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[Vinderi_01] VinderiIntro
Hm? Ah! Right, Ahem. Vinderi. Pleasure to meet your acquaintance. Err, pleased to make you. Hello.

Name's Vinderi. Did I mention that already? No one alive knows as much about the explosive arts as me. If you want something or someone, or several someones, turned into an unrecognisable, smouldering mess, I'm more than happy to oblige.
[Vinderi_02] VinderiAboutBoss
I was walking around the catacombs beneath the square, trying to find my way to the sewers under the courts. Had a huge sack of the blue stuff on my back. Leaving a little trail as I go so I can find my way out. Little azurite fuse trail winding its way back to the storehouse. Cost me an arm and a leg, that powder. Anyway, I'm right under where I thought the High Templar's office was. Start piling the powder up right under his fat arse. Planning to blow him back to Innocence.

Well, I start hearing a hissing noise. And I start seeing the blue light down the end of the tunnel turning an angry red. It's moving towards me quick. And I'm thinking, this is it. This is where it ends for me, but at least I'll blow that high pain in the arse skyward. Then it stops. No hissing. No light. Just a silhouette. Tall as a man ever was. Taller than Tibbs. Don't know how he even got through the storehouse hole. This man... this glorious man!

Put it down! He shouts. It's not worth the trouble. Come. It's time to go! So I put the bag down, and I start walking over to him. Running even. This man saved my life. I swear to myself I'll follow this Eternal Ideal of a man, this statue, this perfect specimen, as far as he will have me. And as I get close, my eyes adjust. This beautiful man comes into focus. His hand is extended to meet me. I reach out mine. There's an electricity between us. And as my fingers lock into his, he slaps a manacle around my wrist. I'm under arrest for attempted deicide and possession of a dangerous substance. Got me exiled, the pig. Once I got here I just started working for the boss.

What was your question?
[Vinderi_03] VinderiOnNikoOne
Niko? Niko... Was he the lad with the club foot? No, wait, Niko was the haberdasher. The bordello owner? No?
[Vinderi_04] VinderiOnNikoTwo
Niko... ah! Of course! The miner boy. That's miner, not, er, minor. I do believe he was of age when last I saw him. Strange lad. Always felt like he was talking at me, not to me, if you follow. Had an awful lot of yellow powder for sale. Wonder what ever happened to him? Lost track of many in that line of work. A shame, but not a surprise.
[Vinderi_05] VinderiContractOne
You've got a contract you want me to take a look at? Alright, why not.

Mmhm. Mmm. Yes. Well, everything seems to be in order.


...Oh! This was mine! Well, the designs have changed a bit, but the fundamentals are the same. It's a grocery list, except instead of the markets, we're going to an alchemy storehouse I'm not supposed to know exists. And instead of groceries, we're going to collect a number of powders, ichors and minerals I'm running low on. And instead of paying for them, we are going to steal them. So in that sense, it is very unlike a grocery list. Straightforward enough. Ready to go?
[Vinderi_06] VinderiContractOneEnd
...Thirty three cubits of cerulean alloy thread, half an ounce of vitriolic talc, two quarts of bishop-blessed cleansing alcohol -- that's for me -- and enough barrel hoops to sink a bloated bonechewer. Perfect.

...Wait. Hold on. Hold on one dang minute. Where the--... Where is the fumarole tar? Don't tell me I forgot the fumarole tar! Without the tar I might as well be baking a tray of Keth flatbread.

Oh dear. I didn't even have it on the list. Sorry, Exile, the error is mine. You've earned your markers. Hopefully I'll have enough left to take out another contract.
[Vinderi_07] VinderiContractTwo
Hmm? Oh! At last! The Fumarole Tar job! Gods, I've been chomping at the bit for this contract.

I've drawn up plans for a bomb that, well, let's just say it'll put The Ring on the map. Or take it off the map. It might take quite a large area off the map, actually.

I tend to deal with controlled explosions, but who doesn't love an uncontrolled explosion? Whoever's nearby, that's who! But other than them, they're great! And this is going to be really, really great.

There's only one place I know of that houses enough Fumarole Tar for the job, and it has all sorts of other experimental goodies that I'd like to get my hands on, too.

Exile, this thing is really going to set your world on fire. I feel like a child again!
[Vinderi_08] VinderiContractTwoEnd
I've finished it, Exile. It's all done! The Vinderi Bomb is complete at last! I've named it after myself. It's my legacy. Or, the ruins it will leave in its wake will be my legacy. I wonder if it works... Shall we try it out?

We only get one attempt! Let's do it!
[Vinderi_09] VinderiContractTwoFireworks
Bwaaahahaha! Had you going there for a bit, didn't I? I may be old, but I've still got a little pop left in my powderkeg. Did you really think I was about to blow us all to Innocence? Give this old man a little credit!

I just wanted to give the good folk here a little show. I call these beauties "Explodey-make-good-lookers". Catchy, eh? Reckon there might be a business in it!

Well, I hope you enjoyed it. Consider it a show of gratitude.
[Vinderi_10_A] IntroductionVinderiForGianna
Exile this is... This is...
[Vinderi_10_B] IntroductionVinderiForGiannaTwo
Gianna! Yes! And she's a... erm...
[Vinderi_10_C] IntroductionVinderiForGiannaThree
A performer actress! Right! And... ehhh...
[Vinderi_10_D] IntroductionVinderiForGiannaFour
Exactly! Anything you'd like to add Gianna?
[Vinderi_11_A] IntroductionVinderiVinderiToExile
Nice to meet you, Vinderi. My name's Vinderi too! Isn't that funny?
[Vinderi_11_B] IntroductionVinderiVinderiToExileTwo
Sorry to hear that. Luckily I'm fiddle as a fit!
[Vinderi_12_A] VinderiSelectedContractOne
Let me go get my things.
[Vinderi_12_B] VinderiSelectedContractTwo
Ready, more or less.
[Vinderi_12_C] VinderiSelectedContractThree
Good timing. I've been looking for something to do.
[Vinderi_12_D] VinderiSelectedBlueprintOne
Needed a reason to stretch these old legs.
[Vinderi_12_E] VinderiSelectedBlueprintTwo
Mmhm? Seems straightforward enough.
[Vinderi_12_F] VinderiSelectedBlueprintThree
Got the perfect powder for this job.
[Vinderi_27_A] VinderiEntryBanterOne
Wait. Powder, sparks, probe aaaand... Yep. We're good.
[Vinderi_27_B] VinderiEntryBanterTwo
Even at my age, the quiet before a job gives me goosebumps.
[Vinderi_27_C] VinderiEntryBanterThree
Remember to breathe when we get in. Can't tell you how many good men and women I've lost to forgetting to breathe.
[Vinderi_27_D_01] VinderiEntryBanterFourA
Bit of advice from an old hand: Whatever you do, and this is really, really important,
[Vinderi_27_D_02] VinderiEntryBanterFourB
so listen carefully. Don't, and I repeat, don't, DO NOT, forget to follow this advice. Here it is:
[Vinderi_27_D_03] VinderiEntryBanterFourC
I suggest you listen, because if you listen, you'll really take it on board.
[Vinderi_27_D_04] VinderiEntryBanterFourD
Too many of your generation forget to listen, especially when good advice is being given.
[Vinderi_27_D_05] VinderiEntryBanterFourE
Are you listening? Don't get distracted.
[Vinderi_27_D_06] VinderiEntryBanterFourF
It's easy to hear someone, but listening and hearing are two totally different things. So don't just hear; listen.
[Vinderi_27_D_07] VinderiEntryBanterFourG
Here. Where? What?
[Vinderi_27_D_08] VinderiEntryBanterFourH
What are you looking at me for?
[Vinderi_27_D_09] VinderiEntryBanterFourI
We're on a job. Don't just stare at me. Focus!
[Vinderi_27_D_10] VinderiEntryBanterFourJ
[Vinderi_27_D_11] VinderiEntryBanterFourK
Why do they keep taking on these glassy-eyed dimwits.
[Vinderi_27_E] VinderiEntryBanterFive
People ask me why I do this at my age. People are rude.
[Vinderi_28_A] VinderiExitBanterOne
Oh, me heart! I auugh-- ...Oh, thank the gods. False alarm.
[Vinderi_28_B] VinderiExitBanterTwo
Glad I didn't tell you I nearly blew my arms off during prep!
[Vinderi_28_C] VinderiExitBanterThree
You are mad, Exile. Mad! And I love it!
[Vinderi_28_D] VinderiExitBanterFour
What a rush! Can't pay for that kind of experience. Even crazier that we're getting paid to do it!
[Vinderi_28_E] VinderiExitBanterFive
Hahaha! I'd never've told my kids this, but gods, I love crime. I just love doing a good crime!
[Vinderi_42_A] EntryBanterVinderiToTibbs
Sometimes I think about retiring.
[Vinderi_42_B] EntryBanterVinderiToTibbsTwo
But what?   
[Vinderi_43_A] EntryBanterVinderiToKarst
Which way? Ah. Right.
[Vinderi_43_B] EntryBanterVinderiToKarstTwo
[Vinderi_43_C] EntryBanterVinderiToKarstThree
[Vinderi_44_A] EntryBanterVinderiToTullina
Who would like to hear my bordello story?
[Vinderi_44_B] EntryBanterVinderiToTullinaTwo
I promise it is very, very graphic.
[Vinderi_45_A] EntryBanterVinderiToIsla
Do we really need to infiltrate anything? Between you and me, Isla, we could just blow the whole thing up.
[Vinderi_46_A] EntryBanterVinderiToNenet
Found a weird mole this morning. Nenet?
[Vinderi_46_B] EntryBanterVinderiToNenetTwo
Will you--
[Vinderi_46_C] EntryBanterVinderiToNenetThree
--take a look--
[Vinderi_46_D] EntryBanterVinderiToNenetFour
--at this mole later?
[Vinderi_47_A] EntryBanterVinderiToNiles
You all know what we're doing, right?
[Vinderi_47_B] EntryBanterVinderiToNilesTwo
Of course I do you freaky bastard. ...But I'll follow your lead. For safety's sake.
[Vinderi_48_A] EntryBanterVinderiToHuck
Call out if you need a powderkeg.
[Vinderi_48_B] EntryBanterVinderiToHuckTwo
Now? Righto, catch!
[Vinderi_48_C] EntryBanterVinderiToHuckThree
Bwaaahahaha! Still funny! So many times, and it's still very, very funny.
[Vinderi_49_A] EntryBanterVinderiToGianna
What happened to that little basement theatre where we first met, Gianna?
[Vinderi_49_B] EntryBanterVinderiToGiannaTwo
Hah! That's right. Good memories.   
[Vinderi_50_A] EntryBanterTibbsVinderiReply
Reddy! I'd always wondered what your first name was. Teddy Ribbs. Got it.
[Vinderi_51_A] EntryBanterKarstVinderiReply
Of course. Last time was an anomaly, I swear.
[Vinderi_52_A] EntryBanterTullinaVinderiReply
For the job? Or just generally...? I s'pose the answer to both is no, really.
[Vinderi_53_A] EntryBanterIslaVinderiReply
Never met the lad. Knew a concubine, though. Loads of children.
[Vinderi_54_A] EntryBanterNenetVinderiReply
Gods, that stew was too old, wasn't it. Sorry, everyone.
[Vinderi_55_A] EntryBanterNilesVinderiReply
Why, you looking for a little time off? Ha!
[Vinderi_56_A] EntryBanterHuckVinderiReply
Gods, you almost make it sound tempting. A nice, long nap.
[Vinderi_57_A] EntryBanterGiannaVinderiReply
Lass, that might be the stupidest idea I've ever heard.
[Vinderi_58_A] ExitBanterVinderiToTibbs
Gods I feel so young again! Tibbs! Let me lift you up!
[Vinderi_58_B] ExitBanterVinderiToTibbsTwo
I can do it!
[Vinderi_59_A] ExitBanterVinderiToKarst
Wait, is this where we came in?
[Vinderi_60_A] ExitBanterVinderiToTullina
I always get a little sad when a job like this ends.
[Vinderi_60_B] ExitBanterVinderiToTullinaTwo
I know, I know... But I really enjoyed this one.
[Vinderi_61_A] ExitBanterVinderiToIsla
This mission is going to be spectacular. I've got all sorts of explosives to set, and they'll never even see it coming.
[Vinderi_61_B] ExitBanterVinderiToIslaTwo
You'll have to excuse me for a moment once we're back home, then.
[Vinderi_62_A] ExitBanterVinderiToNenet
Did you see that back there?
[Vinderi_62_B] ExitBanterVinderiToNenetTwo
Oh... Even when I, err...
[Vinderi_63_A] ExitBanterVinderiToNiles
Gods, that was exhilarating.
[Vinderi_63_B] ExitBanterVinderiToNilesTwo
Best watch your mouth, interrogator. Got a powderkeg that fits right in it.
[Vinderi_64_A] ExitBanterVinderiToHuck
Got enough loot in there to choke an ex-blackguard in his sleep!
[Vinderi_64_B] ExitBanterVinderiToHuckTwo
Err, not you. Different guy. Goes by, uh, Buck.
[Vinderi_65_A] ExitBanterVinderiToGianna
Worthy of a grand play, eh Gianna?
[Vinderi_66_A] ExitBanterVinderiToAdiyah
You've got fire magic, don't you, Adiyah?
[Vinderi_66_B] ExitBanterVinderiToAdiyahTwo
Where do you draw it from? Is it in the palms? The fingers? If your hand were accidentally severed, could it still light a flame?
[Vinderi_67_A] ExitBanterTibbsVinderiReply
And if anyone else gets sad when they're alone with their thoughts, I'll be at the bar!
[Vinderi_68_A] ExitBanterKarstVinderiReply
Celebrate what? What did I miss?
[Vinderi_69_A] ExitBanterTullinaVinderiReply
No, we're all still quite separate.
[Vinderi_69_B] ExitBanterTullinaVinderiReplyTwo
Not the people down stairs...
[Vinderi_70_A] ExitBanterIslaVinderiReply
Try out new powders, of course!
[Vinderi_70_B] ExitBanterIslaVinderiReplyTwo
No! It's MY share, and that includes any notes in it!
[Vinderi_71_A] ExitBanterNenetVinderiReply
Oh, they're here for me. Buzz off! Blasted birds. I'm not dead yet!   
[Vinderi_72_A] ExitBanterNilesVinderiReply
Your bedroom?
[Vinderi_72_B] ExitBanterNilesVinderiReplyTwo
Wait... Damn!   
[Vinderi_73_A] ExitBanterHuckVinderiReply
What'd you expect?
(no transcription)
[Vinderi_74_A] ExitBanterGiannaVinderiReply
Please no, my bloody knees are giving me trouble.
[Vinderi_75_A] ExitBanterAdiyahVinderiReply
They went off with a bang! Which was quite a lot quieter than I'd intended, actually...
[Vinderi_76_A] SelectionBanterVinderiToKurai
Kurai! Just the lady I was looking for.
[Vinderi_76_B] SelectionBanterVinderiToKuraiTwo
Looking for a reason to destroy Niles?
[Vinderi_76_C] SelectionBanterVinderiToKuraiThree
Not at all, no, nothing of the sort. Got plenty of reasons! Just looking for permission.
[Vinderi_76_D] SelectionBanterVinderiToKuraiFour
Well, can I ask the Boss?
[Vinderi_77_A] SelectionBanterVinderiToTibbs
Hello, hello, hello!
[Vinderi_77_B] SelectionBanterVinderiToTibbsTwo
Never better, never better. Spent the last hour in a very enclosed space with far more voltaxic sulphite than I've ever laid eyes on before, and I must say, I do not see what all the fuss was about. So, what's this we're looking at. Some sort of cuboid creature? Where's the heart?
[Vinderi_77_C] SelectionBanterVinderiToTibbsThree
Did it step in paint? Can we just trace the prints back and find its nest?
[Vinderi_77_D] SelectionBanterVinderiToTibbsFour
Ah! A job! I see it now. Yes. Good. This means I'll need to prepare more sulphite.   
[Vinderi_78_A] SelectionBanterVinderiToKarst
You needed me?
[Vinderi_78_B] SelectionBanterVinderiToKarstTwo
Oh, you know, has its downs and ups. Still tack as a sharp though!   
[Vinderi_79_A] SelectionBanterVinderiToTullina
Greetings one and all!
[Vinderi_79_B] SelectionBanterVinderiToTullinaTwo
Ah! Isla, how are your brilliant inventions?
[Vinderi_79_C] SelectionBanterVinderiToTullinaThree
Wonderful. Is that some new slang term?
[Vinderi_79_D] SelectionBanterVinderiToTullinaFour
These plans are absolutely, what was it? Tullina? These plans are tullina, pal!
[Vinderi_79_E] SelectionBanterVinderiToTullinaFive
Thank you for introducing me to this tullina new word, Isla.
[Vinderi_80_A] SelectionBanterVinderiToIsla
Hello, Isla.
[Vinderi_80_B] SelectionBanterVinderiToIslaTwo
The new moon approaches. Shall we have that competition of explosions we spoke about?
[Vinderi_80_C] SelectionBanterVinderiToIslaThree
And yet they do...
[Vinderi_81_A] SelectionBanterVinderiToNenet
Hello, everyone. Ah, plans!
[Vinderi_81_B] SelectionBanterVinderiToNenetTwo
The scale of the bomb... where are we supposed to get all the powder?
[Vinderi_81_C] SelectionBanterVinderiToNenetThree
Oh! Oh. ...Oh.
[Vinderi_82_A] SelectionBanterVinderiToNiles
Happy to be ab--... Niles.
[Vinderi_82_B] SelectionBanterVinderiToNilesTwo
[Vinderi_82_C] SelectionBanterVinderiToNilesThree
I know, I'm a professional.
[Vinderi_82_D] SelectionBanterVinderiToNilesFour
You are a jackass. 
[Vinderi_83_A] SelectionBanterVinderiToHuck
Nice to see you all.
[Vinderi_83_B] SelectionBanterVinderiToHuckTwo
Trying to make me obsolete, are ya?
[Vinderi_83_C] SelectionBanterVinderiToHuckThree
Gonna run back to Dominus with my precious formulas!? I know your game.
[Vinderi_83_D] SelectionBanterVinderiToHuckFour
Forget what?
[Vinderi_83_E] SelectionBanterVinderiToHuckFive
Thanks for what?
[Vinderi_84_A] SelectionBanterVinderiToGianna
Whoops, must've taken a wrong turn.
[Vinderi_84_B] SelectionBanterVinderiToGiannaTwo
Well that's lucky! I'd just cancelled my plans for the rest of the day.
[Vinderi_84_C] SelectionBanterVinderiToGiannaThree
Oh, just the usual armour. Helps protect the ol' bones.
[Vinderi_84_D] SelectionBanterVinderiToGiannaFour
I'm afraid I'm busy, dear. Got a heist to plan. Very flattered though.   
[Vinderi_85_A] SelectionBanterKuraiVinderiReply
Not a problem. What do you need from me?
[Vinderi_85_B] SelectionBanterKuraiVinderiReplyTwo
Just me? Or...
[Vinderi_85_C] SelectionBanterKuraiVinderiReplyThree
Good, good. I'm in.
[Vinderi_85_D] SelectionBanterKuraiVinderiReplyFour
That easy.
[Vinderi_86_A] SelectionBanterTibbsVinderiReply
[Vinderi_86_B] SelectionBanterTibbsVinderiReplyTwo
Tight! Ribs! Err, right! Tibbs! I've got a new formula for you to try.
[Vinderi_86_C] SelectionBanterTibbsVinderiReplyThree
Just like the last one, but I've enriched the quicksilver with Chimeral blood. Really gives it a kick.
[Vinderi_86_D] SelectionBanterTibbsVinderiReplyFour
Just don't give it an actual kick.
[Vinderi_86_E] SelectionBanterTibbsVinderiReplyFive
Anytibbs, Time.
[Vinderi_87_A] SelectionBanterKarstVinderiReply
Ah! Yes! What you're smelling is actually a new powder blend I'm trialling. Eggs and decaying meat, yes?
[Vinderi_87_B] SelectionBanterKarstVinderiReplyTwo
Fish!? ...Fish. Ah! Right! I've also brought a fish.
[Vinderi_87_C] SelectionBanterKarstVinderiReplyThree
What powder?
[Vinderi_87_D] SelectionBanterKarstVinderiReplyFour
What fish?
[Vinderi_88_A] SelectionBanterTullinaVinderiReply
Tullina! I was just talking about you.
[Vinderi_88_B] SelectionBanterTullinaVinderiReplyTwo
Yes. I was just saying to Tullina that I was talking about her.
[Vinderi_88_C] SelectionBanterTullinaVinderiReplyThree
Just now!
[Vinderi_88_D] SelectionBanterTullinaVinderiReplyFour
That reminds me! Did I tell you that I was just talking to Tullina? She says hello.
[Vinderi_89_A] SelectionBanterIslaVinderiReply
I... I don't remember. Do you?
[Vinderi_89_B] SelectionBanterIslaVinderiReplyTwo
Badwyth Nems? Is that Ezomyte? I'll write it down so I don't forget. Right under Vinderi. I think that's the tall lad.
[Vinderi_90_A] SelectionBanterNenetVinderiReply
Is she? Where's she hiding? Help me look...erm...
[Vinderi_90_B] SelectionBanterNenetVinderiReplyTwo
Yes, help me look for Nenet, erm...uhh...
[Vinderi_90_C] SelectionBanterNenetVinderiReplyThree
Ah! There she is. Thank you, uh, you.   
[Vinderi_91_A] SelectionBanterNilesVinderiReply
Was that directed at me?
[Vinderi_91_B] SelectionBanterNilesVinderiReplyTwo
Keep your greasy little head out of mine, or else. 
[Vinderi_91_C] SelectionBanterNilesVinderiReplyThree
(no text)
[Vinderi_91_D] SelectionBanterNilesVinderiReplyFour
I did warn y--
[Vinderi_91_E] SelectionBanterNilesVinderiReplyFive
I did warn you. I did warn him.
[Vinderi_92_A] SelectionBanterHuckVinderiReply
A bloody big stupid head! Boom! 
[Vinderi_92_B] SelectionBanterHuckVinderiReplyTwo
Oh, come on. He was asking for it.
[Vinderi_92_C] SelectionBanterHuckVinderiReplyThree
Sorry, Huck.
[Vinderi_93_A] SelectionBanterGiannaVinderiReply
Already? I thought we had at least a few weeks! What do we do?! WHAT DO WE DO!?
[Vinderi_93_B] SelectionBanterGiannaVinderiReplyTwo
What!? Oh, thank the gods. 
[Vinderi_93_C] SelectionBanterGiannaVinderiReplyThree
Nothing! Nothing! Just... if a living flame asks after me, I'm not here.


[Vinderi_13_A] VinderiVaultBreakingOne
Huh. Not too hard.
[Vinderi_13_B] VinderiVaultBreakingTwo
Cheap piece of junk anyway.
[Vinderi_13_C] VinderiVaultBreakingThree
Let's pop this little sucker open.
[Vinderi_13_D] VinderiVaultBreakingFour
Hmm, tricky, but not impossible.
[Vinderi_13_E] VinderiVaultBreakingFive
Haven't come across this make before. Well, let's give it a go.
[Vinderi_13_F] VinderiVaultBreakingSix
Ooh. Solidly built. Open up to me. It's okay, be vulnerable.
[Vinderi_14_A] VinderiEngineeringOne
Now, how do I work this thing again?
[Vinderi_14_B] VinderiEngineeringTwo
Con-fangled dang contraptions.
[Vinderi_14_C] VinderiEngineeringThree
You don't expect me to jump, do you?
[Vinderi_14_D] VinderiEngineeringFour
I have the thing for this somewhere...
[Vinderi_14_E] VinderiEngineeringFive
I did bring the thing. Did I? Thought I did...
[Vinderi_14_F] VinderiEngineeringSix
I was hoping I wouldn't have to remember how to use this blasted thing
[Vinderi_15_A] VinderiDismantleTrapOne
Ah, clever. Not clever enough, but still.
[Vinderi_15_B] VinderiDismantleTrapTwo
Not the worst trap. Not the best, but not the worst.
[Vinderi_15_C] VinderiDismantleTrapThree
Just pop this spring and...
[Vinderi_15_D] VinderiDismantleTrapFour
Oh, those clever bastards. Hmm. Hmmmmmm.
[Vinderi_15_E] VinderiDismantleTrapFive
Easy pe--...oh. Oh no. Oh? Oh.
[Vinderi_15_F] VinderiDismantleTrapSix
Huh. Looks like a twist on a Maloney design.
[Vinderi_16_A] VinderiDemolitionOne
Hee hee hee hee hee!'
[Vinderi_16_B] VinderiDemolitionTwo
Fun fun fun!
[Vinderi_16_C] VinderiDemolitionThree
Hold onto your butts!
[Vinderi_16_D] VinderiDemolitionFour
This needs a BIG one.
[Vinderi_16_E] VinderiDemolitionFive
Yes, yes... I have just the thing!
[Vinderi_16_F] VinderiDemolitionSix
I've been saving this one just for you.
[Vinderi_17_A] VinderiBusyOne
Eh? It can wait.
[Vinderi_17_B] VinderiBusyTwo
You blind? Or just daft?
[Vinderi_17_C] VinderiBusyThree
Don't rush me.
[Vinderi_17_D] VinderiBusyFour
Oh, sure, rush the guy with the bombs.
[Vinderi_17_E] VinderiBusyFive
"It was all going so well, then Vinderi blew us all up because I got impatient."
[Vinderi_18_A] VinderiInterruptedOne
Pick on someone your own age.
[Vinderi_18_B] VinderiInterruptedTwo
Moron. Moronic moron.
[Vinderi_18_C] VinderiInterruptedThree
Stop hitting me, you nitwit. I have BOMBS.
[Vinderi_18_D] VinderiInterruptedFour
Idiot's trying to blow us both up!
[Vinderi_19_A] VinderiCombatStartOne
I'm old, but you'll still die sooner!
[Vinderi_19_B] VinderiCombatStartTwo
Quick, get 'em.
[Vinderi_19_C] VinderiCombatStartThree
We've been spotted!
[Vinderi_19_D] VinderiCombatStartFive
Oi, incoming.
[Vinderi_19_E] VinderiCombatStartFour
We have company!
[Vinderi_20_A] VinderiCombatEndOne
Feel so young again.
[Vinderi_20_B] VinderiCombatEndTwo
Whew, that gets the ol' heart racing.
[Vinderi_20_C] VinderiCombatEndThree
Tougher than I look, eh?
[Vinderi_20_D] VinderiCombatEndFour
Experience wins.
[Vinderi_20_E] VinderiCombatEndFive
Don't underestimate me.
[Vinderi_21_A] VinderiLootingOne
Well, well!
[Vinderi_21_B] VinderiLootingTwo
That, my friend, is very expensive looking.
[Vinderi_21_C] VinderiLootingThree
She's a beaut.
[Vinderi_21_D] VinderiLootingFour
In my younger days I'd fight you for that.
[Vinderi_21_E] VinderiLootingFive
Bit of advice: keep that little find to yourself.
[Vinderi_22_A] VinderiAlertThresholdOne
I think we're pushing it.
[Vinderi_22_B] VinderiAlertThresholdTwo
We're going to get found out if we're not careful.
[Vinderi_22_C] VinderiAlertThresholdThree
When even I think we're too loud, that's a problem.
[Vinderi_22_D] VinderiAlertThresholdFour
Cutting it close.
[Vinderi_23_A] VinderiAlarmOne
We have to leave!
[Vinderi_23_B] VinderiAlarmTwo
Let's go! Let's go!
[Vinderi_23_C] VinderiAlarmThree
Storm the exit!
[Vinderi_24_A] VinderiEarlyAlarmOne
Oh no, OH NO!
[Vinderi_24_B] VinderiEarlyAlarmTwo
That noise? That is not a good noise.
[Vinderi_24_C] VinderiEarlyAlarmThree
I know that sound. That's a bad sound.
[Vinderi_25_A] VinderiFinalRoomOne
There she is.
[Vinderi_25_B] VinderiFinalRoomTwo
Well, go on then. That's what we're here for.
[Vinderi_25_C] VinderiFinalRoomFour
We've made it this far. Why stop now?
[Vinderi_25_D] VinderiFinalRoomFive
Pride cometh before the alarm.
[Vinderi_25_E] VinderiFinalRoomThree
That's what we're after, right?
[Vinderi_26_A] VinderiObjectiveLootedOne
And now we run.
[Vinderi_26_B] VinderiObjectiveLootedTwo
Come on, legs, don't fail me now.
[Vinderi_26_C] VinderiObjectiveLootedThree
Great! ...How do we get out of here again?
[Vinderi_26_D] VinderiObjectiveLootedFour
How about you get us out of here, huh?
[Vinderi_31_A] VinderiVaultBreakingLoudOne
You sure?! Okay...!
[Vinderi_31_B] VinderiVaultBreakingLoudTwo
Really? Now?!
[Vinderi_31_C] VinderiVaultBreakingLoudThree
Gods, you're serious...!
[Vinderi_31_D] VinderiVaultBreakingLoudFour
"Vinderi, you're not busy running for your life are you?!"
[Vinderi_31_E] VinderiVaultBreakingLoudFive
You're insane, you know that, right?!
[Vinderi_31_F] VinderiVaultBreakingLoudSix
I don't work well under pressure!
[Vinderi_32_A] VinderiEngineeringLoudOne
Where's the blasted thing!?
[Vinderi_32_B] VinderiEngineeringLoudTwo
How in the--... oh! Found it!
[Vinderi_32_C] VinderiEngineeringLoudThree
Go, go you stupid-...!
[Vinderi_32_D] VinderiEngineeringLoudFour
You have the thing!? Wait, I have the thing!
[Vinderi_32_E] VinderiEngineeringLoudFive
Ah! I've got the thing for this! Here we go--no, that's not it. AH! Here we go!
[Vinderi_32_F] VinderiEngineeringLoudSix
A gap! I have just the tool for this. Somewhere. Did I drop it? Ha! I was holding it! Don't you just hate that?!
[Vinderi_33_A] VinderiDismantleTrapLoudOne
This is meant to be DELICATE work!
[Vinderi_33_B] VinderiDismantleTrapLoudTwo
The whole place is a damnable death trap!
[Vinderi_33_C] VinderiDismantleTrapLoudThree
Wait! This thing's rigged to kill us!
[Vinderi_33_D] VinderiDismantleTrapLoudFour
Gods! You were planning to blunder into this thing!
[Vinderi_33_E] VinderiDismantleTrapLoudFive
Trap! Trap! Stop! There's a trap! A trap!
[Vinderi_33_F] VinderiDismantleTrapLoudSix
This is exactly the sort of thing we should have handled earlier!
[Vinderi_34_A] VinderiDemolitionLoudOne
(no text)
[Vinderi_34_B] VinderiDemolitionLoudTwo
Can't even take the time to enjoy this!
[Vinderi_34_C] VinderiDemolitionLoudThree
I hate everything about this!
[Vinderi_34_D] VinderiDemolitionLoudFour
If I die, I hope this blows you up too!
[Vinderi_34_E] VinderiDemolitionLoudFive
Gods, these are NOT ideal conditions for handling explosive materials!
[Vinderi_34_F] VinderiDemolitionLoudSix
I wanted to save this one for a special occasion. You owe me a new bomb!
[Vinderi_35_A] VinderiBusyLoudOne
You've lost the plot!
[Vinderi_35_B] VinderiBusyLoudTwo
I don't have a twin you know! He's long dead!!
[Vinderi_35_C] VinderiBusyLoudThree
What!? Now!?
[Vinderi_35_D] VinderiBusyLoudFour
I. Am. Busy!
[Vinderi_35_E] VinderiBusyLoudFive
I'm too old for this!
[Vinderi_36_A] VinderiInterruptedLoudOne
Old man under attack!
[Vinderi_36_B] VinderiInterruptedLoudTwo
Elder abuse!
[Vinderi_36_C] VinderiInterruptedLoudThree
Not like this! Not like this!
[Vinderi_36_D] VinderiInterruptedLoudFour
Help! I'm too young to die!
[Vinderi_37_A] VinderiCombatStartLoudOne
They just keep coming!
[Vinderi_37_B] VinderiCombatStartLoudTwo
To arms!
[Vinderi_37_C] VinderiCombatStartLoudThree
Ready yourselves!
[Vinderi_37_D] VinderiCombatStartLoudFour
Fight your way out!
[Vinderi_37_E] VinderiCombatStartLoudFive
Out of the way!
[Vinderi_38_A] VinderiCombatEndLoudOne
Gods that was satisfying!
[Vinderi_38_B] VinderiCombatEndLoudTwo
Can't celebrate yet!
[Vinderi_38_C] VinderiCombatEndLoudThree
Just keep moving!
[Vinderi_38_D] VinderiCombatEndLoudFour
Any more? Huh!?
[Vinderi_38_E] VinderiCombatEndLoudFive
Old, but strong!
[Vinderi_39_A] VinderiLootingLoudOne
Why are you still grabbing things!?
[Vinderi_39_B] VinderiLootingLoudTwo
Can't use it if you're dead!
[Vinderi_39_C] VinderiLootingLoudThree
Focus on escaping!
[Vinderi_39_D] VinderiLootingLoudFour
Attention span of a toddler!
[Vinderi_39_E] VinderiLootingLoudFive
Great, now you got more loot than brains!
[Vinderi_40_A] VinderiFinalRoomLoudOne
Can't believe it, that's it!
[Vinderi_40_B] VinderiFinalRoomLoudTwo
That's what we're after!
[Vinderi_40_C] VinderiFinalRoomLoudThree
There it is! What are you waiting for?!
[Vinderi_40_D] VinderiFinalRoomLoudFour
Get it! Get it now!
[Vinderi_40_E] VinderiFinalRoomLoudFive
If you don't get it now, you don't get it at all!
[Vinderi_41_A] VinderiObjectiveLootedLoudOne
Get a move on!
[Vinderi_41_B] VinderiObjectiveLootedLoudTwo
That's it! Now out! Out!
[Vinderi_41_C] VinderiObjectiveLootedLoudThree
Got it? Then move!
[Vinderi_41_D] VinderiObjectiveLootedLoudFour
Go on then! Make a path!