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[Haku_01] HakuWildAttention
Tala moana, warrior!
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[Haku_03] MissionStr0GiveQuest
Yes, I call you 'Warrior'.

Your eyes have already swept your surroundings, identifying threats and escape routes. There is anticipation in your stance, deadly focus in the easy ebb and tide of your breath. Yours is a heart that fights with every beat. I have need of a heart like that.

In that haunted place there, a Karui spirit awaits you. Lost he was, more than two centuries ago. Fallen... beyond battle. Bring him to me, so that I might return him to his rightful place.

It takes a warrior to find a warrior.
[Haku_04] HakuMissionTime1
And hurry. The corruption of this place... it twists flesh and soul in equal measure.

Find this warrior before Kitava, the Black Spirit, consumes him.
[Haku_05] HakuMissionTime2
And hurry. The corruption of this place... it warps flesh and soul in equal measure.

At the moment, the warrior rests in the lee of twisting tide. The journey back must be swift else Kitava, the Black Spirit, will consume him.
[Haku_06] HakuMissionTime12
And hurry. The corruption of this place... it twists flesh and soul in equal measure.

For now, the warrior rests in the lee of twisting tide. But his shelter is crumbling. He will not remain safe for long.

Find this warrior and bring him to me before Kitava, the Black Spirit, consumes him.
[Haku_07] MissionStr0GiveReward
A lost spirit returned, to feast with the Ancestors, and be born once more into the Karui Way.

We shall speak again when next you come to Lioneye's Watch. There is much that we might yet share, my ally.
[Haku_08] HakuMissionFailed
In the Karui Way there is only one way to fail. Die having wandered from the path.

You did what you could at the time. There is no shame in that. Next time, you will do more.
[Haku_09] MissionStr1Rewarded
Still there are lost spirits out there. They walk through my dreams, whisper their despair into my waking thoughts.

Come speak with me when next you are in Lioneye's Watch. I am certain the Ancestors will have need of you once more.
[Haku_10] MissionStr0TooLate
There are lost spirits out there. They walk through my dreams, whisper their despair into my waking thoughts.

I will find them and when I do, the Ancestors will have need of you.
[Haku_11] HakuTownFirst
War will be the saviour of Wraeclast.

We must take the fight to the corruption. We must conquer the Black Spirit. There is no other way.

Where is my army, you ask? They are scattered across this land, oblivious to their calling. Exiles... Karui and Oriathan both. They will rally, but only if we give them cause.

For now, let us content ourselves with a pact, between two warriors. My wisdom and my armour on the understanding that you serve Tukohama, Father of War, when you can.

On your own you will survive. With others, you will conquer.
[Haku_12] MissionStr1GiveQuest
You are a welcome sight, warrior.

Another spirit has reached out to me. This one is close, yet another world away, unless we help him.
[Haku_13] MissionStr1GiveReward
The Karui Way grows stronger for every soul that we return to its care. And as the Way grows stronger, we grow stronger.
[Haku_14] HakuWildUpTo2
Kaom's Kingdom fell not to Tukohama, 'Father of War', but to Kitava the 'Black Spirit'.

With every warrior we save, Tukohama is blessed, Kitava cursed, and the blood returns to the heart. Spirit and land serve you, when you learn to serve your heart.

Speak with me the next time you are in Lioneye's Watch. We have more to discuss on the matters of service and reward.
[Haku_15a] MissionStr2GiveQuest1
The Ancestors favour us, my ally. They have gifted a vision of another warrior soul, a lost spirit in need of our aid.
[Haku_15b] MissionStr2GiveQuest2
It is time to bring another of our warriors home.
[Haku_15c] MissionStr2GiveQuest3
A lost warrior languishes in Kitava's kingdom. Find him!
[Haku_15d] MissionStr2GiveQuest4
No spirit deserves to be abandoned, no matter how far from the Way he has wandered. Find this warrior, and lead him back.
[Haku_16] MissionStr2GiveReward
As you honour the Ancestors, you honour yourself.
[Haku_17] HakuWildUpTo3
Kaom came to this land seeking to plant the seed of the Karui Way in fresh and fertile soils.

His kingdom withered and died many years ago. Perhaps it is time that a new kingdom was sown in its stead.

Meet me in town, warrior. We have new horizons to discuss.
[Haku_18] HakuWildLevelUp
Karui or not, the Way rewards those that walk its path without fear... and without remorse.
[Haku_19a] MissionStr3GiveReward1
Another of Kitava's slaves may now walk free.
[Haku_19b] MissionStr3GiveReward2
A restless spirit finds peace.
[Haku_19c] MissionStr3GiveReward3
I was right to place my trust in you, warrior.
[Haku_19d] MissionStr3GiveReward4
On behalf of the Ancestors, I thank you.
[Haku_20a] MissionStr2Rewarded1
The night is filled with screams, yet those who suffer remain in the dark.
[Haku_20b] MissionStr2Rewarded2
They are out there, I can feel them, but none are ready to be brought home just yet.
[Haku_20c] MissionStr2Rewarded3
The Ancestors will call you when you are needed.
[Haku_20d] MissionStr2Rewarded4
Patience. Action is only service when it is truly needed.
[Haku_20e] MissionStr2Rewarded5
The lost remain beyond our reach for now.
[Haku_21] HakuUpTo2
Good timing, warrior, for I have just now completed some armour that I've been perfecting.

A particularly wilful spirit, he was. Strong, but not very cooperative.

I would appreciate your opinion of it, and of the others I have forged recently.
[Haku_22] HakuUpTo2Hideout
The first call of any warrior is to defend his home. The Ancestors tell me you have received such a call.

Perhaps we could answer this call of yours together.

As the Ancestors ask more of me, I find that I am in need of a place to complete my work, to bind spirit and armour in peace and harmony.

What say you, warrior? Would you have me lend my hammer to your cause?
[Haku_23] HakuUpto3
A kingdom may encompass many, yet needs only one man to found it. Or woman, for that matter. It is all about place and will.

If you have the will, then I believe I may have found the place. Say the word, warrior, and you may have your kingdom.
[Haku_24] HakuUpto3Hideout
A kingdom may encompass many, yet needs only one man to found it. Or woman, for that matter. It is all about place and will.

I understand that you have already sown the seed of your kingdom. I simply question whether the soil you have chosen is fertile enough. Is it open to the sunlight, free to grow of its own accord, or is it shaded by another's ambitions?

I know of a more fertile field and, on my honour, I will not cast my shadow across it. The choice is yours, warrior.
[Haku_25] HakuCreateHideout
You are one that pays heed to your heart, warrior. If that were a common skill, then Wraeclast would not be as it is now.
[Haku_26] HakuHideoutDemo
The seed is nothing to look at while it lies in your palm. That is why Tawhoa, Father of the Forest, gave us the power to dream.
[Haku_27] HakuHideoutDemoSelected
It is easy to forge a kingdom, harder to keep it. You will need allies, warrior. As you chose me, choose them just as carefully.
[Haku_28] HakuHideoutGiveCraft
Upon this table I am able to shape the material and the spiritual, forge armour that protects the body and the soul in equal measure.

Given time, and the guidance of the Ancestors, I can teach you this Art... if you feel worthy of such an honour, that is.
[Haku_29] HakuHideoutOnCrafting
A Karui warrior must die in battle if he is to earn his seat at the table of the Ancestors. It has been that way since the Dawn of Karui. It will be that way until the Dusk.

Yet, there is more than one way to skin a seal. The spirits you bring me, I return to the battlefield. Armour and spirit bound together, in the service of the Father of War, Tukohama.

The Ancestors know this, respect this. They welcome a fallen spirit as they welcome the dying man.

That is the Karui Way.
[Haku_30] HakuUpTo4
Were you and I now in my homeland of Ngamakanui, I would mark your skin with the honour of Ngamahu, Mother of Fire.

It is she who lights the fire in the belly of the warrior, and it is your duty to nurture that fire, to fuel it with the timber of battle until it burns so brightly, that it blinds the eyes of your enemies and sears their fearful hearts.
[Haku_31] HakuUpTo6
You are as quick and as deadly as the lightning bolt, as proud as thunder, and as potent as the towering wave.

For your deeds on the battlefield, I would paint your body with the mark of Valako, Father of the Storm.
[Haku_32] HakuUpTo5
It has come time to offer you a warning, for you have entered the most dangerous leg of your journey as a warrior.

Had I the tools at hand, I would carve the mark of Kitava, Father of Chaos, into your flesh. You now wield the twin-bladed axe that is Life and Death, a weapon capable of both honour and disgrace.

You have the power now to extend the borders of your kingdom and I urge you to do so. For small places breed small thoughts, and it is in those tiny, shadowed recesses of the mind that Kitava will make his home.
[Haku_33] HakuUpTo7
You flow through battle, carving a path through the seemingly unbreakable enemy, just as the river carves its path through the ancient stone.

Yet, when needed, you stand as hard and resolute as the glacier, pushing forward inch by inch, crushing all before them. In Ngamakanui, I would honour you with the mark of Tasalio, Father of Water.

I look around in shame, for this stronghold no longer does you justice. Yours should no longer be the seat of a warrior. Yours should be the seat of a Chief!
[Haku_34] HakuUpTo8
Tukohama has blessed you, warrior, made you his brother in blood and spirit. I can see it now in your eyes, your stature, your presence.

I would carve into your visage the marks of Blood, the greatest honour the Karui can bestow. For you, the path of the warrior has come to an end.

The time has come for you to lead, to forge a new path, so that all that come after may learn and prosper from your example.
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[Haku_36] HakuDaily
The Ancestors watch over you, warrior.
[Haku_37] HakuOnVorici
An army is needed to win a battle. To win a war? Sometimes it takes only a man... like Vorici.
[Haku_38] HakuOnTora
A warrior protects life, but it is the huntress who provides it. This land will never prosper without women like Tora.
[Haku_39] HakuOnCatarina
Catarina is Kitava's slave, preparing pretty feasts for a cannibal God.
[Haku_40] HakuOnZana
Navigation and conquest are two sides of the same paddle. Every army needs a Zana.
[Haku_41] HakuOnElreon
There is a fine line between Belief and Madness. Elreon does not even know where that line is.
[Haku_42] HakuOnVagan
Whether he clads it in silk or steel, Vagan's heart is still that of a warrior.
[Haku_43] HakuOnKaruiWay
The Ancestors possess the knowledge of all Karui. Every man and woman who has followed the Way has carved their life's wisdom into the meeting house of the Remembered.

Yet the Ancestors cannot tell me how Kitava's tyranny might end. Only that it will, if we who still can, stand against Him.

It is in this hope that I choose to live. Hope is my fortress, and from it I wage war against Kitava's slaves.

Yet I am but one warrior, one man who chooses to serve the Karui Way. Perhaps, there will be others. Perhaps... even you.
[Haku_44] HakuOnKaom
The stories of Kaom that we were raised on... they are lies.

I have read Lavianga's carvings, pored over the remains of Kaom's 'promised kingdom' out there on the coast. We were led to believe that Kaom was the greatest of our warriors, that he died serving the Karui Way.

The truth is there for any to see. Kitava, God of Corruption, consumed Kaom from heart to skin. Kaom became the greatest of Kitava's slaves when he abandoned his people to serve himself.
[Haku_45] HakuOnKitava
It is Kitava who rules this place. His Black Spirit is everywhere, in the claws that draw our blood, in the minds of those men and women who... would eat of our flesh.

At first I thought it was Kaom who led the God of Corruption to this land. No. Kitava was already here, and he remains here still. A cannibal, feasting on the corpse of Wraeclast. He awaits us all, growing fat in the darkness of Wraeclast's blackened heart.
[Haku_46] HakuOnKaruiWareclast
We Karui have a responsibility, a debt that we need to repay.

Though the signs led me to believe that it was the Eternals who invited Kitava into Wraeclast, we Karui had a hand in humanity's downfall here.

Had Kaom not formed his alliance with High Templar Voll, and destroyed Lioneye as he did, subsequent events may have played out very differently.

So we must right the wrongs of our past, and wake this land from Kitava's nightmare. Only then will the debt be repaid.