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[Tora_01] ToraWildAttention
Over here, exile!
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[Tora_03] MissionDex0GiveQuest
This land is crawling with vermin. Eight-legged, no-legged, and everything in between.

Life here has become twisted and hateful, and it's eating Wraeclast alive. Unless we do something about it. Unless we clear away this infestation.

Nature doesn't stand a chance while it has creatures like that at its throat. You want to make an impression around here?
[Tora_04] ToraMissionGeneric
Hunt these vermin down and put an end to them.
[Tora_05] ToraMissionLocationOne
I've a certain pack of vermin in mind. Stronger and more vicious than most. Track them to their home territory and wipe them out.
[Tora_06] ToraMissionLocationMultiple
I've a certain pack of vermin in mind. A truly twisted and ravenous lot.

They range across quite a large territory, so be prepared to cover some ground. Hunt them down, wherever they might be, and put an end to them.
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[Tora_07_Edited] ToraMissionTrackingAlways
To help you out, I'm going to share a little trick with you, a bit of thaumaturgical tracking that I picked up during my time here in Wraeclast.

If your quarry is nearby, it'll point you in their direction. The whole thing stinks of corruption, I know, but sometimes you have to behave like the animal you want to kill.
[Tora_08] ToraMissionTrackingMarkers
For this hunt, I'm going to share a piece of bushcraft with you. Well, bushcraft smeared with thaumaturgy.

The corrupted creatures tend to mark their territory with their foulness. This trick allows you to pick up that scent and follow it home.

The whole thing stinks of corruption, I know, but you can't expect to put your nose to the ground without getting it dirty.
[Tora_09] ToraMissionTrackingOnDeath
You know, looking at it more closely, you could do with a helping hand on this foray.

Here's a little trick I've picked up during my time here in Wraeclast. A bit of bushcraft dipped in thaumaturgy.

You slay a corrupted creature, and this trick will allow you to remember its stink right down to their dying fart. Makes it easier to find others that stink the same, you see.
[Tora_10] MissionDex0GiveReward
You hear that? That's the sound of Nature taking its first decent breath in far too long.

The more vermin we turn into fertilizer, the more nature can breathe and grow in peace.

Come see me when you're next in the Forest Encampment. I can always use a good culler.
[Tora_11] MissionDex0Failed
It's in our nature to fail. It's how we learn, and when we stop learning? We die.

There, did that cheer you up?

Don't be shy about approaching me the next time our trails cross out here. I can always use someone who knows how to embrace failure.
[Tora_12] MissionDex1Rewarded
The latest dominant pack are yet to rear their ugly heads.

Practice your craft on the lesser vermin for now, and check in with me the next time you're in the Forest Encampment.
[Tora_13] MissionDex0TooLate
The latest dominant pack are yet to rear their ugly heads.

Sharpen your skills on lesser vermin for now, and we'll see what culling I have for you the next time we meet.
[Tora_14] ToraTownFirst
Good to see you alive and well, culler. I've been thinking about you, and what else we might be able to do for each other.

I've learned to make do with what's at hand in Wraeclast. Nowadays, if it shoots, then I know how to make it shoot faster, straighter, and harder.

If you're open to a little trading, I can find you a thing or two that'll help you get the drop on even the nastiest of corrupted vermin out there.
[Tora_15] MissionDex1GiveQuest
There you are! Good. There's fresh vermin roaming about out there and the trail is still warm.
[Tora_16] MissionDex1GiveReward
That's more like it. The tang of a fresh kill and a new beginning. This land owes you one, and so do I.

Look me up the next time you're in the Forest Encampment.
[Tora_17a] MissionDex1Failed1
Even the hawk misses her prey, now and then.

Don't worry about it... and make sure you come talk to me the next time you're in the Forest Encampment.
[Tora_17b] MissionDex1Failed2
I have one word for your failure: 'Dominus'. See? Even Nature makes mistakes.

Just make sure you come and talk to me in the Forest Encampment soon.
[Tora_17c] MissionDex1Failed3
Hold on to your failures, culler. They can be as powerful as any bow or arrow.

We'll talk about it more when next I see you in the Forest Encampment.
[Tora_18] ToraWildUpTo2
I do believe you and I are beginning to see eye to eye, culler. A Wraeclast that's free of parasites, free to grow anew.

Let's talk when next you are in the Forest Encampment. We make a good team, and I'd like to build on that.
[Tora_19a] MissionDex2GiveQuest1
I've another corrupted clan of abominations for you to cull.
[Tora_19b] MissionDex2GiveQuest2
There's culling to be done, and I have just the foul flock in mind.
[Tora_19c] MissionDex2GiveQuest3
There's some creatures out there that aren't killing each other fast enough. We need to give them a helping hand.
[Tora_19d] MissionDex2GiveQuest4
You in the mood for some hunting? If so, I have the perfect quarry for you.
[Tora_20] MissionDex2GiveReward
You're a real knack for slaughter, no doubt about it!
[Tora_21a] MissionDex2Rewarded1
The trails are cold at the moment, but they'll warm up again soon enough.
[Tora_21b] MissionDex2Rewarded2
Patience, culler. Our next quarry will show itself when it's good and ready.
[Tora_21c] MissionDex2Rewarded3
Just the usual nastiness about at the moment. I'll let you know when the situation worsens.
[Tora_21d] MissionDex2Rewarded4
I'll let you know when I hear the next pack of freaks baying for extermination.
[Tora_21e] MissionDex2Rewarded5
All is quiet for now. Don't worry. It won't stay like that for long.
[Tora_22] ToraWildUpTo3
Creature by creature, we'll put this land to rights.

You know, I really do like the way this partnership's working out. And I think it's time we made it a bit more... solid.

Meet me in town, and I'll tell you what I've got in mind.
[Tora_23] ToraWildLevelUp
The vermin might have the strength of corruption on their side, but we've got something better. Good, old human willpower!
[Tora_24a] MissionDex3GiveReward1
No-one said this job was going to be easy.
[Tora_24b] MissionDex3GiveReward2
I know your kills might feel like drops in the ocean, but how else are oceans made?
[Tora_24c] MissionDex3GiveReward3
Be proud of yourself, culler. Who else would be prepared to squeeze the pimples on the hindquarters of creation?
[Tora_24d] MissionDex3GiveReward4
And that's how we fertilize the soil in preparation for the coming of Spring.
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[Tora_26] ToraUpTo2
You know what, culler? We need to make sure you're properly equipped for the hunt.

I've picked up a few things while I've been roaming the wilds, and I've been doing a bit of fletching and bow crafting when I can.

Have a look, and see if anything takes your fancy.
[Tora_27] ToraUpTo2Hideout
I've spotted that new hideaway of yours, by the way. Don't panic... that's what I do. Find that what doesn't want to be found.

Hunting down your pozzy was no easy feat, so you needn't worry about anyone else spoiling your peace and quiet.

Apart from me, that is, as I'm actually in need of somewhere new to sling my bow. How about it? Need some company?
[Tora_28] ToraUpTo3
Every predator needs a den. Somewhere to rest and heal, somewhere to avoid becoming prey yourself.

I've got somewhere in mind just like that. A place of safety for both of us. Want to see it?
[Tora_29] ToraUpTo3Hideout
Every predator needs a den. Somewhere to rest and heal, somewhere to avoid becoming prey yourself.

Of course, I've spotted that new hideaway of yours. Don't panic... that's what I do. Find that what doesn't want to be found.

Trouble is, hunting down your pozzy was a little too easy. We wouldn't anyone else spoiling your peace and quiet, would we?

Luckily, I've found another place, something far more secluded. Want to see it?
[Tora_30] ToraCreateHideout
Always on the lookout for something better, eh? That's a survivor's attitude, that is.
[Tora_31] ToraHideoutDemo
Now this is what I call a lair. I dare you, culler. Find me one reason why this place isn't perfect. Just one.
[Tora_32] ToraHideoutDemoSelected
I knew you'd like it. Look, it's even got room for one or two other hunters to join our cause.

Be careful who you invite though, culler. Not all hunters are created equal.
[Tora_33] ToraHideoutGiveCraft
It's here that I fletch the swiftest of arrows, craft the surest of bows.

I've been doing this since I was a child, so I'm sure there's a thing or two I could teach you, if you're interested, that is.

What am I saying? Of course you are! You're a hunter, aren't you?
[Tora_34] ToraHideoutOnCrafting
You know what makes us the top of the food chain, culler? Our teeth and claws are blunt. Our muscles are slow. We can't fly and we can't swim worth a damn, either.

That's why we invented the bow and the arrow. There's not a single animal in creation that can kill from as far away as we can, making us the ruling predators in this land.
[Tora_35] ToraUpTo4
You're doing all right, culler, you're doing very bloody all right.

You keep cutting a swathe through the vermin like you have been, and we might just start getting somewhere.

Of course, keep in mind that corruption isn't going to just sit about and take this kind of punishment. It's a living, breathing thing. As we adapt and grow stronger, so will it.
[Tora_36] ToraUpTo5
You know how I got myself exiled? I was out hunting for my evening meal... 'poaching', the lord of that manor would've said.

I was just lining up a nice, fat pigeon when a fox shot past me. The most beautiful specimen I'd ever seen. Perfection in nature. Then I heard the baying of the hounds.

Normally, I would have made myself scarce at that point, but something changed within me that day. I don't know if it was seeing the fox or just something that had been building up inside of me over time. Probably both.

I killed the hounds, and when the lord of the manor objected, I killed him too.

Back in Oriath, the 'vermin' had all the power. In Wraeclast, there's still more than enough to go around.
[Tora_37] ToraUpTo6
I lost my way for a bit when first I came to Wraeclast.

I'd mastered the wilderness of Oriath but this place, it was so different, so corrupted, that my hard-earned habits just about got me killed.

You though, you started your time in Wraeclast as a blank slate. No mastery, but no bad habits either. You're more a part of Wraeclast now than I'll ever be, and I have to admit... I'm a bit envious.
[Tora_38] ToraUpTo7
Nature loves you, exile. I've spent most of my life with her, so I can tell when she takes a shining to someone.

The way your body has adapted to the rigours of the hunt. The clarity of your instincts, and the intuitive way in which you move across the land. She's nurtured you, from the inside out, helping you become what she's needed you to become.

She's proud of you, culler. And damn it all, so am I.
[Tora_39] ToraUpTo8
You know how I think of you now, culler? You're that fox, the one I saw back in Oriath, the one that brought it all together for me.

I grew up putting Nature above everything else. To me, people were the problem. A vermin bent on consuming everything beautiful in the world. Coming to Wraeclast proved that there are worse things in the world than people. And then I met you.

Whether you meant to or not, you proved to me, once and for all, that people aren't the problem. In truth, people are the only hope that Wraeclast has. People like you.
[Tora_40] ToraDailyMission1
Looking to go hunting, are you?
[Tora_41] ToraDailyMission2
I've got just the litter of freaks for you. Corrupt as sin and twice as mean. Try not to get yourself eaten.
[Tora_42] ToraDailyMission3
Good hunting, culler. Good hunting.
[Tora_43] ToraOnVorici
Vorici thinks himself above and beyond the natural order. One of these days, I'm going to remind him that he's not.
[Tora_44] ToraOnCatarina
Catarina pares back the skin and looks upon the truth in flesh and bone. If anyone has seen how deep the corruption goes, it's Catarina.
[Tora_45] ToraOnZana
A road allows fools to travel from here to there without getting killed. Zana's maps will only encourage those fools to step off the road.
[Tora_46] ToraOnVagan
The way he moves, the way he gets all sweaty and glowy when he fights... I'd not complain were Vagan to find his way into my den.
[Tora_47] ToraOnElreon
Elreon seems to think that God is going to save this land. With a little help from us, this land can save its bloody self.
[Tora_48] ToraOnHaku
Haku's a man who knows how to live, plain and simple.
[Tora_49] ToraOnWildlife
Blood Apes! Foragers they once were. Same as the ones in Oriath. Nuts, berries, maybe the odd bug for a touch of 'meat' in the diet. Now, meat's all they're interested in.

Why are they like this? Corruption. Wherever it came from, now it's in everything and changes everything. Turns plant eater into meat eater, prey into hunter. There's not much of a food chain anymore. What you're eating today will happily eat you tomorrow.
[Tora_50] ToraOnCreatures
I don't know why yet, but some creatures are able to soak up more corruption than others, and it twists them in extremely dangerous ways.

Some heal scary-quick. Others can charge through a bonfire without singeing a single hair. The worst'll suck the life out of you with the barest touch.

There's no rhyme nor reason as to which creatures sport these 'gifts'. It's not passed down from parent to litter, as far as I can tell. Maybe something chooses them. Now there's a frightening bloody thought!
[Tora_51] ToraOnCorruption
I've been doing some digging around... in entrails and animals' brains mostly, and I'm starting to see a pattern.

The corruption isn't just warping these animals. I've seen many a freak of nature before: the spawn of inbreeding, other times, the results of cross-breeding that never should have happened. Those sorts of animals can be unusually strong in some ways, incredibly feeble in others.

The creatures of Wraeclast are far stronger than they should be, in every way. Their minds and instincts are hardened with aggression. Their bodies have twisted in very specific ways and for a common purpose that can be seen in all of the species I've dissected: to kill.

There's nothing haphazard in what these creatures have become. I see a plan. And where there's a plan, there's always a planner. Not a thought that helps you sleep at night.
[Tora_52] ToraOnSlaughter
I think I might be on to something here, and to be honest, it scares me bloody frigid.

Nature is a fairly brutal mistress at the best of times. Meat eaters feed on the plant eaters. Plants feed on the carcasses of animals that have rotted and returned to the earth. That's just how survival works.

But in Wraeclast, survival has turned into something else. Almost every animal exists to kill and feed at a rate that should have made this land barren over the last couple of centuries. Why isn't it? Because every living thing in Wraeclast breeds and grows at a rate far beyond what is natural. Animals kill each other at a horrific rate, but there's always more to replace them.

And so I think I have an answer. The plan here isn't survival any longer. It's slaughter. Whoever or whatever created this plan, it wants, maybe needs, to have carnage on a massive scale.

Why? I wish I knew. But what I do know is that Wraeclast's future won't be a pretty one unless this plan is stopped.