
We have it!
[Nenet_109] NenetObjectiveTwo
Very good.
[Nenet_110] NenetObjectiveThree
It is done.
[Nenet_111] NenetObjectiveFour
[Nenet_112] NenetObjectiveAlarmOne
Good, go!
[Nenet_113] NenetObjectiveAlarmTwo
[Nenet_114] NenetObjectiveAlarmThree
[Nenet_115] NenetObjectiveAlarmFour
[Nenet_171] NenetThaumaturgyShortOne
I shall make it happen.
[Nenet_172] NenetThaumaturgyShortTwo
My will is their command.
[Nenet_173] NenetThaumaturgyShortThree
Open your mind...
[Nenet_174] NenetThaumaturgyLongOne
I'll crack their minds like so many rhoa eggs.
[Nenet_175] NenetThaumaturgyLongTwo
I can almost hear their thoughts...
[Nenet_176] NenetThaumaturgyLongThree
Isla says the mind is just another system of gears...
[Nenet_177] NenetThaumaturgyShortLoudOne
[Nenet_178] NenetThaumaturgyShortLoudTwo
I shall try.
[Nenet_179] NenetThaumaturgyShortLoudThree
I hope this works.
[Nenet_180] NenetThaumaturgyLongLoudOne
My bleakness shall become theirs!
[Nenet_181] NenetThaumaturgyLongLoudTwo
Empty heads, easy puppets!
[Nenet_182] NenetThaumaturgyLongLoudThree
Peering into their thoughts!