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[Tullina_01] TullinaIntro
I'm Tullina. Not Tully, not Lina, not Lin, not even Tee. Tullina, got it? Good. If you know when to speak and know when to keep your mouth shut, we'll get on just fine. I'm here to make bank, not friends, and I'm very good at what I do.
[Tullina_02] TullinaAboutTheBoss
The Boss is private to the point of paranoia. I've never visited his home, but I've heard he has some very particular requests of his guests. No boots. No cloaks or coats. No hats. No slacks. No dresses. Undergarments are strongly discouraged. You're given a robe for privacy. It has no sleeves. You're never to enter his kitchen or approach him from behind or from the side. Or above. Absolutely never above. No mention of approaching him from below, but I've also heard he lives underground, so that would be quite a task.
[Tullina_03] TullinaContractOne
Look, as a rule I don't ask for help. I don't need someone getting involved in my business and messing everything up. Unfortunately, I must now break that rule. I need... I-... Ugh. Why is this so hard? Ineedyourhelp. There. I said it.

Before I was exiled, I was romantically involved with a man from a very good family. We kept it secret while he tested the waters with his mother and father -- it's not exactly ideal for the nobility to be fraternising with the 'uncouth', as they say. Less than a week before I was heaved overboard and my exile began in earnest, he proposed.

I know it's crazy, and I know it's almost certainly impossible, but I want so desperately to marry that man. Just taking his name would wash clean my past, and I know I could find happiness.

So I need a dress. When Merveil and Daresso wed, they held a most elaborate ceremony. Merveil was said to be the most beautiful visage ever to walk down the Basilica aisle. It took six people to carry the train on her dress. I want that dress. I need that dress. My beloved deserves to see me in that dress. So you're going to help me get it, got it?
[Tullina_04] TullinaContractOneEnd
The Lady Merveil's dress is even more beautiful than I'd imagined. It's held up well over the years, and fits nearly perfectly.

I appreciate your help on this matter. I'll add you to our invitees. No plus-ones.
[Tullina_05] TullinaContractTwo
I'm fine. Sorry, I mean, hello. But, really, I'm fine. I don't need your help.


I... I do need your help. It's time to face reality. The wedding's off. Given our wildly different lifestyles, it no longer seems possible for my fiance and I to live happily ever after. Whakano has kept abreast of his movements, and, though he has remained faithful, he is... unhappy. I don't think it's because they have locked him up in an attempt to draw me out, but it couldn't have helped. I miss him dearly, and he misses me, but we cannot meet in person without jeopardising his safety or my freedom. He needs to move on, and so do I.

I want to return our engagement ring. He'll understand. I cannot bear to do it myself, hence the contract.

[Tullina_06] TullinaContractTwoEnd
So... it's done. We're done. I feel... absolutely awful, actually. But I also feel lighter. He will no doubt grieve for a long time, and will, of course, never find another woman that meets the lofty bar I set, but he will meet someone eventually. He will fall in love. He will propose to her. She will be delighted. They will marry and start a family, and they will have their happy ending. It was the right thing to do, for both of us.

Thank you for your help, and your discretion. I'm keeping that dress, by the way. Lady Merveil's? That's mine now.
[Tullina_08A] TullinaSelectedforContractOne
You need the best? Well here I am.
[Tullina_08B] TullinaSelectedforContractTwo
[Tullina_08C] TullinaSelectedforContractThree
What's the job?
[Tullina_09A] TullinaSelectedforBlueprintOne
Hmm. Seems simple enough.
[Tullina_09B] TullinaSelectedforBlueprintTwo
Straightforward. Good.
[Tullina_09C] TullinaSelectedforBlueprintThree
What's the play?
[Tullina_23A] TullinaEntryBanterExileOne
Most people think I don't like small talk...
[Tullina_23B] TullinaEntryBanterExileTwo
Hope you know what you're doing.
[Tullina_23C] TullinaEntryBanterExileThree
On a job like this, careful maneuvering is key.
[Tullina_23D] TullinaEntryBanterExileFour
Limbered up and ready to go.
[Tullina_23E] TullinaEntryBanterExileFive
Once we get in there, we have to have each other's backs.
[Tullina_24A] TullinaExitBanterExileOne
Not as smooth as I'd hoped, but not too bad!
[Tullina_24B] TullinaExitBanterExileTwo
Well done! Not as messy as I'd feared!
[Tullina_24C] TullinaExitBanterExileThree
That could've gone better, but it could have gone a LOT worse!
[Tullina_24D] TullinaExitBanterExileFour
If you plan on working with me in the future, you ought to get used to the feeling of success.
[Tullina_24E] TullinaExitBanterExileFive
Ah, that's one for the books.
[Tullina_35_01_A] TullinaGreetingsOneA
[Tullina_35_01_B] TullinaGreetingsOneB
[Tullina_35_01_C] TullinaGreetingsOneC
[Tullina_35_02_A] TullinaGreetingsTwoA
Keep it quick.
[Tullina_35_02_B] TullinaGreetingsTwoB
Keep it quick.
[Tullina_35_02_C] TullinaGreetingsTwoC
Keep it quick.
[Tullina_35_03_A] TullinaGreetingsThreeA
[Tullina_35_03_B] TullinaGreetingsThreeB
[Tullina_35_03_C] TullinaGreetingsThreeC
[Tullina_35_04_A] TullinaGreetingsFourA
Go on.
[Tullina_35_04_B] TullinaGreetingsFourB
Go on.
[Tullina_35_04_C] TullinaGreetingsFourC
Go on.
[Tullina_35_05_A] TullinaGreetingsFiveA
[Tullina_35_05_B] TullinaGreetingsFiveB
[Tullina_35_05_C] TullinaGreetingsFiveC
[Tullina_36_01A] TullinaFarewellsOneA
[Tullina_36_01B] TullinaFarewellsOneB
[Tullina_36_01C] TullinaFarewellsOneC
[Tullina_36_02A] TullinaFarewellsTwoA
[Tullina_36_02B] TullinaFarewellsTwoB
[Tullina_36_02C] TullinaFarewellsTwoC
[Tullina_36_03A] TullinaFarewellsThreeA
See you.
[Tullina_36_03B] TullinaFarewellsThreeB
See you.
[Tullina_36_04A] TullinaFarewellsFourA
(no text)
[Tullina_36_04B] TullinaFarewellsFourB
(no text)
[Tullina_36_04C] TullinaFarewellsFourC
(no text)
[Tullina_36_05A] TullinaFarewellsFiveA
Back to it!
[Tullina_36_05B] TullinaFarewellsFiveB
Back to it!
[Tullina_36_05C] TullinaFarewellsFiveC
Back to it!
[Tullina_37A] IntroductionTullinaTullinaToExile
Pleasure to meet you.
[Tullina_37B] IntroductionTullinaTullinaToExileTwo
--excuse me?
[Tullina_38A] IntroductionNenetTullinaToExile
Before we set off, I'd like to introduce you to an associate of mine. This is Nenet.
[Tullina_38B] IntroductionNenetTullinaToExileTwo
See? She's got better eyesight than anyone I know.
[Tullina_38C] IntroductionNenetTullinaToExileThree
I believe she will be an asset in the future.
[Tullina_39A] EntryBanterTullinaToTibbs
Only do what's essential. Anything else makes you a bigger target.
[Tullina_40A] EntryBanterTullinaToKarst
Remember, look out for each other when we get in there.
[Tullina_41A] EntryBanterTullinaToIsla
Keep it down when we're in there. That means no unexpected explosions, Isla.
[Tullina_42A] EntryBanterTullinaToVinderi
 Everyone know what they're doing?
[Tullina_43A] EntryBanterTullinaToNenet
Any words of wisdom before we head in, Nenet?
[Tullina_43B] EntryBanterTullinaToNenetTwo
... Good. Good advice. Thank you.
[Tullina_44A] EntryBanterTullinaToNiles
Good luck, everyone.
[Tullina_45A] EntryBanterTullinaToExile
Remember what Huck says: Heads on a pike--
[Tullina_45B] EntryBanterTullinaToExileTwo
On a swivel.
[Tullina_46A] EntryBanterTullinaToExileThree
Kill any guards you come across quick.
[Tullina_47A] EntryBanterTibbsTullinaReply
Try not to focus on how badly everything could go and how hurt everyone could get. Better?
[Tullina_48A] EntryBanterKarstTullinaReply
[Tullina_48B] EntryBanterKarstTullinaReplyTwo
 Yep. All good.
[Tullina_49A] EntryBanterIslaTullinaReply
Strongly disfavourable.
[Tullina_49B] EntryBanterIslaTullinaReplyTwo
That isn't better.
[Tullina_50A] EntryBanterVinderiTullinaReplyThree
No-one say yes.
[Tullina_50B] EntryBanterVinderiTullinaReply
No-one say yes.
[Tullina_51A] EntryBanterNenetTullinaReply
...So should we hurry?
[Tullina_51B] EntryBanterNenetTullinaReplyTwo
So... Yes?
[Tullina_52A] EntryBanterNilesTullinaReply
Do you also wish to feel a dagger in your eye socket? No? There's your answer.
[Tullina_53A] EntryBanterHuckTullinaToExile
And stay out of my way.
[Tullina_54A] EntryBanterGiannaTullinaReply
[Tullina_54B] EntryBanterGiannaTullinaReplyTwo
What? Yeah, I guess. Whatever.
[Tullina_55A] ExitBanterTullinaToExile
Near-flawless execution. Be proud.
[Tullina_55B] ExitBanterTullinaToTibbsTwo
The burning pond?
[Tullina_56A] ExitBanterTullinaToKarst
Job well done, everyone.
[Tullina_57A] ExitBanterTullinaToIsla
That went as smooth as could realistically be expected.
[Tullina_57B] ExitBanterTullinaToIslaTwo
...I need less of you right now.
[Tullina_58A] ExitBanterTullinaToVinderi
Everyone in one piece?
[Tullina_58B] ExitBanterTullinaToVinderiTwo
I mean, is everyone healthy?
[Tullina_59A] ExitBanterTullinaToNenet
Excellent teamwork, everyone.
[Tullina_59B] ExitBanterTullinaToNenetTwo
... Yeah. Great work all round.
[Tullina_60A] ExitBanterTullinaToNiles
Let's get back and enjoy the fruits of our labour.
[Tullina_61A] ExitBanterTullinaToHuck
That was one I'll be telling my kids about.
[Tullina_61B] ExitBanterTullinaHuckTwo
Hmm. You're right. That was one I'll never tell my kids about.
[Tullina_62A] ExitBanterTullinaToGianna
I can already tell I'll be sore tomorrow.
[Tullina_63A] ExitBanterTullinaToAdiyah
Adiyah, get us home to a cold drink and a warm fire.
[Tullina_63B] ExitBanterTullinaToAdiyahTwo
It will.
[Tullina_64A] ExitBanterTibbsTullinaReply
And barely any spiders are on you this time!
[Tullina_65A] ExitBanterKarstTullinaReply
Couldn't agree more.
[Tullina_66A] ExitBanterIslaTullinaReply
Dare I ask why not?
[Tullina_66B] ExitBanterIslaTullinaReplyTwo
Oh no.
[Tullina_67A] ExitBanterVinderiTullinaReply
It's alright, Vinderi. There will be more.
[Tullina_68A] ExitBanterNenetTullinaReply
You should write that down, Nenet. That was beautiful.
[Tullina_69A] ExitBanterNilesTullinaReply
What... vivid imagery.
[Tullina_69B] ExitBanterNilesTullinaReplyTwo
Please don't.
[Tullina_70A] ExitBanterHuckTullinaReply
Savour it. It doesn't happen all that often!
[Tullina_71A] ExitBanterGiannaTullinaReply
Worth the price of entry, that's for sure!
[Tullina_72A] ExitBanterAdiyahTullinaReply
Oh, come on Adiyah. I can see you holding back a smile.
[Tullina_73A] SelectionBanterTullinaToKurai
I'm here. Plans all drawn up?
[Tullina_73B] SelectionBanterTullinaToKuraiTwo
If you're overseeing them, I'm not too worried. Any word from the Boss?
[Tullina_73C] SelectionBanterTullinaToKuraiThree
[Tullina_74A] SelectionBanterTullinaToTibbs
Job looks straightforward enough.
[Tullina_74B] SelectionBanterTullinaToTibbsTwo
You never were fond of heights.
[Tullina_74C] SelectionBanterTullinaToTibbsThree
Or spiders.
[Tullina_74D] SelectionBanterTullinaToTibbsFour
Or ghosts.
[Tullina_75A] SelectionBanterTullinaToKarst
Need me?
[Tullina_75B] SelectionBanterTullinaToKarstTwo
[Tullina_75C] SelectionBanterTullinaToKarstThree
It's... complicated. I'd rather we just focus on the job, if you don't mind.
[Tullina_75D] SelectionBanterTullinaToKarstFour
[Tullina_75E] SelectionBanterTullinaToKarstFive
I'd like that. Thank you.
[Tullina_76A] SelectionBanterTullinaToIsla
Heard you might need me for a job?
[Tullina_76B] SelectionBanterTullinaToIslaTwo
That sounds like some sort of horrifying mechanical spider.
[Tullina_76C] SelectionBanterTullinaToIslaThree
...and you've tested it?
[Tullina_76D] SelectionBanterTullinaToKuraiFour
Thank you.
[Tullina_77A] SelectionBanterTullinaToVinderi
Hello, all.
[Tullina_77B] SelectionBanterTullinaToVinderiTwo
You were?
[Tullina_77C] SelectionBanterTullinaToVinderiThree
[Tullina_77D] SelectionBanterTullinaToVinderiFour
I don't--
[Tullina_78A] SelectionBanterTullinaToNenet
So what's the play?
[Tullina_78B] SelectionBanterTullinaToNenetTwo
So, the usual.
[Tullina_79A] SelectionBanterTullinaToNiles
Hope I didn't keep you waiting.
[Tullina_79B] SelectionBanterTullinaToNilesTwo
Niles, do we really need to do this every time?
[Tullina_79C] SelectionBanterTullinaToNilesThree
Or, I suppose, until I slit your throat?
[Tullina_79D] SelectionBanterTullinaAndKuraiToNiles
You are.
[Tullina_80A] SelectionBanterTullinaToHuck
Plans drawn up?
[Tullina_80B] SelectionBanterTullinaToHuckTwo
The Sin is in the details.
[Tullina_80C] SelectionBanterTullinaToHuckThree
Or no door.
[Tullina_80D] SelectionBanterTullinaToHuckFour
Well, I'm glad we can discuss doors in such detail.
[Tullina_81A] SelectionBanterTullinaToGianna
Can we keep this short?
[Tullina_81B] SelectionBanterTullinaToGiannaTwo
Anywhere but here. Meetings make me fidgety.
[Tullina_81C] SelectionBanterTullinaToGiannaThree
That can't be true. What about...
[Tullina_81D] SelectionBanterTullinaToGiannaFour
... Huh. Sorry... If it helps, it's nothing to do with you. I guess I'm not much of a people-person.
[Tullina_82A] SelectionBanterKuraiTullinaReply
Thanks, Ku. What's the latest?
[Tullina_82B] SelectionBanterKuraiTullinaReplyTwo
A blueprint.
[Tullina_82C] SelectionBanterKuraiTullinaReplyThree
Well, I'm keen. If you'll have me, that is.
[Tullina_83A] SelectionBanterTibbsTullinaReply
Gil, always a pleasure.
[Tullina_83B] SelectionBanterTibbsTullinaReplyTwo
The Bleakworth Alley job?
[Tullina_83C] SelectionBanterTibbsTullinaReplyThree
Well now we know to look for webs. And eggs. And legs. And, if it happens again, I'll put you out of your misery. Sound good?
[Tullina_84A] SelectionBanterKarstTullinaReply
A little anxious, but, you know...
[Tullina_84B] SelectionBanterKarstTullinaReplyTwo
[Tullina_85A] SelectionBanterIslaTullinaReply
We're actually in the middle of--
[Tullina_85B] SelectionBanterIslaTullinaReplyTwo
A window.
[Tullina_85C] SelectionBanterIslaTullinaReplyThree
The heist we're planning?
[Tullina_86A] SelectionBanterVinderiTullinaReply
Nice to see you, Vinderi.
[Tullina_86B] SelectionBanterVinderiTullinaReplyTwo
[Tullina_86C] SelectionBanterVinderiTullinaReplyThree
No, I'm Tul--
[Tullina_86D] SelectionBanterVinderiTullinaReplyFour
It's my na--
[Tullina_87A] SelectionBanterNenetTullinaReply
Hello, Nenet.
[Tullina_87B] SelectionBanterNenetTullinaReplyTwo
Another job is in the works.
[Tullina_87C] SelectionBanterNenetTullinaReplyThree
Not quite, but nearly.
(no transcription)
(no transcription)
[Tullina_88A] SelectionBanterNilesTullinaReply
Hi Niles.
[Tullina_88B] SelectionBanterNilesTullinaReplyTwo
It wasn't my decision.
[Tullina_89A] SelectionBanterHuckTullinaReply
(no transcription)
[Tullina_89C] SelectionBanterHuckTullinaInteruptOneB
What's ne--
[Tullina_89D] SelectionBanterHuckTullinaInteruptTwoA
You go--
(no transcription)
[Tullina_89F] SelectionBanterHuckTullinaInteruptThreeA
I was just going to ask--
(no transcription)
[Tullina_89H] SelectionBanterHuckTullinaInteruptFourA
(no transcription)
[Tullina_89J] SelectionBanterHuckTullinaToKuraiB
...Thanks Kurai, yeah, thank you.
[Tullina_90A] SelectionBanterGiannaTullinaReply
Welcome aboard, Gi.
[Tullina_90B] SelectionBanterGiannaTullinaReplyTwo
I was planning to take a nap...
[Tullina_90C] SelectionBanterGiannaTullinaReplyThree
..but I suppose I can squeeze you in beforehand?


[Tullina_10A] TullinaAgilityOne
Nice and easy...
[Tullina_10B] TullinaAgilityTwo
Not too challenging...
[Tullina_10C] TullinaAgilityThree
I'll handle it.
[Tullina_10D] TullinaAgilityFour
I'm not charging you enough.
[Tullina_10E] TullinaAgilityFive
Okay, Tullina, just like you practised.
[Tullina_10F] TullinaAgilitySix
Careful... Careful...
[Tullina_11A] TullinaDisarmTrapOne
I see what they've done here...
[Tullina_11B] TullinaDisarmTrapTwo
Hmph. Who falls for this?
[Tullina_11C] TullinaDisarmTrapThree
Huh. Ah. I see.
[Tullina_11D] TullinaDisarmTrapFour
Hmm. Yes. Devious. Very devious.
[Tullina_11E] TullinaDisarmTrapFive
What an ingenious little ploy.
[Tullina_11F] TullinaDisarmTrapSix
Clever. Almost... too clever. Almost.
[Tullina_12A] TullinaLockpickOne
I'll get us in there.
[Tullina_12B] TullinaLockpickTwo
Let's see what you're hiding.
[Tullina_12C] TullinaLockpickThree
I can unlock this.
[Tullina_12D] TullinaLockpickFour
This might take some time, okay?
[Tullina_12E] TullinaLockpickFive
I can do it, but it won't be quick.
[Tullina_12F] TullinaLockpickSix
Sure. Just be patient.
[Tullina_13A] TullinaBusyOne
Don't be impatient.
[Tullina_13B] TullinaBusyTwo
I'm somewhat preoccupied.
[Tullina_13C] TullinaBusyThree
Perhaps you should've planned this better.
[Tullina_13D] TullinaBusyFour
I can't be in two places at once.
[Tullina_13E] TullinaBusyFive
Wait. I'm busy.
[Tullina_14A] TullinaInterruptedOne
If I wasn't busy you'd be dead.
[Tullina_14B] TullinaInterruptedTwo
Get them off me. Now.
[Tullina_14C] TullinaInterruptedThree
I can't work while I'm being attacked.
[Tullina_14D] TullinaInterruptedFour
You will regret this.
[Tullina_15A] TullinaCombatStartOne
Security has spotted us.
[Tullina_15B] TullinaCombatStartTwo
We've got a fight on our hands.
[Tullina_15C] TullinaCombatStartThree
You want to dance? Let's dance.
[Tullina_15D] TullinaCombatStartFour
No witnesses.
[Tullina_15E] TullinaCombatStartFive
Let's take them out.
[Tullina_16A] TullinaCombatEndOne
Back to work.
[Tullina_16B] TullinaCombatEndTwo
No. Witnesses.
[Tullina_16C] TullinaCombatEndThree
Good. Now, focus.
[Tullina_16D] TullinaCombatEndFour
We have a job to do.
[Tullina_16E] TullinaCombatEndFive
No more distractions.
[Tullina_17A] TullinaLootOne
A worthy prize.
[Tullina_17B] TullinaLootTwo
That's why we do this.
[Tullina_17C] TullinaLootThree
Good find, but don't lose focus.
[Tullina_17D] TullinaLootFour
Well, I've taken worse!
[Tullina_17E] TullinaLootFive
Not bad. Not bad at all.
[Tullina_18A] TullinaAlertThresholdOne
We need to be careful.
[Tullina_18B] TullinaAlertThresholdTwo
We're pushing our luck now.
[Tullina_18C] TullinaAlertThresholdThree
Clumsy work is going to get us caught.
[Tullina_18D] TullinaAlertThresholdFour
Messy. I don't like where this is headed.
[Tullina_19A] TullinaAlarmOne
Head for the exit. Quick as possible!
[Tullina_19B] TullinaAlarmTwo
Time to leave! Come on!
[Tullina_19C] TullinaAlarmThree
Now? Now we run!
[Tullina_20A] TullinaEarlyAlarmOne
Damn. Should've been more careful.
[Tullina_20B] TullinaEarlyAlarmTwo
We've screwed this up. Time to leave!
[Tullina_20C] TullinaEarlyAlarmThree
Ugh, what a mess. What an absolute mess.
[Tullina_21A] TullinaFinalRoomOne
We're here, but it isn't over yet.
[Tullina_21B] TullinaFinalRoomTwo
Good. Now, take it and get ready to run.
[Tullina_21C] TullinaFinalRoomThree
Ready? This is where it gets hairy.
[Tullina_21D] TullinaFinalRoomFour
Fun part's almost over.
[Tullina_21E] TullinaFinalRoomFive
That's the mark. You got it?
[Tullina_22A] TullinaObjectiveLootedOne
Good. Very good.
[Tullina_22B] TullinaObjectiveLootedTwo
Safely tucked away? Good.
[Tullina_22C] TullinaObjectiveLootedThree
Don't get overconfident. We're not done yet.
[Tullina_22D] TullinaObjectiveLootedFour
Now we've got their attention.
[Tullina_25A] TullinaAgilityLoudOne
Just get it done.
[Tullina_25B] TullinaAgilityLoudTwo
I'm on it!
[Tullina_25C] TullinaAgilityLoudThree
Power through, Tullina!
[Tullina_25D] TullinaAgilityLoudFour
Now? So unprofessional!
[Tullina_25E] TullinaAgilityLoudFive
This is what you've been training for!
[Tullina_25F] TullinaAgilityLoudSix
Fine, but you should know I hold grudges!
[Tullina_26A] TullinaTrapDisarmLoudOne
Right, what's the quickest--... Ah!
[Tullina_26B] TullinaTrapDisarmLoudTwo
Lucky it's straightforward!
[Tullina_26C] TullinaTrapDisarmLoudThree
I think I've got this one figured out!
[Tullina_26D] TullinaTrapDisarmLoudFour
Even without this racket, it'd take me a while...!
[Tullina_26E] TullinaTrapDisarmLoudFive
I'll be as quick as I can, but that still won't be quick.
[Tullina_26F] TullinaTrapDisarmLoudSix
Wish we'd sorted this before we had to run!
[Tullina_27A] TullinaLockpickLoudOne
Fine. Fine!
[Tullina_27B] TullinaLockpickLoudTwo
I've got this one!
[Tullina_27C] TullinaLockpickLoudThree
On it!
[Tullina_27D] TullinaLockpickLoudFour
This is going to take some time!
[Tullina_27E] TullinaLockpickLoudFive
Just keep us safe while I work!
[Tullina_27F] TullinaLockpickLoudSix
You just make sure we're all still alive when I'm done.
[Tullina_28A] TullinaBusyLoudOne
Testing my patience!
[Tullina_28B] TullinaBusyLoudTwo
Make up your mind!
[Tullina_28C] TullinaBusyLoudThree
Not now, you--... Not now!
[Tullina_28D] TullinaBusyLoudFour
Really?! Don't test me!
[Tullina_28E] TullinaBusyLoudFive
Not now! This mess is on you!
[Tullina_29A] TullinaInterruptedLoudOne
I'm under attack!
[Tullina_29B] TullinaInterruptedLoudTwo
Can't work with this harassment!
[Tullina_29C] TullinaInterruptedLoudThree
Where's my protection!?
[Tullina_29D] TullinaInterruptedLoudFour
Hey! I need assistance!
[Tullina_30A] TullinaCombatStartLoudOne
Out of our way!
[Tullina_30B] TullinaCombatStartLoudTwo
Let us through or die!
[Tullina_30C] TullinaCombatStartLoudThree
No witnesses!
[Tullina_30D] TullinaCombatStartLoudFour
You must not value your lives!
[Tullina_30E] TullinaCombatStartLoudFive
Guards incoming!
[Tullina_31A] TullinaCombatEndLoudOne
Move! Move!
[Tullina_31B] TullinaCombatEndLoudTwo
Good! Keep up the momentum!
[Tullina_31C] TullinaCombatEndLoudThree
Very good! Stay focused!
[Tullina_31D] TullinaCombatEndLoudFour
Guards down! Let's go!
[Tullina_31E] TullinaCombatEndLoudFive
All clear!
[Tullina_32A] TullinaLootLoudOne
If we die because you slowed us down, I'll kill you!
[Tullina_32B] TullinaLootLoudTwo
Don't get too greedy!
[Tullina_32C] TullinaLootLoudThree
Fine, but we have to keep moving!
[Tullina_32D] TullinaLootLoudFour
You're pushing it! Not in a good way!
[Tullina_32E] TullinaLootLoudFive
The stealing was meant to happen earlier!
[Tullina_33A] TullinaFinalRoomLoudOne
Made it in! Quick!
[Tullina_33B] TullinaFinalRoomLoudTwo
Grab it and let's go!
[Tullina_33C] TullinaFinalRoomLoudThree
There's our target! Hurry!
[Tullina_33D] TullinaFinalRoomLoudFour
We're not done yet! Grab it!
[Tullina_33E] TullinaFinalRoomLoudFive
Get it! Now! What a mess...
[Tullina_34A] TullinaObjectiveLootedLoudOne
Great! Let's go!
[Tullina_34B] TullinaObjectiveLootedLoudTwo
Go! Go! Go!
[Tullina_34C] TullinaObjectiveLootedLoudThree
Back out! Just gotta survive...
[Tullina_34D] TullinaObjectiveLootedLoudFour
Good! Time to leave!