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[VP01_A_1] LegionNapuatziBattleCry1
Look upon us and despair!
[VP01_B_2] LegionNapuatziBattleCry2
Bow to your Queen, or die!
[VP01_C_1] LegionNapuatziBattleCry3
Serve the Vaal in life or in death.
[VP02_A_2] LegionNapuatziAttackOneRandom
For the Queen!
[VP02_A_3] LegionNapuatziAttackOne2
For the Queen!
[VP02_B_1] LegionNapuatziAttackTwoRandom
Yield and save yourself!
[VP02_B_2] LegionNapuatziAttackTwo2
Yield and save yourself!
[VP02_D_6] LegionNapuatziAttackThreeRandom
Fall before us!
[VP02_D_7] LegionNapuatziAttackThree2
Fall before us!
[VP02_E_1] LegionNapuatziAttackFourRandom
[VP02_E_3] LegionNapuatziAttackFour2
[VP02_F_1] LegionNapuatziAttackFiveRandom
[VP02_F_3] LegionNapuatziAttackFive2
[VP03_A_1] LegionNapuatziFleeing1
When I return, it will be with an army of thousands.
[VP03_B_1] LegionNapuatziFleeing2
Enjoy this brief victory. You will not have another.
[VP03_C_1] LegionNapuatziFleeing3
These are Vaal lands. You only delay your destiny.
[VP04_A] LegionNapuatziMapIntro1
Children of darkness, we are your illumination!
[VP04_B] LegionNapuatziMapIntro2
Do not weep. Your sacrifice is not without value.
[VP04_C] LegionNapuatziMapIntro3
Rejoice! The Queen has deemed you worthy of sacrifice!
[VP05_A] LegionNapuatziDefeat1
I'm sorry... my... queen...
[VP05_B] LegionNapuatziDefeat2
Free... at... last...
[VP05_C] LegionNapuatziDefeat3
Is... is it over...?
[VP06_A_2] LegionNapuatziInjured1
Pain is nothing.
[VP06_B_2] LegionNapuatziInjured2
Pain sharpens the mind.
[VP06_C_1] LegionNapuatziInjured3
Every scar is a gift.
[VP07_A] LegionNapuatziTaunt1
Your skull will adorn the halls of the queen.
[VP07_B] LegionNapuatziTaunt2
Your death is written into the stars.
[VP07_C] LegionNapuatziTaunt3
You are a locust, and I will crush you underfoot.