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[VX01_A_3] LegionSanctusVoxBattleCry1
Back, sinners! Back into your shacks!
[VX01_B_2] LegionSanctusVoxBattleCry2
Adhere to your curfew or face our steel!
[VX01_C_2] LegionSanctusVoxBattleCry3
Trespasser! This is Templar property!
[VX02_A_3] LegionSanctusVoxAttackOneRandom
[VX02_A_4] LegionSanctusVoxAttackOne2
[VX02_B_1] LegionSanctusVoxAttackTwoRandom
Sinners! All of you!
[VX02_B_3] LegionSanctusVoxAttackTwo2
Sinners! All of you!
[VX02_C_2] LegionSanctusVoxAttackThreeRandom
Impure filth!
[VX02_C_3] LegionSanctusVoxAttackThree2
Impure filth!
[VX03_A_1] LegionSanctusVoxFleeing1
Retreat! Close the gates!
[VX03_B_4] LegionSanctusVoxFleeing2
There's too many of them! Make way!
[VX03_C_1] LegionSanctusVoxFleeing3
Fall back to the supplies! We must protect the supplies!
[VX04_A_1] LegionSanctusVoxMapIntro1
Sinners! You have been judged and found wanting.
[VX04_B_1] LegionSanctusVoxMapIntro2
The sky burns, and sinners will burn with it!
[VX04_C_1] LegionSanctusVoxMapIntro3
Hahaha! Rejoice! This is your day of judgement.
[VX05_A_1] LegionSanctusVoxDefeat1
Innocence... Take me.
[VX05_B_2] LegionSanctusVoxDefeat2
My time... at last...
[VX05_C] LegionSanctusVoxDefeat3
I go now... to... paradise...
[VX06_A_2] LegionSanctusVoxInjured1
Innocence damn you!
[VX06_B_1] LegionSanctusVoxInjured2
Back, knave! Back!
[VX06_C_2] LegionSanctusVoxInjured3
Voll, give me strength!
[VX07_A] LegionSanctusVoxTaunt1
You have sinned and fornicated and shall at last receive justice!
[VX07_B] LegionSanctusVoxTaunt2
God tests me, sinners. I will be his flaming sword.
[VX07_C] LegionSanctusVoxTaunt3
Repent, and you may yet rescue yourselves!