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[Niles_01] NilesIntroduction
The name's Niles. I'm the resident thought extractor. Not got much to say to you just yet. Still uncertain whether I interrogated you before the Templars exiled you. Would put us quite at odds, wouldn't it? But I interrogated so many, I hardly remember their faces anymore. If I don't remember you, it probably means you broke easily...
[Niles_02] NilesAboutBoss
I know a thing or two about figureheads using mystery to evoke faith. It's how they deceive the masses, you see. One can never find fault with a god if one never meets him! Who, then, spreads all these tales? A Karui told me that Tukohama cut Kitava's face with a tooth. I asked him, how do you know about it if you weren't there for it? So, he stabbed me.

That's what you'll get if you start asking around about the Boss. A stabbing. Only - unlike Karui - this knife won't come from the front.
[Niles_03] NilesContractOneStart
Ah yes, Exile, I was hoping you would aid me. I have a very simple mission: to prove that gods do not exist. Yes, yes, I know that you believe you have faced them yourself, but I am intent on proving the fraud. You are a victim, like many, of an elaborate facade painted for you by clever con artists. In order to expose them, I shall need a certain piece of equipment, the Thought Extractor. Forced confessions shall save us from mysticism!

Are you ready to see the light?
[Niles_04] NilesContractOneEnd
I immediately performed my tests with the device we stole, of course, but the random people I accosted with the Thought Extractor truly believed divinity is real. I don't know what else I expected. Instead of finding the truth, all we did was dig up the false narrative they hold dear. In order for this plan to work, we would have to force confessions out of the ones responsible for the divine facade, but if we knew who they were, then we wouldn't need their confessions! The Thought Extractor is useless! We shall continue our search for the truth some other way.
[Niles_05] NilesContractTwoStart
Interrogation is a flawed art, as we learned together, but now I know of a better method to prove that divinity is false. I have learned the location of a renowned Azmeri artefact known as Viridi's Finger. It supposedly causes enormous plants to grow from almost any soil. Once it is in our possession, we can prove once and for all that Viridi's Finger is a fake and expose the liars for what they are. Prepare yourself, Exile!
[Niles_06] NilesContractTwoEnd
Hmm. Viridi's Finger did indeed cause enormous plants to grow. You know what that means, don't you?

We've fallen into one of their traps. Clearly, someone has created this to fool us. I don't know whether it is some unknown species of plant, or some sort of hypnotizer, or perhaps some sort of illusion machine, but Viridi's Finger is too dangerous. I shall destroy it, so that no one else will ever be fooled by it again!
[Niles_07] NilesTheTruth
It seems only I am privy to the truth of this world. Innocence doesn't exist, Sin doesn't exist, and the Templar faith is a lie. You can tell them I said so. I'll go down shouting it! And the Karui and Maraketh gods are probably fake, too. It's all a scam, you see. A convenient belief system to keep the rabble in check. The Karui way, Maraketh tradition, the Templars' militant faith, and the Azmeri—well, they're fine actually. Inoffensive. You won't catch me living in the forest, though.
[Niles_08] NilesGodslayer
I don't know how you convinced a city full of people that you slew some sort of rampaging god, but I've seen artists' depictions of Kitava's supposed rampage. There is no way that the ground could support a being that large. Did you see the footprints? Clearly fake, carved by Templar artisans to deceive the populace. The river of blood was accomplished with diluted crimson mud from the Plains of Vastiri. It's really quite simple when you think about it.

As for your own experience, there are records of gasses seeping from the crypts that once caused a whole village to believe they were fish. They flopped on the ground, gasping for air. They even died! Have you considered you may be a victim of a similar occurrence?
[Niles_09] NilesOutThere
When I was younger, I served next to some very powerful men. I once caught a stray thought from the High Templar Venarius. A simple picture, nothing more, possible to perceive only because of his overwhelming fear at that moment. I have to assume he was insane, because the image he had in mind was that of a single beleaguered jewel adrift on an ocean of madness. If that was how I saw the world, it would almost be a comfort to believe in gods. At least then there would be somebody who could stand against the tide... but even then... against what I saw...
Just an old man's idle fears. Pay no mind.
[Niles_10] NilesContractSelectedOne
Together we shall seek the truth.
[Niles_11] NilesContractSelectedTwo
Time for us mortals to take action.
[Niles_12] NilesContractSelectedThree
We shall dispel many lies.
[Niles_13] NilesBlueprintSelectedOne
I knew you were going to pick me.
[Niles_14] NilesBlueprintSelectedTwo
I'll make them dance like puppets.
[Niles_15] NilesBlueprintSelectedThree
Oh, I'm on this team?
[Niles_120_A] IntroductionHuckNilesReply
You don't like me, I can tell.
[Niles_120_B] IntroductionHuckNilesReplyTwo
Now you really don't like me. Why is that, I wonder?
[Niles_121_A] IntroductionVinderiNilesToExile
Exile, this is Vinderi. Expert demolitionist.
[Niles_121_B] IntroductionVinderiNilesToExileTwo
Years of exposure to fumes has... affected him.
[Niles_122_A] SelectionBanterKuraiNilesReply
Another ill-advised plan?
[Niles_122_B] SelectionBanterKuraiNilesReplyTwo
Then I assume I'll get stabbed again.
[Niles_122_C] SelectionBanterKuraiNilesReplyThree
Yes, yes...
(no transcription)
(no transcription)
[Niles_124_A] SelectionBanterTibbsNilesReply
Are you sure? Are there no... large words I should explain to you?
[Niles_124_B] SelectionBanterTibbsNilesReplyTwo
Well... Not exactly...
[Niles_124_C] SelectionBanterTibbsNilesReplyThree
[Niles_124_D] SelectionBanterTibbsNilesReplyFour
I-... I rescind my statement. I apologise for my preconceived notions.
[Niles_125_A] SelectionBanterNilesToTibbs
I'm here, no need to make a fuss.
[Niles_125_B] SelectionBanterNilesToTibbsTwo
And to you. You know, I've always wondered, where do you get your clothes?
[Niles_125_C] SelectionBanterNilesToTibbsThree
Fascinating. To see a man of your stature wield a sewing needle must truly be something to behold.
[Niles_125_D] SelectionBanterNilesToTibbsFour
The contrast, Most humourous. 
[Niles_126_A] SelectionBanterKarstNilesReply
The locksmith. Good, good.
[Niles_126_B] SelectionBanterKarstNilesReplyTwo
Of course. My apologies. I sense ...animosity.
[Niles_126_C] SelectionBanterKarstNilesReplyThree
It is a well-honed talent.
[Niles_127_A] SelectionBanterNilesToKarst
A job. Splendid.
[Niles_127_B] SelectionBanterNilesToKarstTwo
It is me. 
[Niles_127_C] SelectionBanterNilesToKarstThree
I don't believe that decision is yours to make.
[Niles_127_D] SelectionBanterNilesToKarstFour
Indeed! Were it up to me, you would be forever at my side, like a loyal and adoring pup.   
[Niles_128_A] SelectionBanterTullinaNilesReply
What exquisite torture it is to wait for one as beautiful as yourself.
[Niles_128_B] SelectionBanterTullinaNilesReplyTwo
Until I wear you down.
[Niles_128_C] SelectionBanterTullinaNilesReplyThree
Ha! I doubt I'm making everyone--
[Niles_129_A] SelectionBanterNilesToTullina
Hello, hello... Ah, Tullina!
[Niles_129_B] SelectionBanterNilesToTullinaTwo
What a pleasure to be called into service by your side.
[Niles_129_C] SelectionBanterNilesToTullinaThree
But it remains my pleasure, and for that, I simply must thank you.
[Niles_129_D] SelectionBanterNilesToTullinaFour
Thank you.
[Niles_130_A] SelectionBanterIslaNilesReply
We've met a hundred times. We've gone on heists together.
[Niles_130_B] SelectionBanterIslaNilesReplyTwo
Your thoughts... how vile! That is not how it works!
[Niles_130_C] SelectionBanterIslaNilesReplyThree
You stay away from me, witch!
[Niles_131_A] SelectionBanterNilesToIsla
Ah, Isla, our woman of science! It's the young ones that are wrong, not we.
[Niles_131_B] SelectionBanterNilesToIslaTwo
The same thing I always rant about, my dear.
[Niles_131_C] SelectionBanterNilesToIslaThree
Your machine is broken, and so are you!
[Niles_132_A] SelectionBanterVinderiNilesReply
Yes, Vinderi, it is I. 
[Niles_132_B] SelectionBanterVinderiNilesReplyTwo
Let us put our differences aside. The job comes first.
[Niles_132_C] SelectionBanterVinderiNilesReplyThree
As am I.
[Niles_132_D] SelectionBanterVinderiNilesReplyFour
A professional jackass.
[Niles_133_A] SelectionBanterNilesToVinderi
Hello, hello. Ah. I see you'll employ absolutely any rabble. 
[Niles_133_B] SelectionBanterNilesToVinderiTwo
You know it was. I know you know it was.
[Niles_133_C] SelectionBanterNilesToVinderiThree
Or else what, old man?
[Niles_133_D] SelectionBanterNilesToVinderiFour
...good...GOD... What--...No! Vile! What monster pictures such a thing. 
[Niles_133_E] SelectionBanterNilesToVinderiFive
I'm going to be ill.
[Niles_134_A] SelectionBanterNenetNilesReply
[Niles_134_B] SelectionBanterNenetNilesReplyTwo
Oh - no - I was just -
[Niles_134_C] SelectionBanterNenetNilesReplyThree
Really? How... strange.
[Niles_135_A] SelectionBanterNilesToNenet
Ah, the Faridun.
[Niles_135_B] SelectionBanterNilesToNenetTwo
Out of curiosity, pariah, do the Faridun worship any gods?
[Niles_135_C] SelectionBanterNilesToNenetThree
You. I like you.
[Niles_136_A] SelectionBanterHuckNilesReply
Oh yes. Violence, robbery... Nothing you're unaccustomed to, blackguard.
[Niles_136_B] SelectionBanterHuckNilesReplyTwo
It is nothing to be ashamed of! Just as being an effective interrogator for the high templar himself is nothing to be ashamed of.
[Niles_136_C] SelectionBanterHuckNilesReplyThree
Far from it. It means we are capable of carrying out orders, no matter now immoral.
[Niles_137_A] SelectionBanterNilesToHuck
I knew I would be required.
[Niles_137_B] SelectionBanterNilesToHuckTwo
No, my friend. Merely confidence. The idea that one can see events yet to unfold is a flight of fancy akin to that of divine intervention, spontaneous generation, or medicine. We are born, we live, we get a small cut, we die, and we are gone. That is how it has always been, and that is how it will always be.
[Niles_138_A] SelectionBanterNilesToGiannaThree
Ah, the thespian.
[Niles_138_B] SelectionBanterNilesToGiannaFour
Wonderful. Just wonderful. And yourself? Wait, no, let me try to guess. I see... shoes. Boots. Steel toed. You wish to go hiking.
[Niles_138_C] SelectionBanterNilesToGiannaFive
Well they're moving. Swiftly. 
[Niles_138_D] SelectionBanterNilesToGiannaSix
They're striking... some trousers. Black. Right in the in-seam. Over and over.
[Niles_138_E] SelectionBanterNilesToGiannaSeven
Yes. A vivid imagination. Just wonderful. 
[Niles_139_A] SelectionBanterNilesToGianna
I'm needed? Oh, lady Gianna, what an incomparable pleasure.
[Niles_139_B] SelectionBanterNilesToGiannaTwo
My Oriathan rose, my shimmering jewel among the rhoa dung.
[Niles_139_C] SelectionBanterNilesToKurai
Not including you, madam.
[Niles_139_D] SelectionBanterNilesToKuraiTwo
So be it.   
[Niles_140_A] EntryBanterTibbsNilesReply
A prayer? I might as well ask the Solstice Rhoa for an albino egg! Equally absurd!
[Niles_141_A] EntryBanterNilesToTibbs
Tibbs, could you please lower your anxiety? It's seeping into my brain.
[Niles_142_A] EntryBanterKarstNilesReply
No gods will ensure success. That's up to us.
[Niles_143_A] EntryBanterNilesToKarst
Confidence, not cockiness, will ensure success.
[Niles_143_B] EntryBanterNilesToKarstTwo
That is always what an interrogator wanted to hear: his own words repeated back to him with desperation.
[Niles_144_A] EntryBanterTullinaNilesReply
Luck is just another word for faith, which we all know is meaningless. You're telling everyone good nothing right now.
[Niles_145_A] EntryBanterNilesToTullina
Tullina, might I slip into that brain of yours for just a moment? I wish to feel lithe. Provocative.
[Niles_146_A] EntryBanterNilesReply
There's torture, and then there's nightmare. You are a demon with a pleasant smile.
[Niles_146_B] EntryBanterNilesReplyTwo
That wasn't a compliment!
[Niles_147_A] EntryBanterNilesToIsla
No useless prayers today. I put my faith in science!
[Niles_147_B] EntryBanterNilesToIslaTwo
Oh. Well that's refreshing.
[Niles_148_A] EntryBanterVinderiNilesReply
Do you not?
[Niles_149_A] EntryBanterNilesToVinderi
Perhaps we should take mental fortitude into consideration for future expeditions.
[Niles_149_B] EntryBanterNilesToVinderiTwo
Oh, I stand by what I said.
[Niles_150_A] EntryBanterNenetNilesReply
In your mythology, what happens to the Faridun after death?
[Niles_151_A] EntryBanterNilesToNenet
Oh bleak one, when a man believes he is doomed, he usually finds a way to make it happen.
[Niles_151_B] EntryBanterNilesToNenetTwo
(no text)
[Niles_152_A] EntryBanterHuckNilesReply
That's my job.
[Niles_153_A] EntryBanterNilesToHuck
As we stride headlong into mortal peril, remember: on the other side of death is nothing. You will simply no longer be.
[Niles_154_A] EntryBanterGiannaNilesReply
Speaking of, would you care to accompany on a date, Gianna?
[Niles_155_A] EntryBanterNilesToGianna
If harm comes to you, Gianna, I will hold myself responsible.
[Niles_156_A] ExitBanterTibbsNilesReply
And of course it was because of some god's intervention, right? So predictable.
[Niles_157_A] ExitBanterNilesToTibbs
This was a wondrous return to the glory days of the Templars.
[Niles_157_B] ExitBanterNilesToTibbsTwo
Well, all the killing and mind-crushing. It was... nostalgic.   
[Niles_158_A] ExitBanterKarstNilesReply
At last, a belief system I can get behind.
[Niles_159_A] ExitBanterNilesToKarst
Our persistence is rewarded. Even the supposed gods couldn't--
[Niles_160_A] ExitBanterTullinaNilesReply
Oh, how one quivers with anticipation at the thought of such sweet fruits.
[Niles_161_A] ExitBanterNilesToTullina
Glorious, glorious, glorious. I sup the wine of victory from fate's breast.
[Niles_161_B] ExitBanterNilesToTullinaTwo
When we return, I shall paint it for you. A gift.
[Niles_162_A] ExitBanterIslaNilesReply
Can you do that without drills?
[Niles_162_B] ExitBanterIslaNilesReplyTwo
That does sound safer.
[Niles_163_A] ExitBanterNilesToIsla
I... I really thought we were going to cash in our Markers on that one.
[Niles_163_B] ExitBanterNilesToIslaTwo
How was that according to plan?
[Niles_163_C] ExitBanterNilesToIslaThree
Wasn't terrified...
[Niles_164_A] ExitBanterVinderiNilesReply
Even if the gods did exist, which they don't, do you think they would care to hear your dull opines?
[Niles_164_B] ExitBanterVinderiNilesReplyTwo
Oh, I'd love to see you try.
[Niles_165_A] ExitBanterNilesToVinderi
Humanity triumphs where the divine dare not tread.
[Niles_165_B] ExitBanterNilesToVinderiTwo
[Niles_166_A] ExitBanterNenetNilesReply
There is no fate but what we make!
[Niles_167_A] ExitBanterNilesToNenet
How come you and I never just talk?
[Niles_167_B] ExitBanterNilesToNenetTwo
Oh! Want to exchange bleak tales of oppression after this?
[Niles_168_A] ExitBanterHuckNilesReply
You minimise our actions. Nothing is blessed or cursed. We just did a good job.
[Niles_169_A] ExitBanterNilesToHuck
I worry I shall grow bored of success.
[Niles_170_A] ExitBanterGiannaNilesReply
Here! Yes, hello Gianna.
[Niles_171_A] ExitBanterNilesToGiana
At last. So how about that Date, Gianna?
[Niles_172_A] ExitBanterAdiyahNilesReply
You cannot reject that which does not exist!
[Niles_172_B] ExitBanterAdiyahNilesReplyTwo
You go on believing that.
[Niles_173_A] ExitBanterNilesToAdiyah
Have I ever told you that your mind is incredibly ordered?
[Niles_173_B] ExitBanterNilesToAdiyahTwo
Or oppression. I know a little about that.
[Niles_173_C] ExitBanterNilesToAdiyahThree
Maraketh witch!
[Niles_174_A] NilesEntryBanterOne
You handle the killing, and we'll do just fine.
[Niles_175_A] NilesEntryBanterTwo
Mortal planning is all we have. There is no fate.
[Niles_176_A] NilesEntryBanterThree
This will go as well as all our other misadventures.
[Niles_177_A] NilesEntryBanterFour
I have a bad feeling about this one.
[Niles_178_A] NilesEntryBanterFive
I sense a violent intent. Good, very good.
[Niles_179_A] NilesExitBanterOne
That made me nostalgic for my interrogator days.
[Niles_180_A] NilesExitBanterTwo
Hah! I survived! A great many betting rogues just lost a great many markers.
[Niles_181_A] NilesExitBanterThree
I'm going to sleep in tomorrow. I've earned it.
[Niles_182_A] NilesExitBanterFour
Nothing quite like the thrill of avoiding death one more day!
[Niles_183_A] NilesExitBanterFive
It's time for some mead.


[Niles_16] NilesThaumaturgyShortOne
I shall make it so.
[Niles_17] NilesThaumaturgyShortTwo
Of course.
[Niles_18] NilesThaumaturgyShortThree
[Niles_19] NilesThaumaturgyLongOne
My mind shall dwarf theirs.
[Niles_20] NilesThaumaturgyLongTwo
I am a mental giant.
[Niles_21] NilesThaumaturgyLongThree
Allow me to focus...
[Niles_22] NilesThaumaturgyShortAlarmOne
Right away!
[Niles_23] NilesThaumaturgyShortAlarmTwo
I'll try to be quick!
[Niles_24] NilesThaumaturgyShortAlarmThree
Of course!
[Niles_25] NilesThaumaturgyLongAlarmOne
Mind control is a delicate art!
[Niles_26] NilesThaumaturgyLongAlarmTwo
I'll be as quick as I can!
[Niles_27] NilesThaumaturgyLongAlarmThree
Uggggh, if I must.
[Niles_28] NilesDeceptionShortOne
Easily fooled.
[Niles_29] NilesDeceptionShortTwo
Practiced lies, deceived eyes.
[Niles_30] NilesDeceptionShortThree
Watch and learn.
[Niles_31] NilesDeceptionLongOne
They'll never even suspect.
[Niles_32] NilesDeceptionLongTwo
This should be easy. Should be.
[Niles_33] NilesDeceptionLongThree
Just another form of mind control.
[Niles_34] NilesDeceptionShortAlarmOne
I'll try!
[Niles_35] NilesDeceptionShortAlarmTwo
[Niles_36] NilesDeceptionShortAlarmThree
[Niles_37] NilesDeceptionLongAlarmOne
This is a mess!
[Niles_38] NilesDeceptionLongAlarmTwo
This might still work!
[Niles_39] NilesDeceptionLongAlarmThree
Not a problem!
[Niles_40] NilesBusyOne
I've already got a task!
[Niles_41] NilesBusyTwo
I can't really hear you.
[Niles_42] NilesBusyThree
I'm busy...
[Niles_43] NilesBusyFour
Not yet!
[Niles_44] NilesBusyFive
You have no idea what you're doing, do you?
[Niles_45] NilesBusyAlarmOne
Buzz off, pest!
[Niles_46] NilesBusyAlarmTwo
Not now!
[Niles_47] NilesBusyAlarmThree
I'm focusing!
[Niles_48] NilesBusyAlarmFour
Quit pestering me!
[Niles_49] NilesBusyAlarmFive
[Niles_50] NilesInterruptedOne
[Niles_51] NilesInterruptedTwo
[Niles_52] NilesInterruptedThree
That hurt!
[Niles_53] NilesInterruptedFour
Hey, stop it!
[Niles_54] NilesInterruptedAlarmOne
[Niles_55] NilesInterruptedAlarmTwo
Exile, save me!
[Niles_56] NilesInterruptedAlarmThree
I'm bleeding!
[Niles_57] NilesInterruptedAlarmFour
Stabbed AGAIN?
[Niles_58] NilesInterruptedAlarmFive
I need to focus!
[Niles_59] NilesCombatStartOne
Commence the bloody work.
[Niles_60] NilesCombatStartTwo
Time for a tussle.
[Niles_61] NilesCombatStartThree
Torture quickened counts as combat.
[Niles_62] NilesCombatStartFour
You can handle this, yes?
[Niles_63] NilesCombatStartFive
I really don't want to get stabbed again.
[Niles_64] NilesCombatStartAlarmOne
You have chosen death!
[Niles_65] NilesCombatStartAlarmTwo
I refuse to die here!
[Niles_66] NilesCombatStartAlarmThree
To battle!
[Niles_67] NilesCombatStartAlarmFour
Clash of arms!
[Niles_68] NilesCombatStartAlarmFive
Not today!
[Niles_69] NilesCombatEndOne
Mortal strength carries the day.
[Niles_70] NilesCombatEndTwo
Glad you're on my side.
[Niles_71] NilesCombatEndThree
No afterlife for them. A shame.
[Niles_72] NilesCombatEndFour
Thank God we survived. Wait, I didn't mean that!
[Niles_73] NilesCombatEndFive
I didn't get stabbed?
[Niles_74] NilesCombatEndSix
Well, glad that's over.
[Niles_75] NilesCombatEndSeven
All this gore reminds me of home.
[Niles_76] NilesCombatEndAlarmOne
Keep going! Run!
[Niles_77] NilesCombatEndAlarmTwo
We can't stop now!
[Niles_78] NilesCombatEndAlarmThree
What next?!
[Niles_79] NilesCombatEndAlarmFour
It would seem our luck has not yet run out!
[Niles_80] NilesCombatEndAlarmFive
Absolutely brutal.
[Niles_81] NilesLootOne
Lovely. Just lovely.
[Niles_82] NilesLootTwo
Don't you owe me a few markers?
[Niles_83] NilesLootThree
Avarice is not entirely without merit.
[Niles_84] NilesLootFour
Not all treasure is silver and gold.
[Niles_85] NilesLootFive
I'm unimpressed.
[Niles_86] NilesLootAlarmOne
Leave it, there are more important matters!
[Niles_87] NilesLootAlarmTwo
Are you seriously doing that right now?
[Niles_88] NilesLootAlarmThree
Your avarice knows no bounds!
[Niles_89] NilesLootAlarmFour
Pecuniary sloth!
[Niles_90] NilesLootAlarmFive
Quit wasting time!
[Niles_91] NilesAlertOne
You do know we're about to get caught?
[Niles_92] NilesAlertTwo
I sense suspicion. They may be on to us.
[Niles_93] NilesAlertThree
To err is human, but one more mistake and we'll be ruined.
[Niles_94] NilesAlertFour
They're about to notice us.
[Niles_95] NilesAlarmTriggeredOne
Time to go, I take it?
[Niles_96] NilesAlarmTriggeredTwo
This was part of the plan, right?
[Niles_97] NilesAlarmTriggeredThree
Was that supposed to happen?
[Niles_98] NilesAlarmTriggeredEarlyOne
[Niles_99] NilesAlarmTriggeredEarlyTwo
[Niles_100] NilesAlarmTriggeredEarlyThree
You've done it now!
[Niles_101] NilesFinalRoomOne
The inner sanctum...
[Niles_102] NilesFinalRoomTwo
Do what you must.
[Niles_103] NilesFinalRoomThree
I half expected us not to make it this far.
[Niles_104] NilesFinalRoomFour
There may be traps. You go first.
[Niles_105] NilesFinalRoomFive
Time to make an acquisition.
[Niles_106] NilesFinalRoomAlarmOne
[Niles_107] NilesFinalRoomAlarmTwo
Don't waste time!
[Niles_108] NilesFinalRoomAlarmThree
Move like your life depends upon it!
[Niles_109] NilesFinalRoomAlarmFour
What are you waiting for?!
[Niles_110] NilesFinalRoomAlarmFive
Go get it!
[Niles_111] NilesObjectiveOne
You've got it!
[Niles_112] NilesObjectiveTwo
And without any divine aid!
[Niles_113] NilesObjectiveThree
Alright, then. We have it.
[Niles_114] NilesObjectiveFour
Good, very good.
[Niles_115] NilesObjectiveAlarmOne
Let's hope it's not too late!
[Niles_116] NilesObjectiveAlarmTwo
Where's the exit?!
[Niles_117] NilesObjectiveAlarmThree
Let's find Adiyah!
[Niles_118] NilesObjectiveAlarmFour
There must be some kind of way out of here!