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[HE01_A_2] LegionHyrriBattleCry1
We will not let these dogs take our lands!
[HE01_B_1] LegionHyrriBattleCry2
Hinekora, today we send you a gift!
[HE01_C_2] LegionHyrriBattleCry3
We do this for freedom!
[HE01_D_1] LegionHyrriBattleCry4
Vala Ngamahu!
[HE01_E_1] LegionHyrriBattleCry5
Give no ground!
[HE02_A_1] LegionHyrriAttackOneRandom
Stay, dog!
[HE02_A_2] LegionHyrriAttackOne2
Stay, dog!
[HE02_B_1] LegionHyrriAttackTwoRandom
Turn back!
[HE02_B_2] LegionHyrriAttackTwo2
Turn back!
[HE02_C_2] LegionHyrriAttackThreeRandom
For Tukohama!
[HE02_C_3] LegionHyrriAttackThree2
For Tukohama!
[HE03_A_1] LegionHyrriFleeing1
Into the hills!
[HE03_B_2] LegionHyrriFleeing2
Retreat! Draw them out!
[HE03_C_1] LegionHyrriFleeing3
Back! Regroup!
[HE04_A] LegionHyrriMapIntro1
We will paint the earth with your blood.
[HE04_B] LegionHyrriMapIntro2
Your skin will make a fine quiver, slaver!
[HE04_C] LegionHyrriMapIntro3
It's been too long since my arrows tasted slaver blood.
[HE05_A] LegionHyrriDefeat1
Is this-... am I... dying...?
[HE05_B] LegionHyrriDefeat2
Hinekora... I come to last...
[HE05_C] LegionHyrriDefeat3
Free... I'm free...
[HE06_A_1] LegionHyrriInjured1
You'll have to do better than that.
[HE06_B_2] LegionHyrriInjured2
I won't stop until one of us is dead.
[HE06_C_1] LegionHyrriInjured3
Pain only fuels me.
[HE07_A_1] LegionHyrriTaunt1
Turn around, slaver. Your kind doesn't survive long here.
[HE07_B_1] LegionHyrriTaunt2
Ten thousand eyes are watching your every step, pakarui.
[HE07_C_2] LegionHyrriTaunt3
Are you so desperate to meet our mother of death?