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[Elreon_01] ElreonWildAttention
God bless you on this fine day, exile!
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[Elreon_03] MissionStrInt0GiveQuest
And thus, my prayers are answered! None too soon, neither.

Don't look so perplexed, exile. It's simple. God has sent you to help me look after the Relics, the few remaining islands of Faith in this sea of Sin.

The Corrupted, they hunger to see Faith gone for good, chewed up and spat out by the Nightmare. Not while you and I live and breathe, right exile?
[Elreon_04] ElreonMissionGeneric
There's holy work to be done here, exile. What it is, God has clearly decided to keep to His divine self.

Nothing like a little 'blind faith' to make life interesting!
[Elreon_05] ElreonMissionDefend
Any moment now, this holy spot's going to be buried in filth.

The Corrupted will pour in here, bent on eclipsing anything and everything that has been touched by divinity.

I hope you're good with a shovel, exile.

Glory to the Pure and Mercy to the Fallen!
[Elreon_06] ElreonMissionDestroy
Sadly, this holy site has fallen to the Corrupted already. It's our duty to put the poor, bastard place out of its misery.

The Corrupted draw strength from twisted spots like this, you see. Can't be having that, now.

So lay about you, exile, and quickly now, lest Nightmare sense our cause and choose to tighten its grip on this place.
[Elreon_07] ElreonMissionFeed
This here 'island of Faith' has been made 'home sweet home' by a small horde of corrupted filth.

It falls to you and I to cleanse and claim this place in the name of God.

Steel your entrails, exile. You're about to get your hands dirty!
[Elreon_08] MissionStrInt0Begin
Thank God for that! Stand fast then, crusader, for here comes the flood.
[Elreon_09a] MissionStrInt1Begin1
Let's give old Nightmare a taste of divine wrath!
[Elreon_09b] MissionStrInt1Begin2
Begone, filth of corruption!
[Elreon_09c] MissionStrInt1Begin3
Courage, crusader. No nightmare lasts forever!
[Elreon_09d] MissionStrInt1Begin4
Corruption be damned!
[Elreon_09e] MissionStrInt1Begin5
Remember, crusader, corruption is beyond mercy!
[Elreon_10] MissionStrInt0GiveReward
That was some damned divine slaughter you delivered there, crusader! You did God proud today.

You come visit me in Lioneye's Watch next time you're there, for I've more crusading where that came from.
[Elreon_11] MissionStrInt0Failed
Damn it!

Ah, bless. Not your fault, crusader. The corruption was just too strong for us that time.

Look out for me when next you pass through some of the more 'holy' attractions in Wraeclast. I'm sure God and I will fighting the good fight again... and with more success, I hope.
[Elreon_12] MissionStrInt1Rewarded
The Corrupted are lying low at the moment, crusader. Seems that we've given them more than their fill of righteousness.

It's just the calm before the storm though.

The next time we meet out here, you'll have all the smiting that you can stomach, I promise you that.
[Elreon_13] MissionStrInt1TooLate
And so, God sends you to me just in time to witness my failure. Has a funny damned sense of humour, don't He.

Look out for me when you next pass through some of the more 'holy' attractions in Wraeclast. I'm sure God and I will fighting the good fight again... and with more success, I hope.
[Elreon_14] ElreonTownFirst
I've but one purpose in life, now... defend the last vestiges of Faith in this God-forsaken land. Well, can't be completely God-forsaken. He sent you and me here, didn't he?

Now, I've a few trinkets lying about that might be of use to you. Adornments imbued with what little Faith I can muster in this accursed place. That said, the more corruption we smite, the more Faithful I'm likely to be feeling. I can make some damned fine baubles when my divine ire is up.

In the meantime, let me know if any of my current pieces catch your eye.
[Elreon_15] MissionStrInt1GiveQuest
Good to see you, crusader! I thought for a moment there that I was going to have to play the lone martyr act.
[Elreon_16] MissionStrInt1GiveReward
Hah! That's it, crusader. Smite the bastards like there's no tomorrow.
[Elreon_17] MissionStrInt1Failed
Not to worry, crusader. We live, so God must think we're still useful for something.
[Elreon_18] ElreonWildUpTo2
I think God's taken a bit of a shine to you, crusader!

Come and chew the fat with me, next time you're in Lioneye's Watch. I've a voice in my head telling me that you and I can do more for each other.

Whether it's God's voice or not, I don't care to speculate. He's usually right, whoever he is.
[Elreon_19a] MissionStrInt2GiveQuest1
I'm in the mood for some smiting. How about you, exile?
[Elreon_19b] MissionStrInt2GiveQuest2
Care for another dance with Lady Sin, crusader?
[Elreon_19c] MissionStrInt2GiveQuest3
Today's a fine day to kick corruption's filthy arse, right, crusader?
[Elreon_19d] MissionStrInt2GiveQuest4
God has glorious plans for us today. You ready, exile?
[Elreon_20a] MissionStrInt2GiveReward1
We'll shove the Faith back into this land, yet!
[Elreon_20b] MissionStrInt2GiveReward2
And thus, the Holy is restored, piece by bloody piece.
[Elreon_20c] MissionStrInt2GiveReward3
If God were a man, he'd be grinning his tits off right now.
[Elreon_20d] MissionStrInt2GiveReward4
We've done the faith proud today, crusader!
[Elreon_20e] MissionStrInt2GiveReward5
You restore my Faith in humanity, you do.
[Elreon_21] MissionStrInt2Failed
Alas, Faith is a thing of the past here.
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[Elreon_23] ElreonWildUpTo3
Voll of Thebrus was just a shadow of what you'll become, crusader. You keep on this path and God will see to that!

So you and I need to talk the next time you're in town. God has plans for you, my friend. Yes, He does indeed.
[Elreon_24a] MissionStrInt3GiveReward1
It's us or them, crusader. Us or them.
[Elreon_24b] MissionStrInt3GiveReward2
You're a well-blooded defender of the Faith now!
[Elreon_24c] MissionStrInt3GiveReward3
We might return this land to God yet!
[Elreon_24d] MissionStrInt3GiveReward4
A moment, crusader, for those who have fallen before us.
[Elreon_25a] MissionStrInt3Failed1
God have pity! Haven't we done enough?
[Elreon_25b] MissionStrInt3Failed2
The damned corruption gets stronger every day!
[Elreon_25c] MissionStrInt3Failed3
Faith fights in vain.
[Elreon_25d] MissionStrInt3Failed4
You may have picked the losing side, crusader.
[Elreon_25e] MissionStrInt3Failed5
Nothing is sacred in this damned land. Nothing!
[Elreon_26a] MissionStrInt3Rewarded1
The Corrupted are off licking their wounds, right now.
[Elreon_26b] MissionStrInt3Rewarded2
The horizon is unusually devoid of filth.
[Elreon_26c] MissionStrInt3Rewarded3
The flood of filth has ebbed, for now.
[Elreon_26d] MissionStrInt3Rewarded4
A good time for some spiritual reflection, crusader.
[Elreon_26e] MissionStrInt3Rewarded5
Enjoy the serenity while it lasts.
[Elreon_27] ElreonWildLevelUp
God rewards his most faithful servants, but only if we prove ourselves deserving of his divine touch.

Today, God has thought fit to bless us for our service. Tomorrow, who knows? Maybe he'll think fit to summon us to his side.

Pays not to think of such things too much, exile. Bad for the Faith.
[Elreon_28] ElreonUpTo2
Ah, God has delivered you to me and, as always, his timing is divine.

I've just put the finished touches on a few baubles. Dripping with Faith they are. Brim full!

Have a wee look and let me know what you think.
[Elreon_29] ElreonUpTo2Hideout
We all need a quiet spot in which to rest and reflect, crusader.

Had a vision that hinted at you having found such a place. And me praying only last night for somewhere to polish and bless my trinkets in peace.

Far be it from me to invite myself where I'm not wanted, but I'm sure you could find it in your heart to house a man of the Faith.
[Elreon_30] ElreonUpTo3
I do believe our Faithful work has been rewarded! Somewhere to hide, out from under the malevolent gaze of Corruption.

God has revealed just such a holdfast to me. All that remains is for you and I to accept his most generous offer. Shall we take a look, crusader?
[Elreon_31] ElreonUpTo3Hideout
We all need a quiet spot in which to rest and reflect, crusader.

Had vision you'd found such a place. Sorry to be the bearer of ill tidings, but as secluded as your current hideaway might seem, you're not out from under the malevolent gaze of Corruption yet.

But you're in luck! God has chosen to reveal another, more pure sanctuary to me. The perfect hideout for crusaders of the Faith such as us.

All that remains is for you and I to accept His most generous offer. Shall we take a look?
[Elreon_32] ElreonCreateHideout
Gratitude is one of the finest of virtues. You've done yourself proud today, crusader!
[Elreon_33] ElreonHideoutDemo
An abode most fitting of humble souls undertaking the greatest of work!
[Elreon_34] ElreonHideoutDemoSelected
What better place in which to gather our resources and resolve for the battles ahead?
[Elreon_35] ElreonHideoutGiveCraft
It's in this blessed font that I douse my trinkets in the cool waters of Faith. Tends to change them for the better, as you've probably noticed already.

If you've the patience, I can teach you how to bless your own baubles. In God we trust, and in you, I trust.
[Elreon_36] ElreonHideoutOnCrafting
Without trees there is no forest. Without symbols there is no Faith.

Back in Oriath, I crafted and blessed trinkets aplenty for the clergy. Pretty baubles for vain men. My symbols meant nothing there.

Here, symbols are all that we have, crusader. No trees. No forest. And so I craft my trinkets and then baptise them in these holy waters.

The trick is, as I do so, I envisage how I'd like that particular symbol to be reborn. A blessing of strength to the sinews, a shot of sharpness to the old brain, a touch of good fortune... I make the choice and God delivers.
[Elreon_37] ElreonUpTo4
Faith has a peculiar eye for fashion. You dress yourself in the garb of self-gratification, and you'll get the cold shoulder. But clad yourself in service and sacrifice, and you'll get yourself invited to all the best parties.

To be given, you first have to give. Something you're really starting to get the hang of, crusader.
[Elreon_38] ElreonUpTo6
God does love a crusader, and so do I, exile. So do I!

But do you know what impresses me most about you, exile? Not your good looks or your ability to smite so mightily.


You're simply too pigheaded to give up and die.
[Elreon_39] ElreonUpTo5
Yet again you prove yourself worthy of God's admiration.

Now, not that I'm questioning the benefits of a bit of divine loving, but I'm looking around and thinking that He might want give you a more tangible sign of His love.

A house of God doesn't need to be built out of marble and gold, nor reach into the clouds, but you should be able to put your hands together in prayer without grazing your elbows.

I'll put in a prayer or two for a slightly less humble abode, shall I?
[Elreon_40] ElreonUpTo7
I'm starting to think that you might be one of God's 'chosen'. Now I don't say that lightly. In fact, I don't tend to say it at all these days.

Seemed like every time I decided dub someone 'chosen', they'd end up... as nightmare fodder the next day. In fact, the more Faith I had in them, the worse they got it in the end. A bloody shame.

But that's not going to happen to you, crusader, because I haven't actually called you a 'chosen one'... have I?
[Elreon_41] ElreonUpTo8
You were sent by God Himself. Sounds a bit grandiose, don't it? But there it is. Of all the exiles out there, He picked you.

To be honest, I couldn't really see why at the beginning. No offence, but you were nothing special. Just another exile with one foot in the grave.

Now look at you! Look at us, and what we've achieved together.

I didn't have a whole lot of hope before I met you. My Faith was wearing thin, and, in my darkest moments, I wished only to be carried off to God's kingdom. You've changed me even more than you've changed this land, crusader.

I knew we had to reclaim Wraeclast in the name of God, but I didn't really know why. Thinking back, I have to face a shameful revelation. I didn't think humanity deserved to have Wraeclast.

You've proved me wrong, crusader, and proved God right.
[Elreon_42] ElreonHideoutDaily
So, you're in a smiting mood, are you? Good! So am I, and I've found just the holy spot for a hopeless last stand against the hordes of Corruption.
[Elreon_43] ElreonOnVorici
Through polished gem and polished lie, Vorici earns himself a special place in God's heart.
[Elreon_44] ElreonOnCatarina
The soul is God's concern.

Catarina can do what she likes with the discarded vessel.
[Elreon_45] ElreonOnTora
Our causes may look worlds apart, but Tora and I share a common purpose. Wraeclast will be saved!
[Elreon_46] ElreonOnVagan
Vagan has a certain attribute that makes him most desirable as a Soldier of God. He doesn't waste time on thought.
[Elreon_47] ElreonOnZana
Zana's one of those people that wants existence analysed, written down, and filed away all tidy.

Nothing spoils a joke worse than when you have to explain the bloody punch line.
[Elreon_48] ElreonOnHaku
Haku's a damned heathen who worships trees and ghosts. It never ceases to amaze me how we, God's children, excel at deceiving ourselves.
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[Elreon_50] ElreonOnFoundingEmpire
You know, the Eternal Empire was founded by crusaders, men and women just like you.

God appeared to an Azmerian shepherd boy, many hundreds of years ago. He told that boy to lead his people from the mountains of poverty, down into the forbidden lands where prosperity awaited the bold. There, he was to build upon the bones of the fallen, and found a nation of the Faithful.

That boy was Veruso, the Prima Imperialus, first emperor of the Eternals.
[Elreon_51] ElreonOnEmperorVoll
Voll of Thebrus, High Templar of the Faith, the man chosen by God to lead the glorious Purity Rebellion, blah blah bloody blah!

He was an idiot, and I was exiled for saying so... loud and often.

God gave him intelligence, power, charisma and tenacity, and what did he do with it all? Devoted it to the stupidest idea in the history of humanity. The destruction of thaumaturgy. Voll thought of himself as Wraeclast's saviour. He ended up being Wraeclast's destroyer.

Thaumaturgy isn't a Sin, exile. Vanity is.
[Elreon_52] ElreonOnDivinePower
I'm going to share a revelation with you, crusader.

The power instilled in my 'holy' trinkets... it's the same as the dark power that lurks within the so-called 'virtue' gems. The same power that feeds and moulds the Corrupted.

Nightmare and thaumaturgy, two sides of the same coin. I know, bit of a dagger in the heart of Faith, or so I thought at first. God straightened me out quick enough.

Nightmare and thaumaturgy might be two sides of the same coin, but who minted that coin? No, it's not a trick question. God did.

God gave us thaumaturgy, a divine gift above all others. It's Man who corrupted that gift.
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