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[Leo_01_1] LeoMeeting1
Good to see a man cut from the same cloth as myself. Leo Redmane's the name, though no doubt the Grand Arena still remembers me.
Good to see a man cut from the same cloth as myself. Leo Redmane's the name, though no doubt the Grand Arena still remembers me.
[Leo_02] LeoMeeting2
A fine day to you. Leo Redmane's the name, though no doubt the streets of Theopolis still remember me.

So welcome to the ruckus, Shadow. They would never have let you anywhere near an arena in Oriath, snooty bastards. But don't worry, no-one's looking for a fair fight here.
[Leo_03] LeoMeeting3
Your brothers and sisters tend to get a raw deal in the arenas of Oriath. Drugged-up fodder for the bloodthirsty masses. Nothing like that going on with Leo Redmane's events, I promise you.

So welcome to the ruckus, Marauder. Red's the only colour that matters to me.
[Leo_04_1] LeoMeeting4
I know your type aren't big on rules and regulations, Ranger. The wild doesn't have much use for them. I can respect that.

So don't worry your pretty, little head about it. I, Leo Redmane, have only one rule in my events: Give it everything you've got. The audience loves a tryer.
I know your type aren't big on rules and regulations, Ranger. The wild doesn't have much use for them. I can respect that.

So don't worry your pretty head about it. I, Leo Redmane, have only one rule in my events: Give it everything you've got. The audience loves a tryer.
[Leo_05] LeoMeeting5
Giving up your box seat for a place on the stage are we, your lordship? A bloody fine thing by Leo Redmane.

The title isn't the man, if you know what I'm saying. And to be honest, 'winner' is the only title I've ever been interested in.
[Leo_06] LeoMeeting6
Leo Redmane's the name, m'lady, and it would be an honour to have one of such beauty and prowess grace my humble affrays.

Welcome to the ruckus, darling. I am so looking forward to seeing you in action.
[Leo_07] LeoMeeting7
Got myself banished from Theopolis Arena for dealing with your kind, Witch. But this isn't Theopolis, and Leo Redmane's arena welcomes anyone who can put up a good fight... or a bad one.

It's not the methods, but the ruckus that matters to me.
Nice day for it.
Nice day for it.
Good to see ya.
Good to see ya.
Don't be a stranger!
Don't be a stranger!
Until next time.
Until next time.
Always a pleasure.
Always a pleasure.
[Leo_14] LeoOnDailies
Speaking of which, stop in from time to time for a chat. I've always got a few events on the go. Exiles do love to bash each other... as if Wraeclast wasn't enough of a challenge for them!

But now and then, I like to streamline things. Make sure the ruckus has a bit of form and grace to it. Time your visit right, and I'll be able to point you in the direction of a right, top-notch ruckus.
[Leo_15] MissionPvPDuelFirst
Get out there and shoulder-tap someone for a bit of casual biffo.

Why are you looking at me like that? This isn't Theopolis. There are no marketeer fixers hustling to match-make you a duel. In Sarn, we pick our own fights.

So go on, slap someone in the face with a gauntlet. Then come and see me when you've done fighting.
[Leo_16_1] MissionPvPDuel
Find yourself an exile to take on and see if you can best them. We'll catch up when the ruckus is done.
Find yourself an exile to take on and see if you can best them. We'll catch up when the ruckus is done.
[Leo_17] MissionPvPFFAFirst
It's the arena for you! Be honoured. That's not a suggestion, by the way. Be honoured. Sarn Arena is where everything and anything can happen.

I never cease to be amazed by the spectacle when you throw a mixed bag of exiles into the old 'sand bucket'. An all day breakfast of free-range ruckus on toast.

So get in there, and see how long you can take the heat. I'll be around to listen to your tales of woe when you're done.
[Leo_18] MissionPvPFFA
Into the arena you go. Gird your loins and be ready for... well, pretty much anything! See you on the other side.
[Leo_19] MissionPvPTeamFirst
Let's see if you can play nicely with others.

Not everyone's a lone wolf. It'd be a sad, lonely world if we were. There's many who stick with the pack, who thrive in the camaraderie of battle.

Get out there, muster a pack and find yourself a battle. See if you can lead your friends to glory.

We'll speak again after.
[Leo_20_1] MissionPvPTeam
Get yourself a crew and go make some trouble. I'll look forward to hearing the gory details.
Get yourself a crew together and go make some trouble. I'll look forward to hearing the gory details.
[Leo_21] MissionPvPCTFFirst
What you need is a goal. Yeah, I know. I sound like a school teacher when I say that. What I mean is, get out there, get yourself a crew together, and try your hand at capturing a flag or two.

Exiles fighting together for something they believe in. Coveting, protecting... makes a man think there might be some hope for humanity.

What? A man's got to care about something. We'll talk some more when the affray is done.
[Leo_22] MissionPvPCTF
There's a flag out there with your name on it. Don't keep it waiting. I'll look forward to hearing the results.
[Leo_23] MissionPvPGenericFirst
Your timing couldn't be better! I've just the ruckus for you. A fresh affray for those who hunger for glory and violence.

Think I'm talking it up a bit, do you? Well, that's my job. Don't tell me how to do my job and I won't tell you how to do yours... unless you're making a mess of it. And your job is to get in there and put in some good, clean violence.

We'll talk after, if you're able.
[Leo_24] MissionPvPGeneric
I've just the brutality you're looking for. No expense spared on my part. Come tell me all about it when you're done.
[Leo_25] MissionPvP0GiveReward
You acquitted yourself fairly well that time. There's always room for improvement, of course.
[Leo_26] MissionPvP1GiveReward1
You're a keen one, aren't you? Good. Keen blades are good for killing. Keen thoughts are good for living.
Keeping those exiles on their toes, are you?
[Leo_28] MissionPvP1GiveReward2
Nicely done, for an amateur. Let me know when you feel like sharpening those skills of yours a bit more.
[Leo_29] LeoUpTo2
At this rate, we'll make quite the decent gladiator out of you.

That said, I'm bit concerned about your gear. It's one thing to have talent, but if you don't have the right gear, you'll be a talented corpse.

Flasks are a must-have, especially the ones that can wash away any ailments an enemy might curse you with. The fastest, strongest fighter can be rendered as slow and soft as a slug. Thaumaturgy's a bugger like that. Choose your flasks wisely and use them sparingly. They've got to last you the whole fight, remember.

Anyway, have a look at the bits and bobs I've mustered here. Every item hand-picked to make other exile's lives miserable. See if anything takes your fancy.
[Leo_30] LeoUpTo2Hideout
Turns out you've found yourself a hideout. And as luck would have it, I find myself in need of somewhere to sleep.

Maramoa's given me the boot, you see. Oh, you didn't know about us? Not surprised. Pretty tight-lipped about her private life, that girl. Wouldn't mention anything to her either, unless you're looking for a piece of axe.

So, how about it? I don't take up much space, so there'll be plenty of room for others, and I'll defend your house like its my own. What do you say?
Hungry for trouble, are you?
[Leo_32] MissionPvP2GiveReward
And here I thought I might have dumped you in the deep end.
[Leo_33] LeoUpTo3
You're proving to be quite the reliable one. I like predictability in an ally, helps me sleep at night. And as luck would have it, I've just found myself a new resting spot.

Maramoa's given me the boot, you see. Oh, you didn't know about us? Not surprised. Pretty tight-lipped about her private life, that girl. Wouldn't mention anything to her, either, unless you're looking for a piece of axe.

So, how about joining me, eh? I could do with the company and, as we all know, there's safety in numbers when it comes to living in Wraeclast.
[Leo_34] LeoUpTo3Hideout
So, you've gone and set up a cosy, little nest with one of the other masters, have you? It's your fight, your funeral, as they say.

Should you change your mind though, I might still have a spot that'd serve the two us just as nicely, if not better. Defendable, comfortable, adaptable and whole lot of other 'ables' that escape me for the moment.

What do you reckon? Take a look for curiosity's sake?
[Leo_35] LeoCreateHideout
You won't regret this.
[Leo_36] LeoHideoutDemo
Sure, it's no imperial penthouse, but if you've been keeping up with real estate these last couple hundred years, you'll notice that the Wraeclast market's been a bit flat.

So what do you think? Is it a keeper?
[Leo_37] LeoHideoutChosen
Well played, my friend. Well played. Of course, there's room for one or two others to join us, if you feel so inclined.

I'm not fussy when it comes to house-mates, so I'll leave the choosing to you, eh? Just make sure none of them snore.
There's an affray out there with your name on it.
You, my friend, need a good scuffle.
Now, what sort of strife can we get you into today?
Fancy a touch of skirmish, gladiator?
Looking for some sparring practice?
[Leo_43] MissionPvP3GiveReward1
Pretty fine work. Think you can top it next time?
[Leo_44] MissionPvP3GiveReward2
You made a real statement, that time. I reckon we should keep you talking.
[Leo_45] MissionPvP3GiveReward3
You're on a bit of a roll, here!
[Leo_46] MissionPvP3GiveReward4
Violence really suits you! Brings out the red in your eyes.
[Leo_47] MissionPvP3GiveReward5
You better be careful, or you're going to get a name for yourself!
[Leo_48] MissionPvP3GiveReward6
You surely do put on a good show.
[Leo_49] LeoUpTo4
Bet you're itching to know how I ended up with a hook, right? Not half as much as my left hand itches in the middle of the night. The mind, eh? It's the damndest of things.

But here it is. I got complacent. Been fighting in arenas and gutter pits so long I thought I knew it all. It took a waif of a girl with a rusty dirk to take my hand and my pride with one out-of-the-blue slash.

So here's a bit of blood-earned wisdom for you. Life is a school from which you never graduate. Those who stop learning, start dying.
[Leo_50_Placehold] LeoUpTo5
Since you seem pretty committed to proving yourself against your fellow exiles, here's a word of caution. Exsanguination.
[Leo_51] LeoUpTo6
You're getting quite a reputation for yourself in fighting circles. So here's another tip from the Redmane School of Not Dying, just to make sure you don't trip over your own pedestal.

Some say you should focus on your strengths. That's good for the ego, not so good for keeping your throat unslit. Instead, drag your weaknesses kicking and screaming into the light, and give them a damned good looking-over. That'll help you protect your soft bits, but more importantly, it'll train your eye to spot weaknesses in others.

Why go toe-to-toe with a man who has bigger toes than you, when it's his dodgy hamstring you should be going after?
[Leo_52] LeoUpTo7
I wish we'd met back in Oriath. I could have made a bloody fortune out of you. Ah well, ancient history, that. Let's look to the present, and to keeping you from becoming ancient history yourself.

I've met some mighty big hitters in my time, and picked up one valuable lesson from them: Don't get hit. A fighter can learn to take punishment. Body conditioning, armour, stamina... it all helps. But there are still attacks out there that'll cut through you like you're yesterday's bog paper.

Best thing when one of those blows falls? Be somewhere else.
[Leo_53] LeoUpTo8
You probably know me well enough by now to understand that I don't say what I'm about to lightly. So here it is.

You're a better fighter than I am. Better than Vagan, better even than the great Daresso, in my mind at least. And you know why you're better? You just don't bloody give up!

That's what it takes for true mastery, inside the arena and out. Sure, we all know how to put the blood, sweat and tears into something. How to just keep swinging that sword until it hits what we want it to hit. That makes us good. But you, you're different. You're so full of the fight that you've forgotten how to live any other way.

That's why you, my friend, are one of the Greats.
[Leo_54] LeoGiveCrafting
I know how exiles think and more importantly, how they fight. Oriathan and Karui, brawler and thaumaturge, I've seen every type of combatant. I've recorded their strengths and nutted out their weaknesses.

What do I do with all this know-how? I carve and hammer it into weapons and other bits and bobs. I could teach you a thing or two about that, if you're willing.

After all, if you're going to take down exiles, you'll need the right gear. Can't eat steak with a spoon, you know.
[Leo_55] LeoOnCrafting
Why should exile fight exile, you ask? This is our new home, so we need to get to know each other. And I reckon you can't truly know someone until you've fought them.
[Leo_56] LeoOnPvPCharacter
You know, I've a few friends we should think about inviting over. Not your usual rank and file exile, all survivalism and vengeance.

They're what I'd call your 'exile's exile', far more interested in beating the corruption out of each other than in taking on the twisted hordes out there.

A sensible coping strategy, if you ask me. And a damned fine philosophy for producing gladiators!

Anyway, you just say the word. I'm sure they'll be thrilled to meet you.
[Leo_57] LeoDaily
Another day, another ruckus. You feeling fighting fit?
[Leo_57_Edit] LeoDismissed
Another day, another ruckus.
[Leo_58] LeoDailySelected
Good on you. Now, how can we best make use of your violent cravings?
[Leo_59] LeoOnVorici
Vorici's a backstabbing ponce with delusions of grandeur.

I had a gutsful of his type back in Oriath. Now they're turning up in Wraeclast. There goes the neighbourhood.
[Leo_60] LeoOnCatarina
I don't mind admitting that Catarina scares me bloody rigid.

Can't say I understand her obsession with the deceased, but it's not for me to tell anyone how to run their life, or death for that matter.
[Leo_61] LeoOnTora
Tora's a pussy cat. Scratch her belly and she's all purrs. Pull her tail and she'll have your eyes out before you can blink.
[Leo_62] LeoOnZana
Zana? I respect a woman who knows exactly where things are. Bloody helpful when you lose your keys.
[Leo_63] LeoOnVagan
Vagan and I go way back. Even faced each other in the arena a few times in our younger days. He's not a bad bloke.

It's just that I wish he'd been understanding enough to set up shop in some other part of Wraeclast.

It's not the competition, I mind. It's the evening chinwags that get to me. A man likes to get a word in, now and then.
[Leo_64] LeoOnElreon
Never been one to believe in God myself, but damned if I'm going to tell Elreon that. Just in case I'm wrong, you see.

A good fighter always knows where the exits are.
[Leo_65] LeoOnHaku
Haku's a bit on the intense side for my liking. It worries me when a man can't see the funny side of life. Makes him real dangerous.
[Leo_66] LeoOnArena
Eternals would travel from far and wide to see the spectacles of Sarn Arena. The gemling diva Kalisa gave her final performance in there for Emperor Chitus himself.

Legend has it, on that same day, the first gemling legionnaire cut through four Ezomyte warriors in less time than it would've taken Kalisa to sing a single bar.

It's seen more artists of war and of culture than any other place in the whole of Wraeclast.

Whatever becomes of this land, I'm going to make damned sure of one thing. Sarn Arena will continue to celebrate the spirit of glory. God knows, we all need a bit of glory in a place like this.
[Leo_67] LeoOnMarylane
Fair Marylene was one of the true greats of the arena in Sarn. Her skill with a longsword was second to none. Pinpoint accuracy and fast as a viper.

As the story goes, she started out as a gutter kid, brought up by her maidservant mother. No-one knew for sure who her dad was, but some pegged Kre Faarblood as the most likely candidate. Apparently sowed more than his fair share of wild oats in his day.

You know why she was called 'Fair' Marylene? She was a looker, by all accounts, but that wasn't how she earned the nickname. It was down to her fighting style. The girl was a dancer, so sure on her feet that she was bloody near untouchable.

Could be something you want to try. Not the dancing bit, not literally, but working on your movement. Some fighters learn to take the hits, others learn to avoid them. Never seen a fighter successfully do both.
[Leo_68] LeoOnFaarblood
It's through studying the greats that you learn how to be great yourself. Fighters who live in isolation tend to die there.
[Leo_69_Placehold] LeoOnTitucius
This isn't widely known, but Hector Titucius was an Ezomyte by birth.
Warm up.
Round one.
Round two.
Round three.
Round four.
Round five.
Round six.
Round seven.
Round eight.
Round nine.
Red team wins.
Red team gains a point.
Perfect match!
Killing spree!
Blue team wins.
Blue team gains a point.
Kill streak.