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[AK01_A_1] LegionAukunaBattleCry1
Protect the gates at any cost!
[AK01_B_3] LegionAukunaBattleCry2
Dekhara! Forward! Strike!
[AK01_C_3] LegionAukunaBattleCry3
Darakatha! We shall not die this day!
[AK02_A_5] LegionAukunaAttackOneRandom
[AK02_A_6] LegionAukunaAttackOne2
[AK02_B_5] LegionAukunaAttackTwoRandom
Back to the dust!
[AK02_B_6] LegionAukunaAttackTwo2
Back to the dust!
[AK02_C_1] LegionAukunaAttackThreeRandom
Winds take you!
[AK02_C_2] LegionAukunaAttackThree2
Winds take you!
[AK03_A_1] LegionAukunaFleeing1
Back, everyone! Back!
[AK03_B_2] LegionAukunaFleeing2
Break formation!
[AK03_C_3] LegionAukunaFleeing3
To the high ground!
[AK04_A] LegionAukunaMapIntro1
Time has come, my akhara, to push the lumberers back beneath the sands.
[AK04_B] LegionAukunaMapIntro2
Only the sun can bring about the dawn, but we will fight to see it!
[AK04_C] LegionAukunaMapIntro3
The hyenas do not howl. A good omen!
[AK05_A] LegionAukunaDefeat1
No... I must... fight...
[AK05_B] LegionAukunaDefeat2
Great Roc... Sweep me... up...
[AK05_C] LegionAukunaDefeat3
Forgive me... my... akhara...
[AK06_A_1] LegionAukunaInjured1
While I breathe, I will fight.
[AK06_B_2] LegionAukunaInjured2
I would die before I submit!
[AK06_C_3] LegionAukunaInjured3
I bleed for my akhara.
[AK07_A_3] LegionAukunaTaunt1
Abominations have no place here. We will send you back to the dirt.
[AK07_B_1] LegionAukunaTaunt2
I have but one gift to offer you. A quick death.
[AK07_C_2] LegionAukunaTaunt3
You'll be given no mercy!
[AK08_A] LegionAukunaDismount1
Shiyo! Your death will not be in vain.
[AK08_B] LegionAukunaDismount2
Shiyo, I will avenge you.
[AK08_C] LegionAukunaDismount3
I am sorry, Shiyo!